Get Paid to Stay in Hotels: 25 Ways to Earn on the Go

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Did you know you can get paid to stay in hotels? Traveling and staying in hotels can be more than just an expense—it can be a source of income if approached strategically. 

I’ve discovered various ways to earn money while enjoying the comfort of hotel stays, making it possible to travel extensively without draining your bank account.

Whether you’re a holiday lover or long-term digital nomad there are plenty of ways to explore and earn money while doing it.

From free hotel stays to rewards points, to passive income and hefty payments, savvy travelers can reduce costs and start getting rewarded while enjoying themselves!

Read on to learn about the best companies and ideas to earn while on your next trip.


Overview of How to Get Paid to Stay in Hotels

Coyle Hospitality
TopDeck Travel
STS Travel
One Life Adventures
Bus About
Smart Trip Europe
Travel writer
Travel affiliate
Start a travel blog
Hotel review eBooks
Travel Podcaster
Travel YouTube channel
Social media influencer
Virtual reality hotel tours
Cruise ship worker
Travel photographer
Brand ambassador
Hotel reviewer
Travel agency collaborations
Freelance event planner


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Best Companies to Get Paid to Stay in Hotels

For those with the travel bug, there are plenty of companies that will pay for hotel reviews or will offer free stays while you work.

Major hotel chains often use hotel reviewers and travel influencers to ensure what they offer is up to scratch and alongside getting a free night’s stay, you will often be rewarded with a free gift or cash.

Take a look at the best companies to get paid to travel and stay in hotels.


1. Trivago

At Trivago, they offer a program for individuals to earn money by staying at and reviewing hotels, which blends elements of mystery shopping with travel.

The position involves scrutinizing everything from room quality to customer service, providing a comprehensive look at a guest’s experience.

Ideal for frequent travelers with an eye for detail, no specific qualifications are necessary beyond an aptitude for thorough review.

Aspiring hotel testers can apply directly through the Trivago website, and average pay varies based on the assignment and length of stay.


2. Coyle Hospitality

Through Coyle Hospitality, you can get paid to evaluate luxury hotels and travel services.

The job consists of detailed reporting, measuring the quality of both the tangible and intangible aspects of a hotel stay.

This work suits those who possess a discerning palate and a talent for undercover assessment.

There are basic qualifications to meet, involving a rigorous application process that assesses the applicant’s observational skills.

Payment for services varies, taking into account the complexity of the evaluation and the property’s value.


3. pays individuals to write honest reviews of hotels and travel experiences.

A straightforward task, perfect for those who love to travel and can express their insights clearly in writing.

No formal qualifications are needed beyond good writing skills and a keen attention to detail.

Applications are made through their website, with compensation generally offered per review and can vary with the content’s quality and depth.


4. TopDeck Travel

I’ve learned that TopDeck Travel hires travel enthusiasts to lead groups and ensure their trip is unforgettable.

You will be leading groups of 18-39 year old on trips ranging from 5-25 days long.

The role is akin to a tour guide, with additional benefits such as free hotel rooms, having all travel expenses paid and an hourly wage.

It’s best for those with strong leadership skills and a passion for culture and history.

Applicants typically need to have previous travel experience and must complete a detailed application process.


5. Go Blue

Go Blue specializes in vacation packages for students and young adults, and they hire reps to stay at hotels where their groups are booked.

This job is perfect if you enjoy working with lively crowds and have strong organizational skills and while travel experience is an advantage, it’s not mandatory. The hiring process entails an application and interview, focusing on personality fit and enthusiasm.

Compensation typically includes weekly pay, flights covered and stay in an all inclusive resort.


6. STS Travel

As a company that arranges Spring Break packages, STS Travel provides opportunities for individuals to act as liaisons for student groups at hotels.

These positions are great for energetic individuals who excel at fostering a fun and safe environment.

Those with an approachable demeanor and problem-solving abilities may find this role fitting, and while specific qualifications vary, strong interpersonal skills are a must.

Compensation includes all inclusive stay in a resort for a month, free alcohol and free food.


7. One Life Adventures

Employment with One Life Adventures means that you can immerse yourself in a cultural experience while guiding guests through their accommodations.

