Ken Block’s Net Worth – How Much is Block Worth?

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Ken Block, the renowned American professional rally driver and entrepreneur, amassed a significant net worth throughout his illustrious career. Known for his thrilling maneuvers on the racetrack and his business acumen off it, Block’s financial status was a testament to his success in multiple ventures.

With a keen eye for opportunity, Block co-founded DC Shoes, a popular apparel brand that catered to action sports enthusiasts. The brand’s success eventually led to its acquisition for a staggering $87 million, solidifying Block’s wealth and financial standing.

In addition to his involvement with DC Shoes, Block co-owned Hoonigan Industries, an apparel brand specifically tailored for auto enthusiasts. Through these ventures and his racing endeavors, Block established himself as one of the richest figures in the motorsports industry.

Curious about the details of Ken Block’s net worth? Read on to discover more about his earnings, assets, and financial status.

Key Takeaways:

Ken Block’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be $100 million.
He earned a significant portion of his wealth through the co-founding and subsequent sale of DC Shoes.
Block’s involvement with Hoonigan Industries also contributed to his financial success.
His net worth fluctuated over the years due to various business ventures and investments.
Block’s extensive car collection and real estate holdings added to his overall wealth.

Early Life & Career

Ken Block, born on November 21, 1967, in Long Beach, California, had a passion for motorsports from an early age. He embarked on his rallying career in 2005, joining the Vermont SportsCar team and quickly making a name for himself in the rally world. Throughout his career, Block showcased exceptional driving skills, earning him a reputation as one of the most talented rally drivers of his time.

In addition to his success as a rally driver, Block was also an accomplished entrepreneur. He co-founded DC Shoes in 1994, a popular footwear and apparel brand that resonated with skateboarders and action sports enthusiasts. Block’s business acumen was evident as he helped build the brand into a global success, eventually selling his ownership stake for a staggering $87 million in 2004.

As Block’s racing career continued to flourish, he expanded his entrepreneurial endeavors with the creation of Hoonigan Industries. This clothing and apparel brand catered to auto enthusiasts, perfectly blending Block’s passion for motorsports and fashion. With his distinctive style and creativity, Block brought a fresh perspective to the market, further cementing his status as a visionary in the industry.

Rally America National Championship and Beyond

Block’s impressive rally career reached new heights when he competed in the Rally America National Championship. He captured multiple wins and podium finishes, solidifying his position as a dominant force in the rally world. Block’s partnership with Subaru allowed him to showcase his driving skills in a variety of challenging terrains, further establishing his reputation as a top rally driver.

Block’s success continued with his entry into the X Games, where he exhibited his extraordinary driving abilities and thrilled audiences with his daring stunts and maneuvers. His participation in the X Games earned him numerous medals and accolades, further propelling his career to new heights. Block’s remarkable achievements and innovative driving style made him a household name in the world of motorsports.

With a combination of incredible talent behind the wheel and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, Ken Block left an indelible mark on both the racing and business worlds. His legacy as one of the greatest rally drivers and visionary entrepreneurs will continue to inspire future generations of racers and entrepreneurs alike.

Personal Life & Death

Ken Block led a fulfilling personal life, balancing his passion for motorsports with his love for his family. He was married to his wife, Lucy, and together they had three daughters. Block’s family was an integral part of his racing activities, often seen cheering him on from the sidelines.

Tragically, on January 2, 2023, Block’s life was cut short in a snowmobile accident near his ranch in Utah. The news of his untimely death sent shockwaves throughout the racing community, leaving fans and fellow racers in mourning. Block’s passing was a significant loss not only for his family but also for the world of motorsports.

Block’s impact was felt not only on the racetrack but also in his role as the head of Hoonigan Racing Division. He was instrumental in leading the team to success and fostering a culture of passion and dedication. His legacy lives on through the team’s continued efforts and the lasting impact he had on the sport.

“Ken Block was not only a talented racer but also a devoted family man. His enthusiasm for motorsports was infectious, and he inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams. We will forever remember him for his incredible talent, his dedication to the sport, and the love he had for his family.”

– Racing Legend

The Block Family

Ken Block’s wife, Lucy, stood by his side throughout his racing career and provided unwavering support. Their relationship was a testament to their strong bond and mutual love for motorsports. Block’s three daughters, whose names have been kept private, were often seen accompanying their father to races, showcasing the family’s close-knit nature.

Following Block’s tragic passing, his family continues to honor his legacy and carry his love for racing forward. The Block family acts as a source of inspiration for many racing enthusiasts, offering a reminder of the importance of cherishing the moments spent together and pursuing one’s passions.

Personal Life

Date of Birth
November 21, 1967

Marital Status
Married to Lucy Block

Three daughters

January 2, 2023 (snowmobile accident)

Remembered as a racing legend and devoted family man

Ken Block’s Net Worth

Ken Block, renowned rally driver and entrepreneur, accumulated a substantial net worth throughout his career. Estimates suggest that Block’s net worth ranged from $100 million to $200 million, firmly placing him among the wealthiest individuals in the industry.

Block’s impressive net worth can be attributed to various sources, including his successful rallying career, his co-ownership of DC Shoes, and the establishment of Hoonigan Industries. As a talented rally driver, Block earned significant prize money and sponsorships from major brands. His victories and podium finishes in Rally America and Global RallyCross events further bolstered his financial standing.

