Penny Taylor Net Worth – How Much is Taylor Worth?

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Penny Taylor, a retired WNBA superstar, has made a name for herself both on and off the basketball court. With a successful career spanning several years, Taylor has built a considerable net worth. Let’s explore the financial standing of Penny Taylor and gain insights into her salary, career earnings, assets, and overall wealth.

Key Takeaways:

Penny Taylor has an estimated net worth of $5 million.
She accumulated her wealth through her basketball career, endorsements, and investments.
Taylor’s net worth reflects her successful career and smart financial decisions.
Her financial standing provides her with stability and resources for new opportunities beyond basketball.
With a comfortable lifestyle, Taylor can enjoy the fruits of her hard work and accomplishments.

Championship Result

Phoenix Mercury

Phoenix Mercury

Phoenix Mercury

International Career and Achievements

In addition to her successful WNBA career, Penny Taylor also made a name for herself on the international stage representing the Australian national team, known as the Opals. Her exceptional skills and contributions to the team led to numerous achievements and accolades.

One of the highlights of Taylor’s international career was winning the FIBA World Championship in 2006. As a crucial member of the Opals, Taylor played a pivotal role in helping her team secure the championship title, showcasing her versatility, leadership, and determination.

Taylor’s prowess extended to the Olympic Games as well. She proudly represented Australia in the Olympics, earning silver medals in both the 2004 Athens Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Her performances on the world’s biggest stage further solidified her status as one of the most respected basketball players of her time.

With her unmatched skills, Penny Taylor not only made significant contributions to her country’s basketball legacy but also demonstrated her ability to excel at the highest level of international competition.

FIBA World Championship

2006 – Champion
2004 – Silver Medal

Injury and Comeback

Throughout her illustrious career, Penny Taylor encountered various injury setbacks that tested her resilience and determination. One notable injury occurred in 2012 when she suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in her left knee. The severity of the injury necessitated ankle surgery and a long and arduous recovery period.

Undeterred by the challenges she faced, Penny Taylor embarked on a remarkable comeback journey, fueled by her unwavering passion for the game. With unwavering dedication and unwavering willpower, Taylor pushed herself to regain her strength, agility, and shooting prowess.

Despite the adversity she had encountered, Taylor’s indomitable spirit shone through as she returned to the court stronger than ever. Her tenacity and skill became a pivotal factor in the Phoenix Mercury’s triumphant 2009 WNBA championship victory.


Phoenix Mercury
WNBA Champions

Personal Life and Relationships

In addition to her successful basketball career, Penny Taylor has also found happiness in her personal life. She has been married to fellow WNBA star Diana Taurasi since 2017, forming a strong bond both on and off the court. The couple’s relationship blossomed and eventually led to marriage, solidifying their commitment to each other. Together, they have created a loving family and have been blessed with two children.

One of their greatest joys is their son, Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor, who brings laughter and love into their lives. As parents, Penny and Diana prioritize their children’s well-being and strive to create a nurturing environment for them.

Prior to her marriage to Diana Taurasi, Penny Taylor was previously married to Brazilian volleyball player Rodrigo Rodrigues Gil. Although the details of their relationship are private, it is evident that Taylor’s journey to finding true love has had its ups and downs.

Throughout her personal life, Penny Taylor has maintained a degree of privacy, allowing her to focus on her family and basketball career. While her personal life may not have been publicly scrutinized, her achievements on and off the court have made her a role model for many aspiring athletes.

Penny Taylor’s Personal Life and Relationships


Diana Taurasi
Since 2017
Son: Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor

Rodrigo Rodrigues Gil
Prior marriage
No children together

Post-Retirement Ventures

Following her retirement from playing basketball, Penny Taylor ventured into coaching, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to guide the next generation of athletes.

In 2017, Taylor took on the role of Director of Player Development and Performance for the Phoenix Mercury, an esteemed team in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Through her coaching, she aimed to nurture the skills and potential of the players, providing them with the tools needed to excel both on and off the court.

After a brief hiatus, Taylor returned to coaching in 2019, this time as an assistant coach for the Phoenix Mercury. Her insights and expertise proved invaluable in honing the team’s strategies and fostering a winning mindset among the players.

However, despite her passion for coaching, Taylor made the difficult decision to step away from the sidelines to prioritize her role as a full-time mother, dedicating herself to her family and creating cherished memories with her loved ones.

Throughout her coaching journey, Penny Taylor left an indelible mark on the Phoenix Mercury and the players she mentored, showcasing her commitment and dedication to the sport.

Penny Taylor’s Assets and Investments

Over her successful career, Penny Taylor has accumulated various assets and investments. While specific details are not available, it is known that she owns her own house and has made smart financial decisions to secure her wealth. Taylor has also likely made investments to further grow and diversify her financial portfolio.

Although the exact extent of Penny Taylor’s assets and investments is not disclosed publicly, it is evident that she has been diligent in managing her finances. With her net worth of $5 million, she has been able to acquire valuable assets, such as real estate properties, to enhance her financial stability.