The company looks for adventurous spirits with a gift for storytelling and a deep respect for local customs. and some travel guiding experience is generally preferred.

Applications are submitted through their website, and the pay reflects the level of expertise and demand for the destination involved.

Alongside enjoying beautiful trave destinations, you can enjoy free accommodation and all your travel expenses being covered.


8. Contiki

Contiki is another well-known travel company that hires young individuals to manage tours and ensure guests have comfortable hotel stays.

This job is fitting for those who are outgoing and sociable, and are adept at managing groups. Applicants usually need to be between 18-35 years old and have travel experience.

The application process often includes a group interview. Pay is varied but generally consistent with industry standards for tour management.

Alongside pay, you can enjoy free flights, paid accommodation, meals and the chance to go on exciting trips to many different places.


9. Busabout

For Busabout, the focus is on flexible travel networks, and they hire guides to assist and stay with groups in hotels across their routes.

I’ve seen that this role is ideal for flexible, sociable individuals with effective communication skills and white previous travel experience is helpful, a dynamic personality is key.

The application process includes an interview and a demonstration of suitability for the role.

Compensation includes a salary and often other travel benefits such as free accommodation and all travel expenses covered.


10. Bus2Alps

At Bus2Alps, which caters to study abroad students, coordinators ensure that the students’ hotel experiences are smooth and enjoyable.

I’ve found this job is perfect for those with a knack for planning and student engagement and  leadership experience is a bonus.

To apply, you submit your details online and go through an interview process.

Pay is typically on a trip-by-trip basis and you can enjoy free accommodation and free travel through Europe.


11. Smart Trip Europe

Smart Trip Europe is another option to get paid to stay in hotels that provide travel services across the continent and hire trip leaders to manage hotel stays for their groups.

The position suits people who enjoy multicultural interaction and travel logistics management and those who want to work in the travel industry.

Applicants should have a fondness for European travel and the ability to handle groups.

Compensation includes paid accommodation with other staff, commission payments and expenses paid on trips that you join.


Other Ideas to Get Paid to Stay in Hotels

If you don’t fancy working for a company, there are many freelance ways to make money when you have none as you travel.


12. Travel Writer

Travel writing is a good fit for those who have a knack for the written word and work includes creating articles and guides about destinations, including hotel experiences.

Work can be found through travel publications and freelance writing websites or you can set up freelancer profiles on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. 

To get hired, start by building a writing portfolio and then market your services on sites like  LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Average pay depends on the publication, but it can range from $0.10 to $1.00 per word (check how much should a freelance writer charge).

Learn more in our guide on how to be a freelance writer with no experience.


13. Travel Affiliate Marketer

Travel affiliate marketing is the art of promoting hotel and travel products and services and earning a commission on purchases through your affiliate links.

Check this guide on how to start affiliate marketing with no money.

To begin, join affiliate programs offered by hotels or travel companies such as:


Success requires a significant online presence so this type of income stream is best for content creators and travel bloggers with engaged audiences.

Learn more in these affiliate marketing guides:

Affiliate marketing no website
Pinterest affiliate marketing
Twitter affiliate marketing


14. Start a Travel Blog

If you plan to travel as a digital nomad or have experience of certain cities or countries, starting a travel blog is another way to get paid to stay in hotels.

A successful blog demands consistent, quality content and the role suits self-starters passionate about travel and content creation. 

Earnings vary widely, with successful bloggers earning thousands per month, but you will have to take the time to get traffic to your site.

Monetization comes from ads, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing and once your blog gains authority, you can reach out to hotels to offer reviews for free stays.

Learn more about how to gain freelance writing experience as a new writer.


15. Hotel Review eBooks

Writing eBooks featuring hotel reviews and travel advice is a great way to monetize your knowledge and make money as you travel.

Learn how to write eBooks for money and once you have one created, it can be sold through your own website and on large platforms like Amazon Kindle.

Getting noticed requires marketing savvy and a unique angle on travel, so have a think of your experiences and what you could help people with.

Earnings are typically a percentage of sales, often 70% on self-published platforms.


