Cherelle Griner Net Worth – How Much is Cherelle Griner Worth?

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Cherelle Griner, math teacher and spouse of WNBA player Brittney Griner, has an impressive net worth of $3.5 million as of May 2023. This figure encompasses her various sources of income and assets, showcasing her financial success and stability.

Key Takeaways:

Cherelle Griner’s net worth is estimated at $3.5 million.
Her wealth includes her marriage to WNBA player Brittney Griner.
Cherelle is a dedicated math teacher, earning around $63,000 per year.
Her financial status signifies her financial stability and success.
Cherelle Griner’s worth extends beyond her net worth, as she is an advocate and influential figure in her community.

Early Life and Education of Cherelle Griner

Cherelle Griner, born on July 1, 1992, in Little Rock, Arkansas, had a humble upbringing in her hometown. She was raised in Little Rock and attended a local private school, where she completed her high school education in 2010. Cherelle’s background instilled in her a strong sense of determination and resilience that would shape her future endeavors.

Pursuing her passion for education and human development, Cherelle enrolled at Baylor University. There, she dedicated herself to her studies and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science, majoring in family and child studies. During her time at Baylor, Cherelle’s upbringing influenced her perspective and fueled her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Continuing her educational journey, Cherelle went on to pursue a law degree at North Carolina Central University School of Law. With her unwavering dedication and commitment, she completed her legal studies and graduated in May 2022. Cherelle’s educational background has equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in her chosen path.

Cherelle Griner’s early life and educational experiences have played a significant role in shaping her perspective and guiding her professional pursuits. Her upbringing and diverse educational background have laid a strong foundation for her future endeavors.

Career of Cherelle Griner

Cherelle Griner has built a successful career centered around education and advocacy. She is currently employed as a professional math teacher at Uplift Education in Phoenix, Arizona. Cherelle’s dedication to teaching extends beyond the classroom as she actively engages with her students to ensure their academic success.

In addition to her teaching job, Cherelle has also established herself as a prominent social media influencer. Through her online platforms, she leverages her voice to raise awareness about various causes that are close to her heart. Cherelle’s ability to connect with people online has allowed her to amplify important messages and inspire positive change.

As a teacher and a social media influencer, Cherelle Griner utilizes her unique skillset to make a difference in the lives of others. Her commitment to education and advocacy serves as a testament to her passion and drive.

Cherelle Griner making an impact through her career and social media influence.

Relationship with Brittney Griner

Cherelle Griner’s connection with Brittney Griner began during their time at Baylor University. However, their romantic journey didn’t commence until later on. The couple got engaged in August 2018 and exchanged vows in June 2019, sealing their commitment to one another. Throughout Brittney’s flourishing career, Cherelle has remained a constant pillar of support, attending her games and cheering her on. Additionally, when Brittney faced a challenging situation, Cherelle played a crucial role in advocating for her release during her detainment in Russia.

Cherelle Griner met Brittney Griner during their time at Baylor University, but they didn’t start dating until later on. They got engaged in August 2018 and tied the knot in June 2019. Cherelle has been a supportive partner to Brittney throughout her career, attending her games and advocating for her release when she was detained in Russia.

Advocacy for Brittney Griner’s Release

When Brittney Griner was detained in Russia, Cherelle Griner became a vocal advocate for her release. She used social media platforms to raise awareness, appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the incident, and even wrote an open letter to President Joe Biden. Cherelle’s efforts, along with support from high-profile celebrities and negotiations between the U.S. and Russia, ultimately led to Brittney’s release.

Cherelle Griner’s Activism

Cherelle Griner’s activism shines through her passionate efforts to secure her wife’s freedom. She utilized the power of social media to mobilize a widespread campaign, urging her followers to advocate for justice. Cherelle’s posts garnered substantial engagement, with thousands of shares and comments from supporters around the world.

Additionally, Cherelle made a compelling appearance on Good Morning America, sharing Brittney’s harrowing experience and the urgent need for intervention. Her compelling words resonated with viewers, encouraging them to join the cause and demand action.

To amplify her voice further, Cherelle penned an open letter to President Joe Biden, highlighting the unjust detainment of her wife and the importance of diplomatic intervention. The heartfelt letter captured the attention of the public and put additional pressure on the authorities to address the situation.

“It’s a violation of basic human rights to hold someone in custody without just cause. We won’t rest until Brittney is safely back home.”

Collaborative Efforts and Positive Outcomes

Cherelle’s advocacy work was not done in isolation. She forged alliances with high-profile celebrities and influential individuals who shared her dedication to justice. Together, they used their platforms to amplify the message and demand Brittney’s release.

Furthermore, negotiations between the United States and Russia played a pivotal role in securing Brittney’s freedom. Cherelle’s unwavering commitment, coupled with international pressure, compelled the authorities to reassess the validity of the detainment and take swift action.

Key Developments in Cherelle Griner’s Advocacy


June 20, 2022
Cherelle launches social media campaign #FreeBrittney.

June 25, 2022
Appears on Good Morning America to discuss Brittney’s detainment.

July 1, 2022
Writes an open letter to President Joe Biden, calling for diplomatic intervention.

August 5, 2022
High-profile celebrities and influencers join Cherelle’s campaign.

August 15, 2022
News of negotiations between the U.S. and Russia surfaces.

September 10, 2022
Brittney Griner is released and safely returns home.

