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Ryan Shazier, a renowned NFL player, has made a significant impact both on and off the field. As a talented linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Shazier has garnered attention for his exceptional skills and dedication to the game. However, it’s not just his football prowess that has contributed to his success. Shazier’s financial endeavors have also played a significant role in building his net worth.

Throughout his career, Ryan Shazier has earned a considerable sum of money. His total net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2023. This figure takes into account not only his career earnings but also various other financial factors such as endorsement deals, investments, and assets.

Shazier signed a four-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers worth $9.5 million, including a substantial $5.2 million signing bonus. Despite facing a career-ending spinal cord injury in 2017, Shazier has managed to maintain his financial success through his smart financial decisions.

In addition to his contract earnings, Shazier has also secured several lucrative endorsement deals with top brands, further bolstering his financial portfolio. While the specific details of these deals are not publicly available, they have contributed to his overall net worth.

Furthermore, Shazier has shown financial acumen through smart investments. While the details of his investment portfolio are not publicly known, the growth in his net worth indicates his success in this area as well.

Key Takeaways:

Ryan Shazier’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2023, thanks to his successful football career and financial endeavors.
Despite a career-ending injury, Shazier has managed to maintain his financial success through endorsement deals and smart investments.
He signed a four-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers worth $9.5 million, including a $5.2 million signing bonus.
Shazier has secured lucrative endorsement deals with top brands, contributing to his overall net worth.
His smart investment decisions have also played a significant role in his financial success and net worth growth.

Ryan Shazier’s Early Life and Career

Born on September 6, 1992, in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, Ryan Shazier has left an indelible mark on the football world. His journey began in high school, where he showcased his exceptional skills at Plantation High School. Recognizing his talent, the Ohio State University sought his enrollment, and Shazier embarked on a successful college football career.

During his time at Ohio State, Shazier’s exceptional performance earned him recognition as a first-team All-American in 2013, solidifying his name as one of the top linebackers in the nation. His agility, speed, and instincts on the field propelled him to great heights and caught the attention of NFL scouts.

In the 2014 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Shazier as the 15th overall pick, solidifying his place in professional football. With his tremendous work ethic, leadership qualities, and undeniable talent, Shazier quickly made his mark in the NFL.

Throughout his career, Shazier’s achievements have been nothing short of remarkable. He has earned numerous accolades, including Pro Bowl selections and the Steelers’ Defensive MVP award. His exceptional performance on the field, combined with his unwavering dedication, has made him an inspiration to aspiring athletes.

High School and College Football

Shazier’s football journey began in high school, where he honed his skills at Plantation High School. His outstanding athleticism and exceptional performance on the field garnered attention from college recruiters. Eventually, he chose to join the Ohio State University, where he left an indelible mark on Buckeye football.


First-team All-American (2013)
Pro Bowl selections
Pittsburgh Steelers’ Defensive MVP award

“Football has always been my passion, and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to play the game I love. I will forever cherish the memories and lessons learned throughout my football journey.”

Stay tuned for the next section as we delve into Ryan Shazier’s career-ending injury and his incredible road to recovery.

Ryan Shazier’s Career-Ending Injury

In December 2017, Ryan Shazier endured a devastating injury that would bring an abrupt end to his football career. During a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Shazier suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed on the field. The severity of the injury was evident, and the initial prognosis was grim.

After being rushed to the hospital, Shazier was diagnosed with a spinal contusion, a severe bruise on the spinal cord. In order to stabilize his spine and prevent further damage, he underwent surgery.

The injury raised serious concerns about Shazier’s ability to walk again, let alone play football. However, with unwavering determination and an indomitable spirit, Shazier embarked on a grueling rehabilitation journey.

Despite the odds stacked against him, Shazier made remarkable progress in his recovery. Through dedicated physical therapy and sheer willpower, he defied expectations and regained the ability to walk.

This incredible feat is a testament to Shazier’s resilience and the power of rehabilitation. His journey serves as an inspiration to countless individuals facing injuries and adversity.

