23 Best Low Stress Work from Home Jobs for a Chilled Work Day

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Does your current career leave you constantly tired and stressed out? If so, you might be interested in these low-stress work-from-home jobs to inject a little calm into your life.

According to statistics, workplace stress kills over 120,000 people a year, just in the US!

And, we spend such a large portion of time at work – finding a job that offers the benefits of working remotely while providing a low-stress environment can significantly improve your quality of life.

The low-stress jobs I detail in this article can be done from the comfort of your home, and offer flexible hours and minimal pressure.

Whether you’re looking to avoid the daily commute or simply want more control over your work-life balance, these roles can help you achieve your goals.

I hate stress myself, but have had my fair share of stressful jobs when I was young, working in casinos!

Today, I’m lucky enough to work from home as a freelance writer and run my own blogs, and while I won’t say it’s easy, the stress is minimal and I can work the hours that suit me and take time off when I want.

Ready to reduce your stress?

Read on to learn about the best low-stress work-from-home jobs for you to consider.


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23 Best Low-Stress Work-from-Home Jobs

Navigating the job market for slow-paced remote positions can introduce a stress-free lifestyle and excellent work-life balance.

Factors like job flexibility, minimal emergency scenarios, and manageable workloads contribute to these ideal positions.


1. Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you’ll be expected to craft content such as blogs, articles, and reports.

This role suits those with a passion for writing and the ability to meet deadlines. Tasks include researching topics, drafting content, and editing.

You can choose to work in many profitable writing niches such as SEO writing, email writing, grant writing, music ghostwriting, tech writing, and more.

Companies like Upwork and ProBlogger frequently hire freelance writers.

Skills: Creativity, strong writing, research skills

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in English, Journalism, or related fields

Average Salary: $42,000 annually

Learn how to get started in our guide on how to become a freelance writer with no experience.


2. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists listen to audio recordings and convert what they hear into written documents.

This job is ideal for those with good listening skills and attention to detail. Responsibilities include processing audio files and ensuring accuracy.

If you don’t know where to start, take a free transcription course online or read about how to become a general transcriptionist.

Find remote transcription jobs with companies such as Rev and TranscribeMe which offer transcriptionist positions for beginners.

Skills: Typing speed, attention to detail, grammar proficiency

Educational Requirements: High school diploma or GED

Average Salary: $32,000 annually

Check out the FREE 7-lesson mini-course from Transcribe Anywhere teaching you how to start a career as a transcriber.


3. Proofreader

Proofreaders review documents for grammatical, typographical, and formatting errors.

If you have a keen eye for detail and a strong grasp of grammar, this job might be for you. Tasks include reading through texts and correcting mistakes.

Places like Cactus Communications and ProofreadingServices.com regularly hire proofreaders and you can learn more in our guide on how to become a proofreader with no experience.

Skills: Grammar knowledge, attention to detail, time management

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in English or related field

Average Salary: $39,000 annually

Check these 55 proofreading jobs online no experience needed.


4. Voice Over Artist

Voice over is one of the best low stress work from home jobs that can be started without experience.

Voice-over artists provide narration for videos, cartoons, commercials, movies, adverts, and audiobooks.

This job is perfect for those with a clear and engaging voice. Responsibilities involve recording scripts and editing audio files.

Agencies like Voices.com and Voice123 often seek voice-over talent.

Skills: Vocal control, diction, audio editing

Educational Requirements: Training in acting or voice work

Average Salary: $76,000 annually

Learn more in our guide on how to start a voice-over career with no experience.


5. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks input information into databases and spreadsheets.

This role suits individuals with fast typing skills and diligent accuracy. Duties include entering data, verifying information, and updating records.

There are many data entry sites for beginners such as Lionbridge and Clickworker that hire data entry clerks.

Skills: Typing speed, attention to detail, basic computer skills

Educational Requirements: High school diploma or GED

Average Salary: $31,000 annually


6. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators analyze search results and ensure their relevance.

This position is great for those with analytical and research skills. Tasks involve evaluating search queries and providing feedback.

Companies like Appen and Lionbridge recruit web search evaluators from home.

Skills: Analytical thinking, research skills, attention to detail

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s degree preferred

Average Salary: $36,000 annually


7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants perform administrative tasks remotely, such as managing emails and scheduling appointments.

This job suits organized and detail-oriented individuals. Responsibilities include customer service, data management, and research.

It’s one of the best low-stress work-from-home jobs as you can usually choose the work hours that suit you and which tasks you are happy completing.

There are many virtual assistant jobs hiring today, such as those with Belay Solutions and Time Etc.

Skills: Organization, communication, multitasking

Educational Requirements: High school diploma, some prefer bachelor’s degree

Average Salary: $39,000 annually


8. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual content for media, advertising, and branding.

This job is generally slow-paced and ideal for those with artistic skills and creativity, with tasks involving designing logos, brochures, and websites.

Companies like 99designs and Canva frequently hire graphic designers.

Skills: Creativity, proficiency in design software, attention to detail

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in Graphic Design or related field

Average Salary: $47,000 annually

Learn more in our guide on how to get paid to color.


