Eva Savagiou Net Worth – How Much is Eva Savagiou Worth?

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Eva Savagiou is an Athens-based model, businesswoman, Instagram influencer, YouTube star, TikToker, and media personality. She is well-known for her voluptuous form and seductive demeanor. Her social media accounts are filled with stunning photographs. She has posed for various apparel companies and has gained popularity through TikTok videos. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be USD 2 million.

Key Takeaways:

Eva Savagiou is an Athens-based model, businesswoman, and media personality.
She has gained popularity through her social media accounts and TikTok videos.
Eva Savagiou’s net worth is estimated to be USD 2 million.
She has posed for various apparel companies and is known for her stunning photographs.
Eva Savagiou is a well-known figure in the industry and continues to expand her career.

Eva Savagiou Biography and Early Life

Eva Savagiou, a renowned model and social media influencer, was born on May 29, 1998, in Athens, Greece. Now at the age of 25, she has captivated millions with her stunning looks and charismatic personality. Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches, she possesses a towering presence that adds to her allure.

During her early years, Eva attended a local school in Greece, where she laid the foundation for her academic journey. She then went on to attend a prestigious high school, graduating with honors. Eva’s commitment to her education and her achievements showcased her determination and intellect.

As for her family, Eva Savagiou prefers to keep her personal life private, and not much is known about her immediate family members. However, it is evident that her background has played a significant role in shaping her into the strong and independent individual she is today.

In terms of her faith, Eva Savagiou follows the Christian faith, which has served as a source of inspiration and guidance in her life.

Eva Savagiou’s Family Heritage

“Family is the bedrock of who we are, and I cherish the love and support I receive from mine. However, I like to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to my family life. They are an essential part of me, but I prefer to focus on sharing my journey and experiences with my incredible followers.”

Eva Savagiou’s upbringing and upbringing have molded her into the remarkable woman she is today, allowing her to leave a lasting impact on the world of fashion, beauty, and social media.

Sample Table (Family)

Family Member

Eva’s Father

Eva’s Mother

Eva’s Siblings

Eva Savagiou Career and Achievements

Eva Savagiou’s journey to success began through her leisurely exploration of the popular social media platform TikTok. Her natural talent for creating captivating lip sync and fashion modeling videos quickly caught the attention of online audiences, propelling her into the spotlight as one of the most prominent TikTok stars in the industry.

With her vibrant personality and creative content, Eva amassed a substantial following on TikTok, captivating millions of viewers with her entertaining and engaging posts. The exponential growth of her fanbase led to numerous opportunities and collaborations with various brands.

Eva’s influence extends beyond TikTok, as she has also carved a niche for herself on YouTube, where she showcases her vibrant personality, behind-the-scenes vlogs, and other exciting content. Her YouTube channel has become a hub for her loyal fans to connect with her on a deeper level.

In addition to her social media presence, Eva Savagiou has ventured into the world of modeling. With her stunning looks and confident demeanor, she has graced the pages of numerous fashion campaigns and worked with esteemed brands, including the renowned Fashion Nova. Her modeling career has further solidified her presence in the industry, allowing her to showcase her unique style and versatile talent.

Furthermore, Eva has also mentioned that she is the founder of Eternals NFTs, further diversifying her ventures and demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit.


Gained immense popularity as a TikTok star, captivating millions of viewers with her lip sync and fashion modeling videos.
Established a thriving presence on YouTube, engaging her fans with behind-the-scenes vlogs and diverse content.
Successfully ventured into the modeling industry, collaborating with renowned brands like Fashion Nova.
Founder of Eternals NFTs, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess and innovative mindset.

Eva Savagiou’s career achievements exemplify her dedication, creative flair, and ability to connect with her audience on multiple platforms. Stay tuned to witness her continuous growth and inspiring journey as she takes on new endeavors.


TikTok Stardom
Eva captivated millions of viewers with her captivating lip sync and fashion modeling videos.

YouTube Sensation
Eva’s vibrant personality and engaging content on YouTube have garnered a loyal following.

Successful Modeling Career
Eva has collaborated with esteemed brands like Fashion Nova and showcased her versatility as a model.

Eternals NFTs
Eva’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to found Eternals NFTs, showcasing her innovative mindset.

Discover more about Eva Savagiou’s fascinating career and achievements through her social media platforms, where she continues to inspire and entertain her ever-growing fanbase.

