13 Best Places to Find Mystery Shopper Jobs in 2024

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Do you love shopping and want to earn side hustle cash? If so, these mystery shopper jobs are right up your alley!

Secret shoppers provide valuable insights to businesses while enjoying flexible work hours and varied assignments.

And, these companies will not only pay you cash for your feedback, but some also give you free gifts.

I researched the best mystery shopper companies hiring today.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

Best places to find mystery shopper jobs
How much can you earn as a mystery shopper
Skills and requirements needed to succeed in this role
Tips to maximize your earnings while mystery shopping

So, let’s dive in!


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Best Places to Find Mystery Shopper Jobs

Mystery shopper work involves evaluating customer service, product quality, and store cleanliness by posing as a regular customer.

You provide detailed feedback to help companies improve their operations.

The work can be done in person or over the phone and these types of jobs are usually entry-level, as companies want feedback from a range of people.

Take a look at the best companies to find mystery shopper jobs hiring today.


1: Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper, established in 1990, offers a range of mystery shopping tasks.

To sign up, visit the Secret Shopper website and complete the registration process. You’ll need a smartphone and reliable internet access.

Types of jobs include in-person visits, online shopping, and phone evaluations.

Common places you will do mystery shops at:

Retail stores
Grocery stores
Service centers


2: BestMark

BestMark is one of the largest and most reputable mystery shopping companies.

Established in 1986, it offers a range of assignments to evaluate customer service and business practices.

To start, you need to sign up on their website and complete a basic application.

Initial requirements include a reliable mode of transportation and internet access.

Assignments vary but often include evaluating customer service, store cleanliness, and employee knowledge.

You will likely perform mystery shops at:

Retail Stores
Automotive Services
Financial Institutions


3: Customer Impact

Customer Impact is a well-regarded mystery shopping company known for its diverse and reliable services.

To start working with Customer Impact, you need to sign up on their website and complete an application.

Once approved, you’ll receive assignments tailored to your profile and preferences.

Assignments typically involve evaluating customer service, cleanliness, product quality, and overall experience at various establishments.

Places you may mystery shop:

Retail Stores
Department Stores
Gas Stations
Grocery Stores


4: Market Force

Market Force is a prominent mystery shopping company known for providing reliable assignments.

To sign up, visit their website and complete a simple registration form. You will need a valid email address, basic personal details, and sometimes an agreement to their terms and conditions.

Assignments vary and include evaluating customer service, product quality, and cleanliness.

Mystery shopping tasks often occur in places like:

Retail stores
Movie theaters
Grocery stores


5: Second To None

Second To None is one of the largest and most experienced mystery shopping companies.

Michigan-based, they provide a wide range of assignments for their team of over 500,000 mystery shoppers.

Furthermore, they work with major clients like Starbucks and Citi, ensuring a variety of interesting assignments.

To sign up, you need to create an account on their ShopperHub mobile app and once registered, you can request shops and complete reports through the app.

You need to be detail-oriented and have access to a smartphone or computer for your assignments.

Types of jobs you may encounter include:

Retail stores
Convenience stores
Grocery stores


6: Sinclair Customer Metrics

Sinclair Customer Metrics provides mystery shopping services to a variety of sectors.

To start working with this company, you need to sign up on their website and complete an application. After approval, you will receive notifications about available assignments.

You will need a computer or smartphone to access job details and submit reports.

Work generally involves evaluating customer service and operational standards.

Types of places you will do mystery shops at:

Retail stores
Automotive dealerships
Telecommunications stores


7: IntelliShop

IntelliShop is a company focused on improving customer experiences through mystery shopping.

They specialize in online reputation management, loss prevention, and compliance. You will need a reliable internet connection and a smartphone device for completing assignments.

Types of jobs you will have include making purchases, asking specific questions, and evaluating service quality.

You may perform mystery shops at:

Retail stores
Auto dealerships
Movie theaters


8: Coyle Hospitality

Coyle Hospitality has mystery shopping jobs available in the hospitality industry.

Founded in 1996, Coyle provides services worldwide, with a network of 40,000 mystery shoppers.

To sign up, visit their website and complete the registration process.

You’ll need a computer or smartphone, internet access, and attention to detail to complete tasks.

Types of jobs you will encounter include:

Cruise Lines


9: BARE International

BARE International is another legit company that has mystery shopper jobs available.

With this company, you can get paid as a mystery shopper and work the hours that suit you.

Typical projects include evaluating business clients associated with BARE through in-person visits, web inquiries, and telephone calls.

The company pays $2 on average for each mystery shopper task.

You will often perform mystery shops at:

Retail stores
Service centers


10: A Closer Look

A Closer Look is a highly reputable company in the mystery shopping industry.

They specialize in providing detailed evaluations for various sectors, ensuring businesses gain valuable insights about their customer service and operational effectiveness.

To sign up, visit their website and complete the registration process. You’ll need to provide basic personal information and pass a qualification test.

Types of jobs you’ll perform include:

Assessing customer service interactions
Evaluating product placements
Checking store cleanliness
Testing employee knowledge

You may visit:

Retail stores
Entertainment venues


11: Elite CXS

Elite CXS is a veteran-owned small business that assists companies in enhancing their customer experiences.

