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Mila Kunis, the Ukrainian-born actress, has achieved remarkable success in her career, amassing a net worth of $75 million. Her financial status is a testament to her talent and hard work, as she has earned a substantial income from her acting endeavors. With her husband Ashton Kutcher’s fortune of $200 million, the couple’s combined net worth stands at an impressive $275 million.

Key Takeaways:

Mila Kunis has a net worth of $75 million, with a combined net worth of $275 million when considering her husband Ashton Kutcher’s fortune.
She rose to fame through her role in “That ’70s Show” and has since achieved success in films like “Black Swan” and “Ted”.
Kunis has diversified her income sources through endorsements and real estate investments.
She is also involved in philanthropy, prioritizing giving back and investing in her children’s future.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher continue to work on various projects, ensuring their continued success in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Career

Mila Kunis, born on August 14, 1983, in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, had an intriguing journey that eventually led her to become a successful actress. At the age of seven, her family relocated to the United States, where she embraced her passion for acting.

It was at the tender age of 14 that Kunis landed her breakthrough role in the popular TV show “That ’70s Show.” This opportunity served as a launching pad for her career and solidified her presence in the entertainment industry.

Kunis’s talent and versatility are evident in her portrayal of various characters, both on the small and big screens. Her captivating performances in films like “Black Swan,” “Ted,” and “Friends with Benefits” have garnered critical acclaim and showcased her ability to excel in different genres.

In summary, Mila Kunis’s early life and career reveal a journey of determination and success. From her humble beginnings in Ukraine to becoming a celebrated actress, she has demonstrated her talent and passion for the craft.

Acting Success and Critical Acclaim

Mila Kunis has established herself as a successful actress, with a wide range of roles that have earned her critical acclaim and commercial success. Her talent and versatility have been showcased in various films, including “Black Swan,” “Ted,” and “Friends with Benefits.”

In “Black Swan,” Kunis delivered a standout performance alongside Natalie Portman, portraying the role of Lily, a seductive and manipulative dancer. Her portrayal earned her widespread praise and nominations for several prestigious awards, including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Kunis’s comedic timing and charm were evident in films like “Ted” and “Friends with Benefits,” where she showcased her ability to bring humor and relatable characters to the screen. Her on-screen chemistry with co-stars such as Justin Timberlake and Mark Wahlberg further enhanced the success of these films.

Mila Kunis Movies

Release Year

Black Swan

Lori Collins

Friends with Benefits
Jamie Rellis

Through her exceptional performances and ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters, Mila Kunis has solidified her status as a respected actress in the industry. As she continues to take on diverse and challenging roles, her career is poised for continued success and recognition.

Family Guy and Voice Acting

Aside from her on-screen roles, Mila Kunis has also made a name for herself as a talented voice actress. Since 1999, she has lent her voice to the character Meg Griffin in the popular animated series Family Guy. Kunis’s portrayal of Meg has garnered praise from the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, and has cemented her status as a versatile performer.

“Voice acting allows me to explore different characters and showcase my vocal range. It’s a unique and exciting form of artistic expression,” says Kunis.

With her natural talent for voice work, Kunis brings Meg Griffin to life with depth and humor. Her contributions to Family Guy have made a significant impact on the show’s success and have further established Kunis as a multi-talented entertainer.

Mila Kunis Real Estate Investments

Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher have made strategic real estate investments, diversifying their financial portfolio and solidifying their status as savvy investors. The couple owns several properties across prestigious neighborhoods in California, showcasing their taste for luxury and architectural excellence.

One of their notable real estate assets includes a stunning $2.9 million home located in the picturesque Laurel Canyon. With its breathtaking views and serene surroundings, this property offers an idyllic retreat for the couple.

Additionally, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher own a luxurious $540,000 condo in West Hollywood, providing them with a stylish and convenient urban living space. Their extensive property portfolio also includes a magnificent $10.2 million residence in the exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood, a testament to their refined taste and opulent lifestyle.