Key Points

Month and Year of Injury
December 2017

Type of Injury
Spinal Cord Contusion

Surgery to stabilize the spine

Initially thought to be potentially paralyzing

Significant progress in regaining the ability to walk

Ryan Shazier’s Family and Personal Life

In addition to his successful career in the NFL, Ryan Shazier values his family and cherishes his personal life. He is married to Michelle Rodriguez, and together they have a son named Lyon Carter Shazier. Ryan also has a son named Ryan Jr. from a previous relationship.

Family is a significant part of Ryan’s life, and he often shares heartwarming updates and precious moments with his loved ones on social media. From birthdays to family outings, Ryan embraces the joy and love that comes from his role as a husband and father.

Ryan Shazier’s Immediate Family


Michelle Rodriguez

Lyon Carter Shazier
Ryan Jr.

Ryan Shazier’s NFL Career and Earnings

Throughout his NFL career, Ryan Shazier made significant contributions as a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite facing a career-ending injury, Shazier’s time in the league left an indelible mark. Let’s delve into his football journey and earnings.

Ryan Shazier’s Career with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Shazier’s NFL career centered around his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team that drafted him 15th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft. As a linebacker, he showcased exceptional skills and proved to be an integral part of the Steelers’ defense.

“Playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers was a dream come true. I had the opportunity to learn from incredible coaches and compete alongside talented teammates.” – Ryan Shazier

During his time on the field, Shazier demonstrated his versatility and playmaking ability. His speed, instincts, and remarkable tackling skills earned him recognition as one of the league’s top linebackers.

Ryan Shazier’s Contract and Earnings

Shazier signed a four-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers worth $9.5 million, including a substantial signing bonus of $5.2 million. This contract reflected the team’s confidence in his abilities and potential.

Despite his career-ending injury, Shazier remained on the Steelers’ roster, which meant he continued to receive a base salary, medical insurance, and access to the team’s doctors. Although the financial details of his post-injury arrangement are undisclosed, the team ensured his well-being and provided support throughout his rehabilitation process.

Contract Value
Signing Bonus

Pittsburgh Steelers
$9.5 million
$5.2 million

Shazier’s earnings from his NFL career, combined with his endorsement deals and wise financial decisions, have contributed to his net worth of $5 million.

Investment Type

Invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks, taking into account potential growth and dividend payouts.

Allocated a portion of his investment portfolio to bonds, aiming for stable returns and capital preservation.

Real Estate
Explored opportunities in the real estate market, potentially including residential and commercial properties.

Emerging Industries
Identified and invested in emerging industries with high growth potential, such as technology or renewable energy.

As Shazier continues to focus on his rehabilitation and post-NFL ventures, his investments and financial success remain integral to his overall financial well-being. His story serves as a testament to the importance of making informed financial decisions and investing wisely to secure a prosperous future.

Ryan Shazier’s Post-Retirement Ventures

After retiring from the NFL, Ryan Shazier has embarked on a new chapter in his career, exploring various endeavors outside the football field. One notable venture is his role as the host of “The Ringer NFL Show” for The Ringer, a popular sports site.

As the host of “The Ringer NFL Show,” Shazier continues to stay involved in the football world, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experiences with fans and followers. Through this platform, he provides insights, analysis, and commentary on the latest happenings in the NFL, connecting with sports enthusiasts across the globe.

Shazier’s transition into the media industry showcases his versatility and adaptability, as he embraces a new role that allows him to remain at the forefront of the sport he loves. His engaging personality and unique perspective make him a compelling voice in the world of football analysis.

“The Ringer NFL Show has not only given me the opportunity to stay connected to the game that has been such a significant part of my life but also share my passion and insights with fans worldwide. I am grateful for this platform and the chance to continue making an impact in the football community.” – Ryan Shazier

In addition to hosting “The Ringer NFL Show,” Shazier is actively involved in other post-retirement projects, further demonstrating his commitment to contributing to the world of sports beyond his playing days. He continues to inspire and motivate others as he navigates this new chapter in his life.

