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Stephen Curry’s net worth has been a topic of interest for many basketball fans and enthusiasts. Known for his exceptional skills on the court, Curry has not only made a name for himself as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history but has also amassed a considerable fortune along the way.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Stephen Curry’s estimated net worth in 2023 is an impressive $160 million. This staggering figure is a testament to Curry’s success both on and off the basketball court.

As one of the most recognizable and well-respected players in the NBA, Curry has earned a significant amount of money throughout his career. His net worth is a result of not only his lucrative basketball earnings but also his endorsement deals, business ventures, and smart investments.

Key Takeaways:

Stephen Curry’s estimated net worth in 2023 is $160 million.
Curry has earned a substantial amount of money from his NBA salary and endorsements.
His brand partnerships and business ventures have contributed to his overall net worth.
Curry has secured endorsement deals with companies like Under Armour, Chase, and Nissan Motor.
His philanthropy, real estate investments, and future earnings potential further enhance his net worth.

Stephen Curry’s NBA Earnings

Stephen Curry’s success on the basketball court has not only brought him fame but also significant financial rewards. Over his 15 seasons in the NBA, Curry has amassed an impressive fortune through his basketball earnings.

Throughout his career, Curry has earned a total of $354,721,977 in salary. This substantial amount reflects his invaluable contributions to the sport and his exceptional skills on the court.

Notably, in 2021, Curry signed a lucrative contract extension that will further boost his earnings. The extension is set to bring his total career earnings to an astounding $470,090,010. This contract demonstrates the immense value that Curry brings to the game and solidifies his status as one of the highest-paid players in the NBA.

In the 2022-2023 season alone, Curry is expected to earn a staggering $48 million in salary, reaffirming his position as a top-earning athlete in the league.

Curry’s basketball earnings have played a pivotal role in his overall net worth, contributing significantly to his financial success and establishing him as one of the most prosperous players in NBA history.

Stephen Curry’s Endorsements

Stephen Curry’s on-court success has not only made him one of the most recognized athletes in the world but has also attracted a multitude of endorsement deals throughout his career. His marketability and influence have secured him partnerships with top brands, further elevating his stature in the sports industry.

One of Curry’s most prominent endorsement deals is with Under Armour, where he has been a brand ambassador since 2013. This collaboration has not only showcased his exceptional basketball skills but also solidified his position as a global icon. As the face of Under Armour, Curry has been instrumental in designing his own signature line of basketball shoes and apparel, which have gained immense popularity among fans and athletes alike.

Additionally, Curry has joined forces with several other esteemed companies, expanding his endorsement portfolio beyond the realm of sportswear. He has partnered with Chase, a leading financial institution, to promote their banking services and emphasize the importance of financial literacy.

Furthermore, Curry has collaborated with Nissan Motor, a renowned automobile manufacturer, to endorse their innovative electric vehicles, showcasing his commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

In the technology sector, Curry has partnered with Palm, a mobile technology company, to promote their state-of-the-art smartphones. This collaboration highlights Curry’s connection to modern technology and his relevance in the digital age.

Additionally, Curry has formed alliances with other notable companies, such as Rakuten and Infiniti, further expanding his endorsement portfolio. These partnerships have not only provided Curry with substantial financial gains but have also positioned him as a trusted ambassador and influencer in various industries.

Curry’s endorsement deals have played a pivotal role in enhancing his net worth and elevating his status as one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. They have allowed him to extend his brand beyond the basketball court and establish himself as a key figure in the realms of fashion, finance, automotive, technology, and more.

Ultimately, Curry’s ability to secure lucrative endorsement deals with renowned brands is a testament to his exceptional talent, marketability, and widespread appeal. These partnerships have further solidified his position as a global icon and continue to contribute significantly to his overall net worth.


Under Armour

Financial Services

Nissan Motor




Stephen Curry’s Business Ventures

Aside from being a successful athlete, Stephen Curry has also established himself as a savvy businessman. Through his various ventures, he has significantly contributed to the overall net worth of the Curry family.

One of Curry’s notable business endeavors is SC30, a company he founded to manage his investments and partnerships. This enterprise allows him to diversify his financial portfolio and explore lucrative opportunities beyond the basketball court.

Additionally, Curry established Unanimous Media, his own production company. Through this venture, he has ventured into the world of entertainment and content creation, expanding his brand and reaching wider audiences.

Curry’s business acumen is further evident in his strategic investments. He has backed Tonal, a pioneering smart home gym startup, which exemplifies his interest in innovative and disruptive technologies. Moreover, Curry has ventured into the spirits industry with his own line called Gentleman’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to explore new markets.

These business ventures reflect Curry’s ability to think beyond the confines of the basketball court and leverage his influence and expertise in shaping his financial success. By diversifying his investments, expanding into media production, and exploring new industries, Curry has solidified his position as a prominent businessman and enhanced the overall Curry family net worth.

Business Ventures
Contributions to Net Worth

Manages investments and partnerships

Unanimous Media
Production company for entertainment content

Investment in a smart home gym startup

Gentleman’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Entrepreneurial venture in the spirits industry

Stephen Curry’s Salary and Contract Extension

In 2022, Stephen Curry signed a lucrative four-year contract extension that solidifies his position as one of the highest-earning players in the NBA. This contract extension is worth over $215 million and includes a significant salary for the 2023 season. Curry’s salary for 2023 is set to surpass $48 million, further bolstering his impressive net worth.

