Tommy Hearns Net Worth – How Much is Hearns Worth?

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Thomas “Hitman” Hearns is an American former professional boxer with a net worth of $450 thousand. He was the first boxer in history to win world titles in five different weight divisions. Hearns achieved numerous accolades throughout his career, including being named Fighter of the Year by the Ring magazine in 1980 and 1984.

Key Takeaways:

Tommy Hearns has a net worth of $450 thousand.
He is the first boxer to win world titles in five different weight divisions.
Hearns was named Fighter of the Year in 1980 and 1984.

Early Life and Amateur Career

Tommy Hearns, born on October 18, 1958, in Grand Junction, Tennessee, had a fascinating journey that shaped his successful boxing career. At the age of five, Hearns and his family relocated to Detroit, Michigan, where he spent his childhood.

During his early years, Hearns displayed a natural talent and passion for boxing. His amateur career was nothing short of remarkable, with an impressive record of 155 wins and only 8 losses. His dedication and hard work led him to several championship victories, including the National Amateur Athletic Union Light Welterweight Championship and the National Golden Gloves Light Welterweight Championship in 1977.

Throughout his amateur career, Hearns honed his skills, developing the techniques and mindset that would serve him well in his professional boxing journey. His upbringing and childhood experiences undoubtedly shaped the champion he would become, and his early success laid the foundation for his future accomplishments.

The Winning Spirit

“My early life and amateur career taught me the value of hard work, discipline, and perseverance. These qualities became the driving force behind my success in the ring.”

Tommy Hearns’ boxing journey was just beginning, and his early accomplishments were a sign of the greatness that awaited him in the professional arena. His determination to overcome adversity and achieve greatness would make him a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

Professional Career, 1977-1989

Tommy Hearns embarked on his professional boxing journey in 1977, under the expert guidance of trainer Emanuel Steward. He wasted no time in establishing himself as one of the most formidable punchers in the history of the sport.

During his early years as a professional, Hearns remained undefeated, showcasing his exceptional skills and relentless dedication to the sport. His dynamic fighting style combined with his powerful punches quickly earned him a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world.

In 1980, Hearns achieved a major milestone in his career, capturing his first world title by defeating Pipino Cuevas. With this victory, he became the World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight champion, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey that would see him dominate multiple weight divisions.

Throughout his illustrious career, Tommy Hearns went on to claim several boxing titles in different weight classes. Among his notable achievements were winning the World Boxing Council (WBC) super welterweight title, the WBC light middleweight title, and the WBC middleweight title.

Boxing Titles
Weight Class

WBA Welterweight

WBC Super Welterweight
Super Welterweight

WBC Light Middleweight
Light Middleweight

WBC Middleweight

Hearns’ ability to dominate multiple weight divisions demonstrated his versatility and skill as a boxer. His relentless determination and unwavering work ethic were instrumental in his string of victories and successful championship runs.

While Hearns experienced losses throughout his career, it is undeniable that his overall record reflects an exceptional level of success. His wins and losses shaped his journey as a professional boxer, creating a legacy that continues to inspire and inspire future generations of fighters.

Professional Career, 1990-2006

Tommy Hearns continued to showcase his boxing prowess throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, engaging in thrilling matches with notable opponents such as Virgil Hill and Iran Barkley. These fights further solidified his standing as one of the sport’s legends.

However, it was in 2006 that Hearns had his final bout, facing Shannon Landberg. With his trademark tenacity and skill, Hearns emerged victorious with a TKO, ending his professional boxing career on a high note.

Post-Retirement Activities

Tommy Hearns remained deeply connected to the sport of boxing even after hanging up his gloves. He transitioned into the roles of coach and promoter, sharing his vast knowledge and experience with aspiring fighters and contributing to the growth of the sport he loved.

Despite his post-retirement involvement, Hearns faced financial challenges during this period. To satisfy a significant debt owed to the IRS, he was compelled to hold an auction, parting with treasured possessions.

“Boxing has given me so much, and I will always remain connected to the sport. I want to pass on my knowledge to the next generation, to help them reach their full potential in and out of the ring. Though I faced financial difficulties, I am grateful for the opportunities boxing has provided me,”

Despite facing these challenges, Tommy Hearns’ impact on boxing and his dedication to the sport’s future generations resonate to this day.