Estimated Value

Laurel Canyon Home
Los Angeles, California
$2.9 million

West Hollywood Condo
West Hollywood, California

Beverly Hills Residence
Beverly Hills, California
$10.2 million

Furthermore, the power couple owns a magnificent $10 million beachfront home in Carpinteria, California, where they can enjoy the tranquility of coastal living and breathtaking ocean views. Their primary residence, a sprawling 6-acre property in Beverly Hills, has been featured in Architectural Digest, showcasing their impeccable taste in design and architecture.

With their strategic real estate investments, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have not only secured luxurious homes for their family but have also established a strong foothold in the real estate market, contributing to their overall financial success and wealth accumulation.

Endorsements and Business Ventures

Mila Kunis has managed to leverage her fame and success in the entertainment industry to secure lucrative endorsement deals with top brands. One of her notable endorsements is with Lenovo, where she not only served as a brand ambassador but also played a significant role in product development. Her collaboration with Lenovo showcases her versatility and business acumen beyond her acting career.

“Working with Lenovo has been an incredible experience. I believe in their vision and dedication to creating innovative and user-friendly products that empower people in their everyday lives. Being involved in the development process has allowed me to bring unique insights and ideas to the table, and I’m proud to be a part of the Lenovo family.”

In addition to endorsements, Mila Kunis has also ventured into the business world. She co-founded the digital media brand A Plus, which focused on positive journalism and socially conscious content. The company’s success led to its acquisition by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, further expanding Kunis’s reach and impact in the media landscape.

With her endorsements and business ventures, Mila Kunis has not only diversified her sources of income but has also established herself as a savvy entrepreneur. Her ability to navigate both the entertainment and business realms has played a significant role in her financial success.

Table: Mila Kunis’s Endorsements and Business Ventures


Endorsement deal and product development collaboration

A Plus
Co-founded digital media brand focused on positive journalism

Personal Life and Relationships

Mila Kunis’s personal life has been a subject of interest for many fans and media outlets. She was previously in a long-term relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin before meeting her now-husband, Ashton Kutcher. Kunis and Kutcher first met on the set of “That ’70s Show” and reconnected years later, forming a close bond that eventually led to their romantic relationship.

After getting engaged in 2014, Kunis and Kutcher tied the knot in July 2015. They have since welcomed two children together, a daughter named Wyatt Isabelle and a son named Dimitri Portwood. The couple has been open about their commitment to family and their efforts to raise their children with a sense of financial awareness and humility.

In interviews, Kunis and Kutcher have often shared stories of their humble upbringings, highlighting the values of hard work and the importance of giving back. They have expressed their desire to instill these values in their children and ensure they grow up with a strong foundation in life. Despite their high-profile careers, Kunis and Kutcher prioritize their family life and maintain a relatively private and low-key lifestyle.

“Family is everything to me. I’m very grateful for my career, but my family always comes first.” – Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher: A Hollywood Love Story

The love story between Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher has captured the hearts of their fans. From their initial on-screen chemistry in “That ’70s Show” to their real-life romance, their relationship has stood the test of time. They have often been praised for their genuine connection and their ability to balance their successful careers with their personal lives.

Kunis and Kutcher’s relationship exemplifies a deep friendship and partnership, as they have navigated the challenges of fame together. They support each other’s endeavors and often collaborate on various projects. Their shared experiences and mutual understanding have cemented their bond and created a strong foundation for their relationship.

Despite being in the public eye, Kunis and Kutcher strive to keep their relationship private and maintain a sense of normalcy. They value their time as a family and make deliberate choices to ensure their children have a grounded upbringing.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Philanthropic Efforts

In addition to their successful careers, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are committed to making a positive impact in the world through philanthropy. They have actively supported various charitable causes, including organizations focused on children’s health, education, and social justice.

Kunis and Kutcher have expressed their belief in the importance of giving back and using their platform to effect change. They understand the power of their influence and strive to leverage it for the betterment of society. Through their philanthropic efforts, they aim to create a lasting impact and inspire others to do the same.

In the next section, we will explore Ashton Kutcher’s net worth and earnings, shedding light on his successful career and financial accomplishments.

