Hailey Baldwin Bieber Net Worth – How Much is Bieber Worth?

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber, the American model and actress, has a net worth of $20 million. She is the youngest daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and is married to Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Hailey has achieved success in the modeling industry, with campaigns for brands like Ralph Lauren, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger. She also has her own skincare brand called Rhode.

Key Takeaways:

Hailey Baldwin Bieber has a net worth of $20 million.
She gained recognition in the modeling industry with campaigns for renowned brands.
Hailey is married to Canadian singer Justin Bieber.
She has her own successful skincare brand, Rhode.
Her net worth is expected to grow as she expands her professional endeavors.

Early Life and Dreams of Ballet

Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber was born on November 22, 1996, in Tucson, Arizona. Her father, Stephen Baldwin, is an actor, and her mother, Kennya Baldwin, is a graphic designer. As a young girl, Hailey dreamed of becoming a classical ballet dancer but had to give up her training due to a foot injury. She comes from a family with a musical background, as her maternal grandfather is Grammy Award-winning Brazilian musician Eumir Deodato.

Despite her early setback in pursuing ballet, Hailey’s passion for the arts continued to flourish. She found a new outlet in the world of modeling and acting, where she discovered her talent for captivating audiences with her beauty and presence.

“I always loved performing arts, whether it was ballet, acting, or modeling. It’s in my blood, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” Hailey shared in a recent interview.

Although Hailey’s dreams of becoming a ballet dancer didn’t come to fruition, her determination and resilience led her down a different path that ultimately led to her success in the modeling industry.

Early Life Highlights

Born on November 22, 1996, in Tucson, Arizona
Daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and graphic designer Kennya Baldwin
Had aspirations of becoming a ballet dancer before a foot injury forced her to change her career path
Comes from a family with a strong musical background

Rise to Success in the Modeling Industry

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s modeling career has been nothing short of extraordinary. From her early beginnings to her current status as a highly sought-after model, Hailey has made a significant impact on the fashion industry. Her runway debut in October 2014 marked the beginning of her rise to success, as she walked for renowned brands like Topshop and Sonia Rykiel. Since then, she has graced the pages of prestigious fashion magazines and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Hailey’s modeling journey gained momentum when she appeared in Vogue in 2015, solidifying her status as a rising star. She has since been the face of numerous ad campaigns, representing iconic brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Guess. Her effortless beauty, confidence on the runway, and ability to captivate audiences in print have made her a favorite among designers and photographers alike.

Signing with IMG Models in 2016 further elevated Hailey’s modeling career. The international modeling agency opened doors for her to work with renowned fashion houses, expanding her portfolio and broadening her reach in the industry. Collaborations with brands like UGG, Karl Lagerfield, and Dolce & Gabbana have further solidified her position as a top model.

Hailey’s success in the modeling industry can be attributed to her dedication, versatility, and natural talent. She effortlessly embodies the essence of high fashion, bringing a unique charm and sophistication to every runway and photoshoot. As her career continues to flourish, it is clear that Hailey Baldwin Bieber is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

Ventures Outside of Modeling

In addition to her successful modeling career, Hailey Baldwin Bieber has also ventured into various business ventures and brand collaborations. She has expanded her influence beyond the fashion industry and has made a name for herself as a versatile entrepreneur.

“I believe in exploring different areas and seizing opportunities. It’s important to me to have diverse projects that allow me to express myself creatively,” says Hailey.

One of Hailey’s notable ventures includes collaborating with The Daily Edited, a renowned fashion brand, to create a line of stylish and functional handbags. The collection received positive feedback from fashion enthusiasts and added to Hailey’s growing portfolio of fashion collaborations.

Furthermore, Hailey partnered with Public Desire, a popular shoe brand, to design a collection of trendy footwear. Her shoe collection showcased her personal style and garnered attention from fashion-forward individuals around the world.

In addition to fashion collaborations, Hailey also launched her own makeup collection in collaboration with ModelCo. The collection featured a range of high-quality and inclusive cosmetics, allowing Hailey to make her mark in the beauty industry.

Hailey’s Ventures Outside of Modeling

The Daily Edited Handbag Collaboration
A line of stylish and functional handbags created in collaboration with The Daily Edited.

Public Desire Shoe Collection
A collection of trendy footwear designed in partnership with Public Desire.

ModelCo Makeup Collection
A makeup collection featuring high-quality and inclusive cosmetics, launched in collaboration with ModelCo.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s ventures outside of modeling have not only diversified her career but also contributed to her overall net worth. Her business acumen and ability to collaborate with renowned brands have solidified her position as a successful entrepreneur in the fashion and beauty industries.

Personal Life and Relationships

Hailey Baldwin Bieber comes from a well-known family, with her father, Stephen Baldwin, being an actor. She married Canadian singer Justin Bieber in 2018, after an on-again, off-again relationship. The couple had a private civil ceremony in New York City, followed by a larger wedding in South Carolina. Hailey’s relationships and marriage have brought her public attention and media coverage.

