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Trixie Mattel, born Brian Michael Firkus, is an American drag queen, singer, songwriter, comedian, entrepreneur, and television personality. She gained fame by winning season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and finishing 6th on season seven of the original RuPaul’s Drag Race. Trixie Mattel has a net worth of $10 million, making her one of the most successful and wealthy drag queens in the industry. She has built a lucrative career through various ventures, including music, TV appearances, endorsements, and her own cosmetics company, Trixie Cosmetics.

Trixie Mattel has a net worth of $10 million, making her one of the wealthiest drag queens in the industry.
She gained fame through her appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race and has since built a successful career in music, TV, and business.
Trixie Mattel’s cosmetics company, Trixie Cosmetics, has contributed to her financial success and entrepreneurial endeavors.
She has inspired and empowered individuals within the LGBTQ+ community, showcasing the potential for success in the drag industry.
RuPaul’s Drag Race has played a significant role in the financial success of many drag queens, including Trixie Mattel.

Trixie Mattel’s Career and Achievements

Trixie Mattel’s career has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by numerous accomplishments and successes. After her victory on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, she soared to new heights in the entertainment industry, solidifying her position as a multi-talented performer and entrepreneur.

One of the highlights of Trixie Mattel’s career is her success as a singer-songwriter. Her debut studio album, “Two Birds,” released in 2017, reached an impressive #2 on the US Heatseekers chart. She followed it up with another chart-topping album, “One Stone,” in 2018. Mattel’s third album, “Barbara,” released in 2020, further showcased her musical prowess and cemented her status as a rising star in the music industry.

“Trixie Mattel’s music is a delightful blend of catchy melodies and clever lyrics that resonate with audiences worldwide,” said Rolling Stone magazine.

In addition to her music career, Trixie Mattel has also made waves on the screen, appearing in popular TV shows such as American Horror Story: Roanoke and Super Drags. Her versatile acting skills have captivated audiences and further expanded her fanbase.

Furthermore, Trixie Mattel starred in the critically acclaimed documentary film “Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts” in 2019, which provided an intimate look into her life and career. The film received rave reviews and showcased Mattel’s vulnerability and authenticity, solidifying her status as not just a drag queen but a compelling and relatable public figure.

Table: Trixie Mattel’s Career Milestones


Contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 7)

Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (Season 3)

Starred in the documentary “Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts”

Appeared in American Horror Story: Roanoke

Released third studio album “Barbara”

Trixie Mattel’s Cosmetics Company

One of the significant sources of Trixie Mattel’s wealth is her cosmetics company, Trixie Cosmetics. Mattel founded the company and has experienced great success in the beauty industry. The brand offers a range of makeup products, including eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and highlighters, which have gained popularity among her fans and the drag community. Trixie Cosmetics has contributed to Mattel’s financial success and has further solidified her status as a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.

With her expertise in drag makeup and her unique sense of style, Trixie Mattel has been able to create a brand that resonates with her fanbase and beyond. The success of Trixie Cosmetics can be attributed to Mattel’s commitment to quality, creativity, and authenticity. By offering products that cater to the drag community and makeup enthusiasts alike, Trixie Cosmetics has carved out a niche in the market and attracted a loyal customer base.

In addition to the revenue generated from product sales, Trixie Mattel’s cosmetics company has also benefited from collaborations and partnerships with other brands. These collaborations have not only expanded the reach of Trixie Cosmetics but have also created new opportunities for growth and increased visibility.

Table: Trixie Mattel’s Cosmetics Company Revenue and Growth

Revenue (in millions)
Growth Rate





Table: The revenue and growth of Trixie Mattel’s cosmetics company showcase the steady increase in financial success and popularity. The consistent growth rates indicate the strong demand for Trixie Cosmetics products and the brand’s ability to adapt and evolve in the ever-changing beauty industry.

Trixie Mattel’s cosmetics company has become an integral part of her overall financial portfolio, contributing to her wealth and establishing her as a successful businesswoman. With a loyal customer base, continued growth, and a strong brand presence, Trixie Cosmetics is poised to remain a significant source of income and success for Trixie Mattel.

Trixie Mattel’s Endorsement Deals

Trixie Mattel, in addition to her successful drag career and cosmetics company, has also secured several lucrative endorsement deals, further boosting her earnings and financial success. As a highly visible and influential drag queen, Mattel has partnered with various brands for sponsorship and promotional collaborations.