Ashton Kutcher’s Net Worth and Earnings

Ashton Kutcher, an accomplished actor and entrepreneur, has built an impressive net worth throughout his career. While the exact figure is not known, estimates suggest that Kutcher’s net worth falls somewhere between $200 million and $250 million. His wealth primarily stems from his successful acting career, lucrative investments, and endorsement deals.

Kutcher gained early recognition for his role as Michael Kelso in the popular TV show “That ’70s Show.” He continued to make a name for himself in Hollywood with notable roles in films like “Dude, Where’s My Car?,” “The Butterfly Effect,” and “No Strings Attached.” However, it was his portrayal of Walden Schmidt in the hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men” that solidified his status as one of the industry’s highest-paid actors.

Aside from his acting endeavors, Kutcher has made shrewd investments in various technology startups, including Airbnb, Uber, and Spotify, through his venture capital firm A-Grade Investments. These investments have yielded substantial returns, contributing significantly to his overall net worth. Additionally, Kutcher has collaborated with brands such as Lenovo and Nikon, further bolstering his income through endorsement deals.

Key Information

Estimated Net Worth
$200 million – $250 million

Main Sources of Income
Acting, Investments, Endorsements

Notable Films and Shows
“That ’70s Show,” “Two and a Half Men,” “No Strings Attached”

Ashton Kutcher’s career trajectory and smart financial moves have positioned him as a prominent figure in both the entertainment and business worlds. With ongoing projects and diverse sources of income, Kutcher’s net worth is expected to continue growing.

Sources of Income

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have multiple sources of income that contribute to their combined net worth of approximately $275 million. Both actors have built successful careers in the entertainment industry, earning substantial income from their acting roles, endorsements, and investments.

Mila Kunis, known for her talent and versatility, has generated income through her appearances in TV shows and movies. With breakout roles in projects like “That ’70s Show,” “Black Swan,” and “Ted,” Kunis has not only showcased her acting abilities but also secured lucrative deals that have bolstered her financial success.

Ashton Kutcher, on the other hand, has also made significant earnings through his acting career. From his breakout role in “That ’70s Show” to his portrayal of Walden Schmidt in “Two and a Half Men,” Kutcher’s talent and charm have contributed to his financial prosperity. Additionally, Kutcher has made strategic investments as a venture capitalist, further diversifying his sources of income.

Acting: A Lucrative Endeavor

Both Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have enjoyed successful acting careers, often commanding high salaries for their roles. The film and television industry offers substantial opportunities for actors to earn substantial income, especially when they reach the level of fame and recognition that Kunis and Kutcher have achieved.

Mila Kunis
Ashton Kutcher


TV shows
TV shows


The table above provides an overview of the sources of income for both actors, highlighting their involvement in movies and TV shows, as well as the significant salaries they command. These acting ventures have been instrumental in contributing to their overall net worth.

Endorsements and Investments: Expanding Financial Horizons

In addition to their acting endeavors, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have also capitalized on their fame and influence to secure endorsement deals and make strategic investments.

“Endorsements have been a key component of our financial strategy. By aligning ourselves with reputable brands, we have not only generated additional income but also established ourselves as trusted voices in the industry,” says Kunis.

Kutcher, known for his business acumen and success as a venture capitalist, has made notable investments that have further contributed to his wealth. These investments vary across industries, including technology and startups, allowing Kutcher to diversify his portfolio and capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities.

Overall, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have demonstrated a keen understanding of the entertainment industry and have strategically leveraged their talents, fame, and financial resources to create multiple sources of income.

Philanthropy and Giving Back

Both Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are known for their philanthropic efforts and commitment to giving back to the community. They have used their wealth and influence to support various charitable causes and make a positive impact on the world.

Mila Kunis has been involved in several charitable organizations and causes over the years. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights and has supported organizations such as Planned Parenthood and Time’s Up. Kunis has also donated to children’s hospitals and worked with organizations that provide assistance to families in need.

Ashton Kutcher is passionate about fighting human trafficking and has co-founded the organization Thorn, which uses technology to combat the sexual exploitation of children. He has also been involved in initiatives related to education, disaster relief, and supporting veterans.

Together, Kunis and Kutcher have made substantial donations to various charities and have encouraged others to give back as well. They believe in using their platform to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.