Being married to a global superstar like Justin Bieber has undoubtedly impacted Hailey’s personal life. As a couple, they have had to navigate the challenges of fame and constant media scrutiny. However, they have also shared many beautiful moments together, often documented on their social media accounts.

Family is important to Hailey, and she has a close relationship with her parents and siblings. In addition to her famous father, her mother, Kennya Baldwin, is a graphic designer. She also has an older sister, Alaia, who is also a model, and two younger siblings, Ireland and Jaxon. The Baldwin and Bieber families have come together and formed strong bonds, supporting each other throughout their respective careers.

While Hailey’s personal life and relationships play a significant role in her public image, she continues to focus on her own individual achievements and aspirations. As she navigates the spotlight alongside her husband, she remains grounded and dedicated to her career as a model and entrepreneur.

Table: Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s Family


Stephen Baldwin

Kennya Baldwin
Graphic Designer

Alaia Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin

Jaxon Bieber

Real Estate Investments

Aside from her successful career in modeling and entrepreneurship, Hailey Baldwin Bieber has also made significant investments in real estate. Together with her husband Justin Bieber, the couple has acquired multiple properties in sought-after locations.

One notable property is their former $8.5 million home in the prestigious Beverly Hills area, which they sold fully furnished in 2021. Following the sale, they purchased a luxurious mansion worth $28.5 million in the exclusive gated community of Beverly Park. This stunning property boasts breathtaking views and is known for its privacy and security.

In addition to their Beverly Hills and Beverly Park homes, Hailey and Justin also own a beautiful lakeside property in Ontario, Canada, valued at $5 million. This serene retreat allows the couple to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some tranquility in nature.

These real estate investments not only showcase Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s financial savvy but also serve as valuable assets that contribute to her overall net worth. The couple’s portfolio of prestigious properties reflects their taste for luxury and their ability to make smart investment decisions.


Beverly Hills Home
Beverly Hills, California, USA
$8.5 million

Beverly Park Mansion
Beverly Hills, California, USA
$28.5 million

Lakeside Home
Ontario, Canada
$5 million

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s real estate investments not only provide her with luxurious and comfortable living spaces but also serve as solid financial assets. These properties, located in prime locations, contribute to her overall net worth and showcase her shrewd investment choices.

Impact of Marriage on Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s Net Worth

Before marrying Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Bieber had already established herself as a successful model and entrepreneur, with a net worth of around $2 million. However, her marriage to the global superstar has had a significant impact on her financial status, resulting in a substantial increase in her net worth.

The exposure and opportunities that come with being married to Justin Bieber have opened doors for Hailey, allowing her to secure lucrative modeling contracts, brand endorsements, and business ventures. Her association with Justin has catapulted her career to new heights, attracting more attention and increasing her earning potential.

Furthermore, the power couple’s joint ventures and collaborations, such as their real estate investments, have contributed to Hailey’s overall net worth. They have purchased and sold multi-million-dollar properties, making strategic investments that further enhance their combined wealth.

Before Marriage (Estimated Net Worth)
After Marriage (Estimated Net Worth)

$2 million
$20 million

As shown in the table, Hailey’s net worth has skyrocketed since marrying Justin Bieber, increasing tenfold from $2 million to $20 million. This significant growth is a testament to her talent, hard work, and the valuable opportunities that have come her way as a result of their relationship.

Looking ahead, Hailey’s future prospects remain promising. With her flourishing modeling career, successful entrepreneurial ventures, and influential social media presence, she continues to solidify her position in the industry and build her financial success. As she expands her professional endeavors, her net worth is likely to continue its upward trajectory.

Modeling Career Success and Financial Growth

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s modeling career has been marked by remarkable success, contributing to her significant financial growth. With her natural beauty, charismatic presence, and impeccable sense of style, Hailey has established herself as a sought-after model in the fashion industry.

Since her runway debut in 2014, Hailey has worked with renowned designers, graced the covers of prestigious fashion magazines, and landed lucrative ad campaigns that have further elevated her status in the industry. Her talent and dedication have enabled her to secure contracts with top modeling agencies, allowing her to command higher fees for her work.

As a result of her growing modeling success, Hailey’s income has seen substantial growth over the years. Her net worth has been bolstered by lucrative modeling contracts, endorsement deals with prestigious brands, and collaborations that have allowed her to explore her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Furthermore, Hailey’s financial growth can also be attributed to her expanding portfolio of brand partnerships and endorsements. As a popular figure on social media platforms, she has leveraged her influence to secure collaborations with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, further boosting her income and overall net worth.

In summary, Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s modeling career has proven to be a significant driver of her financial growth. Through her talent, professionalism, and strategic brand collaborations, she has achieved remarkable success in the industry, solidifying her position as a prominent figure and securing a prosperous future.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Brand Collaborations

Hailey Baldwin Bieber is not only a successful model but also a budding entrepreneur. She has collaborated with various brands and launched her own collections, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision. Through these ventures, Hailey has expanded her influence and diversified her income streams, contributing to her overall net worth.