One notable endorsement deal for Trixie Mattel is her partnership with a leading cosmetics brand, where she serves as a brand ambassador and collaborates on product development. Through this collaboration, Mattel has leveraged her expertise in the drag and beauty industry to create a line of exclusive products that cater to her fanbase and the wider drag community. The success of this partnership has not only increased Mattel’s income but has also solidified her position as a trusted and influential figure in the beauty industry.

“Partnering with well-established brands allows me to reach a broader audience and promote inclusivity and self-expression through drag. It’s been an incredible opportunity to collaborate with companies that share my values and support the drag community.” – Trixie Mattel

In addition to beauty endorsements, Trixie Mattel has also collaborated with fashion brands, appearing in campaigns and runway shows. Her unique sense of style and ability to captivate audiences have made her a desirable collaborator for brands looking to tap into the vibrant and creative drag culture. These partnerships not only provide a financial boost for Mattel but also help to bring drag into the mainstream fashion industry.

Overall, Trixie Mattel’s endorsement deals have significantly contributed to her financial success and elevated her status as a drag superstar. These collaborations have not only diversified her income streams but have also allowed her to expand her influence and advocate for inclusivity and self-expression through the art of drag.

Trixie Mattel’s Impact on the LGBTQ+ Community

Trixie Mattel’s success as a drag queen has not only brought her financial prosperity but has also made a significant impact on the LGBTQ+ community. Through her talent, visibility, and advocacy, Trixie has become a role model for many individuals, inspiring them to embrace their true selves and pursue their dreams. Her journey from a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race to a multi-talented performer and entrepreneur has shown that with passion and perseverance, one can overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

One of the ways Trixie Mattel has made a difference is by challenging societal norms and stereotypes surrounding drag culture. By showcasing her unique personality, wit, and talent, she has helped break down barriers and promote inclusivity. Her success as a drag queen has demonstrated that drag is an art form that transcends gender, allowing individuals to express themselves creatively and authentically.

Trixie Mattel’s Philanthropic Efforts

In addition to her career achievements, Trixie Mattel has used her platform to support charitable causes and give back to the community. She has been actively involved in fundraising events and initiatives that aim to uplift and empower LGBTQ+ individuals. Through her contributions, Trixie has helped organizations that provide resources, support, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and equality.

“Drag is not just about entertainment; it’s about empowerment,” says Trixie Mattel.

Trixie Mattel’s Influence on Self-Acceptance

Trixie’s authenticity and unapologetic self-expression have resonated with fans worldwide, encouraging self-acceptance and self-love. Her story serves as a reminder that it is okay to be different and that embracing one’s uniqueness can lead to personal fulfillment and success. Trixie Mattel’s impact on the LGBTQ+ community extends beyond the entertainment industry; she has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals who have struggled with their identity or faced discrimination.

Through her talent, philanthropy, and unapologetic authenticity, Trixie Mattel has shown the world that drag is more than just a performance—it is a powerful tool for self-expression, acceptance, and social change.

Other Wealthy Drag Queens

While Trixie Mattel is among the wealthiest drag queens, there are other queens who have also achieved significant financial success.

Table: Wealthiest Drag Queens

Net Worth
Notable Achievements

Courtney Act
$5 million
Finalist on Australian Idol, appeared in various shows and global tours

Bianca Del Rio
$4 million
Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season six, successful comedy tours and appearances in musicals and books

Alyssa Edwards
$3 million
Appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race, founder of a successful dance company

$2 million
Appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race, personal make-up artist for RuPaul

These drag queens have made their mark in the industry through their talent, creativity, and business ventures. Their net worth showcases their financial success, which has been achieved through various endeavors such as music, comedy, and entrepreneurship.

With their significant wealth, these drag queens have not only achieved personal success but have also contributed to the visibility and acceptance of drag culture in mainstream society.

Drag Race and the Influence on Wealth

RuPaul’s Drag Race has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the financial success of drag queens. The exposure and platform provided by the show have opened doors to a multitude of lucrative opportunities for its contestants. Through endorsements, TV appearances, music releases, and live performances, drag queens from the show have seen their net worth skyrocket. While the financial success of drag queens varies, there is no denying that Drag Race has played a pivotal role in elevating their careers and increasing their earnings.

