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Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, has amassed a considerable net worth over the years. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her current net worth is estimated to be $10 million. However, it’s important to note that this figure may have changed since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Rumors have circulated about Anne possibly inheriting a portion of her mother’s estate, which could have a significant impact on her wealth. There have been reports of tension among Anne and her siblings over King Charles not sharing their cut of the inheritance. As such, her true net worth may differ from the reported amount.

Key Takeaways:

Princess Anne has a net worth of $10 million, but this may have changed since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
There are reports of tension among Anne and her siblings over the distribution of their inheritance.

Princess Anne’s Total Net Worth

Princess Anne, the renowned British royal, has a net worth of $10 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. However, it is important to note that this figure may have changed since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, as Anne is believed to have inherited a portion of her mother’s estate. There have been rumors of tension among Anne and her siblings over King Charles’ alleged failure to distribute their share of the inheritance.

Aside from her net worth, Princess Anne possesses a notable collection of assets. One of her significant assets is her official London residence located in St. James’ Palace. This prestigious property adds to her financial status and reflects her esteemed position within the royal family.

Additionally, Anne owns a magnificent estate known as Gatcombe Park, situated in Gloucestershire. Spanning across 730 acres, this sprawling estate is estimated to be worth around $15 million. Gatcombe Park houses a charming manor house, stables, a polo field, and other homes used by Anne’s children. It serves as a testament to her esteemed financial status and affluent lifestyle.

To gain a visual depiction of Princess Anne’s net worth and assets, refer to the table below:


Official London Residence
St. James’ Palace

Gatcombe Park

As captured by the table and image above, Princess Anne’s net worth is not limited to monetary value alone. Her assets, including her luxurious London residence and expansive estate, are an integral part of her financial standing as a prominent member of the British royal family.

Princess Anne’s Estate – Gatcombe Park

Princess Anne is the proud owner of a magnificent property known as Gatcombe Park, located in Gloucestershire. This sprawling estate spans over 730 acres and was personally acquired for her by Queen Elizabeth II in 1976. Gatcombe Park is a true testament to Princess Anne’s refined taste and love for the countryside.

The centerpiece of Gatcombe Park is a stunning manor house that exudes elegance and charm. Surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful gardens, the manor offers a serene and picturesque setting for the princess and her family.

But Gatcombe Park is more than just a manor house. It also boasts various amenities that cater to Princess Anne’s passion for equestrian activities. The estate features state-of-the-art stables where her beloved horses are kept, as well as a polo field where she practices her equestrian skills.

In addition to the main house and equestrian facilities, Gatcombe Park includes other homes that are used by Princess Anne’s children, providing a sense of family unity and a place to call their own within the estate.

The current estimated value of Gatcombe Park stands at around $15 million, making it a truly valuable asset in Princess Anne’s real estate portfolio.

Gatcombe Park Overview:

Property Features


730 acres

Main House
Exquisite manor house

State-of-the-art equestrian facilities

Polo Field
Dedicated space for polo practice

Additional Homes
Houses for Princess Anne’s children

Estimated Value
$15 million

Princess Anne as a “Working Royal”

Princess Anne is an integral part of the British royal family and is considered a “working royal”. She has a full-time job attending various royal engagements on behalf of the monarchy.

In her role as a working royal, Princess Anne represents the royal family at official events, ceremonies, and engagements both domestically and internationally. She has a busy schedule, which includes attending charity functions, opening ceremonies, and supporting various causes.

As a working royal, Princess Anne’s expenses are covered by the Sovereign Grant. The Sovereign Grant is the funding provided by the UK government to support the official duties of the royal family. It is sourced from taxpayer money and is used to cover travel expenses, security, staff salaries, and other related costs.

Princess Anne’s royal engagements are an essential part of her role as a member of the royal family. They allow her to connect with the public, promote charitable organizations, and represent the monarchy both at home and abroad.

Princess Anne’s Royal Engagements

Princess Anne takes her royal engagements seriously and participates in a wide range of activities. Some of her notable royal engagements include:

Attending state banquets and diplomatic receptions
Opening exhibitions and events
Presenting awards and honors
Visiting schools, hospitals, and charitable organizations
Representing the royal family at international events and ceremonies

Through her royal engagements, Princess Anne plays an essential role in maintaining the public image and visibility of the British monarchy. She brings attention to important causes, supports charitable organizations, and fosters goodwill both at home and abroad.

