Thomas Rhett’s Top Country Songs Ranked by Fans

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Country music aficionado, are you ready to strum through the heartstrings of melody with Thomas Rhett’s top songs ranked? His tunes have blazed a trail through the hearts of country music lovers, offering a blend of funky beats and soulful ballads that attest to his diverse artistry. A true craftsman in the vibrant tapestry of country music, Rhett has earned his place among the genre’s royalty with hits that resonate deeply with his fans. Here, we dive into the best Thomas Rhett songs, compiling the fan favorites that top the Thomas Rhett music rankings and spotlighting the Thomas Rhett greatest hits that have shaped his illustrious career.

Key Takeaways

Discover why Thomas Rhett’s fans rank songs like “Die A Happy Man” among the best Thomas Rhett songs.
Uncover the standout tracks that climb the Thomas Rhett music rankings and define his record-breaking journey.
Explore the chart-toppers that have cemented Rhett’s status in the pantheon of country music with Thomas Rhett’s top songs ranked.
Learn about the romantic anthems and spirited funk-infused tracks that represent the pinnacle of Thomas Rhett greatest hits.
Appreciate the melodic craftsmanship that makes Rhett’s discography a treasure trove for country music enthusiasts.

Introduction to Thomas Rhett’s Rising Stardom in Country Music

Like a swift ascent on a hit chart, Thomas Rhett’s entrance into the spotlight began with his breakout single “It Goes Like This”. A harbinger of success, this track marked the beginning of Rhett’s journey from a promising artist to a staple name in the country music pantheon. Charting a course through numerous accolades and a growing fanbase, Thomas Rhett’s ability to craft a unique blend of down-home funk with the soft strumming of heartfelt ballads has captured hearts across the nation. Let’s take a more detailed look at the milestones that epitomize his climb to fame and the influence his sound has had on the country charts.

The Journey from “It Goes Like This” to Superstardom

Since the success of “It Goes Like This,” Thomas Rhett’s albums have spun a narrative of relatable themes, infectious beats, and lyrical vulnerability. With each new release, Rhett has not just expanded his thomas rhett songs list, but also his artistic range, proving that he is not confined to the traditional boundaries of country music. Each album serves as a chapter in an ongoing saga that reflects his growth as a musician and a storyteller, creating an anthology of hits that resonate with the tenor of modern times.

The Impact of Rhett’s Genre-Mixing Sound on Country Charts

Thomas Rhett’s inventive fusion of genres has left an indelible mark on the country charts. While his initial foray into the music world was deeply rooted in the classic vibrations of country, his ongoing exploration into R&B and pop territories has been received with enthusiasm. This innovative blend has led to a sequence of chart-topping singles, propelling him into the limelight and solidifying his place among the greats. His discography is not just a collection of tracks but a revolution in the soundscape of country music.

Impact on Charts

It Goes Like This
Platinum Certification, Multiple #1 Singles

Tangled Up
Triple Platinum Singles, Top 10 on Billboard 200

Life Changes
Billboard 200 #1, ACM Album of the Year Nomination

Center Point Road
Numerous Charting Singles, Grammy Nomination

Looking through the lens of Thomas Rhett’s most popular songs, one can see not just a music career in evolution, but a trailblazing artist redefining a genre. The interplay of Rhett’s foot-tapping beats and emotive lyrics has not only won him numerous awards but has also given way to innovative collaborations that have helped push the boundaries of country music.

Thomas Rhett’s Unique Blend of Funk and Heartfelt Ballads

Country music sensation Thomas Rhett has crafted a vibrant career with a compelling mix of groovy funk and heart-rending ballads. With an array of songs that speak directly to the soul, Rhett’s eclectic discography is a testament to his versatility as an artist. Each track offers a unique glimpse into his musical prowess, catering to a wide range of fan preferences and moods.

Exploring the Signature Sounds of Rhett’s Greatest Hits

From the velvety smooth vibes of “Leave Right Now” to the wrenching emotion in “Marry Me,” Thomas Rhett’s top hits echo the dynamic sounds of a seasoned storyteller. The blend of his signature style creates an immersive listening experience that’s both infectious and deeply personal.

How Ballads and Upbeat Tunes Define Rhett’s Discography

Thomas Rhett’s discography is a colorful mosaic of chart-topping tunes and introspective melodies. Each song is a brushstroke adding to the larger picture of his musical identity. Whether it’s the rollicking beat of “Craving You” or the tenderness of “Notice,” Rhett demonstrates a masterful balance of rhythm and soul.

