Jimmy Donaldson Net Worth – How Much is Jimmy Donaldson Worth?

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Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has become a household name in the world of YouTube and online entrepreneurship. With his unique content, business ventures, and philanthropy, Jimmy Donaldson has amassed an impressive net worth.

According to Forbes, Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $500 million. This incredible wealth is a result of his highly successful YouTube career, as well as his various business ventures and charitable activities.

Key Takeaways

Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, has a net worth of $500 million.
His wealth comes from his YouTube career, business ventures, and philanthropic activities.
MrBeast’s success is due to his unique content style and high production value.
He is the most-subscribed individual on YouTube, with over 210 million subscribers.
MrBeast has ventured into businesses like MrBeast Burger and Feastables.

Early Life and YouTube Beginnings

Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, was born on May 7, 1998, in Greenville, North Carolina. From a young age, Jimmy showed a knack for creating entertaining content and had a passion for video games and the online world. His journey on YouTube began with the creation of his channel under the username “MrBeast6000.”

Starting with humble origins, Jimmy’s early content consisted of video game commentaries and his unique take on estimating the wealth of other YouTubers. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that he experienced his breakthrough moment. His video titled “counting to 100,000” gained viral success, capturing the attention of millions of viewers. This marked a turning point in his YouTube career, propelling him to new heights of fame and recognition.

Since then, Jimmy’s channel has seen exponential growth, with most of his videos amassing tens of millions of views. His unique blend of humor, creativity, and generosity has captivated audiences around the world. Jimmy’s genuine enthusiasm, combined with his commitment to delivering exciting and engaging content, has solidified his position as one of the most successful content creators on the platform.

Throughout his journey, Jimmy has utilized his platform to connect with his audience on a personal level, fostering a sense of community and genuine engagement. He has built a loyal fanbase who eagerly anticipate his new videos and eagerly participate in the challenges and giveaways he organizes.

MrBeast’s Success

MrBeast’s success can be attributed to his unique style of content, which features elaborate challenges, large giveaways, and high-production value. As of 2023, he has over 210 million subscribers on his main channel, making him the most-subscribed individual on the platform. He has also gained recognition as one of the highest-paid YouTubers, earning an estimated $54 million in 2021.

This unprecedented level of success is a result of MrBeast’s ability to captivate audiences with his impressive stunts and philanthropic endeavors. His videos often involve extravagant challenges, such as staying underwater for 24 hours or attempting to count to a million. These attention-grabbing feats, coupled with his genuine and relatable personality, have allowed him to amass a dedicated fan base and gain substantial momentum in the YouTube community.

MrBeast’s commitment to giving back has also contributed to his success. From donating thousands of dollars to strangers to organizing massive charity events, he has consistently used his platform to make a positive impact. His generosity has resonated with viewers and brought attention to important causes, solidifying his reputation as a compassionate and socially conscious creator.

This combination of entertaining content, philanthropy, and genuine authenticity has propelled MrBeast to the forefront of YouTube stardom. His success shows no sign of slowing down, as he continues to push boundaries and inspire others with his unique approach to content creation.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we delve into MrBeast’s successful business ventures and explore how he has expanded his empire beyond YouTube.

Business Ventures

In addition to his successful YouTube career, MrBeast has embarked on various business ventures that have contributed to his overall net worth. Two notable ventures include MrBeast Burger and Feastables.

MrBeast Burger

MrBeast Burger is a virtual dining concept founded by MrBeast that has quickly expanded to physical locations. This innovative and unique burger joint combines the convenience of online ordering with the satisfaction of a delicious meal. Customers can enjoy a wide selection of mouth-watering burgers, sides, and desserts, all crafted with the signature MrBeast flair. From juicy beef patties to crispy chicken sandwiches, every bite is a flavor-packed experience.