Sovereign Grant and Expenses

The Sovereign Grant is responsible for funding various expenses related to the royal family’s official duties, including those of Princess Anne. While the exact breakdown of her expenses may not be publicly available, it is understood that the funding covers her travel expenses, security costs, and other necessary expenditures.

Below is a breakdown of the Sovereign Grant for the years 2019-2020, which provides an overview of the financial support allocated to the monarchy:

Expense Category

Royals’ official travel expenses
$5.1 million

Reservicing of Buckingham Palace
$9.4 million

Royals’ official duties
$54.6 million

Royals’ household staff salaries
$24.6 million

These figures give an indication of the overall budget allocated for the monarchy. Although Princess Anne’s specific expenses are not detailed, her activities and contributions are reflected within the broader expenditure of the royal family.

Princess Anne’s role as a working royal has allowed her to make a significant impact on various causes and organizations throughout her life. Her work has garnered respect and admiration from the public and has contributed to maintaining the relevance and influence of the British monarchy.

Princess Anne’s Jewelry Collection

Princess Anne possesses a magnificent and invaluable jewelry collection that showcases her regal elegance. Adorned with tiaras, diamond necklaces, and stunning pearls, her collection is a testament to her exquisite taste and refined style.

One of the remarkable pieces in Princess Anne’s collection is a three-strand pearl necklace worth £1 million. This stunning necklace, adorned with lustrous pearls, adds an ethereal touch to any ensemble.

In addition to her personal collection, Princess Anne inherited jewelry from her late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, which further enhances the value and significance of her collection.

Overall, the estimated worth of Princess Anne’s jewelry collection is an impressive $7 million, making it a truly exceptional and cherished asset.

Jewelry Item

Exquisite headpieces adorned with precious gemstones, fit for a royal.

Pearl Necklace
A three-strand necklace featuring lustrous pearls, valued at £1 million.

Diamond Necklace
A stunning necklace adorned with dazzling diamonds, radiating elegance and sophistication.

Princess Anne’s Early Life and Education

Princess Anne, born as Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, is the second child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. She was born in London in 1950 and had a privileged upbringing. Anne attended Benenden School in Kent and completed her education with A-Levels and GCE O-Levels.

Princess Anne’s Upbringing

Coming from the royal family, Princess Anne had a unique upbringing filled with regal traditions and responsibilities. Growing up in the limelight, she was exposed to the grandeur and expectations associated with her position. Anne’s parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, provided her with a nurturing and supportive environment, ensuring she received the best opportunities available.

Princess Anne’s Education

Princess Anne’s education played a crucial role in shaping her character and preparing her for her future role as a member of the royal family. She attended Benenden School, an exclusive all-girls boarding school in Kent known for its rigorous academic curriculum. Anne excelled in her studies, achieving A-Levels and GCE O-Levels.

“Education is the key to personal growth and societal progress. I am grateful for the education I received, which has been instrumental in shaping my life and enabling me to contribute meaningfully to society.”

Princess Anne’s commitment to education reflects her understanding of its importance and her dedication to lifelong learning. Her academic achievements have laid a strong foundation for her subsequent endeavors.


Full Name
Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise

Date of Birth
August 15, 1950

Place of Birth
London, England

Privileged upbringing with exposure to regal traditions and responsibilities

Benenden School in Kent, A-Levels, and GCE O-Levels

Princess Anne’s Equestrian Career

Princess Anne pursued a successful equestrian career in the 1970s, showcasing her talent and passion for horse riding. Her dedication to the sport led her to participate in various prestigious events, including the Rushall Horse Trials, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience.

Princess Anne’s remarkable accomplishments in equestrian competitions include winning the gold medal in the individual event at the European Eventing Championship. Her exceptional riding abilities and deep connection with her horses allowed her to excel in the demanding discipline of eventing.

Furthermore, Princess Anne made history as the first British royal to compete in the Olympics as part of the British eventing team. Representing her country on the global stage, she demonstrated unparalleled determination and contributed to the success of the team.

“Competing in the Olympics was a tremendous honor and a memorable experience. It allowed me to combine my love for horses with representing my country and pushing myself to achieve my personal best,” Princess Anne once shared.

