15 Best Amazon Work from Home Jobs for a High Paid Career

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Amazon is one of the largest and most successful online shopping platforms in the world where you can buy just about anything! And, to keep the business running, there are always Amazon work-from-home jobs hiring which I will detail today.

If you’re searching for flexibility and the ability to work from home, Amazon provides an array of job opportunities that might fit your needs.

From customer service roles to specialized product management and operations positions, Amazon offers various remote jobs catering to different skill sets and career aspirations.

Over the last 15 years Amazon has grown at an incredible rate, with stats showing that its worldwide employee numbers grew from 71,000 in 2007 to over 1.6 million in 2022!

So, you can see that there are plenty of opportunities to get a fulfilling job with Amazon.

A few benefits of getting an Amazon work-from-home job include:

Excellent income potential
Multiple job roles are always available
Can work from home or a virtual location
Side hustle opportunities to earn extra income
Pick up full-time, part-time, or gig economy jobs
Amazon hires workers from all around the world
Opportunities to build your skill set and advance to higher-paid positions

Now, let’s take a look at what remote jobs and side hustles Amazon offers today.


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Full-Time Amazon Work-from-Home Jobs

Amazon offers a variety of full-time work-from-home jobs across different fields such as customer service, technical and IT roles, sales and marketing, HR and talent acquisition, creative and content development, product training, and home and business services.

Below is a detailed look into these positions.


1. Customer Service Associate

As a Customer Service Associate, you will be assisting customers with inquiries and resolving issues.

Expect to work 40 hours a week with shifts that may include nights and weekends. The average pay is around $16 per hour.

This job is ideal for individuals who enjoy helping people and have excellent communication skills.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent
Proficiency in English
Strong communication skills
Basic computer knowledge

Apply: Amazon Careers – Customer Service Associate


2. Technical and IT Jobs

Technical and IT roles at Amazon range from support engineers to network specialists.

These positions typically require a 40-hour work week with the possibility of on-call shifts.

Annual salaries range from $63,000 to $73,000 or higher, depending on experience and role.

Perfect for individuals with technical expertise and problem-solving skills.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field
Relevant certifications (e.g., AWS Certified Solutions Architect)
Proven technical experience
Problem-solving abilities

Apply: Amazon Careers – Technical and IT Jobs


3. Sales and Marketing Roles

These positions involve promoting and selling Amazon services and products.

Sales and marketing roles often have standard business hours and the possibility to earn additional commissions.

Salaries vary widely based on the specific job and performance.

Ideal for those who are goal-oriented and have strong persuasive skills.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field
Strong sales acumen
Excellent communication skills
Proficiency in marketing tools and software

Apply: Amazon Careers – Sales and Marketing


4. HR and Talent Acquisition

HR and Talent Acquisition professionals manage hiring processes, employee relations, and workforce development.

These roles typically demand 40 hours a week, with salaries dependent on experience, generally ranging from $50,000 to $80,000 annually.

Best suited for those with strong interpersonal skills and experience in HR.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in HR or related field
Previous experience in HR or recruitment
Knowledge of HR software
Strong organizational skills

Apply: Amazon Careers – HR and Talent Acquisition


5. Creative and Content Development

Creative roles include graphic designers, writers, and content creators who develop Amazon’s marketing materials and online content.

Standard working hours apply, with salaries varying widely based on the role, usually between $50,000 and $90,000 annually.

Ideal for creative individuals with a knack for storytelling and design.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in design, writing, or related field
Strong portfolio of past work
Proficiency in design and content creation tools
Creative thinking

Apply: Amazon Careers – Creative and Content Development


6. Amazon Product Trainer

As an Amazon Product Trainer, you will be responsible for training staff on various Amazon products and services.

The role typically involves a 40-hour work week, with an average salary range of $55,000 to $70,000 annually.

Ideal for those with teaching skills and product knowledge.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
Strong presentation skills
Knowledge of Amazon products
Experience in training or education

Apply: Amazon Careers – Product Trainer


7. Amazon Home and Business Services

These roles include providing remote support for technical and home services.

You may need to assist customers with installations, troubleshooting, and advice.

Expect to work full-time hours with varying shifts. Pay ranges based on the complexity of the role.

Best for tech-savvy individuals who enjoy problem-solving.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent
Technical certification or experience
Excellent customer service skills
Ability to troubleshoot issues

Apply: Amazon Careers – Home and Business Services


Side Hustle Amazon Work from Home Jobs

Amazon is the most visited e-commerce site in the world with over 2.4 billion visitors in 2023.

By starting an Amazon side hustle, you can tap into this vast audience and have a great chance at making a profitable income.

