Laura Ingraham Net Worth – How Much is Ingraham Worth?

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Laura Ingraham, a prominent figure in the world of broadcasting and media, boasts an impressive net worth of $90 million. Commanding an annual salary of $18 million from Fox News, she stands as one of the network’s top earners since joining in 2007. Beyond her television career, Ingraham adds millions more through her books and podcasts.

Key Takeaways:

Laura Ingraham’s net worth is $90 million.
She earns an annual salary of $18 million from Fox News.
Ingraham supplements her income through books and podcasts.

Laura Ingraham Salary and Earnings

Laura Ingraham’s journey in the broadcasting industry has led to a significant increase in her salary and earnings. When she started her professional career in 1989, her income was a modest $5,000. However, her talent and hard work propelled her to greater heights, and by the time she joined Fox News in 2007, her yearly salary had risen to $250,000. Since then, she has become one of the network’s top earners, commanding an impressive annual salary of $18 million.

But Laura Ingraham’s income does not solely come from her Fox News contract. She leverages her popularity and expertise in other ventures as well. Her podcasts contribute an additional $2 million to her earnings, showcasing her versatility as a successful media personality.

With her consistent success and dedication, Laura Ingraham’s salary and earnings continue to grow, establishing her as a prominent figure in the broadcasting industry.

Laura Ingraham’s Salary and Earnings Comparison

Additional Earnings (Podcasts)
Total Earnings



$5 million

$5 million

$15 million

$15 million

$18 million
$2 million
$20 million

The table above highlights Laura Ingraham’s salary and additional earnings throughout the years. It clearly demonstrates her remarkable progression, starting from a modest income to an impressive $20 million in total earnings in 2021. Her success not only arises from her lucrative Fox News contract but also from her successful podcasts, which have become an additional source of substantial income.

As Laura Ingraham continues to excel in her career, her salary and earnings are expected to grow even further, solidifying her position as a highly influential and financially successful media personality.

Laura Ingraham’s Investments and Assets

Laura Ingraham, the renowned broadcaster and media personality, has not only amassed an impressive net worth but also built a substantial portfolio of investments and valuable assets. These investments have contributed significantly to her overall financial status, enhancing her already impressive net worth of $90 million.

One of Ingraham’s notable assets is her luxury apartment located in the heart of New York City. This exquisite property, valued at $8.6 million, boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and offers stunning panoramic views of the city skyline. The stylish and elegant design of the apartment reflects her refined taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Moreover, Ingraham’s investment ventures have proven highly lucrative, further bolstering her financial standing. With a portfolio worth $41 million, she demonstrates a keen business acumen and a knack for making wise investment decisions. These diverse investments span various industries and have provided her with a steady stream of income over the years.

Table: Laura Ingraham’s Investments and Assets


New York City Luxury Apartment
$8.6 million

Investment Portfolio
$41 million

Ingraham’s sound financial strategy, coupled with her astute investment choices, has solidified her position as one of the most successful media personalities in the industry. Her impressive net worth and valuable assets reflect her dedication and hard work throughout her career.

“Investing wisely and diversifying my portfolio has been key to my financial success. It has allowed me to secure valuable assets and build a strong foundation for my future.” – Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham’s House and Lifestyle

Laura Ingraham, the prominent conservative political commentator, leads a luxurious lifestyle befitting her successful career in broadcasting and media. Her choice of residence speaks volumes about her refined taste and discerning lifestyle. Ingraham owns a stunning apartment located in New York City’s prestigious Upper East Side, valued at an impressive $8.6 million.

The apartment, situated in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods, offers breathtaking views of the city skyline. Boasting three bedrooms and three bathrooms, it provides the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. The spacious living areas are adorned with high-end finishes and luxurious amenities, creating an exquisite living space for Ingraham.

In addition to her lavish apartment, Laura Ingraham indulges in a passion for luxury cars. Her impressive collection includes an Aston Martin DB11, Porsche Panamera, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Lexus LS, and Genesis G90. These high-performance vehicles not only reflect her sophisticated lifestyle but also showcase her affinity for quality and fine craftsmanship.

Table: Laura Ingraham’s Luxurious Lifestyle

Luxury Apartment in New York City

Upper East Side

$8.6 million

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, stunning city views

Laura Ingraham’s opulent lifestyle is a testament to her remarkable success and financial prosperity. Her exquisite taste in both real estate and luxury cars reflects her commitment to enjoying the finer things in life.