After her competitive career, Princess Anne continued her involvement in equestrianism by serving as the president of the Fédération Equestre Internationale from 1986 to 1994. Her role in the governance of international equestrian sport signifies her ongoing commitment to the equestrian community and further highlights her standing as a respected figure in the industry.

Princess Anne’s Dedication to Equestrianism

Princess Anne’s passion for horse riding extends beyond her personal achievements. She has been actively involved in promoting the sport and supporting its development. Through her various roles in equestrian organizations, she has worked tirelessly to ensure the growth and success of equestrianism at both national and international levels.

The dedication Princess Anne has shown to equestrianism throughout her life reflects her genuine love for horses and the sport. Despite her royal responsibilities and commitments, she has always made time to nurture her equestrian pursuits, leaving a lasting impact on the equestrian community.

Princess Anne’s Royal Activities

Princess Anne, as a devoted member of the royal family, has actively engaged in a wide range of royal duties and responsibilities on behalf of her mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Anne’s dedication and commitment to public service are evident in her involvement with over 300 charitable organizations, where she serves as a patron.

Her patronage reflects her diverse interests and focuses on vital areas such as science, education, health, sport, and disability. By supporting these organizations, Princess Anne plays a crucial role in advocating for important causes and making a positive impact on society.

One notable partnership in Princess Anne’s philanthropic journey was her long-standing presidency with Save the Children, a global humanitarian organization. From 1970 to 2017, she served as the president, using her influential position to further their mission of improving the lives of children worldwide.

Princess Anne’s commitment to charitable work extends beyond her patronage. She has made numerous official visits to various countries, promoting diplomacy, cultural exchange, and collaboration. Her efforts have garnered international recognition, with Princess Anne even receiving a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Area of Interest
Charitable Organizations


Royal Society
Science Museum
World Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine


University of London
University of Edinburgh
University of Aberdeen
Royal Holloway, University of London


British Medical Association
Grammy’s House
National Osteoporosis Society
Children’s Health Scotland


Institute of Sport, Exercise & Health
Tennis Foundation
Royal Yachting Association
Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews


Leonard Cheshire Disability
Riding for the Disabled Association
Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Princess Anne’s unwavering dedication to philanthropy and her extensive engagement with charitable organizations showcases her heartfelt commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. Through her humanitarian efforts, she embodies the true spirit of service and continues to inspire those around her.

Princess Anne’s Attempted Kidnapping

In 1974, Princess Anne experienced a terrifying security incident when she became the target of an attempted kidnapping. The incident occurred when a man named Ian Ball attempted to seize Anne and her party at gunpoint.

The attempted kidnapping took place on the evening of March 20, 1974, as Princess Anne and her then-husband, Captain Mark Phillips, were returning to Buckingham Palace after attending a charity event. As their car slowed down on The Mall in London, a white Ford Escort blocked their path, and Ian Ball, armed with a handgun, approached the vehicle.

Ball demanded that the princess exit the car. Faced with the imminent danger, Princess Anne showed incredible bravery and refused to comply. In a display of determination and quick thinking, she reportedly replied, “Not bloody likely!”

Despite the princess’ defiance, Ball proceeded to shoot Anne’s bodyguard and chauffeur. However, the situation took a turn when a passerby named Ron Russell intervened and confronted Ball. Russell, initially unaware of the royal status of those involved, did not hesitate to assist. He managed to disarm Ball and, along with the assistance of other bystanders, successfully apprehended him.

The failed kidnapping attempt resulted in several injuries, but Princess Anne and the rest of her party were able to escape further harm. The incident shed light on the importance of royal security and prompted an evaluation and reinforcement of safety measures.

“Not bloody likely!”

The perpetrator, Ian Ball, was later convicted of attempted murder and kidnapping and was committed to a psychiatric hospital indefinitely. The incident had a lasting impact on Princess Anne and fueled discussions about the safety of the royal family.

This harrowing event showcased Princess Anne’s resilience and fearlessness, exemplifying her unwavering dedication to her role as a member of the British royal family.


Princess Anne’s attempted kidnapping by Ian Ball

Princess Anne’s Public Image

Princess Anne has established a strong public image as a dedicated and hard-working member of the royal family. Her unwavering commitment to philanthropy and charitable work has earned her widespread respect and admiration. Anne’s genuine passion for making a positive impact on society has not only endeared her to the public but has also solidified her reputation as a compassionate and caring individual.

