Rachel Weisz Net Worth – How Much is Weisz Worth?

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Rachel Weisz, the renowned English actress and model, has achieved incredible success in her career, leading to a substantial net worth. As of now, her estimated net worth stands at a remarkable $40 million. Weisz has earned this impressive fortune through her exceptional talent and numerous accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

With a career spanning both mainstream blockbusters and independent films, Weisz has consistently showcased her versatility as an actress. Her remarkable performances in movies such as “The Mummy,” “The Constant Gardener,” and “The Favourite” have not only garnered critical acclaim but also contributed significantly to her financial success.

In addition to her successful film career, Rachel Weisz has also made a name for herself in the world of theatre. Her performances on stage have earned widespread recognition and further solidified her status as a highly respected actress.

Key Takeaways:

Rachel Weisz’s net worth is estimated at $40 million.
She has achieved success in both mainstream and independent films.
Weisz has won numerous awards for her exceptional performances.
She has a significant presence in the world of theater.
Her financial success reflects her talent and contributions to the entertainment industry.

Early Life

Rachel Weisz, born on March 7, 1970, in Westminster, London, had an upbringing influenced by her Jewish heritage. From a young age, she was encouraged to pursue the arts, and her passion for acting and modeling began to take shape.

At the age of 14, Weisz embarked on a modeling career, which allowed her to explore her creative side and gain valuable experience in the entertainment industry. However, her ambitions extended beyond the world of modeling, leading her to pursue higher education.

Weisz studied at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where she further honed her acting skills through various school plays. Her dedication and talent were recognized, and she graduated with honors, laying the foundation for her future acting career.

With a strong educational background and a burning passion for acting, Weisz set out to make a name for herself in the world of film and television.

Rachel Weisz’s Career

Rachel Weisz’s career in the film industry has been nothing short of remarkable. She has showcased her incredible talent in a wide range of roles, both in mainstream blockbusters and independent films.

Breakthrough Role and Notable Films

One of Rachel Weisz’s breakthrough roles came in the popular action-adventure film “The Mummy” and its sequel, “The Mummy Returns.” Her portrayal of the fierce and intelligent Evelyn Carnahan captured audiences’ attention and catapulted her to international fame. This success opened doors to new opportunities, leading to remarkable performances in films such as “Enemy at the Gates” and “The Constant Gardener,” for which she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Weisz’s filmography also includes notable independent films like “The Deep Blue Sea” and “The Favourite,” where she showcased her versatility and ability to master complex characters. Her dedication to her craft and outstanding performances have garnered critical acclaim and solidified her status as one of the most talented actresses in the industry.

Contributions to Independent Films

In addition to her work in mainstream cinema, Rachel Weisz has demonstrated a strong commitment to independent films. She has sought out projects that challenge societal norms and explore unique narratives. Weisz’s decision to take on roles in independent films showcases her passion for storytelling and her desire to push the boundaries of traditional cinema.

By collaborating with visionary directors and taking risks with unconventional projects, Weisz has forged a reputation as an artist unafraid to tackle complex and thought-provoking stories. Her contributions to independent films have not only enriched her own career but have also played a significant role in advancing the artistry and diversity of the film industry as a whole.

From her breakthrough role in “The Mummy” to her Academy Award-winning performance in “The Constant Gardener,” Rachel Weisz’s film career has been defined by remarkable talent, versatility, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Whether in mainstream blockbusters or thought-provoking independent films, she has consistently delivered compelling performances that captivate audiences around the world.

Rachel Weisz’s Relationships and Personal Life

Aside from her successful career, Rachel Weisz’s personal life has also garnered attention. She was previously engaged to filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, and the couple has a son together. However, their relationship ended in 2010. Shortly after, Weisz started dating actor Daniel Craig, whom she eventually married in 2011. The couple now has one child.

Weisz and Craig are known for keeping their personal lives private and rarely discussing their relationship in the media. This privacy has allowed them to maintain a strong foundation and focus on their careers and family life. Despite being in the spotlight, Weisz remains committed to safeguarding her personal affairs.

When it comes to her personal interests and hobbies, Weisz has revealed that she is passionate about food. In fact, she even published a cookbook titled “The Tucci Cookbook.” Additionally, she has a unique fascination with collecting classic cigarette lighters, considering it a guilty pleasure. These hobbies offer a glimpse into Weisz’s personal lifestyle and diverse range of interests.

While Rachel Weisz’s relationships and personal life may not be as publicized as her professional achievements, they contribute to her well-rounded identity. Her ability to maintain a balance between her personal and professional life is a testament to her dedication and determination in both aspects of her life.