Laura Ingraham’s Net Worth Timeline

Laura Ingraham’s net worth has experienced a remarkable growth throughout her successful career in broadcasting and media. As of 2018, her net worth was estimated at $22 million, and it is projected to reach a staggering $90 million by the year 2023. This significant increase can be attributed to her numerous sources of income, including her lucrative salary at Fox News, book sales, and podcast earnings.

Table: Comparison of Laura Ingraham’s Net Worth Over the Years

Net Worth (in millions)







2023 (Projected)

With her continued success and rising net worth, Laura Ingraham’s financial status solidifies her position among the wealthiest individuals in the media industry. Her diverse income streams and astute investments have propelled her net worth to new heights, making her a true exemplar of financial success in the broadcasting world.

“Laura Ingraham’s net worth has witnessed a remarkable upward trajectory, consolidating her status as one of the most affluent figures in the media industry.” – Financial Analyst

Laura Ingraham’s Children and Personal Life

Laura Ingraham, besides her successful career in broadcasting and media, leads a fulfilling personal life as a loving mother to three adopted children. In 2008, she adopted a girl from Guatemala, followed by the adoption of a boy from Russia in 2009, and another boy from Russia in 2011.

Ingraham keeps her personal life private and has not confirmed any recent romantic relationships. With her dedication to her children and busy career, she prioritizes maintaining a close-knit family environment.

As an influential public figure, Ingraham’s personal life has been the subject of much curiosity. However, she remains committed to protecting her children’s privacy and focuses on balancing her professional and personal responsibilities.

Adoption and Parenting

The decision to adopt children from different countries highlights Ingraham’s philanthropic spirit and desire to provide a loving home to those in need. By adopting internationally, she has embraced different cultures and nurtured a diverse family with a global perspective.

“Adopting my children has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life. It has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and has brought immeasurable joy to our family.” – Laura Ingraham

Through her commitment to her children and dedication to providing them with a nurturing environment, Ingraham showcases her values both personally and professionally.

Laura Ingraham’s Career and Achievements

Laura Ingraham has had a remarkable career in the world of media and broadcasting. She is widely recognized as an American conservative political commentator, author, and radio host. Ingraham gained national attention in the late 1990s with her radio show, “The Laura Ingraham Show,” where she discussed various political and social issues. Her show became immensely popular, allowing her to expand her influence and reach a broader audience.

Aside from her radio career, Ingraham has also authored several successful books, including “The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places.” Her books have resonated with readers who share her conservative views and have contributed to her overall success.

In 2017, Ingraham took her career to another level by hosting “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News. As the host of this primetime show, she has been able to advocate for conservative policies and politicians, providing a platform for like-minded individuals to have their voices heard. Ingraham’s influence and expertise in conservative politics have earned her a loyal and dedicated following.

“I think it’s important to promote conservative values and provide an alternative perspective to the mainstream media narrative. I believe that conservative principles are the foundation of a strong and prosperous nation.” – Laura Ingraham

Throughout her career, Laura Ingraham has achieved tremendous success and has been recognized for her contributions to the media industry. Her ability to connect with her audience and present her conservative viewpoints in a captivating manner has solidified her position as one of the most influential figures in political broadcasting.

Through her personal journey, Laura Ingraham has demonstrated strength and resilience. Her unwavering spirit and dedication to raising awareness about cancer have made her a respected figure not only in the media but also in the realm of health advocacy. Ingraham’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of early detection and the power of determination in overcoming life’s challenges.

Laura Ingraham’s Contributions to Politics and Media

Laura Ingraham’s impact on politics and media extends far beyond her successful career as a conservative political commentator, author, and radio host. Throughout the years, she has used her platform to make significant contributions to both fields.

Political Contributions

As a prominent conservative voice, Laura Ingraham has actively participated in political campaigns and served as a speechwriter and adviser. She garnered attention for her support of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign in 2016, using her influential media presence to advocate for his policies and political agenda. Ingraham’s endorsement and extensive coverage of Trump’s campaign played a role in shaping public opinion and mobilizing conservative voters.

Media Contributions

In the media landscape, Laura Ingraham has made substantial contributions through her radio show “The Laura Ingraham Show” and her television program “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News. She has been a vocal critic of mainstream media and has used her platform to highlight conservative perspectives, policies, and politicians. Ingraham’s ability to convey her viewpoints effectively has attracted a large following and made her one of the most-viewed hosts on Fox News.

“I think, for years, people felt like they were getting a one-sided, very liberal perspective. I think the mission, in part, was to bring more voices to the table, and to educate people about conservative ideas.” – Laura Ingraham

Through her political and media contributions, Laura Ingraham has had a lasting impact on conservative politics and the media industry. Her influence continues to shape public discourse and inspire others to actively engage in politics and media.

