Is Decluttr Legit? – Feedback and Reviews

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Are you considering using Decluttr to sell your unwanted items? Before you do, it’s essential to gather feedback and read reviews to determine if Decluttr is a legitimate platform. Customer experiences can provide valuable insights into the reliability and trustworthiness of the service.

Decluttr has received mixed reviews from customers, with both positive and negative experiences being shared. While some users have found the process to be straightforward and have received prompt payment, others have encountered issues with customer support, payment delays, and discrepancies between initial quotes and final offers.

Key Takeaways:

Decluttr has received mixed feedback from customers.
Positive experiences include easy-to-understand instructions and prompt payment.
Negative experiences involve customer support issues and payment delays.
It is important to consider both positive and negative reviews when making an informed decision about using Decluttr.
Read a variety of customer reviews to gather a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s reliability.

User Experiences with Decluttr

When it comes to user experiences with Decluttr, customers have shared both positive and negative feedback. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key aspects that have been highlighted.

Positive Experiences

“I found the process of selling my items on Decluttr to be incredibly easy and straightforward. The instructions were clear, and I appreciated the convenience of receiving prepaid shipping labels. The best part was receiving prompt payment for the items I sold.”

Many users have praised the simplicity of the selling process on Decluttr. The comprehensive instructions provided by the platform make it easy for customers to understand the requirements and steps involved in selling their unwanted items. Additionally, the fact that Decluttr offers the quoted price is seen as a positive aspect, as customers value transparency and reliability.

Negative Experiences

“I had a frustrating experience with customer service on Decluttr. The chatbot was unhelpful, and it took a long time to get a response. Furthermore, there were delays in receiving payment for the items I sold, and the final offer didn’t match the initial quote.”

On the other hand, some users have encountered challenges when it comes to customer support and payment delays. The unhelpful chatbot and long wait times for responses have been sources of frustration for customers seeking assistance. Additionally, discrepancies between the initial quote and the final offer have led to disappointment and dissatisfaction.


Customer feedback on Decluttr is mixed, with both positive and negative experiences being shared. Some users appreciate the simplicity of the selling process and the prompt payment they receive. However, others have faced issues with customer support, payment delays, and discrepancies in offers received. It is important for individuals to consider both the positive and negative aspects, as well as read more customer reviews, before making an informed decision about using the platform.

Positive Experiences
Negative Experiences

– Easy and straightforward selling process
– Frustrating customer service experience

– Clear instructions and prepaid shipping labels
– Delays in receiving payment

– Quoted price offered
– Discrepancies between initial quote and final offer

Trustpilot Reviews for Decluttr

Decluttr, an online platform for selling unwanted items, has received mixed ratings from users on Trustpilot. The platform has garnered both positive and negative reviews, providing potential customers with insights into the experiences of other users. It is important to consider these reviews when making a decision about whether to use Decluttr for selling your items.

Based on the Trustpilot ratings, Decluttr has received a range of feedback from users. While some customers have given the platform high ratings and praised its ease of use and prompt payment, others have expressed dissatisfaction with their experience. Complaints include lost records of purchases and poor customer service. The ratings on Trustpilot range from one to five stars, with a majority falling in the three to five-star range.

Here is a summary of some of the feedback provided by Trustpilot reviews:

“I have used Decluttr multiple times and have always had a positive experience. The process is easy to follow, and I received payment quickly for my items. Highly recommended!” – 5 stars.

“I had a few issues with Decluttr’s customer support. It took a while to get a response, and when I did, they were not very helpful. However, I did eventually receive my payment for the items I sold.” – 3 stars.

“Decluttr lost my record of purchase, and it has been a nightmare trying to get it resolved. Their customer service was unhelpful, and I am still waiting for my payment.” – 1 star.

Positive Feedback
Negative Feedback

5 stars
“Easy process and prompt payment.”

4 stars
“I sold my items without any issues.”

3 stars

“Customer support needs improvement.”

2 stars

“Delays in payment.”