Feastables, another brainchild of MrBeast, is a food company that offers a range of delectable products. From the fan-favorite MrBeast Bars to the mouthwatering Karl Gummies, Feastables is dedicated to satisfying cravings and bringing joy to fans around the world. Each product is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality and a taste that will leave you wanting more. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat or a savory snack, Feastables has something to satisfy every craving.

Business Venture

MrBeast Burger
A virtual dining concept that has expanded to physical locations, offering a variety of delicious burgers, sides, and desserts.

A food company that provides a range of tasty products, including MrBeast Bars and Karl Gummies, catering to the preferences of its fanbase.


MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is widely recognized for his philanthropic efforts, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Through his platform and personal contributions, he has initiated and supported various charitable endeavors.

#TeamTrees Initiative

One of MrBeast’s most notable philanthropic achievements is the co-launch of the #TeamTrees initiative with fellow YouTuber Mark Rober. This groundbreaking campaign aimed to combat deforestation and raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

The #TeamTrees initiative successfully raised over $23 million in charitable donations, enabling the planting of an impressive 20 million trees worldwide. This significant feat showcases MrBeast’s passion for environmental sustainability and his ability to rally his audience for a greater cause.

Generous Contributions and Life-Changing Moments

MrBeast’s philanthropy extends beyond environmental causes. Through his YouTube videos, he has showcased his dedication to changing lives through financial generosity.

With his charismatic personality and overwhelming kindness, MrBeast has given away substantial sums of money to strangers, friends, and those in need, creating impactful, life-changing moments on camera. His donations have alleviated financial burdens, provided opportunities for personal growth, and inspired his viewers to engage in acts of kindness in their communities.

Support for Various Charitable Organizations

In addition to his personal acts of giving, MrBeast has also made substantial donations to various charitable organizations, supporting causes such as homelessness, veterans’ welfare, and animal shelters.

By contributing to these organizations, MrBeast underscores his commitment to addressing critical societal issues and lending a helping hand to those most in need.

Philanthropic Initiatives
Amount Raised/Donated

#TeamTrees Initiative
$23 million
Planted 20 million trees worldwide

Generous Donations
Provided financial relief and changed lives

Donations to Charitable Organizations
Supported causes like homelessness, veterans’ welfare, and animal shelters

Monthly Earnings

MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is not only a YouTube sensation but also a highly successful entrepreneur. His monthly earnings are a reflection of his immense popularity and business acumen.

It is estimated that Jimmy Donaldson earns a staggering amount of at least $3 million per month from YouTube ads alone. This substantial income is a testament to the millions of viewers who eagerly await his engaging and innovative content.

However, MrBeast’s income doesn’t solely come from YouTube ads. He also generates substantial revenue through sponsorships with renowned brands such as Microsoft and Electronic Arts. These partnerships allow him to capitalize on his immense influence, reaching wider audiences, and further fueling his financial success.

Additionally, Jimmy Donaldson has tapped into the world of merchandising, offering his dedicated fanbase a range of products from his online store. The sales of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and other branded items, contribute significantly to his monthly earnings.

It is important to note that Jimmy Donaldson’s monthly earnings can fluctuate based on several factors, including ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. However, his consistent ability to engage and captivate his audience ensures a lucrative income stream that continues to grow.

The Power of MrBeast’s Earnings

“Jimmy Donaldson’s monthly earnings exemplify the immense financial potential available to content creators in the digital age. His ability to generate millions of dollars each month through various revenue streams is a testament to his exceptional talent and business acumen.”

In an industry where success is often measured by views, likes, and subscribes, MrBeast stands out as a prime example of turning YouTube fame into a lucrative career. His impressive wealth accumulation is a result of not only his entertaining videos but also his shrewd entrepreneurial ventures and dedication to providing quality content.

As MrBeast continues to create captivating videos, expand his business empire, and explore new opportunities, his monthly earnings are likely to soar even higher, cementing his status as one of the most influential and financially successful YouTubers of all time.