In addition to his motorsport endeavors, Block’s entrepreneurial ventures played a crucial role in his wealth accumulation. As a co-founder of DC Shoes, he contributed to the brand’s success and helped build it into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Block later sold his stake in the company for a staggering $87 million, solidifying his financial position.

Furthermore, Block’s establishment of Hoonigan Industries, a clothing and apparel brand catering to auto enthusiasts, added another dimension to his net worth. The company’s success, coupled with Block’s shrewd business acumen, enabled him to generate significant revenue and expand his wealth portfolio.


Real Estate
Block owned multiple properties, including a luxurious estate in Park City, Utah, and a residence in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Known for his love of automobiles, Block possessed an extensive car collection. Notable vehicles in his possession included the 1991 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, the 2016 Ford Focus RS RX, and the iconic Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR.

Block also invested in various startups and business ventures beyond the realm of motorsports, further diversifying his financial holdings.

Block’s net worth fluctuated over the years due to his involvement in different business ventures, investments, and the overall performance of his assets. Nevertheless, his financial success remains a testament to his exceptional racing skills and business acumen.

Ken Block’s Racing Career

Ken Block’s racing career was marked by numerous victories and groundbreaking partnerships that solidified his status as one of the most influential figures in motorsports. From his impressive rally triumphs to his exceptional performances in the X Games, Block’s racing endeavors captivated audiences worldwide.

Rally Victories and Championships

Block’s racing prowess was most prominently showcased in his remarkable rally victories. Over the course of ten years, he secured 15 Rally America victories and emerged as a dominant force in the sport. His exceptional driving skills and strategic approach allowed him to conquer challenging terrains and outperform his competitors.

In addition to his Rally America successes, Block achieved six Global RallyCross victories, further solidifying his reputation as a formidable competitor. His ability to navigate high-speed circuits and execute precise maneuvers set new standards in rallycross racing.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Block’s racing career was highlighted by significant partnerships with renowned car manufacturers, including Subaru and Ford. These collaborations enabled Block to showcase his driving skills in high-performance vehicles specially designed for rally competitions. His ability to push the boundaries of automotive engineering and extract maximum performance from these machines made him a sought-after driver in the industry.

X Games and Rally America National Championship

Block’s participation in the X Games earned him widespread recognition and multiple accolades. His unique driving style and daring stunts captivated audiences around the world. In 2006, he secured a silver medal in the Rally America National Championship, further cementing his position among the elite racers of his time.

Block’s remarkable racing career was characterized by innovation, skill, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His legacy continues to inspire aspiring racers and shape the future of motorsports.

Ken Block’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

In addition to his successful racing career, Ken Block was also a savvy entrepreneur, making significant ventures in the business world. One of his most notable entrepreneurial achievements was co-founding DC Shoes in 1994. The skateboarding shoe company quickly gained popularity and success, becoming a leading brand in action sports footwear. Block’s involvement in DC Shoes played a crucial role in building his financial empire, ultimately leading to a lucrative sale of his stake in the company for $87 million in 2004.

In the table below, we highlight some of Ken Block’s notable achievements and contributions, showcasing the lasting impact he has had on the world of motorsports.

Notable Achievements

15 Rally America victories, 6 Global RallyCross victories

Co-founder of DC Shoes, launch of Hoonigan Industries

Revolutionized the industry with his innovative driving style and thrilling maneuvers

Continues to inspire future generations of racers with his achievements and dedication to the sport

Remembering Ken Block

The racing community came together to honor and remember the legendary Ken Block, who left an indelible impact on the world of motorsports. Tributes poured in from fans, fellow racers, and enthusiasts who celebrated his incredible talent and charismatic personality.

Ken Block’s memory lives on through his racing achievements, business ventures, and the inspiration he provided to aspiring racers. His innovative driving style and thrilling maneuvers set new standards in the industry, pushing the boundaries of what was possible on the track.

As a true icon of the racing community, Ken Block’s legacy extends far beyond his untimely passing. His contributions to the sport will forever be cherished, and his influence will continue to inspire future generations of racers.


How much was Ken Block worth?

Ken Block had a net worth of $100 million at the time of his death.

How did Ken Block earn his fortune?

Ken Block earned his fortune as a co-founder of DC Shoes, which was later acquired for $87 million. He also co-owned Hoonigan Industries, an apparel brand for auto enthusiasts.

When and where was Ken Block born?

Ken Block was born on November 21, 1967, in Long Beach, California.

What were Ken Block’s career achievements?

Ken Block achieved numerous podium finishes and overall victories in rally events. He won 15 Rally America victories and six Global RallyCross victories during his racing career. He also secured partnerships with major car brands such as Subaru and Ford. In addition, he won multiple medals in the X Games.

What were Ken Block’s business ventures?

Ken Block co-founded DC Shoes and later sold his stake in the company. He also launched Hoonigan Industries, a clothing and apparel brand for auto enthusiasts.

What cars did Ken Block own?

Ken Block owned an extensive car collection, including models such as the 1991 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, the 2016 Ford Focus RS RX, and the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR.

What is Ken Block’s legacy?

Ken Block left a lasting legacy in the world of motorsports. His innovative driving style, business ventures, and dedication to the sport continue to inspire future generations of racers.

How is Ken Block remembered by the racing community?

Ken Block is remembered for his incredible talent behind the wheel, his charismatic personality, and his contributions to the sport of motorsports. His memory lives on through his racing achievements and the inspiration he provided to aspiring racers.

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