1 star

“Lost records of purchase and poor customer service.”

It is important to consider both the positive and negative feedback when evaluating Decluttr. While some users have had positive experiences with easy transactions and prompt payment, others have encountered issues with customer support and delays in payment. By weighing the pros and cons based on individual needs and preferences, users can make an informed decision about whether to use Decluttr.

Decluttr’s Better Business Bureau Complaints

Decluttr, the popular online platform for selling used items, has received its fair share of complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. While the platform has garnered mixed feedback from customers, it is important to examine the nature of these complaints and the steps Decluttr has taken to address them.

The Nature of Complaints

Customers have reported various issues with Decluttr, including discrepancies between the initial quote and the final offer, delays in payment, and difficulties in reaching customer service for assistance. These concerns raise questions about the overall trustworthiness of the platform and prompt users to wonder: Is Decluttr a scam or not?

Decluttr’s Response

Decluttr has not taken these complaints lightly and has actively engaged with the BBB to address the issues raised by customers. The company has made efforts to improve communication, clarify the payment process, and streamline refund and exchange procedures. By doing so, Decluttr aims to provide a more transparent and reliable experience for its users.

Issues Raised
Decluttr’s Response

Discrepancies in quoted and final offer amounts
Improved communication and transparent pricing

Delays in payment
Streamlined payment processes

Difficulties in reaching customer service
Enhanced customer support channels and response times

While there is still room for improvement, Decluttr’s active engagement with the BBB and its efforts to address customer concerns indicate a commitment to providing a better user experience. As customers continue to share their feedback and experiences, it is important to consider both positive and negative aspects in order to make an informed decision about using the platform.

Positive Customer Experiences

Despite some negative experiences, there are customers who have had positive interactions with Decluttr. They appreciate the convenience of scanning items, receiving prepaid shipping labels, and the promptness of payment. Many also highlight the environmentally-friendly aspect of selling unwanted items through Decluttr.

“Decluttr made it easy for me to sell my old electronics. The scanning app was user-friendly, and I received the shipping label promptly. The payment was processed quickly, and I appreciated the effort Decluttr puts into recycling unwanted items. Overall, it was a positive experience for me.” – Emily

“I’ve been using Decluttr for a while now, and I’ve always had a good experience. The process is straightforward, and the payment is always prompt. It’s great to be able to clear out unwanted items while also contributing to a greener environment. I highly recommend Decluttr.” – Mike

Positive Customer Experiences
Key Highlights

Ease of use
The convenience of scanning items and receiving prepaid shipping labels

Prompt payment
Customers appreciate the quick processing of payments

Positive feedback on Decluttr’s efforts to recycle unwanted items

Negative Customer Experiences

While Decluttr has received both positive and negative feedback from customers, it’s essential to acknowledge the negative experiences reported by some users. These experiences raise concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and safety. Issues such as delayed payments, unhelpful customer support, and discrepancies between initial quotes and final offers have been reported.

Customers have expressed frustration with the time it takes to receive payment from Decluttr, with some experiencing significant delays. Additionally, customer support interactions have been seen as unhelpful and lacking timely responses. On top of that, discrepancies between the initial quote provided by the platform and the final offer given to customers have resulted in disappointment and dissatisfaction.

These negative experiences highlight the need for improvement in certain areas of Decluttr’s operations. Customers expect a smooth and reliable selling process, prompt payment, and effective communication when interacting with the platform. Addressing these concerns will be crucial to enhancing the overall user experience and building trust among customers.

Customer Complaints – Decluttr Scam or Not?

Common Complaints
Percentage of Complaints

Delayed payments

Poor customer support

Discrepancies between initial quote and final offer

Difficulty in contacting customer support

Unresponsive chatbots

“I sold my phone through Decluttr, but it took over a month to receive payment. Their customer support was of no help throughout the process.” – Anonymous Customer

It is important to consider these negative experiences and customer complaints when deciding whether to use Decluttr as a platform for selling unwanted items. While some users have had positive experiences, the presence of these issues raises valid concerns. Reading and evaluating more customer reviews can help potential users make an informed decision based on their individual preferences and risk tolerance.

