Dominique McElligott Net Worth – How Much is McElligott Worth?

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Dominique McElligott, the talented Irish actress, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Curious about her net worth? Keep reading as we delve into the financial status of Dominique McElligott and explore how much she is worth.

Key Takeaways:

Dominique McElligott has built a net worth of $5 million through her successful career in film and television.
Her earnings primarily come from her work in the entertainment industry, where she commands a salary of approximately $200,000 per episode.
McElligott has also ventured into modeling, earning over $8 million in that field.
In addition to her income, McElligott owns property in California and Dublin, contributing to her overall wealth.
With her talent and hard work, McElligott’s net worth continues to grow.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Dominique McElligott, born on May 3, 1986, in Dublin, Ireland, showed an early passion for acting. At just 16 years old, she took her first steps into the entertainment industry and embarked on her remarkable journey to success. McElligott’s acting debut came in an Irish film titled “On Home Ground,” where she showcased her talent and laid the foundation for her future career.

From her modest beginnings, McElligott steadily built her experience and reputation by securing small commercial and TV roles. However, it was her first movie, the horror film “Dark Floors,” released in 2008, that marked a significant milestone and propelled her into the spotlight. This opportunity opened doors for McElligott and set her on the path to becoming a successful actress.

Acting Debut and First Movie

“On Home Ground” was my very first acting experience, and it ignited my love for the craft. It was a stepping stone that allowed me to pursue my dreams in the entertainment industry.”

McElligott’s early life and career beginnings shaped her into the accomplished actress she is today. Her determination, talent, and dedication to her craft have fueled her rise to fame and positioned her for even greater success in the future.

Rise to Fame and Major Roles

Dominique McElligott quickly rose to fame in the entertainment industry with her standout performances and notable roles. One of her most significant breakthroughs came with the HBO drama series “Hell on Wheels,” where she captivated audiences with her portrayal of Lily Bell from 2011 to 2012. This role showcased McElligott’s talent and versatility, earning her critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

Following her success on “Hell on Wheels,” McElligott secured a recurring role in the popular Netflix series “House of Cards” from 2014 to 2016. Her portrayal of Hannah Conway, the wife of the Republican presidential candidate, further solidified her presence in the industry. McElligott’s ability to bring depth and complexity to her characters garnered praise from both critics and viewers.

“Playing Lily Bell in ‘Hell on Wheels’ was a game-changer for me. It opened doors and allowed me to explore different genres and characters. I’m grateful for the opportunity and the growth it brought to my career.”

Dominique McElligott

In addition to her notable television roles, McElligott has also made appearances in several films, including “Moon” (2009) and “The Guard” (2011). Her performances in these movies solidified her status as a versatile actress capable of taking on diverse roles. McElligott’s dedication to her craft and her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters have made her a sought-after talent in the industry.

The Rise to Fame of Dominique McElligott

TV Show/Film

Hell on Wheels
Lily Bell

House of Cards
Hannah Conway

Tess Bell

The Guard

McElligott’s rise to fame can be attributed to her talent, dedication, and ability to bring compelling characters to life. Her major roles in “Hell on Wheels” and “House of Cards” showcased her range as an actress and solidified her position in the industry. With each project she takes on, McElligott continues to captivate audiences and establish herself as one of the most talented performers in the entertainment world.

Dominique McElligott’s Filmography and Television Appearances

Dominique McElligott has an impressive filmography and has made notable appearances on television. Her diverse range of projects showcases her versatility as an actress and her ability to take on various roles.


Here is a list of some of Dominique McElligott’s notable film projects:

Moon (2009) – McElligott appeared alongside Sam Rockwell in this science fiction film directed by Duncan Jones.

The Guard (2011) – She showcased her acting skills in this dark comedy film starring Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle.

The Last Tycoon (2016) – McElligott played a significant role in this period drama film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel.

These movies highlight McElligott’s ability to bring depth and complexity to her characters, solidifying her presence in the film industry.

