Tim Robbins Net Worth – How Much is Robbins Worth?

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Tim Robbins, the acclaimed American actor, screenwriter, director, producer, activist, and musician, has amassed a substantial net worth throughout his successful career in the entertainment industry. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robbins’ net worth is estimated to be $70 million. His diverse talents and contributions have not only made him a household name but also secured his financial stability.

Key Takeaways:

Tim Robbins’ net worth is estimated to be $70 million.
His successful career in the entertainment industry has contributed to his financial stability.
Robbins has proven his versatility as an actor, director, screenwriter, producer, activist, and musician.
His involvement in high-grossing films and ongoing residual income has boosted his earnings.
Robbins’ diverse talents and contributions have solidified his legacy in the entertainment industry.

Early Life of Tim Robbins

Tim Robbins, born on October 16, 1958, in West Covina, California, had a unique upbringing that laid the foundation for his successful career in the entertainment industry. Coming from a family with a passion for the arts, Robbins was exposed to music and creativity from a young age. His parents, Mary Cecelia and Gilbert Lee Robbins, were both musicians, nurturing his love for artistic expression.

Raised in New York City, Robbins grew up alongside three siblings, immersing himself in the vibrant cultural scene of the city. His early exposure to theater and acting sparked a deep interest in the performing arts. In high school, Robbins eagerly joined the drama club and participated in theatrical productions, honing his skills and feeding his passion for the stage.

The diverse artistic environment of his upbringing, coupled with his curiosity and talent, set the stage for Tim Robbins’ future achievements in the entertainment industry.

My upbringing in a creative household and the vibrant arts scene of New York City greatly influenced my love for acting and the performing arts. I was fortunate to have supportive parents who nurtured my artistic interests from a young age.

Career Achievements of Tim Robbins

Tim Robbins has had a remarkable career in the entertainment industry, showcasing his diverse talents as an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, activist, and musician. His contributions have not gone unnoticed, as he has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career.

Tim Robbins Filmography

Robbins has an extensive filmography, with notable roles in critically acclaimed movies. Some of his notable film roles include:

“Bull Durham” (1988) – Robbins played the role of Nuke LaLoosh, a talented but wild baseball pitcher.
“The Shawshank Redemption” (1994) – Robbins portrayed the character of Andy Dufresne, a man wrongfully convicted of murder.
“The Player” (1992) – Robbins starred as Griffin Mill, a Hollywood studio executive.
“Mystic River” (2003) – Robbins delivered a powerful performance as Dave Boyle, a man haunted by his past.

In addition to these films, Robbins has appeared in many other notable movies, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Tim Robbins Awards and Recognitions

As a testament to his talent and dedication, Tim Robbins has garnered numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career. Some of his notable accolades include:


Academy Awards
Best Supporting Actor (Mystic River)

Golden Globe Awards
Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama (The Player)

SAG Awards
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role (Mystic River)

Cannes Film Festival
Best Actor (The Player)

These awards and recognitions are a testament to Robbins’ talent and the impact he has made in the industry.

Personal Life of Tim Robbins

When it comes to his personal life, Tim Robbins has had a notable and intriguing journey. He was in a long-term relationship with the talented actress Susan Sarandon, and the couple has two sons together. However, after many years together, Robbins and Sarandon separated in 2009, making headlines across the entertainment industry.

Aside from his relationships, Robbins has also shown a passion for sports. He is an avid supporter of the New York Mets baseball team and the New York Rangers ice hockey team. His love for both sports highlights his dedication as a fan and his ability to find joy in recreational activities outside of his professional career.

While many celebrities have tumultuous personal lives, Robbins has managed to maintain a calm and private existence focused on his family and profession. Despite the challenges that come with fame and success, he has found a balance that allows him to thrive in both aspects of his life.

Romantic Relationships

Throughout his life, Tim Robbins has been involved in high-profile relationships. His most notable partnership was with Susan Sarandon, whom he met on the set of the film “Bull Durham” in 1988. The couple was together for over two decades before their separation in 2009, attracting considerable media attention.

“The beauty of our relationship is that it’s based on mutual respect, honesty, and a deep love for each other as artists and individuals. We are committed to supporting each other’s growth and happiness, even if that means taking different paths.”

Parenting and Family Life

Robbins and Sarandon have two sons together, Jack Henry Robbins and Miles Robbins. Both of their children have followed in their parents’ footsteps and pursued careers in the entertainment industry. The family maintains a close bond, and Robbins has been supportive of his sons’ endeavors, providing guidance and encouragement as they navigate their own paths in the spotlight.