Suggestions for Improvement

Based on customer feedback, there are several areas where Decluttr can improve the user experience and address common concerns. By implementing these suggestions, Decluttr can enhance customer satisfaction and build trust.

Suggestion 1: Clearer Communication

Customers have expressed the need for clearer communication about the payment process. Providing detailed information about payment timelines, including any potential delays, can help manage expectations and reduce frustration. Additionally, clearly explaining the factors that can affect the final offer, such as device condition or market demand, can prevent discrepancies between the initial quote and the final amount offered.

Suggestion 2: Faster Response Times

Many customers have reported long wait times when seeking assistance from customer service. Implementing measures to improve response times, such as increasing the support team or utilizing chatbots with improved capabilities, can enhance the overall customer experience. The ability to promptly address customer concerns and provide timely updates can significantly improve satisfaction levels.

Suggestion 3: Accurate Quotes

Some users have highlighted discrepancies between the initial quote and the final offer for their items. Enhancing the accuracy of the quoting system by refining the algorithms or providing clearer guidelines for item inspection can help ensure that customers receive fair and accurate quotes. This transparency can instill confidence in the selling process and reduce any skepticism about the platform.

Suggestion 4: Improved Customer Support

Customers have suggested the need for a phone number to facilitate easier contact with customer support. While chatbots can be convenient for simple queries, having the option to speak with a live representative can provide a more personalized and efficient resolution to complex issues. Adding a phone support option can enhance the overall customer support experience.

Suggestion 5: Streamlined User Interface

Some users have mentioned difficulties navigating the Decluttr website. Simplifying and streamlining the user interface can enhance the overall user experience. Clear instructions for scanning items, accessing account information, and checking payment status can help users easily navigate the platform and complete their transactions without confusion or frustration.


Clearer Communication
Provide detailed information about payment process and factors affecting final offer

Faster Response Times
Implement measures to improve response times from customer service

Accurate Quotes
Enhance the accuracy of the quoting system and provide clearer guidelines

Improved Customer Support
Add a phone support option for easier contact with customer service

Streamlined User Interface
Simplify and streamline the user interface for better navigation

Decluttr’s Efforts to Address Issues

Decluttr has acknowledged the concerns raised by customers and has taken proactive steps to address them. The company understands the importance of providing a trustworthy and reliable platform for users to sell their unwanted items with peace of mind.

One of the key areas where Decluttr has made improvements is in the payment process. The company has worked to clarify the timeframes involved and ensure that customers have a full understanding of when they can expect to receive their payment. This increased transparency aims to alleviate any concerns or confusion about delays in payment.

In addition to improving the payment process, Decluttr has also made efforts to enhance communication with customers. They have introduced clearer messaging about device locks and network status, providing users with valuable information upfront. By addressing these potential issues proactively, Decluttr aims to minimize any discrepancies between the initial quote and the final offer, ensuring a smoother selling experience for customers.

Decluttr has also listened to customer feedback regarding the need for more help content. The company has expanded its resources to provide comprehensive instructions and guidance on using the platform effectively. This additional support aims to empower users and enable them to navigate the selling process with confidence.

Table: Summary of Decluttr’s Efforts

Areas of Improvement
Actions Taken by Decluttr

Payment Process
Clarification of timeframes and increased transparency

Clearer messaging about device locks and network status

Help Content
Expanded resources and comprehensive instructions

By addressing these issues and actively working to improve the overall user experience, Decluttr demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and building trust. While there may still be areas for further improvement, these efforts indicate that Decluttr is dedicated to resolving any concerns and ensuring a positive selling experience for its users.