Laura Ingraham’s Contributions

Political Contributions
Active participation in political campaigns and support for conservative politicians, including Donald Trump

Media Contributions
Host of influential radio and television programs, promoting conservative perspectives and policies

Shaping public opinion, mobilizing conservative voters, and challenging mainstream media narratives

Laura Ingraham’s Controversies

Laura Ingraham, known for her strong conservative opinions, has been at the center of several controversies throughout her career. Her provocative comments on immigration laws, LGBT rights, and the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting tragedy have sparked widespread backlash and criticism.

One of the most notable controversies involving Ingraham was her mocking of Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on her Fox News show, “The Ingraham Angle.” Ingraham faced calls for advertisers to boycott her show, resulting in several companies pulling their support. She later apologized to Hogg, but the incident highlighted the polarizing nature of her commentary.

“If you cross Laura Ingraham, you’re going to get burned,” she once famously said.

Ingraham’s comments on immigration have also drawn scrutiny. In 2018, she faced backlash for saying that migrant children being held in detention centers were being housed in “essentially summer camps.” Her remarks were seen as insensitive and lacking empathy towards the plight of these children and their families.

Despite the controversies, Ingraham remains an influential figure in conservative media and continues to attract a large viewership on Fox News. Her outspoken and often polarizing views have made her a lightning rod for criticism, but also a champion for those who share her conservative beliefs.

Table: Laura Ingraham’s Controversies


Making mocking comments about Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg

Insensitive remarks about migrant children in detention centers

Controversy details

Laura Ingraham’s Real Estate

Laura Ingraham, the renowned American conservative political commentator and media personality, owns a stunning property in McLean, Virginia. Acquired in 2014 for $1.6 million, the property’s value has since appreciated significantly, now estimated at $3.3 million as of 2020. The luxurious home features spacious living areas, multiple bedrooms, and a beautifully landscaped exterior.

Ingraham’s McLean estate offers an idyllic retreat with its serene surroundings and a private pool and patio area. The property showcases exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, providing an upscale living experience. The interior boasts modern amenities, elegant finishes, and ample natural light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Located in a prestigious neighborhood, the McLean estate offers convenience and exclusivity. The property’s proximity to Washington, D.C., allows for easy access to the city’s cultural landmarks, entertainment venues, and business hubs, making it an ideal residence for a prominent figure like Laura Ingraham.

Laura Ingraham’s Impact and Future

Throughout her successful career, Laura Ingraham has had a significant impact on the conservative political landscape. As a well-known American conservative political commentator, author, and radio host, Ingraham has used her platform to promote conservative policies and provide a voice for conservative values. Her influence extends beyond broadcasting, as she has actively participated in political campaigns and served as a speechwriter and adviser.

With a net worth of $90 million and a growing financial status, Laura Ingraham continues to make her mark in the media industry. As the host of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, she remains one of the network’s top earners, commanding an annual salary of $18 million. Ingraham’s books and podcasts also contribute to her wealth, adding millions more to her impressive net worth.

Looking ahead, Laura Ingraham shows no signs of slowing down. Her unwavering dedication to conservative principles and her ability to connect with her audience have solidified her position as a prominent figure in the media. With her continued success, Ingraham is expected to play a significant role in shaping the future of conservative politics and media.


How much is Laura Ingraham’s net worth?

Laura Ingraham has an impressive net worth of $90 million.

What is Laura Ingraham’s annual salary from Fox News?

Laura Ingraham earns $18 million per year from her work at Fox News.

How has Laura Ingraham’s net worth grown over the years?

Laura Ingraham’s net worth has steadily increased, reaching $90 million in 2023 from $22 million in 2018.

How many children does Laura Ingraham have?

Laura Ingraham has three adopted children.

What is Laura Ingraham’s career background?

Laura Ingraham is a prominent figure in broadcasting and media, known as a conservative political commentator, author, and radio host.

Has Laura Ingraham been involved in any controversies?

Yes, Laura Ingraham has faced backlash for her comments on immigration laws, LGBT rights, and the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting tragedy.

What is Laura Ingraham’s impact on politics and media?

Laura Ingraham has been involved in political campaigns, served as a speechwriter and adviser, and has been a strong conservative voice in the media.

Does Laura Ingraham own any real estate?

Yes, Laura Ingraham owns a property in McLean, Virginia, valued at $3.3 million.

What is Laura Ingraham’s future in her career?

Laura Ingraham shows no signs of slowing down and is expected to continue her successful career in broadcasting and media.

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