As a mystery shopper for Elite CXS, you provide valuable insights by evaluating various aspects of customer service.

Signing up is straightforward. Visit their website, complete an application, and undergo basic training.

You’ll need a keen eye for detail and excellent communication skills. Typical tasks may include evaluating service quality, staff behavior, and store cleanliness.

Mystery shop locations often include:

Retail stores
Service centers
Healthcare facilities


12: Shoppers, Inc.

Shoppers, Inc. is a reputable mystery shopping company offering a variety of assignments across multiple industries.

To start, you need to sign up on their website, complete an application form, and pass a brief assessment.

Once approved, you can browse and select available tasks.

Assignments typically involve evaluating customer service, product quality, and store hygiene levels.

You will perform mystery shops at various locations, including:

Retail stores
Financial institutions
Car dealerships
Health care facilities


13: The Shadow Agency

The Shadow Agency stands out as an industry-leading mystery shopping company, famous for pioneering video mystery shopping.

Companies can design evaluations to fit their organization’s unique needs.

To start, you need to create an account on their website. Basic requirements include being at least 18 years old and having a reliable internet connection.

Mystery shopping tasks involve visiting physical or virtual locations, making purchases, and documenting your experience.

You might do mystery shops at:

Retail stores
Financial institutions
Healthcare facilities


How Much Can You Make as a Mystery Shopper?

What you earn with mystery shopper jobs, can vary widely based on the type of assignments you choose.

Simple tasks like answering short surveys or making a quick phone call generally pay between $5 and $15.

In-person assignments, such as visiting a retail store or dining at a restaurant, tend to pay more, often ranging from $20 to $50.

High-complexity tasks, which may involve travel or multiple interactions, can offer $75 to $100 or more.

Some companies also cover expenses like meals or purchases required for the assignment, effectively increasing your total compensation.


Different Types of Assignments and Their Pay Rates:

Task Type
Pay Range

Short Surveys/Phone Calls
$5 – $15

In-Person Retail/Restaurant Visits
$20 – $50

High-Complexity Tasks
$75 – $100+

Certain companies may offer bonuses for completing assignments quickly or during peak times, adding to your potential earnings.

Some platforms also provide non-monetary rewards, such as points that you can redeem for gift cards or merchandise.


Key Factors Affecting Pay:

Your earnings depend on how many assignments you take and their complexity:

Company and Task Type: Each company and task offers different pay rates.

Location: High-demand areas may offer higher compensation.

Experience: Experienced shoppers may receive higher-paying assignments.


What Skills Do You Need to Be a Successful Mystery Shopper?

To thrive as a mystery shopper, you need a particular set of skills and requirements such as the following:

Observation Skills: Notice small details in service and product quality.

Communication Skills: Clearly report findings in writing and speech.

Following Instructions: Adhere to specific guidelines and tasks.

Time Management: Meet deadlines and complete tasks promptly.

Objectivity and Neutrality: Provide unbiased and fair evaluations.

Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Handle unexpected situations effectively.

These skills will help you provide valuable insights to companies seeking to improve their customer experience.


How to Maximize Your Earnings Mystery Shopping?

There are a few ways to increase your earnings with mystery shopping jobs, such as:


Increasing Your Assignments

An easy way to make more money as a mystery shopper is to increase your number of assignments,

Sign up with reputable mystery shopping companies and target larger companies like BestMark and Secret Shopper who frequently offer more jobs.

Keep a detailed schedule and regularly check for new assignments. Consistency is key.

Accept a range of tasks, including less desirable ones, as they often pay more.

Always submit your reports promptly and accurately. Quality work can lead to higher-paying assignments and repeat opportunities.


Avoid Common Pitfalls

While mystery shopping can be lucrative, some common pitfalls can reduce your earnings.

Avoid spammy job offers and scams by sticking to established companies with positive reviews.

Carefully read assignment instructions and follow them to the letter. Missing key details can result in penalties or non-payment.

Maintain accurate records of your tasks and submit reports to prevent disputes.

Beware of fees; legitimate companies rarely charge for opportunities. Some companies may offer premium memberships, but weigh the cost against potential benefits.

Staying detail-oriented and organized helps you avoid mistakes that could negatively impact your income.


Combine Mystery Shopping with Another Side Hustle

Another simple way to boost your income from mystery shopping jobs is to complete other short tasks for money at the same time.

A few fun ideas include:

Affiliate marketing
Complete online surveys
Read audiobooks for money
Be a virtual friend
Get paid to text people
Earn money browsing the web

All these tasks are simple and can be completed in your spare time to make an extra $50 a day or $100 a day from home.


Final Thoughts on Mystery Shopping Jobs

Mystery shopping jobs offer a unique opportunity to earn extra income while helping to improve what local businesses and brands have to offer.

The flexibility of this work makes it suitable for people with varied schedules.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping Jobs:

Flexible work hours
Opportunities for free products and services
Variety of assignments
Potential to improve your customer service skills


Pay rates can vary
May require upfront training
Assignments can sometimes be competitive

By choosing reputable companies with good reviews and industry reputations, you’re more likely to have a positive experience.

Be sure to follow the guidelines provided by each company to maximize your earnings and job satisfaction.


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