16. Travel Podcaster

As a podcaster, you could create episodes about your hotel stays and travel experiences.

People love to listen to reviews before they go somewhere, so this could become a lucrative side hustle.

Sponsorships and ads are the main income streams and your earnings will depend on the size of your audience. 

Finding an audience requires effective promotion and engaging content so take the time to work on this.

This medium is great for storytellers and conversationalists. Pay can range from $18 to $50 CPM (cost per thousand listens).


17. YouTube Travel Channel

Many savvy travelers start vlogging about their travel experiences and hotel stays.

And, once they get enough viewers, they earn revenue from video ads, sponsorships, and viewer support. 

Gaining subscribers and views requires standout content and SEO skills and you will need to comfortable on camera and with video editing.

YouTubers can earn anywhere from a few dollars to several thousands per month, depending on viewership.


18. Social Media Influencer

On platforms like Instagram, you can showcase your hotel stays to followers and partner with travel brands and hotels to promote their products and services.

This path fits those with charisma and an eye for visuals and you will need to take time to build up a large, engaged following.

But, if you’re successful, you can get paid to stay in hotels and earn a lucrative income while traveling the world.

Influencers can earn hundreds to thousands per post depending on follower count and the individual deals they arrange.


19. Virtual Reality Hotel Tours

It’s possible to work with hotels directly or through marketing agencies to create VR content such as virtual reality tours of hotels and resorts.

These virtual reality tours can be used on company websites or on a Google Business page to show customers the inside of a hotel before they get there.

A background in VR technology and strong pitching skills are essential making this an ideal job for tech enthusiasts with a creative edge.

Payment varies but can be quite lucrative for specialized content and you will likely get free accommodation while working on each project.


20. Cruise Ship Worker

Working on cruise ships is a fun way to travel the world for free!

I did it for years and I got to see places I never would have gone on holiday to, while enjoying free meals, free accommodation, a salary, and trips out to beautiful places.

Jobs are found through cruise line websites and recruitment agencies for different roles such as hospitality, casino, customer relations, entertainment, and more.

It’s perfect for those who enjoy extended travel periods with salaries ranging widely by role.


21. Travel Photographer

Another option to get paid to stay in hotels is to become a travel photographer.

If you have a keen eye for taking great shots and travel frequently, you could sell your photos to stock agencies online or work directly with hotels.

Creating a stunning portfolio aids in getting hired and you will need to be a visually creative individual with photography expertise.

Pay can be per project if you take on assignments and you could enjoy passive income from photo sales online.


22. Brand Ambassador

If you have a large social media following you could get paid to represent hotel brands at events and online.

Engagements come through marketing networks or direct brand outreach and with time, you may get travel brands reach out to you.

The key to success is a strong personal brand and this type of work is best suited to those with networking skills and a persuasive personality.

Average earnings can be per event or campaign, often ranging from mid-three to four figures.


23. Hotel Reviewer

Hotels need to be at the top of their game to compete in the busy travel hotel space.

To ensure they offer the best service, they often pay help reviewers to critique their hotel and offer suggestions on how improvements can be made.

Employment opportunities arise through travel review websites and mystery shopping platforms or you could reach out to hotels directly.

Payment is usually a combination of reimbursement for the stay and a small fee.


24. Travel Agency Collaborations

It’s possible to partner with travel agencies and tourism boards to offer exclusive insights and content about hotels.

This might be blog content creation or social media posts to promote a destination, hotel or travel experience.

Collaborations are generally established through networking and mutual benefit agreements and you will need to have a large audience for this to work.

It’s a match for those with sales skills and a passion for travel and earnings are usually commission-based or a fixed project rate.


25. Freelance Event Planner

If you love to plan events, you could become a freelance travel event planner and negotiate free hotel stays as part of your contract.

Roles are typically found through industry connections or event planning platforms and ou can learn how to start an event planning business in this free guide.

An eye for detail and organizational skills are vital and the role will best fit those who excel at logistics and customer service.

Fees are typically per event and can range significantly based on complexity and scale.


Frequently Asked Questions On How to Get Paid to Stay in Hotels

Get your questions answered below on how to get paid to stay in hotels.