Virgil Hill
Win by UD
August 11, 1991

Iran Barkley
Loss by UD
June 6, 1992

Shannon Landberg
Win by TKO
March 25, 2006

Hearns vs. Leonard Earnings

In 1981, one of the most highly anticipated fights in boxing history took place between Tommy Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard. This legendary bout brought together two of the sport’s biggest names and became a landmark event in terms of both competition and earnings.

Despite suffering his first professional loss in the fight, Tommy Hearns, alongside Sugar Ray Leonard, earned an astounding combined purse of $17 million. This purse size set a new record in sports history, solidifying the event’s significance and impact on the boxing world.

As the highest-paying fight of Tommy Hearns’ career, the clash with Sugar Ray Leonard showcased the immense public interest and financial draw that these two incredible athletes commanded.

While the loss was a setback for Hearns, the financial rewards redefined boxing’s earning potential and highlighted the significance of marquee matchups in the sport. This fight served as a testament to both Hearns’ financial worth as a top-tier boxer and the public’s appetite for high-stakes boxing events.

Tommy Hearns vs. Sugar Ray Leonard Earnings
Total Earnings

Tommy Hearns
$8.5 million

Sugar Ray Leonard
$8.5 million

$17 million

This record-breaking purse demonstrated the immense popularity and commercial value of boxing’s elite fighters. It also solidified the legacy of the Hearns vs. Leonard bout as an iconic moment in sports history, forever etching these two talented boxers’ names in the annals of the sport.

Financial Problems

Hearns faced significant financial struggles throughout his life, ultimately leading him into debt and even an encounter with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In 2010, Hearns found himself in a dire financial situation, owing a substantial amount to the IRS.

In order to repay his debts, Hearns made the difficult decision to auction off some of his most prized possessions. Among the items sold were his beloved 1957 Chevy, three boats, a motorcycle, and various memorabilia. Despite his successes and achievements in the boxing ring, Hearns’ financial difficulties serve as a stark reminder of the importance of proper financial management for individuals who have experienced considerable career success.

Items Auctioned
Proceeds Generated

1957 Chevy

Three Boats



Personal Life

Tommy Hearns, the legendary boxer, has a fulfilling personal life as well. He is married to Renee Hearns and they reside in Southfield, Michigan. Together, they have a son named Ronald, who is following in his father’s footsteps and pursuing a career in boxing.

Beyond his family, Hearns is also known for his charitable activities and community involvement. He has served as a Reserve Police Officer for the Detroit Police, contributing to the safety and well-being of his community. His dedication to helping others extends beyond the boxing ring, making a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

Hearns’ legacy extends beyond his individual accomplishments. His influence on younger generations of boxers continues to shape the sport. Many aspiring fighters look up to Hearns as a role model and draw inspiration from his gritty performances and unyielding spirit.

“Tommy Hearns was a force to be reckoned with in the ring. His power, speed, and technical skill made him a true champion. He paved the way for future fighters and forever changed the landscape of boxing.”

As fans and boxing enthusiasts reflect on the history of the sport, Tommy Hearns remains an iconic figure. His legacy serves as a reminder of the resilience, dedication, and heart required to succeed in the world of boxing.

The Impact of Tommy Hearns


Won world titles in five different weight divisions
One of the greatest punchers in boxing history
Named Fighter of the Year by the Ring magazine in 1980 and 1984

Fought in legendary bouts, including the epic match against Sugar Ray Leonard
Earned record-breaking purses

Inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2012

Thomas Hearns’ Transition to Boxing Coach

After retiring from his illustrious professional boxing career, Thomas “Hitman” Hearns embarked on a new path as a boxing coach. This decision enabled him to share his wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience with aspiring fighters, leaving a lasting impact on the sport that brought him fame and success.

Throughout his own career, Hearns honed his skills under the guidance of legendary trainer Emanuel Steward, who played a pivotal role in his development as a world-class boxer. Now, Hearns has taken up the mantle of mentorship, passing on Steward’s teachings and his own extensive boxing wisdom to the next generation of fighters.