Table: Drag Queens’ Net Worth Comparison

Drag Queen
Net Worth

$60 million

Trixie Mattel
$10 million

Courtney Act
$5 million

Bianca Del Rio
$4 million

Alyssa Edwards
$3 million

$2 million

Drag Race has not only provided drag queens with the platform to showcase their talents, but it has also helped break down barriers and challenge societal norms. The show’s success has brought drag culture into the mainstream, increasing its visibility and acceptance. As a result, drag queens have gained a larger fan base, leading to more opportunities and higher earnings.

Through their participation in Drag Race, drag queens have been able to leverage their newfound fame and capitalize on their talents and entrepreneurial ventures. The show serves as a launching pad for their careers, propelling them into the spotlight and connecting them with fans and industry professionals. The financial success achieved by drag queens is a testament to their hard work, creativity, and the power of representation in the entertainment industry.

The Rise of Drag Queens in Mainstream Culture

Drag queens have experienced a remarkable rise in popularity and success within mainstream culture. Their unique blend of talent, creativity, and resilience has propelled them to new heights, both in terms of artistic recognition and financial earnings. Through their captivating performances, bold fashion choices, and unapologetic self-expression, drag queens have captured the attention and admiration of audiences worldwide. Their impact on pop culture and society is undeniable.

Drag queens have redefined the boundaries of entertainment, transcending gender norms and challenging societal expectations. They have become influential figures, using their platforms to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, promote inclusivity, and inspire others to embrace their true selves. The success of drag queens like Trixie Mattel not only showcases their remarkable talent but also highlights the growing acceptance and celebration of drag culture in society.

One of the key factors contributing to the financial success of drag queens is their ability to diversify their revenue streams. In addition to their performances and appearances, many drag queens have leveraged their popularity to launch their own merchandise, cosmetics lines, and other entrepreneurial ventures. Their business acumen and savvy marketing strategies have allowed them to capitalize on their fame and generate substantial financial earnings. Drag queens have proven that they are not just entertainers but also astute entrepreneurs, capable of building lucrative brands and establishing themselves as influential figures in the entertainment industry.

The Financial Success of Drag Queens: A Comparative Analysis

Drag Queen
Net Worth

Trixie Mattel
$10 million

Courtney Act
$5 million

Bianca Del Rio
$4 million

Alyssa Edwards
$3 million

$2 million

The Legacy of Drag Queens: Shaping the Future

The influence of drag queens extends far beyond their financial success. They have broken down barriers and fought against discrimination, paving the way for greater acceptance and representation of LGBTQ+ individuals. Drag queens continue to inspire and empower others to embrace their authentic selves, promoting a message of self-love and acceptance. Their impact on mainstream culture is undeniable, and their legacy will continue to shape the future of entertainment and society as a whole.

Trixie Mattel’s Global Fanbase

One of the key factors contributing to Trixie Mattel’s success and popularity is her massive global fanbase. With her unique blend of talent, charm, and relatability, Trixie has managed to captivate audiences around the world, garnering a dedicated following across various social media platforms.

Her fanbase extends far beyond the drag community, attracting fans from diverse backgrounds who are drawn to her infectious personality and entertaining performances. Trixie’s ability to connect with her fans on a personal level through engaging content and interactions has fostered a strong and supportive community that continues to grow.

From her catchy music videos and hilarious YouTube series to her live shows and appearances on TV, Trixie Mattel has created a strong presence in the entertainment industry, which has further contributed to her popularity and fanbase growth. Her fans admire her authenticity, talent, and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, making her a beloved figure both on and off the stage.

Social Media Platform
Number of Followers

1.5 million


1 million


Trixie’s significant following on social media platforms is a testament to her widespread appeal and the strong connection she has established with her fans. Her popularity continues to soar as she expands her creative endeavors, ensuring that her global fanbase remains dedicated and unwavering in their support.

Trixie Mattel’s Impressive Journey

Trixie Mattel’s rise to success is a testament to her talent, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit. From her victory on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars to her thriving music career and successful cosmetics company, Mattel has achieved remarkable achievements in the drag industry.

One of the highlights of Mattel’s career is her music success. With the release of her debut studio album “Two Birds” in 2017, she showcased her musical talent and reached #2 on the US Heatseekers chart. Her subsequent albums, “One Stone” and “Barbara,” have cemented her position as a successful singer-songwriter, further contributing to her financial success.

