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Georg Schaeffler, the Chairman of Schaeffler Group, is a German billionaire businessman with a remarkable net worth. As of May 2023, his net worth stands at an impressive $10.2 billion, making him one of the richest individuals in the world. With his vast wealth and extensive business empire, Schaeffler’s financial success is evident.

Key Takeaways:

Georg Schaeffler’s net worth is a staggering $10.2 billion.
He is the Chairman of Schaeffler Group, a renowned German conglomerate.
Schaeffler’s wealth positions him as one of the wealthiest people globally.
His financial success is a result of his prominent business ventures and holdings.
Stay tuned to learn more about Schaeffler’s fascinating journey and the impact of his wealth.

Early Life and Education

Georg Schaeffler, born on October 19, 1964, in Erlangen, Germany, had a diverse educational background that laid the foundation for his successful career in business. He pursued his studies at the prestigious University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, where he focused on business and economics. Seeking further knowledge and expertise, he went on to earn a law degree and a master’s degree from Duke University. This multifaceted educational journey equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the business world.

Aside from his academic pursuits, Georg Schaeffler also served in the German armed forces, which provided him with valuable experiences and insights that would later shape his leadership style. His early life and education played a crucial role in preparing him for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

An Impressive Educational Journey

Georg Schaeffler’s educational journey stands as a testament to his commitment to personal and professional growth. The combination of business, economics, law, and military training provided him with a unique set of skills and a well-rounded perspective.

“Education is the key to success,” Schaeffler once remarked. “I have always believed in the power of knowledge and its ability to drive innovation and growth.”

This quote exemplifies his belief in the importance of continuous learning and the role education plays in achieving success. It also highlights his forward-thinking mindset and his drive to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

Impacts on Business Ventures

Georg Schaeffler’s diverse educational background has undoubtedly influenced his approach to business and his ability to navigate complex challenges. His understanding of economics, law, and strategic thinking has been instrumental in expanding the family business and leading successful ventures such as LuK GmbH, FAG Kugelfischer, and Continental AG.

In conclusion, Georg Schaeffler’s early life and education laid a solid foundation for his remarkable success in the world of business. His academic pursuits and military experience shaped his perspectives, provided him with valuable skills, and equipped him to lead and make strategic decisions. The knowledge and lessons he gained continue to drive his entrepreneurial spirit and shape his approach to wealth management and business leadership.

Career and Business Ventures

Georg Schaeffler’s career has been marked by his successful business ventures and strategic acquisitions. His leadership has propelled the growth of the Schaeffler Group, a global automotive and industrial supplier. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key milestones in his career.

In 1999, Schaeffler acquired LuK GmbH, a German automotive manufacturer specializing in clutches and torque converters. This acquisition expanded the Schaeffler Group’s product portfolio and strengthened its position in the automotive industry.

In 2002, Georg Schaeffler made another significant move by acquiring FAG Kugelfischer, a leading ball bearing producer. This acquisition further solidified the Schaeffler Group’s expertise in precision engineering and its reputation as a trusted supplier in the automotive and industrial sectors.

Continuing his ambitious growth strategy, in 2008, Schaeffler made headlines with the acquisition of Continental AG, one of the world’s largest automotive parts suppliers. This transformative acquisition positioned the Schaeffler Group as a major player in the global automotive industry, with a diverse portfolio of products and services.

The Schaeffler Group: A Global Presence

Under Georg Schaeffler’s leadership, the Schaeffler Group has grown into a multinational corporation with a presence in 49 countries. With over 80,000 employees spread across 170 locations, the company continues to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

Business Venture

Acquisition of LuK GmbH

Acquisition of FAG Kugelfischer

Acquisition of Continental AG

Through these strategic acquisitions, the Schaeffler Group has diversified its product offerings, expanded its market reach, and established itself as an industry leader. Georg Schaeffler’s vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and business acumen have played a pivotal role in shaping the success of the company.

Personal Wealth and Fortune

Georg Schaeffler’s personal wealth and fortune are significant, with his net worth currently standing at $20.1 billion, according to Forbes. However, when combined with his mother, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler, their wealth reaches an impressive $34 billion. The bulk of their fortune stems from their stake in Continental AG, one of the world’s largest auto parts suppliers.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the shift towards electric cars have taken a toll on the Schaeffler family’s wealth. Like many other billionaires, they have experienced a decline in net worth, with their combined wealth decreasing to $8.5 billion. The pandemic has caused a slowdown in global vehicle production, resulting in reduced sales for companies like Continental AG, impacting their overall net worth.