One aspect of Princess Anne’s public image that is frequently discussed is her impeccable fashion sense. Known for her timeless style and elegant demeanor, she has become a fashion icon in her own right. Princess Anne often showcases her individualism by recycling garments and showcasing a sustainable approach to fashion. Her ability to effortlessly blend sophistication and purpose has made her a role model for many.

“Princess Anne’s dedication to her royal duties and her tireless efforts in charitable endeavors have elevated her public image. Her commitment to fashion sustainability has also made her a trendsetter and an inspiration to many.” – Fashion Magazine

Princess Anne’s influence and public image extend beyond her royal engagements. She has graced the cover of British Vogue, further solidifying her status as a style icon. With her graceful demeanor and distinctive fashion choices, she continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Quotes about Princess Anne’s Public Image

“Princess Anne’s fashion choices are a testament to her unique personality and unwavering commitment to sustainability.” – Fashion Insider

“Princess Anne’s public image reflects her unwavering dedication to her duties and her authenticity as a compassionate and caring individual.” – Royal Gazette

Princess Anne’s Marriages

Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, has experienced two marriages in her life. Her first marriage was to equestrian and royal lieutenant Mark Phillips, with whom she shares two children. However, their union ultimately ended in divorce in 1992.

Following her divorce, Princess Anne found love once again. In the same year, she married Royal Navy commander Timothy Laurence, making history as the first royal divorcée to remarry since 1905. The royal wedding of Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence marked a joyful occasion and a new chapter in Anne’s personal life.

Princess Anne’s marriages have been a significant part of her journey, garnering attention from the public and media alike. Despite the challenges that came with her first marriage, Anne persevered and found happiness in her second marriage. Through it all, she has remained a beloved member of the royal family, known for her dedication to her duties and commitment to various charitable causes.


How much is Princess Anne’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Princess Anne has a net worth of $10 million. However, this number may have changed since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II as Anne is rumored to have inherited a portion of her estate.

What assets does Princess Anne have?

Princess Anne owns various assets, including her official London residence in St. James’ Palace and a 730-acre estate called Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire, which is worth around $15 million.

How is Princess Anne’s role as a working royal funded?

As a working royal, many of Princess Anne’s expenses, including her travel expenses and other related costs, are covered by the Sovereign Grant, which is taxpayer money used to fund the official duties of the royal family.

What is the value of Princess Anne’s jewelry collection?

Princess Anne has a priceless jewelry collection, estimated to be around $7 million. This collection includes items such as tiaras, diamond necklaces, and a three-strand pearl necklace worth £1 million.

What was Princess Anne’s early life and education like?

Princess Anne, born as Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, had a privileged upbringing. She was born in London in 1950 and attended Benenden School in Kent, completing her education with A-Levels and GCE O-Levels.

What was Princess Anne’s equestrian career like?

Princess Anne had a successful equestrian career in the 1970s. She competed in events such as the Rushall Horse Trials and won gold in the individual event at the European Eventing Championship. Anne was the first British royal to compete in the Olympics as part of the British eventing team.

What royal activities has Princess Anne been involved in?

Princess Anne has been actively involved in royal activities and has undertaken various duties on behalf of her mother, Queen Elizabeth II. She has been the patron of over 300 organizations, focusing on areas such as science, education, health, sport, and disability.

What happened during Princess Anne’s attempted kidnapping?

In 1974, Princess Anne was the victim of an attempted kidnapping by a man named Ian Ball. She and her party were held at gunpoint, but Anne was able to escape with the help of a passerby. Ball was apprehended and convicted of attempted murder and kidnapping.

How is Princess Anne viewed by the public?

Princess Anne is known for her reliable and hard-working nature. She is well-liked by the public and respected for her commitment to philanthropy. Anne is also recognized for her timeless fashion sense and her frequent recycling of garments.

How many times has Princess Anne been married?

Princess Anne has been married twice. Her first marriage was to equestrian and royal lieutenant Mark Phillips, with whom she has two children. They divorced in 1992. Anne then married Royal Navy commander Timothy Laurence in the same year, becoming the first royal divorcée to remarry since 1905.

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