Upbeat Tunes
Heartfelt Ballads

Remember You Young

Life Changes

Crash and Burn
Dream You Never Had

Make Me Wanna
Die A Happy Man

This striking duality not only marks the hallmark of Thomas Rhett’s top hits, but it also illustrates his capacity to navigate and excel across musical landscapes. Rhett’s work continues to resonate deeply with fans, offering an escape into a world where each note and lyric is carefully crafted for the ultimate auditory experience.

Fan Favorites: Thomas Rhett Top Songs Ranked

The conversation around Thomas Rhett top songs ranked is a testament to his dynamic presence in the country music landscape. This fan-curated lineup speaks volumes about Thomas Rhett’s versatile catalogue, which seduces with a mix of emotional depth and captivating rhythms. The following list illuminates those tracks that have resonated most with fans, solidifying Rhett’s position in Thomas Rhett music rankings.

“Die A Happy Man” – A testament to Rhett’s ability to craft heart-warming romantic ballads that become timeless.
“Crash and Burn” – Infusing a bluesy stomp into country textures, this song has fans tapping their feet rhythmically.
“Life Changes” – A narrative chronicle of Rhett’s personal experiences, offering relatability and authenticity.
“Marry Me” – Flipping the script on a love song, this bittersweet track tugs at the heartstrings.
“Unforgettable” – A bubbly, upbeat tune that captures the euphoria and minutiae of falling in love.

Each song highlights a different shade of Thomas Rhett’s artistic palette. Whether fans crave the rip-roaring fun of “Vacation” or the intimate reflections of “Beer With Jesus,” Rhett’s songs form a rich tapestry that ranks high in the hearts of his listeners.

The Role of Collaborations in Rhett’s Chart-topping Singles

Thomas Rhett’s journey to become a mainstay on the top of country music charts has been marked with strategic collaborations, featuring voices that complement his and amplify the appeal of his tracks. These partnerships have not only broadened Rhett’s listenership but have also been instrumental in producing some of his greatest hits. Let’s delve into the tracks that exemplify this synergy.

Spotlight on “Playing With Fire” Featuring Jordin Sparks

One cannot speak of Thomas Rhett’s collaborative ventures without highlighting the fusion of country and pop exhibited in “Playing With Fire”. The soulful addition of Jordin Sparks’ vocals brought a compelling dynamic to the song, which not only enchanted Rhett’s fan base but also captured the ears of pop music aficionados. This mix of genre talent propelled the track into the Top 40, marking it as one of Thomas Rhett’s top hits.

The creative interplay between Rhett and Sparks showcases how blending distinct musical styles and fan bases can lead to resounding success. Below is a comparative look at the track’s reception:

Peak Position
Weeks on Chart

Billboard Hot Country Songs

Billboard Country Airplay

Billboard Hot 100

The Maren Morris Team-up: A Hit in “Craving You”

Another noteworthy duet that resonated with listeners was “Craving You”, the electrifying team-up with Maren Morris. A track that exudes a raw energy and paints a portrait of impassioned longing, it was reminiscent of iconic duo performances of decades past. This song not only dominated radio waves but also further solidified Rhett’s place in the pantheon of country music with one of his greatest hits. It’s the blend of Rhett’s velvety country timbre against Morris’s robust vocal prowess that makes “Craving You” a testament to the power of musical alliances.

Thomas Rhett’s thoughtful choice in collaborators has undeniably left an imprint on his career trajectory. These partnerships have spawned chart-topping singles that stand as a testament to Rhett’s versatility as an artist and to his keen ability to create top hits. Looking at the success of these collaborations, it’s evident that joint endeavors were key in elevating his music to reach a wider and more diverse audience, firmly establishing Rhett as a household name in country music.

Thomas Rhett’s Most Romantic Tracks Revered by Fans

When one thinks of the best Thomas Rhett songs, it’s impossible not to recognize the powerful impact of his romantic ballads. These are the tracks that have not only cemented his status as a country music sensation but have also become staples at weddings and intimate moments between couples. Thomas Rhett’s ability to capture the essence of love in his lyrics is partly why these songs rank as some of his most popular.

“Die A Happy Man” – A Dedication to His Wife Lauren

Undoubtedly one of the best Thomas Rhett songs, “Die A Happy Man” resonates deeply with fans for its sincere and touching lyrics. Rhett penned this beloved song as a tribute to his wife Lauren, and its authenticity shines through in every verse. It’s a love letter turned into a melody that fans everywhere embraced, often holding it up as the ultimate romantic anthem.