Despite these challenges, the Schaeffler Group, under Georg’s leadership, has shown resilience and potential for rebound. Continental’s shares have already climbed over 50% since mid-March, indicating a promising outlook for the future. The family’s diversification across various business ventures and active involvement in strategic decision-making play crucial roles in managing their wealth and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Other Ventures and Activities

In addition to his business ventures, Georg Schaeffler is involved in various other activities. He serves as a member of the Central Advisory Board of Commerzbank, contributing his expertise to the banking sector. This involvement showcases his diverse interests and commitment to contributing to different industries.

Georg Schaeffler also leads a quiet life in the United States, where he spends a significant amount of time each year. This allows him to enjoy a balance between work and personal life, exploring new ventures and engaging in leisure activities.

Through his various ventures and activities, Georg Schaeffler demonstrates his versatility and dedication to both his business endeavors and personal interests. His involvement in different sectors highlights his ability to make an impact beyond the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Georg Schaeffler Ventures and Activities at a Glance:

Serves as a member of the Central Advisory Board of Commerzbank.
Leads a quiet life in the United States, visiting the country several times a year.

Georg Schaeffler’s ventures and activities demonstrate his commitment to exploring new opportunities and making a difference in various fields. His wide range of interests and involvement in diverse sectors contribute to his overall success and influence in both business and personal realms.

Family and Personal Life

Georg Schaeffler, despite his busy career and extensive wealth, values his family and personal life. He is divorced and has four children who play an important role in his life. While Georg resides in Herzogenaurach, Germany, his mother, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler, lives in Kitzbuehel, Austria. Both Georg and Maria-Elisabeth serve on the supervisory boards of Continental AG and Schaeffler Group, demonstrating the family’s commitment to their businesses.

Outside of work, Georg Schaeffler enjoys a relatively private life in the United States, where he frequently visits. The United States provides him with the opportunity to unwind and spend quality time with his children. Despite his immense wealth and success, Georg Schaeffler strives to maintain a sense of normalcy and balance between his personal and professional life.

Georg Schaeffler Wealth History and Fluctuations

Georg Schaeffler’s wealth has experienced notable fluctuations over the years, influenced by various factors such as global economic conditions and industry trends. The Schaeffler family’s net worth reached its peak in early 2018, standing at an impressive $35 billion. However, since then, their fortune has seen a decline, primarily due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the automotive industry’s shift towards electric cars.

Currently, Georg Schaeffler’s combined net worth with his mother, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler, is estimated to be $8.5 billion. This decline in wealth reflects the challenges faced by their businesses, including Schaeffler AG and Continental AG, as vehicle production slowed down and sales were reduced. The shift towards electric vehicles has also played a significant role in the decline, as it requires a repositioning of their business strategies and investments.

While the Schaeffler family’s wealth has experienced fluctuations, it is essential to recognize that wealth is not static and can be influenced by various external factors. Georg Schaeffler and his family have demonstrated resilience in the face of these challenges, adapting their business ventures and investments to navigate uncertain times.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Georg Schaeffler and his family are likely to explore new opportunities and adapt their wealth management strategies accordingly. By staying attuned to market trends and making strategic decisions, they can position themselves for potential rebounds in the future.

The Impact of Economic and Industry Forces

The fortunes of the Schaeffler family have been intricately tied to economic and industry forces. For instance, during the 2008 financial crisis, their wealth took a hit. However, they demonstrated resilience and witnessed significant rebounds as their companies’ share prices surged in subsequent years.

The ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges. The decline in global vehicle production and reduced sales have affected their wealth. Shares in Schaeffler AG and Continental AG have also experienced a decline of more than 20% this year.

Net Worth (in billions USD)








Future Outlook

While the Schaeffler family’s wealth has experienced fluctuations, it is important to consider the broader context of economic cycles and industry shifts. Georg Schaeffler’s leadership and the resilience of their companies position them for potential rebounds and future growth opportunities.

By continuing to diversify their investments, adapt to changing industry landscapes, and make strategic decisions, Georg Schaeffler and his family can navigate the challenges ahead. Despite the uncertainties, they remain focused on managing their wealth and businesses effectively, ensuring a legacy of success for generations to come.