One of Hailey’s notable collaborations is with The Daily Edited, where she co-designed a line of stylish handbags. The collection received positive reception, combining Hailey’s fashion-forward aesthetic with The Daily Edited’s commitment to quality craftsmanship. Hailey’s partnership with Public Desire for a shoe collection further demonstrates her keen eye for design and her ability to connect with her audience’s fashion needs.

Hailey’s latest venture, Rhode Skin, has been gaining traction in the skincare industry. As the founder of this clean skincare brand, she aims to provide consumers with high-quality and sustainable products that promote healthy and radiant skin. With her dedication to clean beauty and her influence as a public figure, Hailey has the potential to achieve great success in this business venture.

Hailey’s brand collaborations have allowed her to extend her reach beyond the modeling industry and create her own unique brand identity. Through her entrepreneurial pursuits, she continues to prove that she is not just a model, but a multifaceted businesswoman with a promising future ahead.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Brand Collaborations at a Glance:


The Daily Edited
Co-designed a line of handbags

Public Desire
Collaborated on a shoe collection

Rhode Skin
Founder of a clean skincare brand

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s entrepreneurial endeavors and brand collaborations showcase her versatility and business acumen. As she continues to explore new opportunities and nurture her own ventures, her net worth is likely to grow even further.

Influence and Social Media Presence

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s influence extends beyond the modeling industry and is greatly amplified through her social media presence. With a substantial following on platforms like Instagram, where she has over 35 million followers, Hailey has established herself as a prominent figure in the digital landscape. Her strong online presence has provided her with numerous brand endorsement opportunities, further contributing to her overall net worth.

Through her carefully curated posts, Hailey shares insights into her lifestyle, fashion choices, and professional endeavors, maintaining a strong connection with her followers. This intimate engagement has not only solidified her standing as an influencer but has also opened doors for collaborations with various brands seeking to tap into her reach and influence.

Hailey’s ability to leverage her social media platforms effectively has allowed her to diversify her income streams beyond traditional modeling contracts. By partnering with brands and promoting their products to her wide and engaged audience, she has significantly boosted her net worth and solidified her status as a sought-after influencer in the industry.

Brand Endorsements and Collaborations

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s social media influence has made her a hot commodity among brands looking to expand their reach and connect with younger audiences. Her endorsement deals range from high-end fashion labels to beauty and lifestyle brands.


Levi Jeans
Featured in Levi’s global campaign

Face of the Power of Good campaign

Calvin Klein
Featured in Calvin Klein underwear campaign

Jimmy Choo
Brand ambassador for Jimmy Choo fragrance

These brand collaborations not only showcase Hailey’s influence and style but also serve as a testament to her marketability. Her ability to connect with consumers and authentically promote products has made her a valuable asset for brands seeking to make an impact in the highly competitive fashion and beauty industries.

Overall Net Worth and Future Prospects

Hailey Baldwin Bieber has established an impressive overall net worth of $20 million through her successful modeling career, entrepreneurial ventures, and brand collaborations. Her financial success can be attributed to her hard work, talent, and strategic business decisions.

Looking ahead, Hailey’s future prospects are bright. Her recently launched skincare brand, Rhode Skin, has gained positive reception and shows great potential for further growth. With the increasing demand for clean and sustainable beauty products, Hailey’s venture into the skincare industry aligns with current market trends and consumer preferences.

In addition to her skincare brand, Hailey’s continued presence in the fashion industry, as well as her influential status on social media, will contribute to her future financial success. With her significant following and brand endorsements, she has the platform and influence to continue expanding her professional endeavors and securing lucrative partnerships.

As Hailey Baldwin Bieber continues to diversify her portfolio and explore new opportunities, her overall net worth is likely to increase in the future. With her strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and strategic collaborations, Hailey has the potential to achieve even greater financial success and solidify her position as a prominent figure in both the fashion and beauty industries.


What is Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s net worth?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber has a net worth of $20 million.

Who are Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s parents?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s father is actor Stephen Baldwin, and her mother is graphic designer Kennya Baldwin.

What modeling campaigns has Hailey Baldwin Bieber been involved in?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber has been part of campaigns for brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, UGG, Karl Lagerfield, and Dolce & Gabbana.

What other ventures has Hailey Baldwin Bieber pursued?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber has collaborated with brands like The Daily Edited, Public Desire, ModelCo, bareMinerals, and Levi Jeans on various fashion and beauty collections.

Who is Hailey Baldwin Bieber married to?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber is married to Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

What real estate investments has Hailey Baldwin Bieber made?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber and Justin Bieber have owned properties in Beverly Hills, California, and Ontario, Canada.

How has Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s net worth changed since her marriage to Justin Bieber?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s net worth has significantly increased since her marriage to Justin Bieber.

What has contributed to Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s financial growth?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s financial growth has been influenced by her successful modeling career, business ventures, and brand collaborations.

How has Hailey Baldwin Bieber utilized her influence on social media?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber has used her social media presence to partner with brands and share her lifestyle and fashion choices with her followers.

What is Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s overall net worth, and what are her future prospects?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s current net worth is $20 million, and her future prospects are promising, with her new skincare brand, Rhode Skin, gaining popularity and potential for further growth.

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