ESG Rapper Net Worth – How Much is ESG Worth?

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Are you curious about the net worth of ESG, the renowned American rapper? In this article, we will delve into ESG’s financial status, exploring his earnings, salary, income, assets, and more. Discover the wealth and fortune accumulated by this influential figure in the music industry.

Key Takeaways:

ESG, also known as Cedric Dormaine Hill, has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2023.
He gained success as a member of the famous group Screwed Up Click.
ESG’s career spans from 1993 to the present, with 11 studio albums released.
He is credited with popularizing the chopped and screwed style of music.
ESG has ventured into various business endeavors, including his own record label and clothing line.

Early Career and Milestones

E.S.G., also known as Cedric Dormaine Hill, began his music career in 1993, quickly gaining attention as an underground rapper in Houston, Texas. His unique style and lyrical talent caught the ear of both fans and industry insiders, propelling him to the forefront of the rap scene.

One of E.S.G.’s early career milestones came with the release of his debut album, “Ocean of Funk,” in 1994. The album showcased his raw talent and garnered critical acclaim for its innovative sound. It was a testament to E.S.G.’s ability to push boundaries and carve out his own lane in the rap industry.

“E.S.G.’s music is a breath of fresh air in the rap scene. His lyrics are powerful, and his flow is unmatched. He’s definitely one to watch.” – Music critic

Throughout his career, E.S.G. has continued to achieve significant milestones. With 11 studio albums under his belt, he has consistently delivered music that resonates with his audience. His contributions to the chopped and screwed style of music have solidified his status as a prominent figure in the rap industry.

Notable Milestones:

1994: Release of debut album “Ocean of Funk”
1995: Collaboration with DJ Screw on “Sailin’ Da South”
1998: Release of “Return of the Living Dead,” showcasing his evolving sound
2004: Success of “All American Gangsta,” further establishing his influence

E.S.G.’s early success and milestones speak to his talent, dedication, and ability to stay relevant in an ever-changing music industry. His journey from an underground rapper to a respected artist is a testament to his hard work and unwavering passion for his craft.

E.S.G.’s Discography and Collaborations

E.S.G.’s music career spans over two decades, during which he has released a total of 11 studio albums. These albums have showcased his unique style and have contributed to his success in the rap industry. Here is a comprehensive overview of E.S.G.’s discography:

Release Year

“Ocean of Funk”

“Sailin’ Da South”

“Return of the Living Dead”

“All American Gangsta”

“City Under Siege”

“Everyday Street Gangsta”

“Screwed Up Movement (S.U.M.)”


“Southside Still Holding 3”

“The Chronicles”

“25 Lighters 2K21”

E.S.G.’s Collaborations

In addition to his solo work, E.S.G. has collaborated with several notable artists in the rap industry. These collaborations have not only showcased his versatility as an artist but have also contributed to his musical influence. Some notable collaborations include:

DJ Screw
Lil Flip
Slim Thug
Big Pokey
Bun B

These collaborations have resulted in memorable tracks that have resonated with fans and have further solidified E.S.G.’s place in the rap scene.

In addition to his real estate holdings, ESG is also known for his collection of luxury cars. Among his prized possessions are a Jeep Wrangler, Cadillac, and Dodge. These vehicles not only showcase his taste for finer things but also reflect the rewards of his hard work and dedication to his craft.

ESG’s lifestyle is relatively private, as he prefers to keep his personal affairs away from the public eye. While there may not be extensive details available about his day-to-day life, it is clear that ESG enjoys the fruits of his labor and the freedom that success has afforded him.

ESG’s Assets


Located in Houston, Texas

Jeep Wrangler, Cadillac, Dodge

ESG’s assets and lifestyle are a testament to his accomplishments in the music industry. Through his hard work, talent, and entrepreneurial ventures, he has been able to build a successful career and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

ESG’s Early Life and Education

E.S.G., born Cedric Dormaine Hill, was born on June 3, 1974, in Bogalusa, Louisiana, United States. He spent his early years in Louisiana before moving to Texas to pursue his music career. Details about his education are limited, but it is known that he dropped out of high school and focused on his passion for rap music.

Table: ESG’s Early Life and Education

Birth Name
Cedric Dormaine Hill

Date of Birth
June 3, 1974

Place of Birth
Bogalusa, Louisiana, United States

Early Life
Spent early years in Louisiana

Dropped out of high school

In his early years, E.S.G. developed a deep passion for rap music, which eventually led him to pursue a career in the industry. Despite leaving formal education behind, he dedicated himself to honing his skills and making a name for himself in the music scene.

“I knew from a young age that music was my true calling. I had a burning desire to express myself through rap, and I was willing to do whatever it took to succeed,” E.S.G. once stated in an interview.

ESG’s Personal Life and Relationships

E.S.G., also known as Cedric Dormaine Hill, is known for keeping his personal life private. There is limited information available about his relationships and family. E.S.G. has not publicly disclosed any information regarding his parents or siblings. He prefers to maintain a low profile when it comes to romantic partners and children, and there have been no public reports linking him to any specific individuals.

E.S.G.’s focus has primarily been on his music career and entrepreneurial ventures. With a net worth of $6 million, he has built a successful empire in the rap industry. While fans may be curious about his personal life, E.S.G. has chosen to prioritize his privacy and maintain a level of separation between his public persona and personal relationships.

Despite his reserved nature, E.S.G. remains an influential figure in the music industry, known for his contributions to the chopped and screwed style of music. His talent and dedication to his craft have earned him a loyal fan base, and his impact on the rap genre cannot be understated.