MrBeast Burger

MrBeast Burger is one of MrBeast’s successful business ventures. Launched in 2021, it initially partnered with existing restaurants to deliver burgers. Despite some challenges, including quality control issues, the brand has expanded and even opened physical locations, attracting customers with its unique offerings.

Burger Menu


The Beast Burger
A mouthwatering combination of Angus beef, house sauce, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions, served on a brioche bun.

Chris Burger
A tribute to MrBeast’s friend, Chris, this burger features a juicy Angus beef patty topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and barbecue sauce.

Beast Style Fries
Crispy french fries smothered in cheese, bacon bits, and MrBeast’s secret sauce, making for an irresistible side dish.

Beast Shake
A thick and creamy milkshake made with your choice of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

If you’re craving a delicious burger with a side of philanthropy, MrBeast Burger is the perfect choice. Not only do you get to enjoy mouthwatering flavors, but your purchase also supports MrBeast’s philanthropic endeavors, as a portion of the proceeds goes towards various charitable causes. So, why not satisfy your hunger while making a positive impact?


Feastables is a thriving business venture of MrBeast, offering a delectable assortment of food products that cater to the discerning tastes of his fanbase. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation has made it a favorite among food enthusiasts and fans alike.

MrBeast Bars

One of the highlights from the Feastables lineup is the highly sought-after MrBeast Bars. These delicious and indulgent treats are the perfect combination of flavor and texture, satisfying even the most voracious sweet tooth. With a range of tempting flavors to choose from, MrBeast Bars are a delightful addition to any snack time or dessert craving.

Karl Gummies

In addition to the iconic MrBeast Bars, Feastables also offers Karl Gummies, a mouthwatering sensation that combines tantalizing fruit flavors with a chewy and satisfying texture. From tangy citrus to juicy berries, Karl Gummies offer a burst of fruity goodness in every bite. These gummies are a delightful snack for all ages, adding a playful twist to any snacking occasion.

Feastables is constantly expanding its product offerings to excite and surprise its loyal customers. From limited edition flavors to unique collaborations, there is always something new and exciting to discover from this innovative brand.

Indulge in the delicious world of Feastables, where MrBeast Bars and Karl Gummies await to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re a fan of MrBeast or simply looking for delectable treats, Feastables is sure to make your taste buds sing.

Accolades and Achievements

MrBeast has been recognized and awarded for his outstanding contributions to the YouTube community and his philanthropic endeavors. His dedication to creating impactful and inspiring content has garnered him several prestigious awards, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the digital landscape.

“MrBeast’s videos have not only captivated millions of viewers worldwide but have also served as a catalyst for positive change. With his unique brand of entertainment and compassion for others, he has redefined what it means to be a content creator.”

At events such as the Streamy Awards and Kids’ Choice Awards, MrBeast has been honored with accolades that highlight his exceptional achievements. Some of his notable awards include:


Creator of the Year
2020, 2021

Social Good: Creator

Brand Engagement

Inspiring Millions

MrBeast’s captivating videos have amassed millions of views, resonating with people of all ages and backgrounds. His unique blend of entertainment and philanthropy has touched the lives of countless individuals, inspiring acts of kindness and spreading positivity throughout the world. By leveraging his platform and resources, MrBeast has showcased the incredible impact that a single person can have on society.

Through his dedication and unwavering commitment to making a difference, MrBeast has become a role model for aspiring content creators and philanthropists alike. His achievements serve as a testament to the power of using one’s influence for positive change, and his journey continues to motivate others to pursue their passions and contribute to the greater good.

Continuing to Inspire

As MrBeast continues his remarkable journey, it is evident that his impact extends far beyond the digital realm. Through his innovative content and charitable initiatives, he has not only entertained millions but has also sparked a global movement of kindness and generosity. MrBeast’s achievements and awards are a testament to his extraordinary contributions to society, and his future endeavors are eagerly anticipated by his dedicated fanbase.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, has been open about his battle with Crohn’s disease, which he was diagnosed with in the ninth grade. Despite facing this health challenge, he has continued to inspire millions with his determined spirit and philanthropic endeavors.