9. Website Designer

Website designers are tasked with designing websites and developing their layout and functionality.

Suitable for tech-savvy creatives, key tasks include designing website interfaces and improving user experience.

Find website design jobs on creative job boards such as Dribbble.

Skills: Web design, coding, UX/UI knowledge

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in Web Design or Computer Science

Average Salary: $51,000 annually


10. Translator/Interpreter

Translators and interpreters convert written and spoken content from one language to another.

Ideal for bilinguals with excellent language skills, tasks include translating documents and facilitating communication.

Companies like Gengo and TransPerfect regularly hire for these roles.

Skills: Bilingual proficiency, excellent writing skills, attention to detail

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in Translation, Linguistics, or related field

Average Salary: $50,000 annually

Learn more in our guide on how to become a freelance translator.


11. Email Customer Support

Email customer support staff handle customer inquiries and provide solutions via email. This job is for those with strong written communication skills and patience. Responsibilities include answering questions and resolving complaints.

Companies such as Amazon and Shopify hire for email support.

Skills: Communication, problem-solving, patience

Educational Requirements: High school diploma, customer service experience

Average Salary: $36,000 annually


12. Social Media Manager

Social media managers oversee a company’s social media strategy.

This role suits creative and strategic thinkers. Responsibilities involve creating content, scheduling posts, and interacting with followers.

Organizations like Hootsuite and Buffer often seek social media managers.

Skills: Creativity, social media knowledge, strategic planning

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in Marketing, Communications, or related field

Average Salary: $52,000 annually


13. Video Editor

Video editors assemble and enhance video footage for various media.

If you have an eye for detail and technical savvy, this could be the job for you. Key tasks include editing clips, adding effects, and ensuring quality.

To find video editing roles check out the Behance job list page and you can create a profile on the ProductionHub where users can search and contact you when they have work available.

Skills: Video editing software, attention to detail, creativity

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in Film, Media, or related field

Average Salary: $47,000 annually


14. Remote Travel Agent

Remote travel agents work from anywhere to plan and book trips for clients, making this an ideal role for travelers or those with a passion for travel.

A great role for detail-oriented planners, their tasks include researching travel options to find great deals and handling reservations.

Companies like Travel Leaders Group and American Express Travel recruit remote travel agents.

Skills: Organization, communication, knowledge of travel industry

Educational Requirements: Certification in Travel or Tourism

Average Salary: $38,000 annually

Check these companies to find home based travel agent jobs.


15. SEO Specialist

SEO specialists optimize websites to improve their search engine rankings to help clients get more traffic and boost profits.

This job suits those with analytical skills and digital marketing knowledge. Key tasks include keyword research and monitoring site performance.

Set up profiles on Upwork and Fiverr detailing the SEO services you offer and search these job sites for remote work opportunities.

Skills: SEO tools, analytics, content marketing

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in Marketing or related field

Average Salary: $51,000 annually


16. Virtual Personal Trainer

Virtual personal trainers create and guide clients through workout plans online.

This type of work is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, with duties involving creating exercise routines and offering fitness advice.

Remote PTs use platforms like Trainerize and FitSW to run their training businesses virtually.

While you have to be fit to succeed in this line of work, working remotely reduces the amount of stress you have, as you don’t have to be with clients face to face.

Skills: Fitness knowledge, communication, motivation

Educational Requirements: Certification in Personal Training

Average Salary: $43,000 annually


17. Video Game Designer

Video game designers create the concepts for video games.

This job fits creative tech lovers. Tasks include developing game ideas, creating characters, and collaborating with artists and developers.

Another fun role you might enjoy, similar to this one, is working as a remote video game tester.

Skills: Creativity, programming, storytelling

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in Game Design or related field

Average Salary: $67,000 annually

Learn more in this guide on the best gaming business ideas to start this year.


18. Caption Editor

Caption editors ensure video captions are accurate and synced.

This is one of the best low-stress work-from-home jobs as you can work the hours that suit you and can skip the commute to an office.

Ideal for those with attention to detail, responsibilities include transcribing audio and editing captions.

Companies such as 3Play Media and VITAC hire for this role.

Skills: Listening, typing, editing

Educational Requirements: High school diploma, typing skills

Average Salary: $49,000 annually


Did you know, you can also get paid to write subtitles to help people hard of hearing understand video content better?


19.  Call Reviewer

Call reviewers listen to recorded calls and assess quality and this job is low stress as you don’t have to do any talking yourself.

This job suits those with good listening skills and attention to detail. Tasks include scoring calls and providing feedback by filling out a questionnaire after each call.

Companies like Humanatic and Call Criteria hire call reviewers.

Skills: Listening, attention to detail, analytical skills

Educational Requirements: High school diploma

Average Salary/Salary): $35,000 annually

Learn more in our guide on how to get paid to review calls.


20. Chat Moderator

Chat moderators manage online chat activities and enforce community guidelines.

This role fits those who enjoy online communities and have good communication skills. Responsibilities include moderating discussions and handling disputes.