Rachel Weisz’s Real Estate Ventures

Rachel Weisz and her husband Daniel Craig have made significant investments in the real estate market, owning various properties over the years. One notable property purchase was their acquisition of a stunning home in Brooklyn in 2018. This exquisite property boasts six bedrooms, 14-foot ceilings, and even an elevator, truly reflecting their sophisticated taste and luxurious lifestyle. The couple reportedly purchased this Brooklyn home for an impressive $6.75 million, showcasing their financial stability and success.

Additionally, Weisz and Craig have been associated with a property in East Village, although it is believed that they have sold this property. The sale of this property apparently fetched them a substantial sum, amounting to $6 million. These real estate ventures not only demonstrate the couple’s investment acumen but also underscore their smart financial decisions.

Purchase Year
Estimated Value

Brooklyn Home
$6.75 million

East Village Property
East Village, New York
Sold for $6 million

Rachel Weisz’s real estate ventures serve as a testament to her and Daniel Craig’s financial success and their ability to invest wisely. Their properties reflect a blend of opulence and practicality, demonstrating their discerning taste and commitment to leading a comfortable life.

Awards and Recognitions

Rachel Weisz has received numerous accolades throughout her career, solidifying her status as one of the most talented and respected actresses in the industry. Her remarkable performances have earned her prestigious awards such as an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Laurence Olivier Award, and a British Academy Film Award. These accolades recognize her exceptional talent, dedication, and contributions to the world of film.

One of Weisz’s most notable achievements is winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Constant Gardener.” Her portrayal of Tessa Quayle, a passionate activist seeking justice for her husband’s murder, captivated audiences and critics alike. This award not only highlights Weisz’s outstanding performance but also showcases her ability to bring complex characters to life on the big screen.

“The Constant Gardener was a truly transformative role for me. It allowed me to dive deep into the character’s emotional journey and explore important social issues. Winning the Academy Award for this film was a tremendous honor and a testament to the incredible work of the entire cast and crew.” – Rachel Weisz

In addition to her Academy Award win, Weisz has been nominated for various other prestigious awards, including multiple Golden Globe nominations. These nominations further illustrate her versatility as an actress and the widespread recognition of her talent.


Academy Award
Best Supporting Actress

Golden Globe Award
Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture

Laurence Olivier Award
Best Actress

British Academy Film Award
Best Supporting Actress

These awards and nominations reflect the immense talent and dedication that Rachel Weisz brings to her craft. Her incredible performances continue to captivate audiences and establish her as one of the most accomplished actresses of her generation.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Rachel Weisz is not only a talented actress but also a passionate advocate for various causes and an active participant in philanthropic endeavors. She uses her platform in the entertainment industry to raise awareness, support important social issues, and make a positive impact in the world.

One of the causes that Weisz supports is the Film Society of Lincoln Center, an organization dedicated to promoting filmmaking as an art form and providing a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their work. Weisz’s involvement with this organization helps to cultivate the next generation of talented filmmakers and contributes to the growth and development of the film industry as a whole.

In addition to her work with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Weisz is also involved with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. This foundation focuses on funding research and providing support for patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of cancer affecting plasma cells. By supporting this cause, Weisz helps to improve the lives of those affected by the disease and pave the way for advancements in treatment and ultimately finding a cure.

“I believe that as artists, we have a responsibility to use our platform for good and to make a positive impact in the world. Through my involvement in various organizations and causes, I hope to inspire others and create lasting change,” says Rachel Weisz.


Film Society of Lincoln Center
Promoting filmmaking as an art form

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
Supporting research and patients with multiple myeloma

Advocacy for Environmental Conservation

In addition to her work with specific organizations, Weisz is known for her advocacy for environmental conservation. She has spoken out about the importance of sustainable living and reducing our carbon footprint to combat climate change. Weisz actively supports initiatives that promote renewable energy, conservation of natural resources, and raising awareness about the impact of human activities on the environment.

“Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges, and it is our collective responsibility to take action to protect and preserve our environment. By making small changes in our daily lives and supporting organizations that prioritize environmental conservation, we can make a significant difference,” says Weisz.

Supporting sustainable living through renewable energy
Promoting conservation of natural resources
Raising awareness about the impact of human activities on the environment

Rachel Weisz’s philanthropic efforts and commitment to various causes demonstrate her dedication to using her platform for positive change. Through her involvement, she inspires others to get involved and make a difference in their own communities. Weisz’s activism serves as a testament to her character and her desire to create a better world for future generations.