Jimmy is also in a loving relationship with Maddy Spidell, whom he met through Twitter in 2019. Their bond has blossomed over the years, and they frequently share heartwarming moments together. Their relationship has been featured in Jimmy’s videos, giving fans a glimpse into their love story.

Jimmy’s personal life showcases his resilience in the face of adversity, and his relationship with Maddy is a testament to the joy and support that they bring to each other’s lives.

“In life, it’s important to find someone who not only supports your dreams but also pushes you to become the best version of yourself. Maddy is that person for me. I’m incredibly grateful to have her by my side.” – Jimmy Donaldson

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Early Life and YouTube Beginnings

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MrBeast’s Success

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Business Ventures

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MrBeast Burger

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Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, has achieved extraordinary success in his YouTube career, business ventures, and philanthropic endeavors. With an estimated net worth of $500 million, he has established himself as one of the most influential individuals on the platform and beyond.

MrBeast’s success can be attributed to his innovative content that captivates millions of viewers worldwide. His unique style, featuring elaborate challenges, generous giveaways, and high-quality production, has garnered him a loyal fanbase of over 210 million subscribers. This exceptional subscriber count makes him the most-subscribed individual on YouTube.

Not only has MrBeast achieved success in the digital space, but he has also ventured into various business ventures. His MrBeast Burger, a virtual dining concept that expanded to physical locations, has gained popularity among food enthusiasts. Additionally, Feastables, his food company offering products like MrBeast Bars and Karl Gummies, showcases his entrepreneurial skills.

While MrBeast’s net worth is undoubtedly impressive, his impact goes beyond his financial achievements. He has demonstrated immense generosity through his philanthropic activities, making a substantial positive difference in the world. From co-launching the #TeamTrees initiative, which raised millions of dollars to plant trees, to making significant donations and changing the lives of individuals in need, MrBeast’s philanthropy sets an inspiring example.


What is Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth?

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has an estimated net worth of $500 million.

How did Jimmy Donaldson start his YouTube career?

Jimmy Donaldson started his YouTube career by posting videos under the username “MrBeast6000,” focusing on video game commentaries and estimating the wealth of other YouTubers.

How many subscribers does MrBeast have?

As of 2023, MrBeast has over 210 million subscribers on his main channel, making him the most-subscribed individual on YouTube.

What are MrBeast’s business ventures?

MrBeast is the founder of MrBeast Burger, a virtual dining concept that has expanded to physical locations. He has also launched Feastables, a food company offering products like MrBeast Bars and Karl Gummies.

What philanthropic efforts has MrBeast been involved in?

MrBeast co-launched the #TeamTrees initiative, raising over $23 million to plant 20 million trees. He has also given away large amounts of money to strangers, friends, and those in need through his videos and has donated to various charitable organizations.

How much does Jimmy Donaldson earn?

It is estimated that Jimmy Donaldson earns at least $3 million per month from YouTube ads alone, in addition to income from sponsorships and merchandise sales.

What is MrBeast Burger?

MrBeast Burger is a virtual dining concept started by MrBeast. It initially partnered with existing restaurants to deliver burgers and has since expanded to open physical locations.

What is Feastables?

Feastables is a food company launched by MrBeast, offering a range of products including MrBeast Bars and Karl Gummies.

Has MrBeast received any awards or achievements?

Yes, MrBeast has won several awards, including Creator of the Year, Social Good: Creator, and Brand Engagement at events like the Streamy Awards and Kids’ Choice Awards.

What is Jimmy Donaldson’s personal life like?

Jimmy Donaldson has been open about his battle with Crohn’s disease, and he is in a relationship with Maddy Spidell, whom he met on Twitter in 2019.

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