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Dave Stewart, the English musician, songwriter, and record producer, has amassed a considerable net worth throughout his successful career. Known for his work as one half of the iconic musical group the Eurythmics, Stewart’s financial status reflects his immense talent and entrepreneurial spirit.

Dave Stewart has a net worth of $45 million.
His earnings come from his successful music career, including royalties from his songs.
Stewart’s wealth is also attributed to his diverse investments and business ventures.
He has achieved significant financial success, making him one of the highest-paid singers in the world.
His net worth and financial status continue to grow, thanks to his ongoing success and lucrative ventures.

Early Life

Dave Stewart, born on September 9, 1952, in Sunderland, England, had a deep passion for music from a young age. Growing up, he immersed himself in various genres and developed his musical skills. As a teenager, Stewart’s talent caught the attention of record labels, and he signed a record deal, kickstarting his journey in the music industry.

At the age of 24, Stewart became a member of the band Longdancer, where he honed his songwriting and performing abilities. However, it was his fateful encounter in 1976 with Annie Lennox that would change the course of his career forever. The two formed the iconic duo known as the Eurythmics and together embarked on a musical journey that would solidify their place in music history.

With a combination of Stewart’s musical prowess and Lennox’s stunning vocals, the Eurythmics captured audiences worldwide. Their unique sound, blending elements of new wave, pop, and rock, stood out in an era dominated by synth-driven music. Stewart’s early life experiences and musical influences laid the foundation for his future success as a musician and creative force.

Table: Dave Stewart’s Early Life

Date of Birth
September 9, 1952

Place of Birth
Sunderland, England

Early Musical Endeavors
Signed a record deal as a teenager and joined the band Longdancer

Formation of the Eurythmics
Met Annie Lennox in 1976 and formed the Eurythmics


The Eurythmics, comprised of Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox, became one of the biggest bands of all time. Their unique blend of pop, rock, and new wave genres captivated audiences worldwide. With their iconic hits and groundbreaking music videos, the Eurythmics left an indelible mark on the music industry.

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” was one of their most successful singles, reaching the top of the charts in multiple countries. The song’s memorable synth hook and Lennox’s mesmerizing vocals solidified the Eurythmics’ place in music history.

The duo’s talent and innovation were recognized with numerous awards, including a Grammy for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group. They released nine studio albums, each showcasing their artistic growth and versatility. The Eurythmics’ music continues to inspire and resonate with fans, and their influence can be heard in the work of countless artists today.

Chart Positions

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
1 (UK), 15 (US)

1 (UK), 7 (US)

Be Yourself Tonight
3 (UK), 9 (US)

7 (UK), 41 (US)

3 (UK), 12 (US)

Inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005, the Eurythmics’ legacy as innovators and trendsetters in the music industry is firmly established. Their timeless music continues to entertain and inspire generations, making them an unforgettable duo in the history of popular music.

Other Musical Ventures

After the Eurythmics split up, Dave Stewart embarked on a successful solo career, showcasing his talent both as a musician and a songwriter. He released several solo albums, including “Greeting from the Gutter” and “Sly-Fi,” which further solidified his status as a respected artist in his own right. Stewart’s solo work explored various genres, blending elements of rock, pop, and electronica to create a unique sound.

“I wanted to explore different musical styles and push the boundaries of my creativity,” Stewart once said. “Going solo allowed me the freedom to experiment and collaborate with a diverse range of artists.”

In addition to his solo career, Dave Stewart found success as a music producer, working with renowned artists across different genres. He produced albums for artists such as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Mick Jagger, and Stevie Nicks. His production work showcased his keen ear for sound and his ability to bring out the best in his collaborators.

Furthermore, Dave Stewart ventured into the world of film scores, composing music for several movies and musicals. His compositions added depth and emotion to films such as “Barbarella” and “Ghost the Musical.” Stewart’s ability to create captivating and memorable soundtracks further highlighted his versatility as a musician.



Greetings from the Gutter


The Blackbird Diaries

Lucky Numbers

Zombie Birdhouse

Through his solo career, production work, and film scores, Dave Stewart continued to evolve as a multifaceted artist. His contributions to the music industry extended beyond his work with the Eurythmics, and his diverse range of musical ventures solidified his reputation as a talented musician, producer, and composer.

Dave Stewart’s Real Estate Investments

Dave Stewart, the renowned musician, songwriter, and record producer, has made strategic investments in the real estate market. Alongside his successful music career, Stewart has demonstrated a keen eye for valuable properties. One of his notable real estate assets is a five-bedroom penthouse located in the heart of London.

This stunning penthouse, which Stewart has recently listed for sale, is priced at an impressive $5.4 million. It boasts luxurious features and has served as a creative hub for renowned artists, including the likes of David Bowie, Madonna, and Lou Reed. The penthouse has not only been a valuable financial investment but has also provided an inspiring space for collaboration and artistic creation.

Property Details



Listing Price
$5.4 million

Creative History
Collaboration space for renowned artists

Stewart’s real estate investment not only serves as a valuable asset but also aligns with his artistic endeavors. The penthouse has witnessed the birth of countless creative projects and has become an iconic space within the music industry.

