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Donald Gibb is an American actor with a net worth of $4 million. Known for his height of 6’4″ and athletic background, Gibb has made a mark in the entertainment industry with his memorable roles in films and television shows. From his early days playing sports to his successful acting career, let’s take a closer look at the life and accomplishments of Donald Gibb.

Key Takeaways:

Donald Gibb is an American actor with a net worth of $4 million.
He gained recognition for his roles in the “Revenge of the Nerds” film franchise and the HBO sitcom “1st and Ten”.
Gibb co-owns a bar in Chicago called Trader Todd’s and is the spokesperson for the establishment.
He has provided voices for characters in various computer games.
Gibb’s towering height of 6’4″ and athletic background have been defining factors in his career.

Early Life and Education

Donald Gibb, born on August 4, 1954 in New York, grew up in Sherman Oaks, California. Not much information is available about his early life and parents. He attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks before receiving a basketball scholarship to the University of New Mexico. Standing at 6’4″ tall, Gibb’s height played a significant role in his athletic success as well as his later career as an actor.

After his time at the University of New Mexico, Gibb transferred to the University of San Diego to pursue football. His physical presence and athleticism made him a standout player on the field. While he did not pursue a professional football career, Gibb’s background in sports laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Table: Donald Gibb’s Height and Age


Donald Gibb

“Growing up, my height always made me stand out. It definitely helped me in sports and later in my acting career. Being tall has its advantages, and I’ve embraced it,” Gibb once remarked.

As Donald Gibb progressed in his education and athletic pursuits, little did he know that his height would become one of his distinctive features, contributing to his success and recognition in the entertainment industry.

Acting Career

Donald Gibb’s acting career began in the early 80s, where he showcased his talent and versatility in various movies and television shows. He appeared in popular films such as “Any Which Way You Can” (1980), “Stripes” (1981), and “Conan the Barbarian” (1982), gaining recognition for his on-screen presence and memorable performances. However, it was his role as Fred “Ogre” Palowakski in the “Revenge of the Nerds” film franchise that truly propelled him into the spotlight. The franchise, which started in 1984, featured two sequels, where Gibb reprised his iconic character. His portrayal of Ogre solidified his status as a fan-favorite and further established his name in the industry.

Aside from films, Gibb also made a significant impact on television with his role as Leslie “Dr. Death” Crunchner in the HBO sitcom “1st and Ten” (1984-1991). The show followed the trials and tribulations of a fictional football team, providing Gibb with the opportunity to showcase his comedic timing and acting range. His portrayal of Dr. Death was widely appreciated by audiences and further cemented his status as a versatile actor.

Throughout his career, Donald Gibb has appeared in numerous films and television shows, accumulating earnings that have contributed to his net worth. His on-screen presence, humor, and ability to bring characters to life have made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Movie / TV Show

“Any Which Way You Can”


“Conan the Barbarian”

“Revenge of the Nerds”
Fred “Ogre” Palowakski

“Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise”
Fred “Ogre” Palowakski

“Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation”
Fred “Ogre” Palowakski

Ray Jackson

“1st and Ten”
Leslie “Dr. Death” Crunchner

Other Ventures

In addition to his successful acting career, Donald Gibb has diversified his ventures beyond the entertainment industry. One notable endeavor is his co-ownership of Trader Todd’s, a popular bar located in Chicago. As a co-owner, Gibb has not only invested in the business but also serves as its spokesperson, adding a personal touch to the establishment’s branding and marketing efforts.

Trader Todd’s is known for its vibrant atmosphere and regular karaoke nights, offering patrons a fun and lively experience. Gibb’s involvement in the bar showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to excel in different areas beyond acting.

Furthermore, Gibb has utilized his fame to promote a brand of beer named Ogre, inspired by his iconic character in the “Revenge of the Nerds” film franchise. This partnership allows him to expand his assets and connect with fans in a unique way, leveraging his on-screen persona to create a memorable and authentic brand.

Trader Todd’s: A Unique Blend of Entertainment and Refreshments

Key Features

Karaoke Nights
Every Friday and Saturday, Trader Todd’s hosts lively karaoke nights that attract locals and tourists alike.

Ogre Beer
Gibb’s collaboration with a brewing company has resulted in the creation of Ogre Beer, which offers a unique taste and nostalgic connection to the “Revenge of the Nerds” franchise.

Live Music
Trader Todd’s features live music performances by local bands and artists, adding to the vibrant and entertaining atmosphere.

Trivia Nights
For trivia enthusiasts, Trader Todd’s hosts regular trivia nights where participants can showcase their knowledge and win exciting prizes.

Through his involvement in Trader Todd’s and the creation of Ogre Beer, Donald Gibb has expanded his assets and established a presence beyond the world of acting. He continues to explore new opportunities and utilize his diverse skill set to leave a lasting impact on both the entertainment and hospitality industries.