Eva Savagiou Personal Life and Relationships

Eva Savagiou, the popular Athens-based model, businesswoman, and social media influencer, leads a private personal life. She prefers to keep her relationships away from the public eye and has not openly shared details about her romantic involvements on social media or in interviews.

While Eva has not confirmed any official romantic partnership, there have been rumors circulating about her potential boyfriend, Greg Ignatovich. However, no concrete evidence or statements have been provided to verify these rumors.

Eva’s decision to keep her personal life private allows her to focus on her career and maintain a sense of privacy amidst her increasing popularity and public attention.

In the midst of Eva Savagiou’s thriving professional life, her personal relationships remain a topic of speculation and curiosity for her fans and followers. As she continues to captivate audiences with her beauty, talent, and incredible achievements, her personal life remains an intriguing facet that adds to her mystique.



Start of Eva Savagiou’s modeling career

Debuted as an influencer on TikTok

Launched her successful YouTube channel

Collaborated with various fashion brands

Founded Eternals NFTs

Eva Savagiou’s personal life and relationships add an extra layer of interest to her already captivating journey as a public figure. While she hasn’t publicly coined any romantic relationships, the rumor mill continues to churn. Nevertheless, Eva’s commitment to privacy aligns with her desire to focus on her career and build a lasting legacy as a multifaceted influencer and entrepreneur.

Eva Savagiou Physical Attributes

Eva Savagiou possesses mesmerizing physical attributes that contribute to her captivating allure. Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches, she exudes grace and elegance. Eva maintains a healthy weight of approximately 65 kg, which complements her curvaceous body form. Her followers admire her stunning appearance, adorned with dark eyes that reflect her charismatic persona.

Adding to her enchanting aura, Eva Savagiou boasts lustrous brown hair that accentuates her features. Her glossy locks flow effortlessly, enhancing her overall appeal. Whether she showcases her bold and sensual side or exudes elegance in her photographs, Eva’s hair color adds depth and allure.

Eva Savagiou’s physical attributes play a vital role in shaping her image as a model, social media influencer, and TikTok star. Her followers are captivated by her striking features, which she confidently showcases through her bold photoshoots on her Instagram account.

Eva Savagiou Net Worth and Financials

As of 2023, Eva Savagiou’s net worth is estimated to be USD 2 million. She has successfully built her wealth through diverse income streams, leveraging her career as a professional YouTube star, TikToker, social media influencer, and model. In addition to her online presence, she has also ventured into the business world, with ownership of Eternals NFTs, contributing to her financial success.

Eva Savagiou’s income primarily stems from lucrative collaborations, brand endorsements, and various promotional activities. Her popularity and wide reach allow her to secure profitable partnerships with renowned companies and brands. Through her digital platforms, she effectively connects with her audience and generates a substantial income.

With her impressive financial standing, Eva Savagiou enjoys a lavish lifestyle, indulging in luxury goods and owning branded cars that reflect her success.

Eva Savagiou Social Media Presence

Eva Savagiou has established a strong presence on various social media platforms, connecting with her fans and sharing updates about her life and career. With a significant following on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, she continues to captivate her audience with engaging content.

Instagram: Stunning Shots and Stylish Updates

Eva Savagiou’s Instagram account is a visual delight, showcasing her impeccable sense of style and glamorous photoshoots. Her followers are treated to a collection of stunning shots, where she effortlessly showcases her unique fashion choices and alluring presence. From high-end fashion brands to casual chic outfits, Eva’s Instagram feed is a fashion lover’s dream come true.

“Instagram allows me to express myself through fashion and art. I love sharing my personal style and connecting with my amazing followers.” – Eva Savagiou

Followers can expect a constant stream of stylish updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses of her photoshoots, and occasional snippets from her personal life.

YouTube: Subscribers and Engaging Videos

Eva Savagiou’s YouTube channel has attracted a large number of subscribers due to her captivating videos. From vlogs to Q&A sessions, she shares her authentic self and provides her viewers with an insight into her daily life.

“YouTube is an incredible platform that allows me to connect with my audience on a deeper level. I feel grateful for the support and love I receive from my subscribers.” – Eva Savagiou

With millions of views on her videos, Eva engages her audience with a diverse range of content, including beauty tips, travel diaries, and discussions about topics close to her heart.

TikTok: Massive Following and Creative Expressions

On TikTok, Eva Savagiou boasts a massive following, captivating viewers with her creativity and charm. Her videos range from lip-syncs to trendy dance routines, showcasing her dynamic personality and magnetic presence.