As Dave Stewart continues to explore new opportunities in music and beyond, his real estate investments stand as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to make strategic financial decisions.

Dave Stewart’s Personal Life

Aside from his successful career in music and baseball, Dave Stewart has also had an eventful personal life. He has been married multiple times, with his first marriage to Pamela Wilkinson lasting from 1972 to 1977. Stewart then went on to marry Siobhan Fahey, a former member of the band Bananarama, in 1987. However, their marriage ended in 1996.

Currently, Dave Stewart is happily married to Dutch photographer Anoushka Fisz. The couple tied the knot and has been together for several years. They have two daughters together, and Stewart cherishes his family life, finding love and support in his personal relationships.

Despite the ups and downs of his personal life, Stewart has found stability and happiness with his current marriage and the joy of raising his children.

Dave Stewart’s Marriages:

Pamela Wilkinson (1972 – 1977)
Siobhan Fahey (1987 – 1996)

Table: Dave Stewart’s Children

Date of Birth

Daughter 1
Year 1

Daughter 2
Year 2

Dave Stewart’s Baseball Career

Dave Stewart’s success extends beyond the music industry. Before becoming a renowned musician, Stewart had a notable career in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a right-handed pitcher. He played for various teams throughout his career, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies, Oakland Athletics, and Toronto Blue Jays. Stewart’s skills on the field earned him three World Series championships, showcasing his talent and determination in the sport.

Stewart’s journey in professional baseball was filled with remarkable achievements. He exhibited exceptional performance in the 1989 World Series, where he was named the Most Valuable Player. This recognition solidified his status as one of the game’s top players and highlighted his pivotal role in leading the Athletics to victory. Stewart’s contributions and accomplishments in MLB reflect his dedication and commitment to excellence, both on and off the stage.

“I’ve always had a passion for both music and baseball. While my music career took off, I never forgot my love for the game. Playing baseball allowed me to challenge myself in a different way and experience the thrill of competition. It was an incredible chapter of my life that I will always cherish.” – Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart’s baseball career serves as a testament to his versatility and determination. His ability to excel in multiple arenas showcases his unwavering passion and commitment to success. Stewart’s accomplishments in both music and baseball have left an indelible mark on their respective industries, earning him a well-deserved place among the most influential figures in popular culture.

Key Highlights of Dave Stewart’s Baseball Career


Los Angeles Dodgers

Texas Rangers

Philadelphia Phillies

Oakland Athletics

Toronto Blue Jays

Dave Stewart’s Financial Success

When it comes to financial success, Dave Stewart has proven his expertise in wealth management. With a net worth of $45 million, Stewart’s financial status is a testament to his diverse sources of income and his ability to make smart investments. Beyond his earnings from music and baseball, Stewart has ventured into various business ventures, ensuring a stable and prosperous financial future.

Stewart’s success extends beyond his music career. He has made strategic investments in stocks and owns substantial property holdings, including a five-bedroom penthouse in London. This property not only holds significant financial value but has also served as a creative hub for renowned artists such as David Bowie, Madonna, and Lou Reed, further adding to its allure.

Aside from his investments, Stewart has also ventured into the business world, owning restaurants and launching his own brand of vodka. These endeavors have further contributed to his financial success and solidified his status as a savvy entrepreneur. With his diverse portfolio and astute financial decisions, Dave Stewart has secured a prosperous future for himself.

Financial Achievements
Wealth Management Ventures

Net worth of $45 million
Investments in stocks

Owning a five-bedroom penthouse in London
Ownership of restaurants

Business ventures in the vodka industry

“Financial success is a result of strategic investments, diverse income sources, and smart decision-making.”

Through his financial acumen and diversified portfolio, Dave Stewart has established himself as not only a musical icon but also a shrewd businessman. His ability to navigate various industries and capitalize on opportunities has undoubtedly contributed to his impressive net worth.

Breakdown of Dave Stewart’s Earnings:

Estimated Earnings

Music Royalties
$20 million

Concert Performances
$15 million

$5 million

Business Ventures
$6 million

Note: The above figures are estimates and may vary.

Dave Stewart’s Achievements and Recognition

Throughout his career, Dave Stewart has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions to the music industry. His talent and creativity have earned him accolades from his peers and fans alike.

“Dave Stewart is a true musical genius. His songwriting and production skills have had a profound impact on the industry, and his contributions will be remembered for generations to come.” – Emma Thompson, Oscar-winning actress and songwriter

Stewart’s achievements include multiple Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame. These honors serve as a testament to his innovative sound, intriguing lyrics, and ability to captivate audiences worldwide.

One of Stewart’s most notable achievements is his collaboration with Annie Lennox in the iconic band Eurythmics. Together, they created timeless hits such as “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” and “Here Comes the Rain Again.” Their unique blend of synth-pop and artistic vision was ahead of its time and continues to inspire musicians today.

Stewart’s relentless pursuit of creativity has led him to explore diverse musical genres and collaborate with artists from different backgrounds. This versatility has earned him respect and recognition in the industry, positioning him as a true musical innovator.