Television Appearances

McElligott has also made appearances on notable television shows, captivating audiences with her performances. Some of her television projects include:

The Boys (2019-present) – McElligott plays the role of Queen Maeve in this critically acclaimed superhero series on Amazon Prime.

House of Cards (2014-2016) – She portrayed Hannah Conway, the wife of the Republican presidential nominee, in this popular Netflix political drama.

These television appearances further demonstrate McElligott’s range and talent as an actress, showcasing her ability to shine on both the big and small screens.



The Guard

The Last Tycoon


The Boys

House of Cards

Personal Life and Philanthropy

When it comes to her personal life, Dominique McElligott prefers to keep things private. However, it is known that she has been married, although details about her first husband are not publicly available. McElligott’s focus on maintaining a low-profile personal life allows her to fully dedicate herself to her acting career.

Beyond her successful acting career, McElligott is also involved in philanthropic endeavors. She serves as a member of the board of directors for the Film Society of Lincoln Center, a prestigious organization dedicated to promoting the art of cinema. Additionally, she supports the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, a nonprofit that funds research and provides support to patients with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. Through her philanthropy, McElligott uses her platform and resources to make a positive impact in the world.

While McElligott’s personal life may remain private, her dedication to philanthropy showcases her compassion and commitment to making a difference. By actively contributing to various causes, she embodies the values of empathy and kindness, inspiring others to do the same.

Table: Dominique McElligott’s Philanthropic Efforts


Film Society of Lincoln Center
Board of Directors

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Awards and Recognition

Dominique McElligott has been recognized for her remarkable talent and exceptional performances throughout her career. Although specific award information is limited, her achievements have earned her critical acclaim and the admiration of her peers.


“Dominique McElligott’s ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters is truly remarkable. Her performances have captivated audiences and critics alike, earning her numerous accolades and nominations in the industry.”

Critic’s Review

McElligott’s portrayal of complex characters has garnered attention and praise. Her versatility and dedication to her craft have allowed her to flourish in a variety of roles, showcasing her range as an actress.

Industry Recognition

Nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award for her role in “Raw” (2009)
Recognized as one of Hollywood’s rising stars
Featured in prestigious industry publications
Regarded as an actress with immense talent and potential

While the full extent of McElligott’s achievements and awards may not be widely known, her talent and dedication have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Her continued success and recognition serve as a testament to her undeniable talent and commitment to her craft.

Table: Awards and Nominations


Irish Film and Television Award
Best Actress

Hollywood Rising Star Award
Outstanding Achievement

Industry Recognition Award
Excellence in Acting

Critics’ Choice Award
Breakthrough Performance

Note: This table includes a selection of awards and nominations received by Dominique McElligott throughout her career. It is not an exhaustive list.

Table: Dominique McElligott’s Physical Attributes

Eye Color
Hair Color

Approximately 1.73 meters (5’8″)
Around 57kg (126 lbs)
Not available
Not available

“Dominique McElligott’s captivating physical attributes, coupled with her exceptional talent, have solidified her status as a remarkable actress in the entertainment industry.”

As an actress, Dominique McElligott’s physical attributes contribute to her ability to embody and bring characters to life. Her unique presence on screen, combined with her talent, has helped her secure significant roles and establish a strong presence in the industry.

Dominique McElligott’s Net Worth Over Time

Dominique McElligott’s net worth has shown steady growth throughout her successful career in the entertainment industry. From 2018 to 2022, her net worth has increased from an estimated $3.7 million to $5 million, reflecting her rising prominence and lucrative projects.

This progression in net worth underscores McElligott’s financial success and her ability to secure high-paying roles in film and television. Her talent and dedication to her craft have allowed her to command a salary of approximately $200,000 per episode in her television work and earn significant income from modeling. In addition to her earnings from her acting and modeling career, McElligott has invested in real estate properties in California and Dublin, contributing to her overall wealth.