In addition to her music career, Mattel has also ventured into the beauty industry with her cosmetics company, Trixie Cosmetics. By offering a range of high-quality makeup products, she has not only catered to her dedicated fanbase but has also established herself as a successful entrepreneur. Trixie Cosmetics has contributed significantly to Mattel’s overall wealth and financial success.

“I think my journey proves that with passion, perseverance, and a strong work ethic, you can turn your dreams into reality,” says Trixie Mattel, reflecting on her achievements.

Table: Trixie Mattel’s Major Achievements


Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3
Trixie Mattel gained immense recognition and acclaim by winning the prestigious competition.

Successful Music Career
Mattel’s albums have charted and showcased her talent as a singer-songwriter.

Founder of Trixie Cosmetics
Mattel’s cosmetics company has been a major contributor to her financial success.

Inspirational Figure in the LGBTQ+ Community
Mattel’s visibility and accomplishments have inspired and empowered individuals worldwide.

Trixie Mattel’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring drag queens and artists, demonstrating that with passion, determination, and strategic business ventures, success can be achieved in the entertainment industry. Her ability to diversify her career and create multiple streams of income has not only contributed to her impressive net worth but has also solidified her status as a trailblazer in the drag community.

The Legacy of Drag Queens

The impact of drag queens on popular culture and society cannot be underestimated. Drag queens, such as Trixie Mattel, have made significant contributions that have left a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry.

Through their artistry, drag queens have challenged societal norms and pushed boundaries, ultimately leading to greater acceptance and celebration of drag culture. Their performances have not only entertained audiences but also sparked conversations about gender identity and LGBTQ+ representation.

Furthermore, drag queens like Trixie Mattel have used their platforms to advocate for equality and social justice issues. They have become powerful voices for marginalized communities, using their influence to raise awareness and promote inclusivity.

The financial success of drag queens showcases the resilience and talent within the community. It serves as an inspiration for future generations of performers, demonstrating that with passion, hard work, and perseverance, one can achieve their dreams and create a lasting impact on the world.


How much is Trixie Mattel’s net worth?

Trixie Mattel has a net worth of $10 million.

What are Trixie Mattel’s most significant career achievements?

Trixie Mattel won season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and finished 6th on season seven of the original RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has also released successful music albums, appeared in TV shows and documentaries, and founded her cosmetics company, Trixie Cosmetics.

How has Trixie Mattel’s cosmetics company contributed to her financial success?

Trixie Cosmetics, founded by Trixie Mattel, offers a range of makeup products that have gained popularity among her fans and the drag community. The success of her cosmetics company has further solidified her status as a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Has Trixie Mattel secured any endorsement deals?

Yes, Trixie Mattel has partnered with brands for sponsorship and promotional collaborations, which have not only added to her income but also increased her visibility within the entertainment industry.

How has Trixie Mattel impacted the LGBTQ+ community?

Trixie Mattel has become an influential figure and role model within the LGBTQ+ community. Her visibility and accomplishments have inspired and empowered individuals, showcasing the possibilities for success in the drag industry and contributing to a more inclusive society.

Who are some other wealthy drag queens?

Other drag queens who have achieved significant financial success include Courtney Act, Bianca Del Rio, Alyssa Edwards, and Raven.

How has RuPaul’s Drag Race influenced the wealth of drag queens?

RuPaul’s Drag Race has opened doors for lucrative opportunities for drag queens, leading to increased net worth through endorsements, TV appearances, music releases, and live performances.

How have drag queens risen to success in mainstream culture?

Through their talent, creativity, and entrepreneurial endeavors, drag queens have gained significant financial earnings and have contributed to greater acceptance and celebration of drag culture in society.

What is the size of Trixie Mattel’s global fanbase?

Trixie Mattel has amassed a large and dedicated fanbase globally, with her charisma, talent, and relatability resonating with people around the world.

What is Trixie Mattel’s impressive journey?

Trixie Mattel’s journey from winning Drag Race to becoming a multi-talented performer and entrepreneur showcases the opportunities that can arise from passion, hard work, and perseverance.

What is the legacy of drag queens in the entertainment industry?

Drag queens have made significant contributions to music, fashion, and LGBTQ+ representation, leading to societal change and greater acceptance and celebration of drag culture.

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