Platforms like ModSquad and The Social Element recruit chat moderators and you can find extra opportunities in our guide on the best chat moderator jobs hiring today.

Skills: Communication, conflict resolution, vigilance

Educational Requirements: High school diploma

Average Salary: $36,000 annually


21. Market Researcher

Market researchers compile data to understand market conditions.

This job is for analytical individuals with research skills. Key tasks include conducting surveys and analyzing market trends.

While the job does require some degree of skill and education, work at home market research roles can be low-stress as you can decide what hours you want to work and which projects ou take on.

Companies such as Nielsen and Ipsos often hire market researchers.

Skills: Analytical thinking, data analysis, research

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in Marketing or related field

Average Salary: $56,000 annually


22. Online Tutor

Online tutors teach students through virtual platforms and the work can be done anywhere you have an internet connection.

It’s ideal for those with expertise in specific subjects and teaching skills and common duties include preparing lessons and providing academic support.

If you enjoy teaching and interacting with people from different countries, this could be one of the best low-stress work-from-home jobs to consider.

Services like Chegg Tutors and Tutor.com offer online tutoring roles.

Skills: Subject knowledge, communication, patience

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s or Master’s in education or the tutored subject

Average Salary: $36,000 annually

Learn more in our guide on how to teach English online with no experience.


23. Software Developer

Software developers create and maintain applications and systems.

This job is for those with coding skills and problem-solving abilities. Tasks include writing code, testing applications, and debugging.

Plus, you can even make money creating apps if you have your own ideas.

Tech companies like Google and Microsoft are always on the lookout for developers.

Skills: Programming languages, problem-solving, teamwork

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s in Computer Science or related

Average Salary: $76,268 a year


What Low-Stress Work-from-Home Jobs Pay Well Without a Degree?

Finding low-stress online jobs that do not require a degree is quite achievable.

Many roles emphasize skills and experience over formal education. These positions often involve tasks that can be performed independently, making them ideal for a home-based work environment.

For many of these jobs, you can acquire the necessary skills through online courses, certifications, or on-the-job training.

Here are some options:

Virtual Assistant: Responsibilities include scheduling, email management, and administrative support. If you can show you have previous experience in office assistant roles you can get hired without a degree.

Photographer: Tasks involve photo editing and client coordination, which can often be done remotely. Jobs can be secured by building and showing off a great portfolio of your photography work.

Web Developer: This role involves creating and maintaining websites, with many opportunities for remote work. A degree is often not needed as you can show prospective employers previous websites you have worked on.

Beauty Consultant: Often involves virtual client consultations and online tutorials. Beauty experts often learn their trade on the job or by taking short courses.

SEO Specialist: This role involves improving a businesses search engine optimization so they get more traffic. A degree is not necessary as you can prove your experience by showing results from previous clients or your own blog.



FAQs – Low Stress Work from Home Jobs

In this section, you’ll find specific answers to common questions about low-stress work from home jobs, including the least stressful, highest paying, and best options for introverts.


Which remote jobs are the least stressful?

In my opinion, the least stressful remote jobs are the ones that allow you to choose your own hours and that have high pay, so you don’t have to work that many hours to survive.

The jobs I know allow this great work/life balance and good pay include:

Freelance writing
Proofreader or editor
SEO manager
Game developer
Graphic designer
Social media marketer
Private tutor


What is the highest paying lowest stress job?

Computer programming and IT specialist roles often provide high salaries with lower stress levels.

These positions can sometimes be accessed without a degree through competency-based learning, offering a good balance between income and stress.

Other high-paying, low-stress remote jobs include:

Medical transcriptionist
Technical writer
Legal assistant
Website designer
Financial analyst
Marketing manager
Book editor


What profession has the lowest burnout rate?

Jobs with lower burnout rates often include those where employees have considerable autonomy and control over their work environment.

Data scientists fall into this category, as their tasks are usually project-based with extended time frames for completion.


What are some best low-stress jobs for introverts that can be done remotely?

There are many great online jobs for introverts that are low-stress and well-paid.

Remote jobs like proofreading, blogging, graphic design, data entry, and email customer support are ideal as you can work at your own pace and don’t have to talk on the phone.

Proofreading involves minimal interaction and can be ideal for those with a keen eye for detail. Blogging allows for creative expression while working independently.

Data entry is an extremely simple job needing you to type data into spreadsheets and have minimal interaction with your employer.


Final Thoughts on Low-Stress Work-from-Home Jobs

Low-stress work-from-home jobs offer immense benefits for your work-life balance.

These positions typically provide flexibility and control over your schedule, leading to a more enjoyable work experience.

You can choose to work in the morning or evening, which projects you take on, and how much you work.

And, if you decide to work as a freelancer, you can take days off when you fancy.

I love working as a freelance writer and blogger and feel very lucky to have enough money to live on and minimal stress in my life.

If you’re looking to reduce stress and make money, I can definitely recommend the freelancer life!

Want more enjoyment in your work day?

Check out these fun remote jobs that are hiring today.


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