Hobbies and Interests

Aside from his professional endeavors, Tim Robbins has a range of hobbies and interests that he enjoys in his free time. As mentioned earlier, he is a passionate sports fan, particularly when it comes to baseball and ice hockey. He can often be seen attending games and cheering on his favorite teams.

Additionally, Robbins has a deep appreciation for music and is known to play the guitar. He has even showcased his musical talent through various projects and collaborations throughout his career. His diverse interests outside of acting illustrate his multi-faceted personality and his ability to find fulfillment in different areas of his life.

Tim Robbins’ Real Estate Investments

When it comes to real estate, Tim Robbins has made some impressive investments. One of his notable properties is a stunning mansion located in Venice, California. This luxurious residence serves as his primary residence, providing him with a beautiful and comfortable living environment.

Additionally, following his separation from actress Susan Sarandon, she paid Robbins $3.2 million to gain full ownership of their shared six-bedroom duplex in Chelsea, Manhattan. This real estate transaction further showcases Robbins’ astute investments in prime locations.

Ownership Status

Venice, California
Primary residence

Chelsea, Manhattan
Sold to Susan Sarandon

Robbins’ real estate portfolio reflects his financial success and the ability to make wise investments. These properties not only serve as assets but also provide him with a sense of stability and privacy in his personal life.

As Tim Robbins continues to thrive in his career, his real estate ventures are just one aspect of his overall financial prosperity and well-deserved success.

Tim Robbins’ Contributions to Theater

Throughout his career, Tim Robbins has been deeply involved in the world of theater, showcasing his passion for the art form. His early experiences in theater helped shape his acting skills and cultivate his love for the stage.

In 1981, Robbins co-founded “The Actors’ Gang,” a renowned theater company known for its innovative productions and commitment to social and political activism. The company has staged numerous critically acclaimed plays, pushing the boundaries of traditional theater and engaging audiences with thought-provoking performances.

Robbins has not only acted in theater productions but has also directed and produced plays. His directorial efforts have earned praise for their artistic vision and ability to challenge societal norms. Through his work in theater, Robbins has pushed the boundaries of storytelling, using the stage as a platform for social commentary and artistic expression.

Table: Tim Robbins’ Theater Contributions

Theater Company
Year Founded
Key Achievements

The Actors’ Gang
– Pushing the boundaries of traditional theater

– Commitment to social and political activism

– Critically acclaimed productions

Robbins’ contributions to theater have left a lasting impact on the industry. His dedication to the craft and commitment to storytelling have inspired future generations of actors, directors, and writers.

Tim Robbins as a Director and Screenwriter

In addition to his successful acting career, Tim Robbins has also made a name for himself as a talented director and screenwriter. With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for visuals, Robbins has ventured behind the camera to bring his creative visions to life.

Robbins made his directorial debut with the film “Bob Roberts” in 1992, a satirical comedy-drama that he also wrote and starred in. The film received critical acclaim for its sharp political satire and Robbins’ skillful direction. He followed this success with other directorial ventures, including “Dead Man Walking” and “Cradle Will Rock,” both of which showcased his versatility and ability to tackle complex and thought-provoking subjects.

Robbins’ talent as a director shines through in his ability to elicit powerful performances from his actors and to create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. His dedication to storytelling and his unique perspective as both an actor and a director have earned him praise and recognition in the film industry.

The Table


Bob Roberts

Dead Man Walking

Cradle Will Rock

Robbins’ foray into directing and screenwriting has allowed him to explore new creative avenues and expand his repertoire as an artist. His films have tackled a wide range of themes, from political commentary to social issues, and have often sparked important conversations among audiences.

As a director and screenwriter, Robbins continues to challenge himself and push the boundaries of storytelling. His unique perspective and dedication to his craft have solidified his status as a multi-talented artist in the entertainment industry.

Table: Tim Robbins’ Notable Film and TV Roles


The Shawshank Redemption
Andy Dufresne

Bull Durham
Nuke LaLoosh

Mystic River
Dave Boyle

TV Show

The Brink
Walter Larson

The Spoils of Babylon
Jonas Morehouse

Tim Robbins’ Financial Success

Tim Robbins has achieved significant financial success throughout his career in the entertainment industry. With peak movie paychecks ranging from $8-12 million, Robbins has earned a substantial income. His involvement in high-grossing films like “The Shawshank Redemption” has also resulted in ongoing residual income, contributing to his overall wealth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tim Robbins’ net worth is estimated to be $70 million. This impressive financial status is a result of his diverse talents as an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, activist, and musician. Robbins’ versatile career has allowed him to explore different avenues within the industry, each contributing to his financial growth.