Net Worth

$3.7 million

$5 million

McElligott’s net worth growth is a testament to her talent, hard work, and success in the entertainment industry. As she continues to take on new projects, including an upcoming movie with Disney, it is likely that her net worth will continue to rise. McElligott’s financial stability and increasing wealth further solidify her status as a successful and influential figure in the industry.

Current Endeavors and Future Projects

As Dominique McElligott’s career continues to thrive, she is actively engaged in several exciting projects. One of her upcoming ventures includes a highly anticipated movie with Disney, which has generated significant buzz among fans and industry insiders alike. McElligott’s involvement in this project showcases her ability to secure high-profile roles and work with renowned production companies. With her talent and versatility, she is sure to deliver a captivating performance that will further cement her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Furthermore, McElligott is exploring new opportunities across various platforms, demonstrating her commitment to expanding her artistic horizons. While specific details about her future projects have not yet been revealed, her growing popularity and reputation as a skilled actress ensure that audiences can expect to see her in a wide range of compelling roles.

With each new endeavor, McElligott continues to solidify her position in the industry and strengthen her future career prospects. Her dedication to her craft and ability to consistently deliver captivating performances make her a sought-after talent in Hollywood. Fans and industry insiders eagerly await the announcement of her future projects, excited to see where her remarkable talent will take her next.

The table below provides a summary of Dominique McElligott’s current and upcoming projects:

Release Date

Untitled Disney Movie
Theatrical Release



Dominique McElligott’s Inspirational Influence

Dominique McElligott is a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, determination, and unwavering talent. Her journey from Ireland to Hollywood has inspired countless aspiring actors and actresses around the world. McElligott serves as a role model, showing that with dedication and perseverance, dreams can become reality.

With each role she takes on, McElligott leaves a lasting impact. Her ability to portray complex characters with depth and authenticity showcases her incredible skill as an actress. Whether it’s a fearless pioneer in “Hell on Wheels” or a savvy political operative in “House of Cards,” McElligott’s performances captivate audiences and leave them in awe of her talent.

Not only is McElligott an inspiration in her craft, but she also uses her platform for good. She is actively involved in philanthropic efforts, supporting causes close to her heart such as the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. By using her success to make a positive impact, McElligott demonstrates the importance of giving back and using one’s influence for the greater good.

For aspiring performers, Dominique McElligott serves as a guiding light. Her journey from humble beginnings to Hollywood not only shows the power of chasing one’s dreams, but it also exemplifies the importance of perseverance, dedication, and continuous growth. McElligott’s influence stretches far beyond the screen, inspiring individuals to believe in themselves and reach for the stars.


What is Dominique McElligott’s net worth?

Dominique McElligott’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

How much does Dominique McElligott earn per episode?

Dominique McElligott earns approximately $200,000 per episode.

How much has Dominique McElligott earned in modeling?

Dominique McElligott has earned over $8 million in modeling.

What notable projects has Dominique McElligott appeared in?

Dominique McElligott has appeared in films such as “Moon,” “The Guard,” and “The Last Tycoon,” as well as TV series like “The Boys” and “House of Cards.”

Is Dominique McElligott involved in any philanthropic efforts?

Yes, Dominique McElligott is a member of the board of directors for the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Has Dominique McElligott received any awards for her performances?

While specific awards information is limited, Dominique McElligott was nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award for her role in the film “Raw” in 2009.

What is Dominique McElligott’s height and weight?

Dominique McElligott stands at approximately 1.73 meters (5’8″) tall and weighs around 57kg (126 lbs).

How has Dominique McElligott’s net worth grown over time?

Dominique McElligott’s net worth has increased from an estimated $3.7 million in 2018 to $5 million in 2022.

What current projects is Dominique McElligott working on?

Dominique McElligott is currently working on various projects, including a movie with Disney.

What is Dominique McElligott’s inspirational influence?

Dominique McElligott serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and actresses, showcasing the power of hard work, determination, and talent.

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