Future Projects

Rachel Weisz, known for her versatile acting abilities, has exciting future projects lined up that showcase her talent and range. One highly anticipated film is her role as Iron Maiden in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie “Black Widow.” Set to be released in 2021, this action-packed film is sure to captivate audiences worldwide. Weisz’s involvement in a major franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe speaks to her continued success and relevance in the industry.

In addition to her Marvel role, Weisz has other film projects in the pipeline. While specific details have not been disclosed, her track record of choosing compelling and diverse roles suggests that audiences can expect more outstanding performances in the near future. As an actress known for her ability to tackle complex characters, Weisz continues to push boundaries and take on projects that challenge her creatively.

With her undeniable talent, Weisz’s future projects are highly anticipated by both critics and fans alike. Audiences can look forward to seeing her on the big screen in a variety of genres and roles, further solidifying her status as one of the most talented actresses of her generation.

Personal Life and Hobbies

In addition to her successful career in the entertainment industry, Rachel Weisz leads a vibrant and fulfilling personal life. Known for her preference for privacy, Weisz keeps her personal affairs out of the public eye as much as possible. However, there are a few glimpses into her personal lifestyle and diverse passions.

Weisz is an avid food enthusiast and has a particular passion for cooking. In fact, she even authored a cookbook titled “The Tucci Cookbook,” showcasing her love for creating delicious meals. This culinary interest reflects her appreciation for the art of food and the joy of sharing meals with loved ones.

“Food is an incredible way to bring people together. It nourishes not just the body but also the soul.”

Aside from her culinary pursuits, Weisz has another unique interest: collecting classic cigarette lighters. She considers it a guilty pleasure and finds joy in discovering vintage lighters with intricate designs and craftsmanship. This hobby allows her to appreciate the beauty and nostalgia associated with these timeless pieces.

The Rachel Weisz Cookbook – A Sneak Peek into Cuisines

To share her love for cooking with her fans, Rachel Weisz curated an exquisite cookbook titled “The Tucci Cookbook.” In this culinary masterpiece, she provides a comprehensive collection of recipes inspired by her favorite cuisines from around the world.

Signature Dish
Page Number

Homemade Pasta with Wild Mushroom Sauce

Coq au Vin

Chicken Enchiladas with Homemade Salsa

Chicken Tikka Masala

From tantalizing pasta dishes to flavorful curries, “The Tucci Cookbook” offers a diverse range of recipes suitable for both experienced cooks and beginners looking to explore the world of cooking. Weisz’s personal touch and anecdotes make this cookbook a true homage to her passion for food.

While her personal life remains largely private, Rachel Weisz’s love for food and collecting classic cigarette lighters provides a glimpse into her unique interests outside of the spotlight.


In summary, Rachel Weisz has achieved tremendous success in her career as an actress and model. With a remarkable net worth of $40 million, she has solidified her financial stability and status as one of the most celebrated actresses of her generation. Weisz’s talent and versatility have been recognized with prestigious awards, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award, highlighting her exceptional contributions to the film industry.

Throughout her career, Weisz has captivated audiences with her performances in both mainstream blockbusters like “The Mummy” and critically acclaimed independent films like “The Constant Gardener.” Her success on the silver screen has been matched by her accomplishments on stage, where she has received widespread acclaim for her theatrical performances.

In addition to her professional achievements, Weisz is known for her philanthropic efforts and dedication to various causes. She has used her platform to raise awareness and support for important social issues, further establishing herself as an influential figure and role model.

Rachel Weisz’s impressive net worth, stellar career, and philanthropic endeavors make her a true icon in the entertainment industry. As she continues to take on exciting projects, such as her upcoming role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Black Widow,” there is no doubt that she will continue to make a significant impact and inspire audiences worldwide.


What is Rachel Weisz’s net worth?

Rachel Weisz has a net worth of $40 million.

What awards has Rachel Weisz won?

Rachel Weisz has won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Laurence Olivier Award, and a British Academy Film Award, among others.

What are some of Rachel Weisz’s notable films?

Rachel Weisz has appeared in films such as “The Mummy,” “The Constant Gardener,” and “The Favourite.”

Who is Rachel Weisz married to?

Rachel Weisz is married to actor Daniel Craig.

What are some of Rachel Weisz’s philanthropic efforts?

Rachel Weisz has been involved with organizations such as the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

What is Rachel Weisz’s upcoming project?

Rachel Weisz will be starring as Iron Maiden in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Black Widow.”

What are some of Rachel Weisz’s hobbies?

Rachel Weisz enjoys food and has published a cookbook titled “The Tucci Cookbook.” She also collects classic cigarette lighters.

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