As a coach, Hearns embodies a strong sense of dedication, discipline, and passion for the sport. He instills these values into his mentees, not only teaching them the physical techniques and tactics necessary for success but also nurturing their mental resilience and fortitude.

“The true challenge lies not only in mastering the physical aspects of boxing but also in cultivating the determination, focus, and unwavering belief required to overcome any obstacle in the ring,” Hearns emphasizes. “I strive to impart these essential lessons to my students, empowering them to become not just skilled fighters but also individuals who possess the qualities of champions.”

Through his mentorship and coaching, Hearns cultivates a supportive and nurturing environment for his students, helping them develop their full potential both inside and outside the ring. He understands the importance of individualized training programs tailored to each boxer’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations.

Furthermore, Hearns actively promotes a sense of camaraderie among his mentees, encouraging them to learn from and inspire one another. He believes that a strong support system, built on mutual respect and collaboration, fosters the growth and success of all those involved.

With his extensive experience in the ring, Hearns offers invaluable insights into the intricacies of the sport, allowing his mentees to learn from his triumphs and setbacks. His coaching extends beyond technical skills, encompassing mental strategies, psychological preparedness, and the art of adapting to diverse opponents.

Through his transition to a boxing coach, Tommy Hearns continues to leave an indelible mark on the sport he loves. He actively contributes to the growth and development of upcoming fighters, aspiring to produce a new generation of champions who can carry on his legacy.

As Hearns imparts his knowledge and expertise to young fighters, he ensures that the legacy of his esteemed trainer and mentor, Emanuel Steward, lives on. Through the passing on of knowledge from one generation to the next, the legacy of great fighters continues to flourish, perpetuating the vibrancy and brilliance of the sport of boxing.


Despite facing financial challenges and a reduced net worth, Tommy Hearns has left an indelible mark on the boxing world. With his outstanding achievements as a multiple-time world champion across different weight divisions, Hearns has solidified his place among the sport’s legends.

Furthermore, Hearns’ transition from a celebrated boxer to a respected boxing coach demonstrates his enduring passion for the sport and his commitment to passing on his knowledge and experience to future generations of fighters. His coaching career allows him to continue contributing to the sport that brought him fame and success.

While financial setbacks may have impacted his net worth, Tommy Hearns’ legacy goes beyond monetary value. His accomplishments, dedication, and impact on the sport will always be remembered, making him an unforgettable figure in the world of boxing.


What is Tommy Hearns’ net worth?

Tommy Hearns’ net worth is $450 thousand.

How many world titles did Tommy Hearns win?

Tommy Hearns is the first boxer in history to win world titles in five different weight divisions.

What were some of Tommy Hearns’ notable accomplishments?

Tommy Hearns was named Fighter of the Year by the Ring magazine in 1980 and 1984.

Where was Tommy Hearns born and raised?

Tommy Hearns was born on October 18, 1958, in Grand Junction, Tennessee, and grew up in Detroit, Michigan.

Can you tell me about Tommy Hearns’ amateur career?

Tommy Hearns had a successful amateur career, with a record of 155-8 and notable championships, including the National Amateur Athletic Union Light Welterweight Championship and the National Golden Gloves Light Welterweight Championship in 1977.

When did Tommy Hearns turn professional?

Tommy Hearns turned professional in 1977 under the guidance of trainer Emanuel Steward.

What titles did Tommy Hearns win in his professional career?

Tommy Hearns won multiple titles in different weight divisions, including the WBA welterweight champion, WBC super welterweight title, WBC light middleweight title, and WBC middleweight title.

Who were some of Tommy Hearns’ notable opponents?

Tommy Hearns faced notable opponents such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Virgil Hill, and Iran Barkley.

How did Tommy Hearns’ boxing career end?

Tommy Hearns had his final fight in 2006 against Shannon Landberg, which he won via TKO.

Did Tommy Hearns face any financial challenges?

Yes, Tommy Hearns faced financial challenges, including a significant debt to the IRS, which led to the auction of some of his possessions.

How did Tommy Hearns contribute to the sport after his retirement?

After retiring from boxing, Tommy Hearns became a boxing coach, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring fighters.

What is Tommy Hearns’ legacy in boxing?

Tommy Hearns is recognized as one of the greatest fighters of his era and was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2012.

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