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CD Lamb, the rising star in the NFL, has been making waves with his exceptional talent and impressive journey in American football. Born and raised in Louisiana, Lamb has quickly become a household name as a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. But just how much is CD Lamb worth? Let’s delve into his net worth and the factors that contribute to his success.

Key Takeaways:

CD Lamb’s net worth is estimated to be around $21 million.
His lucrative contract with the Dallas Cowboys and endorsement deals contribute to his wealth.
CD Lamb’s journey from hurricane-affected New Orleans to college football success is an inspiration.
He has quickly established himself as one of the top wide receivers in the NFL.
CD Lamb’s future prospects are bright, with potential for even greater success and financial gains.

CD Lamb Early Life and College Career

CD Lamb, born and raised in Louisiana, had a fascinating journey to becoming an NFL star. He faced adversity early on when his family was forced to leave their home in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. They relocated to Houston, Texas, where Lamb’s passion for football began to flourish.

After graduating from high school, Lamb attended the University of Oklahoma, where he made a name for himself in college football. During his three seasons with the Oklahoma Sooners, Lamb showcased his extraordinary talent, catching a total of 173 passes for 3,292 yards and 32 touchdowns. His exceptional performance on the field earned him All-Big 12 honors and made him one of the most highly regarded wide receivers in the 2020 NFL Draft class.

In his junior year, Lamb had a breakout season, recording 62 receptions for 1,327 yards and 14 touchdowns. His impressive statistics and electrifying plays solidified his reputation as a game-changer on the football field.

CD Lamb’s college career was marked by his remarkable ability to make clutch catches and create big plays. He consistently demonstrated his exceptional skills and contributed significantly to the Oklahoma Sooners’ success.

Achievements and Stats

College Career

46 receptions, 807 yards, 7 touchdowns

65 receptions, 1,158 yards, 11 touchdowns
All-Big 12 Second Team

62 receptions, 1,327 yards, 14 touchdowns
Consensus All-American

173 receptions, 3,292 yards, 32 touchdowns

CD Lamb’s exceptional college career set the stage for his professional success in the NFL. His incredible route-running, speed, and ability to make contested catches have made him one of the most exciting wide receivers in the league.

With his early life experiences and remarkable achievements in college, CD Lamb’s journey to NFL stardom is a testament to his resilience, dedication, and undeniable talent.

CD Lamb NFL Career and Contract

After an impressive college football career, CD Lamb was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He signed a four-year contract with the team, solidifying his place in the NFL. Lamb’s rookie season showcased his talent and potential as he caught 74 passes for 935 yards and five touchdowns, ranking second among rookies in receiving yards. He quickly established himself as a key player in the Cowboys’ offense.

In his sophomore year, Lamb continued to excel, leading the team with 79 receptions, 1,102 yards, and six touchdowns. His performance on the field has been instrumental in the Cowboys’ success, and he is regarded as one of the best wide receivers in the league. With his market value steadily rising, Lamb’s future in the NFL looks promising.




With his impressive performances, CD Lamb’s market value for a four-year deal is currently estimated at $83,849,292. As he continues to make a name for himself in the NFL, Lamb’s future prospects look bright. Fans and analysts eagerly anticipate his continued success on the field and the impact he will have on the Dallas Cowboys.

CD Lamb Endorsements and Brand Deals

CD Lamb’s success on the field has not only garnered him recognition as a top talent in the NFL but has also led to numerous endorsement deals and brand partnerships. These collaborations have played a significant role in increasing Lamb’s net worth and establishing his brand off the field.

Among Lamb’s notable endorsements are partnerships with Visa, Chime, Vertiball, Lowes, Panini America, and Pizza Hut. These endorsements have not only provided financial gains but have also contributed to raising Lamb’s profile as a trusted and influential figure in the sports industry.

“Working with these brands has been an incredible experience for me. I am proud to be associated with companies that align with my values and support my career,” Lamb said in a recent interview.