While his net worth may be impressive, it is important to note that Robbins’ success is not solely attributed to his earnings. His financial acumen, investment decisions, and business ventures also play a role in bolstering his wealth. Additionally, his ongoing involvement in the entertainment industry ensures a continued flow of income and opportunities for financial growth.

Tim Robbins’ financial success serves as a testament to his talent, dedication, and impact within the entertainment industry. His ability to excel in multiple fields has not only earned him critical acclaim but has also secured his financial stability and future endeavors.

Table: Tim Robbins’ Earnings


The Shawshank Redemption
$8 million

Arlington Road
$12 million

Code 46
$10 million

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
$8 million

Thanks for Sharing
$9 million

Tim Robbins’ Impact and Legacy

Throughout his illustrious career, Tim Robbins has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, cementing his status as a versatile talent and a true icon. With his exceptional acting skills, directorial prowess, and commitment to social activism, Robbins has made significant contributions that will shape the industry for years to come.

One of Robbins’ greatest impacts lies in his ability to inhabit a wide range of characters and bring them to life on the screen. From the unforgettable portrayal of Andy Dufresne in “The Shawshank Redemption” to the complex and haunting Dave Boyle in “Mystic River,” Robbins has consistently delivered performances that captivate audiences and showcase his remarkable talent.

In addition to his acting prowess, Robbins has also made a lasting impact through his work behind the camera. As a director and screenwriter, he has fearlessly tackled thought-provoking subjects and shed light on pressing social issues. Films like “Dead Man Walking” and “Cradle Will Rock” demonstrate his commitment to storytelling that challenges the status quo and prompts reflection and change.

“I want to confront the issues, confront the politics, confront the vast inequities in wealth and opportunity that exist in this country. I want to confront the corporate media’s role in perpetuating these things.” – Tim Robbins

The Legacy of Activism

Beyond his contributions to the entertainment industry, Tim Robbins has also left an enduring legacy as a passionate activist. He has used his platform to speak out on a wide range of social and political issues, advocating for change and amplifying the voices of the marginalized. Whether protesting against the Iraq War or championing prison reform, Robbins has consistently demonstrated his dedication to making a positive impact in the world.

Robbins’ legacy will continue to inspire future generations of artists, activists, and storytellers. His commitment to using his platform for change serves as a powerful testament to the potential of art to ignite conversations, challenge the status quo, and shape a better future for all.

Tim Robbins’ Future Endeavors

As Tim Robbins continues to evolve in his career, he is exploring new and exciting projects. One of his upcoming ventures is a Trump satire podcast titled “Bobbo Supreme.” Known for his wit and creative storytelling, Robbins aims to bring his unique perspective to the world of podcasting.

With his diverse skills and talents, Robbins is sure to captivate listeners with his humorous take on the current political climate. “Bobbo Supreme” promises to be a thought-provoking and entertaining podcast that will leave audiences eagerly anticipating each new episode.

While Robbins may have taken a step back from acting, his foray into podcasting demonstrates his determination to push boundaries and engage with audiences in innovative ways. His upcoming work showcases his continued passion for storytelling and his commitment to evolving as an artist.

As we look to the future, Tim Robbins’ upcoming projects are an exciting reminder that he still has much to offer the entertainment industry. Whether it’s through acting, directing, screenwriting, or podcasting, Robbins’ talent and creativity will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on audiences for years to come.


How much is Tim Robbins worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tim Robbins has a net worth of $70 million.

What is Tim Robbins’ primary residence?

Tim Robbins’ primary residence is a mansion in Venice, California.

What are Tim Robbins’ notable film roles?

Tim Robbins has portrayed memorable characters such as Andy Dufresne in “The Shawshank Redemption,” Nuke LaLoosh in “Bull Durham,” and Dave Boyle in “Mystic River.”

Has Tim Robbins won any awards?

Yes, Tim Robbins has won various awards throughout his career, including an Academy Award for his role in “Mystic River.”

Who is Tim Robbins’ former partner?

Tim Robbins was in a long-term relationship with actress Susan Sarandon.

Does Tim Robbins have any children?

Yes, Tim Robbins has two sons with his former partner Susan Sarandon.

What is Tim Robbins’ involvement in theater?

Tim Robbins co-founded the theater company “The Actors’ Gang” in 1981 and has participated in various theater productions.

Has Tim Robbins directed any films?

Yes, Tim Robbins has directed films such as “Bob Roberts,” “Dead Man Walking,” and “Cradle Will Rock.”

How much has Tim Robbins earned throughout his career?

Tim Robbins has earned a significant income throughout his career, with peak movie paychecks ranging from $8-12 million.

What is Tim Robbins’ upcoming project?

Tim Robbins is currently gearing up to launch a Trump satire podcast called “Bobbo Supreme.”

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