Decluttr’s Refer-a-Friend Program

Decluttr offers a refer-a-friend program that allows users to earn extra cash simply by recommending the platform to their friends. By referring friends to Decluttr, customers have the opportunity to make a referral bonus. This program is designed to incentivize customers to spread the word about their positive experiences with Decluttr and attract new users to the platform.

Customers who participate in the refer-a-friend program can benefit from the simple process of referring friends. When a friend signs up using the unique referral link provided by Decluttr, both the referrer and the friend will receive a bonus. This bonus can be applied to the friend’s first transaction, ensuring a beneficial experience for both parties involved.

Decluttr’s refer-a-friend program has been well-received by customers, who appreciate the opportunity to earn extra cash while helping their friends discover the benefits of using the platform. It not only rewards customers for their loyalty but also contributes to the growth of the Decluttr community.

Benefits of Decluttr’s Refer-a-Friend Program:

Earn extra cash by referring friends to Decluttr
Simple and straightforward referral process
Both the referrer and the friend receive a bonus
Bonus can be applied to the friend’s first transaction
Rewards loyal customers and contributes to the growth of the community

Positive Feedback on Selling and Shopping

Despite the challenges some customers have faced, there are many who have had positive experiences both selling and shopping on Decluttr. They appreciate the ease of selling items, receiving payment promptly, and the wide selection of items available for purchase. The positive feedback highlights the legitimacy of Decluttr as a platform.

Customers have praised the user-friendly interface of Decluttr, which allows them to easily list and sell their unwanted items. The clear instructions and straightforward process make it simple for anyone to use the platform. Additionally, many users have expressed satisfaction with the promptness of payment. Decluttr ensures that sellers receive their payment quickly once their items are received and processed.

Furthermore, customers have been impressed with the variety of items available for purchase on Decluttr. From electronics and media to books and games, Decluttr offers a wide range of products at competitive prices. Users have appreciated the convenience of finding affordable, second-hand items in one place. This has made Decluttr a go-to platform for those looking to save money and find unique items.

In conclusion, positive feedback from customers about selling and shopping on Decluttr has highlighted the legitimacy and convenience of the platform. The ease of selling items, prompt payment, and wide selection of products contribute to the overall positive experience. While there may be some challenges and negative feedback, the positive testimonials from satisfied customers demonstrate that Decluttr is a trustworthy and reliable platform.

Conclusion – Making an Informed Decision

After analyzing the feedback and reviews, it is clear that Decluttr’s legitimacy is a topic of debate among its users. While some customers have had positive experiences, others have encountered challenges that cannot be ignored.

Positive aspects of Decluttr include easy transactions, comprehensive instructions, and prompt payment. Many customers have appreciated the convenience of selling unwanted items and the wide selection available for purchase on the platform.

However, it is important to consider the negative experiences as well. Some customers have reported issues with customer support, payment delays, and discrepancies between initial quotes and final offers. These concerns have raised questions about the trustworthiness and reliability of the platform.

To make an informed decision about using Decluttr, it is advisable to read more customer reviews, weigh the pros and cons, and consider individual preferences and needs. While some users have had positive experiences, others have encountered challenges that may impact their overall satisfaction with the platform. It is important to evaluate these factors and decide based on your own circumstances.


Is Decluttr a legitimate platform?

Based on customer feedback, Decluttr has both positive and negative experiences. It is advisable to read more reviews and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

What are some issues customers have encountered with Decluttr?

Customers have reported problems with customer support, delayed payments, and discrepancies between initial quotes and final offers.

Are there any positive aspects of using Decluttr?

Yes, customers have praised the simplicity of the process, easy-to-understand instructions, and prompt payment.

How does Decluttr respond to customer complaints?

Decluttr acknowledges the need for improvement and has taken steps to address concerns, such as improving communication and clarifying processes.

Does Decluttr have a refer-a-friend program?

Yes, customers can earn a referral bonus by referring friends to use Decluttr.

What should I consider when deciding whether to use Decluttr?

It is important to consider both positive and negative feedback from customers, read more reviews, and make an informed decision based on your own preferences and needs.

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