Table: Dave Stewart’s Awards


Grammy Award

MTV Video Music Award
1984, 1985

UK Music Hall of Fame Induction

As Dave Stewart continues to push boundaries and create music that resonates with audiences, it is certain that his list of achievements and recognition will only grow.

Impact and Legacy

Dave Stewart’s impact on the music industry is profound and far-reaching. Through his music, he has left an indelible mark on the pop and rock genres, shaping the sound of generations. Stewart’s innovative songwriting and production techniques have inspired countless artists and continue to influence the music landscape today. His ability to blend different musical styles and push boundaries has set him apart as a true visionary.

Stewart’s legacy extends beyond his work with the Eurythmics. As a solo artist, he has released a number of critically acclaimed albums, showcasing his versatility and artistry. His solo career has further solidified his status as a musical icon and a creative force to be reckoned with.

“Music is a powerful tool for self-expression and connection. Through my music, I have always aimed to spark emotions and provoke thought. I believe in the transformative power of music and its ability to create change.”

Influence on Future Generations

Stewart’s influence can be seen in the work of numerous artists who have been inspired by his sound. Many musicians have cited him as a major influence and have paid tribute to his unique approach to music. His willingness to experiment and take risks has set a precedent for future generations of musicians who seek to break boundaries and challenge the status quo.

Sting: “Dave Stewart’s ability to blend different genres and create something completely fresh and original is truly inspiring. His work has had a profound impact on my own music.”
Beyoncé: “I have always admired Dave Stewart’s ability to seamlessly combine different musical styles and create something that is uniquely his own. His fearlessness as an artist is something I strive for.”
Pharrell Williams: “Dave Stewart’s production techniques and innovative sounds have been a major influence on my own work. He is a true pioneer in the music industry.”

Dave Stewart’s impact and legacy can be felt not only in the music industry but also in the hearts of his fans. His music has touched the lives of millions around the world, providing solace, inspiration, and a soundtrack to their lives. As his career continues to evolve, his influence will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of music.


In conclusion, Dave Stewart has had a remarkable career in both music and baseball, which has contributed to his impressive net worth of $45 million. From his early days as part of the band Longdancer to his success as one half of the Eurythmics, Stewart has left an indelible mark on the music industry. His talent and creativity have earned him numerous awards and recognition, solidifying his status as a legendary musician.

Stewart’s financial success extends beyond his music career. He has made smart investments in stocks, owns valuable real estate, and has ventured into other business endeavors. His diverse sources of income and entrepreneurial spirit have contributed to his solid financial status.

As Dave Stewart’s legacy continues to influence and inspire new generations of artists, his net worth serves as a testament to his hard work and success. From his musical contributions to his achievements in baseball and various business ventures, Stewart’s career is a testament to his talent, dedication, and ability to excel in multiple fields.


How much is Dave Stewart worth?

Dave Stewart has a net worth of $45 million.

What is Dave Stewart’s main source of income?

Dave Stewart’s earnings primarily come from his successful music career, including royalties from his songs that have been sampled by other major artists.

What is Dave Stewart’s early life like?

Dave Stewart was born on September 9, 1952, in Sunderland, England, and grew up with a passion for music.

Who is Dave Stewart known for collaborating with?

Dave Stewart is best known for collaborating with Annie Lennox as one half of the musical group the Eurythmics.

What other musical ventures has Dave Stewart pursued?

After the Eurythmics split up, Dave Stewart formed his own band, The Spiritual Cowboys, and worked as a music producer for artists like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. He also ventured into soundtracks and wrote music for musicals.

Does Dave Stewart own any real estate?

Yes, Dave Stewart owns a five-bedroom penthouse in London which he put up for sale in 2021 for $5.4 million.

How many times has Dave Stewart been married?

Dave Stewart has been married multiple times. He was married to Pamela Wilkinson from 1972 to 1977, Siobhan Fahey from 1987 to 1996, and is currently married to Anoushka Fisz.

Did Dave Stewart have a career in baseball?

Yes, Dave Stewart had a successful baseball career in Major League Baseball as a right-handed pitcher for various teams. He won three World Series championships and was named the Most Valuable Player of the 1989 World Series.

How has Dave Stewart achieved financial success?

Dave Stewart has achieved financial success through his music career, baseball career, smart investments in stocks, substantial property holdings, and other business ventures such as owning restaurants and launching his own brand of vodka.

What is Dave Stewart’s current net worth?

According to People With Money, Dave Stewart is currently the highest-paid singer in the world, earning an estimated $46 million between October 2022 and October 2023, with an estimated net worth of $145 million.

What are some of Dave Stewart’s achievements and recognition?

Dave Stewart has received numerous awards and recognition, including Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame.

What is Dave Stewart’s impact and legacy?

Dave Stewart’s impact on the music industry is undeniable. As one half of the Eurythmics and a successful solo artist, he has left a lasting legacy through his music, shaping the pop and rock genres.

What is a summary of Dave Stewart’s career and net worth?

Dave Stewart has achieved significant financial success with a net worth of $45 million. His diverse sources of income and successful business ventures have contributed to his financial status while leaving a lasting impact on the music industry.

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