How to make money from hotel stays?

There are various ways to earn money during hotel stays, which include:

Joining a rewards program that provide points or credits for each stay that can later be converted into cash, discounted special deals, or free nights.
Hotel loyalty programs that give you best rate guarantees, cash back or free gifts for repeat stays.
Using cash-back travel credit cards that offer significant returns on travel expenses, including hotel bookings.
Participating in loyalty schemes or memberships that offer perks such as room upgrades or complimentary services, which can save money in the long run.
Taking advantage of referral programs by recommending hotels to friends and family, thus earning commission or bonuses.
Engaging in hotel testing programs where you can get paid for providing detailed reviews of your stay, such as the Trivago quality test program.
Sign up to mystery shopper sites and review hotels for cash and free gifts.

Check out these product tester jobs from home no experience.


How to get paid to review a hotel?

To get paid for hotel reviews, consider these steps:

Look for hotel tester opportunities where companies pay for detailed assessments of the accommodation, service, and overall experience.
Create a blog or a vlog to share extensive hotel reviews, which can attract sponsorships or ad revenue over time.
Sign up for travel-related market research companies that offer assignments for paid hotel reviews.
Utilize platforms that specifically cater to mystery shopping at hotels, where anonymity is key to unbiased reviews.
Explore sites and services within the UK and Ireland like the Trivago quality test, which offers payment for evaluating hotels.


Are there opportunities that pay for you to travel?

Yes, numerous opportunities can pay for your travel experiences:

Travel writing or blogging, where you can earn money through articles, sponsorship, and advertising.
Becoming a social media influencer, leveraging your follower base for sponsored trips.
Teaching English abroad, often including accommodation and travel costs.
Working on a cruise ship or as an airline employee, where travel is a significant component of the job.
Volunteering with organizations that cover travel expenses in exchange for your work, though this often is more about offsetting costs rather than earning income.


How can one generate passive income during travels?

It’s possible to make $100 a day passive income while you travel. Check out these ideas:

Renting out your home or car while you are traveling can provide a steady flow of income.
Investing in dividend-paying stocks or peer-to-peer lending can offer returns that you can access anywhere.
Creating digital products like eBooks or online courses can produce sales without needing to be actively managed.
Affiliate marketing through a blog or social media, which can earn commissions on products you recommend.
Utilizing apps that allow you to sell photography or other gig work that isn’t location-dependent.


What apps are available to help make money while traveling?

There are several passive income apps to make money while on the move:

Travel-related gig apps like Airbnb Experiences allow you to host activities and tours for visitors.
Freelance work platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr enable you to offer your skills on-the-go.
Stock photography apps like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock can be a source of income for travel photographers.
Ride-sharing apps, where you can drive and earn in various cities, provided it aligns with local laws and you have the appropriate vehicle.
Language tutoring apps like iTalki, which pair you with students wanting to practice conversational skills in your native language.

Photo by Dominik Dancs on Unsplash


What options exist for couples looking to get paid while they travel?

Couples can turn travel into a joint financial opportunity by:

Starting a collaborative travel blog or YouTube channel, sharing adventures and earning through ads or sponsors.
Working as a pair in seasonal jobs that offer short-term contracts in tourism or hospitality.
Teaching English together in foreign countries where schools often look for couples.
House-sitting or pet-sitting internationally, which often covers accommodation in exchange for responsibilities.
Utilizing shared talents such as photography or graphic design to offer dual services to clients while exploring new destinations.


Get Paid to Stay in Hotels – Final Thoughts

If you enjoy traveling, but struggle with the costs, it’s possible to get paid to stay in hotels with a little preparation.

If you like the security of a job, check out the companies listed above that employ travel lovers to lead tours and look after people in stunning destinations. These roles usually include pay and travel expenses covered such as accommodation.

To have a little more freedom, think about setting up your own freelance business or side hustle such as a travel blog, podcast or freelance writing business.

I can confirm this is the best way to travel and earn as you can work the hours that suit you and have time off whenever you want it.

I traveled as a digital nomad for years through SE Asia while freelance writing and I had the time of my life I will never forget and will be eternally grateful.


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