Zircuit Invite Code “egnddn” – Zircuit Airdrop

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Zircuit is a new staking protocol for EVM-based coins. Their smart contract is audited by OtterSec and Dedaub. Stakers can earn different points and mint the Zircuit airdrop. You can now get Staking APR, Restaking APR, Eigenlayer points, LRT points, and Zircuit points.

It is also backed by big players like Pantera, Dragonfly Capital, and Maelstrom. You can put your trust in such a platform to get part of big airdrops.

Zircuit Invite Code & Link

Here is my Zircuit invite code “egnddn” and here is my Zircuit airdrop link https://stake.zircuit.com/?ref=egnddn.

What Is Zircuit?

Zircuit is a fully EVM-compatible zero-knowledge rollup powering the limitless potential of web3. Backed by pioneering L2 research, the network’s unique hybrid architecture combines battle-tested infrastructure with zero-knowledge proofs to give developers the best of both worlds.

With cutting-edge performance and security at the sequencer level, users can explore new frontiers with faster transactions, reduced fees, and complete peace of mind.

How To Join Zircuit Airdrop

Follow the given steps to become part of the Zircuit airdrop.

Visit the Zircuit web app
Connect your wallet to the ETH network
Deposit your favorite protocol coins like Renzo, KelpDao, Liquid, Lido, native ETH, and more to add to mention.
The more you deposit the more points you earn.
You can unstake it anytime.
You can earn an extra 15% points for your referred friends. So invite them to join you, you can also use our link to join Zircuit airdrop code or link (https://stake.zircuit.com/?ref=egnddn).
You will get an invite link or code only after making any deposit, there is no minimum deposit.

How Much You Can Earn?

There is no such limit on earning on the Zircuit platform. They follow a simple formula, the more you deposit the more you will earn. Hence try to deposit as many coins as you can. But do not put all your funds in one pocket.

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