The table below provides a breakdown of Curry’s salary and contract extension:







This contract extension not only ensures financial stability for Curry but also highlights his exceptional value as a player. With his impressive salary, Curry continues to solidify his position as one of the highest-paid athletes in professional sports.

Stephen Curry’s Brand Endorsements

Alongside his NBA salary, Stephen Curry has established a strong presence in the world of brand endorsements. His partnership with renowned brands has not only added to his net worth but also solidified his status as a successful athlete and businessman.

One of the most notable endorsements in Curry’s portfolio is his long-standing partnership with Under Armour. Since 2013, Curry has been a brand ambassador for the sportswear company, leveraging his popularity to promote their products and embody the brand’s values of performance and innovation.

In addition to Under Armour, Curry has collaborated with various other brands across different industries. He has teamed up with Chase, one of the leading financial institutions, to raise awareness about financial literacy and empower individuals to achieve their financial goals.

“Partnering with Chase allows me to inspire others to take control of their financial future. Money management is a crucial skill that can make a significant difference in people’s lives,” Curry shared.

Curry also joined forces with Nissan Motor, showcasing his love for technology and fuel-efficient vehicles. Through this endorsement, he aims to promote sustainable transportation and encourage others to embrace electric cars.

Furthermore, Curry’s endorsement with Palm, a mobile technology company, highlights his interest in innovation and staying connected in a fast-paced world. As an ambassador for Palm, he emphasizes the importance of balance and mindful smartphone usage.

Curry’s diverse brand endorsements extend beyond the realms of sportswear and technology. He has partnered with Infiniti, a luxury automotive brand, embodying their commitment to quality and performance. This collaboration showcases his appeal not only to sports enthusiasts but also to individuals seeking excellence in other aspects of their lives.

The combination of these brand endorsements not only adds to Curry’s overall net worth but also enhances his personal brand. As a highly respected and influential figure, Curry’s endorsement deals reflect his values and appeal to a wide range of audiences around the world.

A Snapshot of Stephen Curry’s Brand Endorsements


Under Armour

Financial Services

Nissan Motor

Mobile Technology

Luxury Automotive

Curry’s foray into the real estate market not only allows him to diversify his investment portfolio but also adds significant value to his overall net worth. With an eye for prime properties and strategic acquisitions, Curry leverages his wealth to secure notable real estate assets.

Stephen Curry’s Future Earnings Potential

Stephen Curry’s net worth is poised to continue growing in the future, thanks to his ongoing success on the basketball court and his thriving business ventures. As one of the most popular and influential athletes globally, Curry’s brand endorsements, contract extensions, and entrepreneurial spirit all contribute to his financial success. With his incredible talent and dedication, he has firmly established himself as a top-earning athlete and businessman, earning him an impressive net worth.

Curry’s brand endorsements have played a significant role in boosting his net worth. Partnerships with renowned companies such as Under Armour, Chase, Nissan Motor, and Palm have not only added monetary value but have also solidified Curry’s status as a globally recognized sports icon. These lucrative deals, combined with his exceptional on-court performance, continue to generate substantial income.

Furthermore, Curry’s entrepreneurial ventures have further bolstered his financial success. His ownership in companies like SC30 and Unanimous Media, as well as his investments in startups like Tonal and his foray into the world of bourbon with Gentleman’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, demonstrate his business acumen. These endeavors diversify his revenue streams and have the potential to yield significant returns in the future.

Given his extraordinary achievements and relentless pursuit of excellence, it is clear that Stephen Curry’s net worth will continue to rise. With his remarkable basketball career, valuable endorsement deals, and strategic business ventures, he has established a strong foundation for ongoing financial success. As he continues to captivate fans and shatter records, Curry’s net worth will undoubtedly reflect his unparalleled talent and limitless earning potential.


What is Stephen Curry’s net worth?

Stephen Curry’s estimated net worth in 2023 is $160 million.

How much has Stephen Curry earned from his NBA career?

Throughout his 15 seasons in the NBA, Curry has earned a total of $354,721,977 in salary.

What endorsement deals does Stephen Curry have?

Stephen Curry has endorsement deals with brands such as Under Armour, Chase, Nissan Motor, and Palm, among others.

What businesses has Stephen Curry ventured into?

Stephen Curry has founded companies such as SC30 and Unanimous Media, and has invested in companies like Tonal and Gentleman’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

What is Stephen Curry’s current salary and contract extension?

Stephen Curry signed a four-year contract extension in 2022 worth over $215 million, with a salary of over $48 million for the 2023 season.

Which brands does Stephen Curry endorse?

Stephen Curry endorses brands such as Under Armour, Chase, Nissan Motor, and Palm, among others.

What philanthropic work does Stephen Curry do?

Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha founded the Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and have made generous donations to various charities.

Does Stephen Curry have any real estate investments?

Yes, Stephen Curry has invested in a $31 million mansion located in Atherton, California.

What is Stephen Curry’s future earnings potential?

With his continued success on the basketball court and his diverse business ventures, Stephen Curry’s net worth is expected to grow in the future.

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