Ryan Shazier’s Post-Retirement Ventures:

Host of “The Ringer NFL Show” for The Ringer
Engaging with fans and followers through various media platforms
Participating in speaking engagements and sharing his inspirational story
Exploring potential entrepreneurial opportunities

Through his post-retirement ventures, Ryan Shazier is leaving a lasting impact on the sports industry, showcasing his resilience, passion, and dedication to the game both on and off the field.

Stay tuned for the next section: Ryan Shazier’s Real Estate Ventures

Ryan Shazier’s Real Estate Ventures

Ryan Shazier, along with his wife Michelle Rodriguez, has also ventured into the realm of real estate investments. Their foray into the real estate market has been a strategic move to diversify their financial portfolio and maximize their wealth.

One notable real estate transaction involving the couple is the sale of their stunning home in Fox Chapel. Originally listed with an asking price of $2.95 million, the property eventually sold for $2.3 million. This successful sale showcases Shazier’s shrewdness in the real estate market and highlights his abilities as an astute investor.

Through these real estate ventures, Ryan Shazier has not only expanded his financial portfolio but also secured another stream of income. His ability to navigate the real estate market exemplifies his determination and business acumen, earning him further financial success and contributing to his overall net worth.

Ryan Shazier’s Inspiring Journey and Legacy

Ryan Shazier’s inspiring journey is a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience. His career-ending injury may have halted his time on the field, but it ignited a fire within him to defy the odds and overcome incredible challenges. Shazier’s unwavering spirit has left a lasting impact on the world of sports, inspiring athletes and fans alike.

Shazier’s legacy extends far beyond his football achievements. Through his journey, he has shown the strength of the human spirit and the power of perseverance. His remarkable progress in rehabilitation, including regaining the ability to walk, has inspired millions and become a symbol of hope.

With his unwavering determination, Shazier has become an advocate for spinal cord injury awareness and research. His courage in sharing his story has raised awareness and highlighted the need for continued support and advancements in medical treatment. Shazier’s impact on sports goes beyond the game itself, as he has become an inspiration for individuals facing adversity in all walks of life.


What is Ryan Shazier’s net worth?

As of 2023, Ryan Shazier has a net worth of $5 million.

How much did Ryan Shazier earn during his NFL career?

Ryan Shazier signed a four-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers worth $9.5 million, including a $5.2 million signing bonus.

What happened to Ryan Shazier’s career due to injury?

Ryan Shazier suffered a career-ending spinal cord injury in 2017 during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

How has Ryan Shazier’s rehabilitation been progressing?

Despite his career-ending injury, Ryan Shazier has made significant progress in his rehabilitation, including regaining the ability to walk.

Does Ryan Shazier have a family?

Yes, Ryan Shazier is married to Michelle Rodriguez and they have a son named Lyon Carter Shazier. He also has a son from a previous relationship named Ryan Jr.

Which NFL team did Ryan Shazier play for?

Ryan Shazier played for the Pittsburgh Steelers during his NFL career.

Did Ryan Shazier have any endorsement deals?

Yes, Ryan Shazier had endorsement deals with various brands, although the specific details are not publicly available.

How has Ryan Shazier achieved financial success?

Ryan Shazier has achieved financial success through his NFL earnings, endorsement deals, and wise investments.

What has Ryan Shazier been doing since retiring from the NFL?

Ryan Shazier has ventured into various endeavors, including hosting “The Ringer NFL Show” for The Ringer, a popular sports site.

Has Ryan Shazier been involved in real estate ventures?

Yes, Ryan Shazier and his wife have been involved in real estate ventures, including selling their home in Fox Chapel for $2.3 million.

What is Ryan Shazier’s inspiring journey and legacy?

Ryan Shazier’s journey, from his career-ending injury to his perseverance in rehabilitation, has inspired many and left a lasting impact on the sports world.

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