Personal Life

Donald Gibb, the talented actor known for his iconic roles in films like “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Bloodsport,” leads a private life off-screen. Gibb is a married man, having exchanged vows with Jacqueline Bauer in 1981 in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. However, details about their relationship and whether they have children remain undisclosed.

Gibb and his wife currently reside in Chicago, Illinois, where they enjoy a low-key lifestyle away from the spotlight. While the actor prefers to keep his personal life private, his undeniable talent and on-screen charisma have made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

The Enigmatic Couple: Donald Gibb and Jacqueline Bauer

“Our relationship is the rock that grounds us amidst the chaos of Hollywood,” says Gibb, who values the stability and support he finds in his marriage. While the couple rarely makes public appearances, their enduring love is evident in the strength of their bond.”

Despite his success, Donald Gibb remains committed to maintaining privacy and focusing on what matters most to him – his family and the enjoyment of everyday life.

Voice Acting and Gaming

Donald Gibb’s career extends beyond his on-screen roles, as he has also made significant contributions as a voice actor in computer games. His deep and distinctive voice has brought life to various video game characters, further showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry.

In 1995, Gibb provided his voice talents to the game “What’s My Story,” lending his unique voice to enhance the gameplay experience. He continued to make his mark in the gaming world with notable roles in popular titles such as “Zork: Grand Inquisitor” (1997), “Alter Echo” (2003), “Mafia II” (2010), and “Rage” (2011). Through his immersive voice acting, Gibb has left an indelible imprint on the interactive gaming landscape.

Gibb’s foray into voice acting highlights his adaptability as an artist, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences not only on screen but also through digital mediums. By lending his voice to memorable characters in popular video games, he has expanded his reach and solidified his position as a multifaceted talent.

Table: Donald Gibb’s Voice Acting Contributions in Video Games


What’s My Story

Zork: Grand Inquisitor

Alter Echo

Mafia II


Height and Physical Appearance

Donald Gibb is known for his towering height of 6’4″ which has played a significant role in his acting career. His impressive stature has allowed him to portray physically imposing characters in movies such as “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Bloodsport”. Gibb’s commanding presence on screen, combined with his athletic background, has made him a memorable figure in Hollywood.

His muscular build and towering height not only make him a formidable presence on screen but also contribute to his ability to bring these characters to life. Gibb’s physical appearance has become a defining factor in his career, allowing him to stand out among his peers and secure roles that require a dominating presence.

“I think my height has definitely given me a unique advantage in the industry. It allows me to portray characters with a certain physicality and presence that other actors may not be able to achieve. It has become a defining feature of my career, and I’m grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me.” – Donald Gibb

Donald Gibb’s Height Comparison

To further illustrate the impact of Donald Gibb’s height, let’s compare it to some well-known figures:


LeBron James

Tom Cruise

Shaquille O’Neal

As can be seen from the table above, Donald Gibb’s height places him among the taller individuals in the entertainment industry. This height distinction has undoubtedly contributed to his ability to portray physically dominant and imposing characters on screen.


In conclusion, Donald Gibb’s net worth stands at an impressive $4 million, which is a testament to his successful acting career and entrepreneurial ventures. Throughout his journey, Gibb has showcased his talent and versatility, starring in numerous films and television shows, most notably in the “Revenge of the Nerds” franchise and the HBO sitcom “1st and Ten”.

Aside from his acting accomplishments, Gibb has expanded his horizons with his involvement in other ventures. As the co-owner and spokesperson of Trader Todd’s, a popular bar in Chicago, he has further solidified his financial standing. Additionally, his voice acting contributions in various computer games demonstrate his range and adaptability in the entertainment industry.

With his towering height of 6’4″ and athletic background, Gibb’s physical appearance has also played a significant role in shaping his career. From his early days as a basketball and football player to his captivating roles as physically imposing characters on-screen, Gibb has left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

All in all, Donald Gibb’s net worth reflects the success he has achieved throughout his career and stands as a testament to his talent, versatility, and entrepreneurial spirit. With an illustrious acting portfolio and diverse business ventures, Gibb continues to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry.


What is Donald Gibb’s net worth?

Donald Gibb has a net worth of $4 million.

Where was Donald Gibb born and raised?

Donald Gibb was born in New York and raised in Sherman Oaks, California.

What are some of Donald Gibb’s notable movies and TV shows?

Donald Gibb is known for his roles in movies like “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Bloodsport”, and the TV show “1st and Ten”.

Does Donald Gibb have any other business ventures?

Yes, Donald Gibb co-owns a bar called Trader Todd’s in Chicago and is the spokesperson for the establishment.

Is Donald Gibb married?

Yes, Donald Gibb is married to Jacqueline Bauer.

Has Donald Gibb done any voice acting?

Yes, Donald Gibb has provided voices for characters in video games like “Mafia II” and “Rage”.

How tall is Donald Gibb?

Donald Gibb is 6’4″ tall.

Is Donald Gibb active on social media?

No, Donald Gibb does not have a visible presence on social media platforms.

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