“Star of the Show” and Its Love-Filled Lyrics

“Star of the Show” is another romantic serenade that continues to engage audiences with its heartfelt devotion. The song’s love-filled lyrics discuss the admiration and awe one feels for their partner, artistically placing them at the center of everything. It’s these kinds of passionate expressions that have playfully charmed fans, making “Star of the Show” a highlight in Thomas Rhett’s catalog of most popular songs.

Song Title
Year Released
Notable Lyric

“Die A Happy Man”
Tangled Up
“Baby, I could die a happy man.”

“Star of the Show”
Tangled Up (Deluxe)
“Every time we walk in the room, I’m still always the star of the show.”

Each song showcases the skillful storytelling of Thomas Rhett, where he not only bares his heart but invites listeners to recall their own moments of love and affection. As Rhett’s discography grows, these romantic tracks reinforce the reasons why his music remains a cherished part of the country music landscape.

Early Music: Thomas Rhett’s Breakthrough Hits

If we trace the lineage of Thomas Rhett’s success, it’s clear that his ascent can be tied back to the foundational songs of his early albums. Songs like “Get Me Some of That” and “Something To Do With My Hands” from the album “It Goes Like This” captured the hearts of country music lovers everywhere. These tracks not only showcase his talent but also signify the start of an era where Rhett’s name began to climb the ranks among country’s top-charting artists.

The Irresistible Appeal of “Get Me Some of That”

The sizzle of Thomas Rhett’s early success resonates in the catchy chords of “Get Me Some of That.” This song, marked by its melodic hooks and spirited lyrics, is one of many Thomas Rhett top songs ranked by fans as an all-time favorite. It’s the kind of track that you can’t help but tap your foot to, a tune that became a defining sound for Rhett in his early career.

Debut Success with “Something To Do With My Hands”

Highlighted in Thomas Rhett albums, “Something To Do With My Hands” stands out among his initial hits. It laid the groundwork for his chart presence and played a significant role in his debut album’s resonance on the Country Airplay charts. Fun, flirty, and with just the right amount of edge, the song transmitted Rhett’s versatility to his growing audience.

In recognition of these foundational tunes, below is a ranked list reflecting the early hits that skyrocketed Thomas Rhett into country music fame:

Song Title

Die A Happy Man
Tangled Up

Get Me Some of That
It Goes Like This

Something To Do With My Hands
It Goes Like This

It Goes Like This
It Goes Like This

Make Me Wanna
It Goes Like This

Chart Dynamics: Rhett’s Songs That Transcended Expectations

Thomas Rhett’s journey through the landscape of country music has been characterized by a fearless approach to genre-blending, resulting in a thomas rhett discography that defies traditional boundaries. His knack for merging pop sensibilities with country soul is evident in hits that have climbed the thomas rhett music rankings, capturing the hearts of fans and critics alike.

“Make Me Wanna” – A Groove that Resonated with Fans

The single “Make Me Wanna” stands as a testament to Rhett’s ability to craft a groove that’s as infectious as it is genre-defying. It’s a track that not only solidified Rhett’s place in modern country music but also blazed a trail for a new sound that embraced elements from across the musical spectrum.

“Crash and Burn” – The Shift in Rhett’s Musical Approach

With “Crash and Burn,” Thomas Rhett signaled a significant shift in his musical approach, incorporating a rhythm-driven sound that encouraged an uninhibited, dance-like-no-one’s-watching spirit. This track showcases Rhett’s evolution as an artist and reaffirms his position at the forefront of country music’s contemporary wave.

Song Title
Release Year
Chart Peak Position
Notable Achievement

Make Me Wanna
#1 Country Airplay
Nominated for ACM’s Song of the Year

Crash and Burn
#1 Country Airplay
RIAA Platinum Certified

Legendary Connections: Rhett’s Family Influence on His Music

Thomas Rhett’s rise to prominence within the country music scene is a narrative enriched by familial ties, particularly the bond and shared talent with his father, Rhett Akins. A testament to this is the collaborative creation of one of Thomas Rhett’s top hits, evidencing a unique synergy that has contributed significantly to the richness of his portfolio. Below, delve into the interweaving of Rhett’s family heritage with his musical creations.

“It Goes Like This” – A Hit Penned with Rhett Akins, His Father

One cannot discuss Thomas Rhett songs list without highlighting “It Goes Like This.” The song not only soared to top the charts but also marked a special instance where Rhett drew inspiration and artistry from his father. This hit single demonstrated how generational talent can coalesce to produce music that resonates deeply with listeners and cements an artist’s status in country music history.

The Continuing Legacy of Rhett’s Musical Lineage

The name Rhett carries with it a profound musical heritage that Thomas Rhett embodies and enriches with each new melody and lyric. This enduring legacy entwines pedigree with innovation, securing his place among country music’s revered artists. His albums and songs are not merely a collection but a continuing saga of a family steeped in melody and storytelling.