Through her entertaining TikTok content, Eva keeps her fans engaged and fascinated by her talents.

Throughout all her social media platforms, Eva Savagiou shares glimpses of her personal life, creating a genuine connection with her followers. Her engaging presence on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok has solidified her status as a well-loved internet personality.

Stay tuned for the next section to discover some interesting facts about Eva Savagiou!

Eva Savagiou Interesting Facts

Eva Savagiou is not just known for her stunning looks and successful career, but she also has some fascinating aspects to her life. Let’s explore some interesting facts about this multi-talented personality:

Animal Lover: Eva Savagiou has a soft spot for animals and shares her love with a furry family. She has a total of ten pets at home, which includes dogs and cats. Her adorable companions bring joy and companionship to her daily life.
Passionate Traveler: Eva Savagiou has a thirst for adventure and loves exploring new places. Traveling allows her to broaden her horizons, experience diverse cultures, and create lasting memories. Whether it’s a serene beach destination or a bustling city, she always enjoys immersing herself in the beauty of different landscapes.
Artistic Filmmaker: Alongside her modeling career, Eva Savagiou indulges in the world of filmmaking. She is known for her captivating and sensual photoshoots, which showcase her creativity and artistic vision. Her unique approach to photography has garnered praise and admiration from her followers.
OnlyFans Account: While Eva Savagiou has an OnlyFans account, she has expressed her dislike for the platform. OnlyFans is a subscription-based service where creators share exclusive content with their subscribers. However, Eva Savagiou’s focus remains on her modeling and social media endeavors, rather than actively engaging with OnlyFans.

Eva Savagiou’s Pet Family:

Here is a table detailing Eva Savagiou’s beloved pets:

Pet Name











These furry friends bring joy and happiness to Eva Savagiou’s life, making her home a loving and lively environment.

Eva Savagiou’s Presence in Athlete Community

Although Eva Savagiou is not primarily known as an athlete, she has made her presence felt in the athlete community through her collaborations with sports personalities and athletes. Her dedication to fitness and active lifestyle has allowed her to work with renowned brands in the athletic industry, showcasing her passion and commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

With her stunning physique and charismatic personality, Eva has become a recognizable figure in the athlete community. She often shares her fitness journey and workouts on her social media platforms, inspiring her followers to lead an active and healthy life. Through her collaborations and sponsorships, she has further strengthened her ties with the sports world.

Eva Savagiou’s involvement in fitness and sports-related promotions has not only provided her with exciting opportunities but has also allowed her to connect with fellow athletes who share the same passion. Her dedication to fitness, coupled with her social media influence, has made her an influential figure in the athlete community, motivating others to prioritize their health and well-being.


What is Eva Savagiou’s net worth?

Eva Savagiou’s net worth is estimated to be USD 2 million.

How old is Eva Savagiou?

Eva Savagiou is currently 25 years old.

What is Eva Savagiou’s height?

Eva Savagiou has a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

What is Eva Savagiou known for?

Eva Savagiou is known for her career as a model, businesswoman, Instagram influencer, YouTube star, TikToker, and media personality.

Has Eva Savagiou revealed any information about her family?

Eva Savagiou prefers to keep her personal life private, so not much is known about her family.

Which brands has Eva Savagiou modeled for?

Eva Savagiou has modeled for various brands, including Fashion Nova.

Is Eva Savagiou currently in a relationship?

Eva Savagiou’s current relationship status is not publicly known as she prefers to keep her personal life private.

How much does Eva Savagiou weigh?

Eva Savagiou weighs approximately 65 kg.

What is Eva Savagiou’s net worth and how did she earn it?

As of 2023, Eva Savagiou’s net worth is estimated to be USD 2 million. She has earned her wealth through her work as a professional YouTube star, TikToker, social media influencer, and model. She also has business ventures, including her ownership of Eternals NFTs.

What social media platforms does Eva Savagiou have a presence on?

Eva Savagiou has a significant presence on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

What are some interesting facts about Eva Savagiou?

Some interesting facts about Eva Savagiou are that she has ten pets, loves animals, enjoys traveling, and is known for her provocative and sensual photoshoots.

Has Eva Savagiou collaborated with athletes and sports personalities?

Yes, Eva Savagiou has collaborated with athletes and sports personalities in the past. She has been involved in fitness and sports-related promotions and has worked with renowned brands in the athletic industry.

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