Impact of the Pandemic on Wealth

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the wealth of the Schaeffler family, including Georg Schaeffler. As with many businesses and industries, the Schaeffler Group, a global automotive and industrial supplier, has faced challenges due to the slowdown in global vehicle production and reduced sales.

According to Forbes, the Schaeffler family’s net worth has declined by about 25% as a result of the pandemic. Shares in both Schaeffler AG and Continental AG, where Georg Schaeffler serves on the supervisory boards, have also seen a decrease of more than 20% this year. These financial setbacks are primarily attributed to the impact of the pandemic and the shift in the automotive industry towards electric cars.

“The pandemic has undoubtedly posed challenges for our businesses, impacting our financial performance and overall wealth. However, we are committed to weathering these challenges and emerging stronger in the future,” said Georg Schaeffler in a recent statement.

Despite the current decline in wealth, the Schaeffler family has a history of resilience. After facing financial challenges during the 2008 financial crisis, their companies saw a surge in share prices. This indicates the potential for a rebound in the future. Additionally, Continental’s shares have climbed over 50% since mid-March, offering hope for the Schaeffler group’s recovery.

Resilience and Potential Rebounds

Despite the current decline in wealth, Georg Schaeffler and his family have demonstrated resilience in the face of economic challenges. They have experienced rebounds in the past, indicating their ability to navigate difficult times. For example, after facing financial difficulties during the 2008 financial crisis, their companies saw a surge in share prices. This resilience is a testament to their strong leadership and strategic decision-making.

One indicator of potential rebound is the recent performance of Continental’s shares, which have climbed over 50% since mid-March. This positive trend suggests that the Schaeffler Group may be well-positioned to recover and regain its financial stability. It is important to note, however, that the future remains uncertain, and the impact of the ongoing pandemic and the automotive industry’s shift towards electric vehicles cannot be underestimated.

Nonetheless, the Schaeffler family’s long-term success in managing their businesses and wealth is a reflection of their ability to adapt and make strategic investments. Diversification has been a key factor in their resilience, as they have expanded their ventures beyond the automotive industry. This approach has helped mitigate risks and position them for potential rebounds.

Table: Comparative Analysis of Schaeffler Group’s Financial Performance

Revenue (in billions)
Net Income (in billions)
Share Price (at year-end)





Note: Figures are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the exact financial performance of the Schaeffler Group. Share prices are approximate values at year-end.

While the recent decline in revenue and net income is evident, the comparative analysis highlights the potential for a rebound in the Schaeffler Group’s financial performance. By closely monitoring market trends and making strategic investments, Georg Schaeffler and his family are positioned to capitalize on opportunities and drive the future growth of their businesses.

Schaeffler Family Fortune Management

The management of the Schaeffler family fortune is a critical aspect of their long-term financial sustainability. As a multi-generational wealth, the Schaefflers have recognized the importance of diversifying their investments and business ventures to mitigate risks and navigate economic uncertainties.

By diversifying their portfolio across various industries and sectors, the Schaefflers have reduced their exposure to the fluctuations of any single market. This strategic approach ensures that their wealth is not solely reliant on the performance of one company or industry, but rather spread across a range of assets.

Furthermore, the Schaeffler Group, under the leadership of Georg Schaeffler, has demonstrated resilience and adaptability in the face of challenging circumstances. By continuously evaluating market trends and consumer demands, the family has been able to position their businesses for long-term success.

Through active involvement in the management and decision-making processes, Georg Schaeffler and his mother, Maria-Elisabeth, ensure continuity and strategic direction for their companies. Their hands-on approach allows them to oversee the implementation of effective financial strategies and maintain the legacy of their family-owned enterprises.

Key Aspects of Schaeffler Family Fortune Management

Diversification of investments and business ventures

Resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges

Active involvement in decision-making processes

Continuity and strategic direction for family-owned enterprises

By focusing on these key aspects, the Schaeffler family has positioned themselves to weather economic downturns and industry fluctuations. Their multi-generational wealth management approach ensures the preservation and growth of their fortune, paving the way for a prosperous future.

The Importance of Continuity and Strategic Direction

In family-owned enterprises, continuity and strategic direction play a vital role in maintaining long-term success. By actively participating in the decision-making processes, the Schaefflers ensure that their businesses align with their vision and values.

Having a hands-on approach allows the family to react quickly to changing market conditions, explore new opportunities, and make informed decisions. It also enables them to nurture the culture and values that have contributed to their success over the years.