One of Lamb’s most significant brand partnerships is with global sportswear giant, Nike. The endorsement deal with Nike not only highlights Lamb’s skill and marketability but also solidifies his position among the elite athletes endorsed by the renowned company.

Through these endorsements and brand deals, CD Lamb has not only solidified his financial security but has also built a strong personal brand that extends beyond the football field. His influence as an athlete and brand ambassador is a testament to his success both on and off the field.

CD Lamb Net Worth Breakdown

CD Lamb’s net worth is estimated to be around $21 million. Let’s take a closer look at the breakdown of his assets, income, and expenses.

CD Lamb’s Assets

CD Lamb’s assets include:

A contract with the Dallas Cowboys worth $14.01 million
Luxury cars
Luxury watches
A stock portfolio of $2 million
A luxury yacht

CD Lamb’s Income

CD Lamb earns an annual income of approximately $2 million, with a monthly income surpassing $150,000. In addition to his NFL salary, he also earns royalty income of $6 million and has other sources of income that total $20,000.

CD Lamb’s Expenses

CD Lamb incurs annual expenses of about $250,000 and pays approximately $25,000 in taxes.

This table provides a clear and comprehensive overview of CD Lamb’s net worth, assets, income, and expenses.

CD Lamb Net Worth Growth

CD Lamb’s net worth has experienced steady growth over the past few years, reflecting his success in the NFL and his various off-field ventures. In 2020, Lamb’s net worth was estimated at $19 million, a significant increase from the previous year. By 2021, his net worth had reached $21 million, and in 2022, it climbed even further to an estimated $23 million. As of 2023, Lamb’s net worth stands at an impressive $25 million.

This substantial growth in net worth can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, Lamb’s on-field performance has played a significant role. Since joining the Dallas Cowboys, he has quickly established himself as one of the team’s top wide receivers, consistently delivering impressive stats and making highlight reel plays. This success has not only elevated his market value but also earned him recognition and lucrative endorsement deals.

In addition to his football career, Lamb has capitalized on his growing fame by partnering with several well-known brands. His endorsement deals with Visa, Chime, Vertiball, Lowes, Panini America, Pizza Hut, and Nike have further boosted his net worth. These partnerships not only provide financial benefits but also solidify Lamb’s brand off the field, positioning him as a marketable and influential figure.

CD Lamb’s achievements have solidified his position as one of the most promising young talents in the NFL. His ability to make impactful plays and contribute to his team’s success has not gone unnoticed. With each game, he continues to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with, earning the respect and admiration of fans and fellow players alike.

While his journey is still in its early stages, CD Lamb has already etched his name in NFL history. His records and accolades serve as a reminder of his exceptional skill set and the impact he has on the game. As he continues to grow and develop as a player, it is clear that Lamb’s future is filled with potential and unparalleled success.

CD Lamb’s Impact on the Dallas Cowboys

CD Lamb’s arrival at the Dallas Cowboys has made a significant impact on the team’s performance. With his exceptional skills and playmaking abilities, Lamb has quickly established himself as a key player in the Cowboys’ offense. His speed, agility, and route-running prowess have allowed him to consistently find open spaces and make big plays downfield. Lamb’s performances have not only electrified the fans but also instilled confidence in his teammates, coaches, and the Cowboys’ organization as a whole.

Since joining the team, Lamb has been an integral part of the Cowboys’ success. In just two seasons, he has emerged as a reliable target for quarterback Dak Prescott, consistently making crucial catches and providing a spark to the offense. Lamb’s ability to gain yards after the catch and his knack for finding the end zone have been instrumental in the Cowboys’ ability to put points on the board. His impact on the field can be seen in the team’s improved offensive statistics and overall performance.

Not only does Lamb contribute as a wide receiver, but he also plays a critical role in the Cowboys’ special teams. His speed and elusiveness make him a dangerous return man, capable of flipping the field and providing excellent field position for the offense. Lamb’s versatility and willingness to contribute in all phases of the game highlight his commitment to the team’s success.