“I believe in using my success to help others and make a positive impact in the world. It’s important to give back and support causes that are close to my heart.” – Mila Kunis

“We have been blessed with success, and it’s our responsibility to help those in need. Through philanthropy, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.” – Ashton Kutcher

Future Projects and Continued Success

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher continue to make waves in the entertainment industry with their upcoming projects. Kunis, known for her versatile acting skills, has several exciting movies on the horizon. One of her upcoming movies is “Luckiest Girl Alive,” where she will showcase her talent and captivate audiences with her performance. Kunis has consistently proven her ability to take on diverse roles and deliver compelling performances, setting herself apart as a sought-after actress in Hollywood. Her upcoming projects are eagerly anticipated by fans and industry professionals alike.

Ashton Kutcher, with his undeniable charm and talent, is also set to make his mark in the film industry once again. With movies like “Your Place or Mine” in the works, Kutcher continues to demonstrate his range as an actor. Known for his comedic timing and ability to connect with audiences, Kutcher’s upcoming projects are sure to entertain and delight moviegoers. His continued success is a testament to his talent and his ability to select projects that resonate with viewers.

Both Kunis and Kutcher have established themselves as powerhouses in the entertainment world, and their future projects promise to solidify their status as industry icons. With their impressive track records and unwavering dedication to their craft, it’s no surprise that audiences eagerly anticipate their upcoming movies. As they venture into new roles and explore different genres, Kunis and Kutcher continue to captivate audiences with their undeniable talent and magnetic on-screen presence.

Upcoming Projects Summary:

Upcoming Movie

Mila Kunis
Luckiest Girl Alive

Ashton Kutcher
Your Place or Mine

Final Thoughts on Mila Kunis’s Net Worth

Mila Kunis has achieved tremendous financial success throughout her career, with an estimated net worth of $75 million. Her journey from Ukraine to Hollywood’s A-list serves as an inspiring success story, highlighting her talent, hard work, and savvy business decisions.

Together with her husband Ashton Kutcher, their combined net worth is approximately $275 million. This impressive financial status is a testament to their accomplishments in the entertainment industry and various ventures.

From her breakthrough role in the hit TV show “That ’70s Show” to her critically acclaimed performances in films like “Black Swan” and “Ted,” Mila Kunis has solidified her presence as a versatile and talented actress. Additionally, her real estate investments, endorsements, and business ventures have contributed to her overall wealth.

While Mila Kunis’s net worth highlights her financial success, it is essential to acknowledge her journey and the values she and Ashton Kutcher uphold. Both actors come from modest backgrounds and prioritize philanthropy, giving back, and instilling financial awareness in their children.


How much is Mila Kunis worth?

Mila Kunis is estimated to be worth $75 million.

What is the combined net worth of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a combined net worth of approximately $275 million.

What are some of Mila Kunis’ notable roles?

Mila Kunis is known for her roles in films such as “Black Swan,” “Ted,” and “Friends with Benefits.”

How long has Mila Kunis been the voice actress for Meg Griffin on “Family Guy”?

Mila Kunis has been the voice actress for Meg Griffin since 1999.

What kind of real estate investments do Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher own multiple properties, including homes in Laurel Canyon, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, as well as a beachfront home in Carpinteria, California.

What brands has Mila Kunis endorsed?

Mila Kunis has endorsed brands such as Lenovo and Nikon.

Who was Mila Kunis in a relationship with before Ashton Kutcher?

Mila Kunis was in a relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin before meeting Ashton Kutcher.

What is Ashton Kutcher’s net worth?

Ashton Kutcher’s net worth is estimated to be between $200 million and $250 million.

How do Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher generate income?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher generate income through acting, endorsements, and investments.

Do Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher engage in philanthropy?

Yes, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are committed to philanthropy and have expressed a desire to give back.

What are Mila Kunis’ and Ashton Kutcher’s future projects?

Mila Kunis has upcoming movies such as “Luckiest Girl Alive,” and Ashton Kutcher has films like “Your Place or Mine” in the pipeline.

What is the overview of Mila Kunis’ net worth?

Mila Kunis’ net worth of $75 million reflects her successful career and smart business decisions.

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