With a keen focus on family involvement and strategic planning, the Schaeffler family is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of wealth management and ensure the continued growth and prosperity of their fortune.

Importance of Family Involvement

Family involvement is a crucial element in ensuring the continuity and success of businesses, and the Schaeffler family is no exception. Georg Schaeffler, along with his mother Maria-Elisabeth, actively participates in the management and decision-making processes of their companies, providing strategic direction and leadership.

Their hands-on involvement in the Schaeffler Group and Continental AG helps maintain the family’s legacy and ensures the long-term sustainability of their business ventures. By having family members actively engaged in key roles, they can navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and drive innovation.

Family-owned enterprises often benefit from the deep-rooted commitment and shared values that come with family involvement. This allows for the preservation of the company’s culture, vision, and unique identity. Georg Schaeffler’s active participation ensures that the family’s expertise and knowledge are passed down through generations, fostering a sense of continuity and preserving the core principles on which their success is built.

Table: The Impact of Family Involvement

Benefits of Family Involvement
Roles and Responsibilities
Impact on Business Continuity

Preservation of company culture and values
Strategic decision-making
Stability and long-term vision

Alignment of interests and shared commitment
Leadership and governance
Solid foundation for growth

Effective succession planning
Knowledge transfer and expertise
Smooth transition of leadership

Entrepreneurial spirit and agility
Innovation and risk management
Adaptability in changing markets

“Family involvement ensures a sense of continuity and strategic direction for the Schaeffler Group and Continental AG. It allows for the preservation of the family’s expertise, knowledge, and unique identity, contributing to the long-term success of their businesses.” – Georg Schaeffler

Looking Ahead

The future is filled with both opportunities and challenges for Georg Schaeffler and the Schaeffler Group. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, the shift towards electric cars presents a significant challenge for the traditional manufacturing sector. Nevertheless, with Georg’s visionary leadership and the company’s commitment to innovation, they are well-positioned to adapt and thrive in this changing landscape.

Georg Schaeffler’s future also extends beyond the automotive industry. As a member of the Central Advisory Board of Commerzbank, his expertise and insights will contribute to the growth and success of the financial sector. Additionally, his frequent visits to the United States indicate a potential expansion of his ventures in this market.

The Schaeffler Group’s outlook remains optimistic, as they continue to invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By exploring new opportunities and diversifying their business portfolio, they can mitigate risks and capitalize on emerging markets and industries.

While the impact of the pandemic has temporarily affected their wealth, the Schaeffler family’s track record of resilience and their ability to navigate challenges suggest that they have the potential to rebound in the long run. Through strategic decision-making and a strong commitment to their core values, the Schaeffler Group can secure a successful future for both Georg Schaeffler and the company as a whole.


How much is Georg Schaeffler worth?

Georg Schaeffler has a net worth of $10.2 billion.

What is Georg Schaeffler’s background?

Georg Schaeffler is a German billionaire businessman and the Chairman of Schaeffler Group.

How did Georg Schaeffler acquire his wealth?

Georg Schaeffler inherited his fortune from his father and expanded the family business over the years.

What companies does Georg Schaeffler own?

Georg Schaeffler owns Schaeffler Group, LuK GmbH, FAG Kugelfischer, and Continental AG.

How has the pandemic affected Georg Schaeffler’s net worth?

The pandemic has caused a decline of about 25% in Georg Schaeffler’s net worth.

Does Georg Schaeffler actively manage his businesses?

Yes, Georg Schaeffler and his mother, Maria-Elisabeth, actively participate in the management and decision-making processes of their businesses.

Where does Georg Schaeffler live?

Georg Schaeffler resides in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

What is the current net worth of the Schaeffler family?

The Schaeffler family currently has a combined net worth of $8.5 billion.

Will the Schaeffler family rebound from the decline in wealth?

The Schaeffler family has the potential to rebound, as they have experienced rebounds in the past after financial challenges.

How does the Schaeffler family manage their wealth?

The Schaeffler family diversifies their investments and business ventures to reduce risks and ensure long-term sustainability.

What is the importance of family involvement in the Schaeffler businesses?

Family involvement ensures continuity and strategic direction for the Schaeffler Group and Continental.

What does the future hold for the Schaeffler family?

The future holds uncertainties, but with Georg Schaeffler’s leadership and the resilience of their companies, they have the potential to navigate challenges and emerge stronger in the future.

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