This table highlights the key developments in Cherelle Griner’s advocacy efforts and their impact on securing Brittney’s release.

Breakdown of Cherelle Griner’s Net Worth and Earnings


Marriage to Brittney Griner
$3 million

Salary as a Math Teacher
$63,000 per year

Cherelle Griner’s calculated net worth of $3.5 million showcases the financial success she has achieved through her marriage and professional career. With her dedication and determination, Cherelle continues to build her wealth and secure a prosperous future.

Personal Life and Family of Cherelle Griner

Cherelle Griner, standing at a height of 5’8″, leads a fulfilling personal life alongside her wife, Brittney Griner. While the couple does not have children together, Brittney has twins from a previous marriage. Despite the absence of biological children, Cherelle remains a devoted partner to Brittney and has been a constant source of support throughout their relationship.

Cherelle’s commitment to their union extends beyond the boundaries of their personal life. She has been instrumental in advocating for Brittney’s freedom during times of hardship, such as when Brittney was detained in Russia. Cherelle’s unwavering love and dedication have played a crucial role in both her family’s and Brittney’s journey.

Cherelle Griner’s personal life and family dynamics contribute to her well-rounded identity, shaping the person she is today. Let’s take a closer look at Cherelle’s remarkable achievements and the impact she has made, both within her family and beyond.

Cherelle Griner’s Achievements and Impact

Cherelle Griner’s impact goes far beyond her personal life. Through her social media presence, she has successfully raised awareness for social issues and been a catalyst for change. Her dedication to advocacy and her unwavering support for her wife, Brittney Griner, have made a significant impact on the public’s perception of Brittney’s detainment and the urgent need for justice.

“Change starts with awareness, and I am committed to using my platform to shed light on important issues. Together, we can make a difference.”

Cherelle understands the power of her voice and leverages it to bring attention to important causes, encouraging her followers to join her in making positive change. Her influence stems from her authenticity and passion, which resonates with her audience and motivates them to take action.

Cherelle Griner’s Advocacy Efforts

Cherelle’s advocacy efforts span a wide range of issues, including LGBTQ+ rights, racial justice, and gender equality. She uses her platform to amplify marginalized voices, share educational resources, and spark meaningful conversations.

Providing education and resources on LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance
Advocating for police reform and an end to systemic racism
Raising funds and awareness for organizations supporting women and girls

Impact on Brittney Griner’s Detainment Case

When Brittney Griner was detained in Russia, Cherelle’s relentless advocacy played a pivotal role in securing her release. Her social media campaigns garnered widespread support and attention, prompting media coverage and attracting influential allies to the cause.

Cherelle’s open letter to President Joe Biden, in which she emphasized the urgency of the situation and the need for diplomatic intervention, further intensified the pressure on authorities. Through her unwavering determination, Cherelle contributed significantly to the successful resolution of Brittney’s detainment.

Cherelle Griner’s Advocacy Impact


LGBTQ+ rights
Raised awareness and fostered acceptance through educational initiatives

Racial justice
Campaigned for police reform and challenged systemic racism

Gender equality
Supported organizations empowering women and girls

Brittney Griner’s detainment
Played a vital role in securing her release through relentless advocacy and open letter to President Joe Biden

Cherelle Griner’s achievements and impact exemplify the incredible influence that individuals can have when they use their voices for good. Her commitment to advocating for social change serves as an inspiration to others, reminding us all of the power we possess to make a meaningful difference in the world.


Cherelle Griner’s incredible journey as a dedicated teacher, passionate advocate, and unwavering partner showcases her resilience and determination. Through her hard work and unwavering support for her wife Brittney Griner, she has achieved remarkable success both personally and professionally.

With an estimated net worth of $3.5 million, Cherelle’s financial success is a testament to her combined efforts as a math teacher and her marriage to WNBA player Brittney Griner. Her influence and impact extend beyond her career, as she uses her social media presence to raise awareness for important social issues and fights for justice.

Cherelle Griner’s story serves as an inspiration to others, encouraging them to fight for love and make a positive impact in their communities. Her dedication, resilience, and unwavering support for her partner highlight the power of love and the importance of standing up for what you believe in. Cherelle’s journey is a reminder that success is not limited to monetary achievements but also encompasses the positive influence we have on others.


What is Cherelle Griner’s net worth?

Cherelle Griner has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.

How much does Cherelle Griner earn as a math teacher?

Cherelle Griner earns approximately $63,000 per year as a math teacher.

Where was Cherelle Griner born?

Cherelle Griner was born in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Where did Cherelle Griner go to school?

Cherelle Griner attended Baylor University and North Carolina Central University School of Law.

What is Cherelle Griner’s career?

Cherelle Griner works as a professional math teacher at Uplift Education and is also a social media influencer.

How did Cherelle Griner meet Brittney Griner?

Cherelle Griner and Brittney Griner met during their time at Baylor University.

How did Cherelle Griner advocate for Brittney Griner’s release from detainment in Russia?

Cherelle Griner used social media platforms, appeared on Good Morning America, and wrote an open letter to President Joe Biden.

How much is Cherelle Griner’s net worth?

Cherelle Griner has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.

Does Cherelle Griner have any children?

Cherelle Griner and Brittney Griner do not have any children together.

What is Cherelle Griner’s height?

Cherelle Griner is 5’8″ tall.

What impact has Cherelle Griner made through her advocacy efforts?

Cherelle Griner has raised awareness for social issues and highlighted the need for justice.

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