The Impact of CD Lamb’s Performance

CD Lamb’s performance on the field has elevated the Dallas Cowboys’ offense to new heights. His ability to consistently make big plays has kept opposing defenses on their toes, creating opportunities for other offensive weapons. Lamb’s presence in the lineup has forced opposing defenses to allocate additional resources to stop him, opening up opportunities for his teammates and allowing the Cowboys’ offense to be more balanced and unpredictable.

Lamb’s impact goes beyond his individual statistics. His work ethic, dedication, and positive attitude have made him a respected leader on the team. He leads by example and motivates his teammates to strive for greatness, pushing them to perform at their best. Lamb’s impact in the locker room and his ability to bring out the best in his teammates cannot be understated. He has become a role model for younger players and a source of inspiration for the entire team.

CD Lamb’s Off-Field Ventures

CD Lamb’s success on the football field has not only brought him fame and fortune but also opened up opportunities for off-field ventures. Alongside his thriving NFL career, Lamb has capitalized on his growing popularity by partnering with various brands and businesses, expanding his reach beyond the realm of sports.

One of Lamb’s notable off-field ventures is his endorsement deals with prominent companies such as Visa, Chime, Vertiball, Lowes, Panini America, Pizza Hut, and Nike. These partnerships not only provide him with lucrative financial opportunities but also help establish his brand and image off the field. By associating himself with well-known brands, Lamb has solidified his status as a marketable athlete and further enhanced his overall net worth.

In addition to endorsement deals, Lamb has also ventured into the trading card industry. He had an endorsement deal with Leaf Trading Cards, although it faced legal issues. Despite the setback, Lamb’s foray into the trading card market demonstrates his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to explore different business opportunities.

As CD Lamb’s football career continues to flourish, it’s likely that he will explore even more off-field ventures in the future. With his talent, marketability, and growing brand, Lamb has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur beyond the realm of football, further solidifying his position as a multi-faceted and influential figure in the sports and business world.

CD Lamb’s Future Prospects

Looking ahead, CD Lamb’s future prospects in the NFL are incredibly promising. As a rising star in the league, Lamb’s talent and performance have garnered widespread recognition, making him a highly sought-after player. With his exceptional skills as a wide receiver, he is likely to attract significant attention during contract negotiations.

Considering his market value and consistent on-field success, Lamb can expect to secure a more lucrative deal in the future. Whether it be with the Dallas Cowboys or another team, his impressive performances have undoubtedly raised his value in the league.

Off the field, Lamb’s growing popularity is opening doors to exciting business opportunities. As his brand continues to expand, he is likely to attract more endorsement deals and partnerships, further enhancing his overall net worth. With his charismatic personality and undeniable talent, fans and analysts anticipate great things from CD Lamb in the coming years as he continues to make his mark on the NFL.


How old is CD Lamb?

CD Lamb is currently 23 years old.

What team does CD Lamb play for?

CD Lamb is a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.

Where was CD Lamb born and raised?

CD Lamb was born and raised in Louisiana.

When was CD Lamb drafted?

CD Lamb was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

How much is CD Lamb’s net worth?

CD Lamb’s net worth is estimated to be around $21 million.

What is CD Lamb’s salary?

CD Lamb earns an average annual salary of $3,502,503.

Who are CD Lamb’s endorsement partners?

CD Lamb has endorsement deals with Visa, Chime, Vertiball, Lowes, Panini America, Pizza Hut, and Nike.

What are CD Lamb’s career stats in college?

In college, CD Lamb caught 173 passes for 3,292 yards and 32 touchdowns.

How many yards did CD Lamb have in his rookie season?

In his rookie season, CD Lamb had 935 receiving yards.

How many touchdowns did CD Lamb have in his sophomore year?

CD Lamb had six touchdowns in his sophomore year.

What is CD Lamb’s market value for a 4-year deal?

CD Lamb’s market value for a 4-year deal is currently estimated at $83,849,292.

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