Illustrating the impact of familial influence on Rhett’s career, a cohesive Thomas Rhett top hits compilation reveals the intertwined layers of personal history and creative evolution. Explore the table below, detailing how family connections have infused Rhett’s discography with authenticity and heart.

Song Title
Collaboration with Rhett Akins
Chart Position
Release Year

It Goes Like This
#1 Country Airplay

Life Changes
#1 Billboard Top Country

Look What God Gave Her
#1 Country Airplay

Remember You Young
#1 Country Airplay

The fusion of past and present within the Rhett musical dynasty continues to captivate fans, with each melody and verse enriching the broader narrative of country music. It is within this confluence of past and innovation that Thomas Rhett’s songs perennially thrive, from the vibrant charts to the hearts of country music enthusiasts across the nation.

Thomas Rhett’s Footprints on Country Music’s Evolution

The tapestry of modern country music has been colored extensively by artists who infuse traditional twang with contemporary flair, and Thomas Rhett stands as a prime architect of this evolution. His discography offers a refreshing fusion of genres that have both garnered critical acclaim and resonated deeply with fans. From chart-smashing singles to deep cuts that showcase his range, Rhett’s influence has enriched the country music landscape with textures that are unmistakably his own. His ability to craft memorable hits and poignant narratives has cemented his status among country’s top echelons.

The Modern Country Scene and Rhett’s Place Within It

Within the dynamic realm of modern country, Thomas Rhett emerges as a formidable force whose impact is both evident and enduring. His career—a vibrant mosaic of ‘thomas rhett greatest hits’—harmonizes the traditionalism of country’s roots with the zest of its contemporary beat. By threading his music with the essence of heartfelt country storytelling and the infectiousness of upbeat melody, Rhett has charted a course that future luminaries of the genre are eager to follow.

Rhett’s Influence on Emerging Country Artists

In the grand narrative of country music, Thomas Rhett’s role extends far beyond the hits that dominate playlists and radio waves; his very approach to songcraft serves as a beacon to emerging artists sculpting the genre’s future. As a part of the new wave, Rhett has contributed to the ‘thomas rhett discography’ not only a collection of personal achievements but also a blueprint for artistic authenticity. In offering a mix of vulnerability and celebration through his music, Thomas Rhett inspires a generation of musicians to be fearless in their creativity.


What are the top Thomas Rhett songs ranked by fans?

Fan favorites include “Die A Happy Man,” “Crash and Burn,” “It Goes Like This,” and “Get Me Some of That,” among others, all of which display Rhett’s unique style and are highly ranked by his listeners.

How did Thomas Rhett rise to stardom in country music?

Thomas Rhett’s rise to stardom began with the success of his hit single “It Goes Like This,” which topped the country charts and marked his transition into superstardom.

What influences the unique sound of Thomas Rhett’s music?

Rhett’s music uniquely blends funk with heartfelt ballads, establishing his signature sound that combines upbeat tunes with emotional lyrical depth.

What are some of Thomas Rhett’s greatest hits?

Some of Thomas Rhett’s greatest hits include “Die A Happy Man,” “Life Changes,” “Marry Me,” and “T-Shirt.”

How have collaborations influenced Thomas Rhett’s music?

Collaborations have been significant for Thomas Rhett, with songs like “Playing With Fire” featuring Jordin Sparks and “Craving You” with Maren Morris achieving great success and bringing different vocal dynamics to his discography.

What makes “Die A Happy Man” a fan-favorite romantic track?

“Die A Happy Man” is a fan favorite for its authentic and heartfelt dedication to his wife Lauren, which showcases Rhett’s ability to craft deeply personal and resonant love songs.

How did Thomas Rhett’s early music contribute to his success?

Thomas Rhett’s early hits like “Get Me Some of That” and “Something To Do With My Hands” laid the foundation for his success, highlighting his talents and earning hit status on the country charts.

Which Thomas Rhett songs transcended genre expectations?

Songs like “Make Me Wanna” and “Crash and Burn” have transcended genre expectations with their blend of pop and country soul influences, resonating with a wide audience.

How does Thomas Rhett’s family influence his music?

Rhett’s family, particularly his father Rhett Akins, has greatly influenced his music, evident in his collaborative works such as “It Goes Like This,” which contribute to the rich musical legacy carried through his career.

What impact has Thomas Rhett had on the evolution of country music?

Thomas Rhett has had a significant impact on the evolution of country music through his innovative blend of styles, contributing to shaping the genre’s contemporary landscape, and inspiring emerging country artists.

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