Take a look at these Amazon work-from-home side hustle jobs. Some will bring in a little extra cash and others can be grown into a full-time income!


8. Amazon Mechanical Turk Micro Tasks

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) lets you complete small tasks, known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks), for payment.

These tasks can include data validation, information gathering, completing paid surveys, content proofreading jobs, web search evaluation, translation services, transcription jobs and more.

To start:

Create an MTurk account.
Browse available tasks.
Complete tasks and receive payment through Amazon Payments.

Earning Potential: Varies widely, typically $2-$6 per hour based on task complexity and speed.

Mechanical Turk

Check out this data entry for beginners guide for similar jobs.


9. Join Amazon Associates and Promote Products

As an Amazon Associate, you earn commissions by promoting Amazon products through your content.

Your earnings depend on the number of conversions, but many bloggers earn a full-time income from affiliate marketing on their blogs.

To start:

Sign up for Amazon Associates.
Generate affiliate links for products.
Promote these links via your blog, social media, or newsletters.

Earning Potential: Commissions range from 1% to 10% per sale.

Amazon Associates

Learn more in this Pinterest affiliate marketing guide.


10. Publish Low Content Books on Amazon FBA

Low content books like journals and planners can be published on Amazon FBA.

This requires minimal content creation but effective cover design and niche selection which you can learn in this guide on how to create low content books to sell on Amazon.

To start:

Design your book using tools like Canva.
Upload your design to Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).
Set pricing and publish.

Earning Potential: $2-$20 per sale depending on book type and pricing.

Amazon KDP


11. Sell T-shirts on Merch By Amazon

Merch By Amazon allows you to upload your t-shirt designs, which Amazon prints and ships for you.

This platform is perfect for creative individuals and it’s a simple way to make money as Amazon takes care of promotion, packaging, and delivery of your items.

To start:

Request an invitation to join.
Once approved, upload your designs.
Set your price and earn royalties on each sale.

Earning Potential: $3-$7 per shirt depending on your set price and royalty.

Merch By Amazon

Another simple option for creatives is to sell t-shirts on Etsy using Printify.


12. Write and Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle

Publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle enables you to share your knowledge or stories.

This platform caters to various genres and topics and you can learn how to sell eBooks for passive income in our guide.

To start:

Write and format your eBook.
Create an Amazon KDP account.
Upload your eBook and set pricing.

Earning Potential: 35% to 70% royalty rates depending on your pricing strategy and exclusive rights.

Amazon KDP


13. Inspire Shoppers as an Amazon Influencer

The Amazon Influencer Program allows you to create a storefront and recommend products.

Influencers earn through affiliate commissions on products sold via their storefront and you can create a personalized Amazon page where you can publish livestreams, videos, and shoppable photos people can click on.

To start:

Apply with your social media account.
If accepted, set up your storefront.
Create content and promote products.

Earning Potential: Similar to Amazon Associates, commissions range from 1% to 10%.

Amazon Influencer Program


14. Start an Amazon Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping with Amazon involves listing products in your store without holding inventory.

Once a sale is made, you purchase and ship the product directly from a supplier such as AliExpress.

The trick to making money here is to choose products with a healthy margin, so you can buy it low and sell them for a profitable markup price.

To start:

Research profitable products.
Create an Amazon Seller account.
List the products and fulfill orders.

Earning Potential: Varies; typically, margins are around 10%-30%.

Amazon Seller Central


15. Sign Up for Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In involves trading in eligible items like cell phones and video games for Amazon gift cards.

This side hustle is a way to declutter while earning store credit which will help you save money on your next purchases.

To start:

Check item eligibility on the Amazon Trade-In page.
Select the item you want to trade-in.
Detail the condition of your item based on the criteria listed.
Enter your address and receive a pre-paid shipping label.
Send in your items.
Receive an Amazon gift card as payment.

Earning Potential: Based on the value and condition of traded items.

Amazon Trade-In


Final Thoughts on Amazon Work from Home Jobs

There are many Amazon work-from-home jobs to make money when you have none that are ideal for all experience levels.

Amazon is a massive, credible company with remote careers for all different skill sets, passions, and schedule requirements.

Whether you want to work at night from home, get paid to listen to people as a customer service agent, create content as a freelance writer or have a more techy role as a developer, you will find a job that suits your needs at Amazon.

Plus, I love that Amazon has so many ways to create your own online business using their traffic such as dropshipping, Amazon FBA, creating eBooks, or creating content as an Amazon Influencer.

And, if you prefer to get out from behind your computer, you could become an Amazon Flex driver or secure work in one of the warehouses as a packer.

Which Amazon job will you apply for?

Plus – please share this article with your friends who might be interested to work from home for Amazon.


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