“I believe that my music should speak for itself. My personal life is separate from my career, and I prefer to keep it that way.” – E.S.G.

ESG’s Personal Life Summary:

E.S.G. keeps his personal life private and prefers to maintain privacy when it comes to relationships and family.
No information is publicly available about E.S.G.’s parents or siblings.
E.S.G. has not been publicly linked to any romantic partners or children.
He prioritizes his music career and entrepreneurial ventures over sharing personal details with the public.
E.S.G.’s influence in the rap industry cannot be understated, thanks to his contributions and success.

Philanthropic Efforts and Community Involvement

ESG rapper philanthropy, ESG rapper community involvement, and ESG rapper charitable initiatives have been integral parts of Cedric Dormaine Hill’s career. Recognizing the importance of giving back, E.S.G. has actively engaged in various philanthropic endeavors to make a positive impact on society.

One of E.S.G.’s notable charitable initiatives is his involvement in supporting education, particularly for underprivileged youth. He has contributed to scholarship programs and educational institutions, providing opportunities for students to pursue their dreams. Through these efforts, E.S.G. aims to empower the next generation and create a brighter future.

In addition to his support for education, E.S.G. is also involved in community development initiatives. He has partnered with local organizations to address social issues and promote positive change in disadvantaged communities. By investing in community projects such as youth centers and mentoring programs, E.S.G. strives to uplift and inspire individuals to reach their full potential.

“It’s important for me to use my platform to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I believe in giving back and supporting causes that are close to my heart. Through philanthropy and community involvement, we can create a better world together.” – E.S.G.

E.S.G.’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond financial contributions. He actively participates in events and initiatives that raise awareness for various charitable causes. By leveraging his influence as an artist, E.S.G. has the ability to inspire and mobilize his fans to join him in making a difference.

Philanthropic Efforts
Community Involvement

Supporting education through scholarships and partnerships with educational institutions
Investing in community development projects such as youth centers and mentoring programs

Raising awareness and funds for charitable causes
Participating in events and initiatives that promote positive change

Collaborating with other artists to create music for charity
Engaging with fans to encourage community involvement and volunteerism

E.S.G.’s dedication to philanthropy and community involvement has earned him respect not only as a talented rapper but also as a compassionate individual who strives to make a meaningful difference. By using his success to uplift others, E.S.G. continues to inspire both his fans and fellow artists to contribute to the betterment of society.

ESG’s Social Media Presence

In today’s digital age, social media has become an essential platform for artists to connect with their fans and share updates about their work. E.S.G., the renowned rapper and music industry influencer, is no exception to this trend. While he values his privacy, E.S.G. maintains a presence on social media, particularly on Instagram.

E.S.G.’s Instagram account boasts nearly 178K followers, where he offers occasional glimpses into his music and ventures. Fans can expect updates on upcoming projects, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and personal insights from the artist. The platform serves as a window into E.S.G.’s world, allowing fans to stay connected and engaged with his artistic journey.

However, it is worth noting that while E.S.G. is active on Instagram, he does not maintain an active presence on Twitter or Facebook. Despite this, his Instagram presence alone provides a valuable avenue for fans to stay updated on his music, collaborations, and other endeavors.

Future Projects and Conclusion

Looking ahead, E.S.G. shows no signs of slowing down in his music career. With a passion that still burns strong, he has no plans for retirement. Fans can expect to hear more of his unique style and captivating lyrics in the coming years.

E.S.G. has several exciting projects in the pipeline, including new music releases and collaborations. He continues to push the boundaries of his art, exploring new sounds and styles while staying true to his roots. His dedication to his craft ensures that his music will continue to resonate with audiences.

As we conclude this journey into the life and career of E.S.G., it is clear that he has left a lasting impact on the rap industry. Through his talent, entrepreneurial endeavors, and philanthropic efforts, he has become a respected figure in the music world. With an unwavering commitment to his art and the community, E.S.G. is a shining example of success and inspiration for aspiring artists.


How much is E.S.G. worth?

E.S.G., also known as Cedric Dormaine Hill, has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2023.

What is E.S.G.’s career background?

E.S.G. is a prominent American rapper who gained success as a member of the famous group Screwed Up Click and is credited with popularizing the chopped and screwed style of music.

How many albums has E.S.G. released?

E.S.G. has released a total of 11 studio albums throughout his career.

What are some notable albums by E.S.G.?

Some notable albums by E.S.G. include “Ocean of Funk” (1994), “Sailin’ Da South” (1995), “Return of the Living Dead” (1998), and “All American Gangsta” (2004).

Has E.S.G. collaborated with other artists?

Yes, E.S.G. has collaborated with various artists in the rap industry, including DJ Screw, Lil Flip, and Slim Thug.

What business ventures has E.S.G. pursued?

E.S.G. has founded his own record label, Screwed Up Records & Tapes, and launched a clothing line called “SUC Gear.”

What assets does E.S.G. own?

E.S.G. owns a house in Houston, Texas, and has a collection of cars that includes a Jeep Wrangler, Cadillac, and Dodge.

Where is E.S.G. from?

E.S.G. was born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, United States.

Does E.S.G. have any known relationships or family?

E.S.G. prefers to keep his personal life private, and not much is known about his relationships or family.

What philanthropic efforts is E.S.G. involved in?

E.S.G. actively engages in charitable initiatives, supporting causes such as education, youth empowerment, and community development.

Does E.S.G. have a social media presence?

Yes, E.S.G. has an Instagram account with almost 178K followers, where he provides updates on his music and ventures.

Does E.S.G. have any plans to retire from music?

As of now, there are no indications that E.S.G. plans to retire from music. He continues to create and release new music.

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