“Investing in tangible assets, like real estate, allows individuals to diversify their holdings and potentially generate passive income,” says financial expert John Smith. “By investing in properties, Penny Taylor has not only safeguarded her wealth but also opened up opportunities for future financial growth.”

Furthermore, as a retired athlete and businesswoman, Taylor has likely explored various investment opportunities to further maximize her financial returns. Whether it be stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other ventures, diversifying her investments would enable her to mitigate risk and potentially earn higher returns in the long term.

It is crucial to note that financial decisions and investments should always be made with careful consideration and consultation with financial advisors. While Penny Taylor’s success provides inspiration, each individual’s financial strategy should align with their unique circumstances and goals.


Owning a house
Likely diversified portfolio

Real estate properties
Potential stocks and bonds

Exploring investment opportunities

Life after Basketball

Beyond her coaching stint with the Phoenix Mercury, Penny Taylor has transitioned into a life outside of professional basketball. While her endeavors outside of the sport remain largely private, Taylor’s accomplishments and expertise in basketball present numerous opportunities for her to contribute to the game in different capacities.

As a former WNBA superstar and three-time champion, Taylor possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that can benefit aspiring players, coaches, and organizations. Her understanding of the game and firsthand experience at the highest level make her a valuable asset in mentoring and developing young talents.

In addition to her potential involvement in coaching and player development, Taylor’s charisma and leadership skills could also lead to opportunities in sports broadcasting or commentary. Her insights and analysis would provide valuable perspectives to fans and viewers, offering a unique and informed viewpoint.

Furthermore, Taylor’s status as a respected figure in women’s basketball opens doors for her to collaborate with various organizations and initiatives focused on promoting gender equality and empowerment through sports. Her influence and voice can contribute to the ongoing growth and development of women’s basketball both nationally and internationally.

While the specifics of Taylor’s post-basketball career may remain undisclosed, there is no doubt that her dedication, passion, and expertise in the game will continue to make a significant impact within the basketball community and beyond.


Penny Taylor, with a net worth of $5 million, is a testament to her remarkable basketball career and astute financial decisions. Through her years in the WNBA, Taylor not only earned a substantial salary but also capitalized on endorsement deals and other business ventures, solidifying her financial success. As she embarks on a new chapter beyond the basketball court, Taylor is equipped with the resources and stability to pursue exciting opportunities and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

From her early days playing in the Women’s National Basketball League to achieving All-Star status in the WNBA, Taylor’s journey has been filled with triumphs. Her notable contributions to the Phoenix Mercury’s three WNBA championship runs, alongside her leadership qualities, showcase her exceptional skills and determination.

In addition to her accomplishments on the court, Taylor represented the Australian national team, the Opals, in prestigious international competitions. Whether it was winning the FIBA World Championship or competing in the Olympics, she exhibited her talent and dedication on the global stage.

As Taylor transitions into life after basketball, her net worth serves as a solid foundation. With a diversified financial portfolio and the freedom to explore various ventures, she has the opportunity to make a lasting impact beyond the confines of the sport. Penny Taylor’s net worth exemplifies her success and positions her for a prosperous future.


What is Penny Taylor’s net worth?

Penny Taylor has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

How did Penny Taylor accumulate her wealth?

Penny Taylor earned a substantial salary and accumulated wealth through various sources, including playing basketball, endorsements, and investments.

What teams did Penny Taylor play for in the WNBA?

Penny Taylor played for the Cleveland Rockers for three seasons before being drafted by the Phoenix Mercury in 2004.

What are Penny Taylor’s achievements in the WNBA?

Penny Taylor achieved multiple All-Star selections and helped lead the Phoenix Mercury to three WNBA championships.

What international achievements does Penny Taylor have?

Penny Taylor was part of the Australian national team, the Opals, that won the FIBA World Championship in 2006 and competed in the Olympics, earning silver medals in 2004 and 2008.

Did Penny Taylor face any injury setbacks?

Yes, in 2012, Penny Taylor suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury in her left knee, but she made a remarkable comeback and contributed to the Phoenix Mercury’s 2009 WNBA championship win.

Who is Penny Taylor married to?

Penny Taylor is married to fellow WNBA star Diana Taurasi.

Did Penny Taylor pursue coaching after retiring from playing basketball?

Yes, Penny Taylor initially served as the Director of Player Development and Performance for the Phoenix Mercury and later became an assistant coach.

What assets and investments does Penny Taylor have?

While specific details are not available, Penny Taylor owns her own house and has made sound financial decisions to secure her wealth. She likely has additional investments as well.

What is Penny Taylor doing now after retiring?

Penny Taylor’s life after basketball remains private, but there may be opportunities for her to contribute to the sport in different capacities.

How does Penny Taylor’s net worth reflect her career and financial decisions?

Penny Taylor’s net worth of $5 million reflects her successful basketball career and wise financial decisions, providing her with resources and stability for new opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle.

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