Mikhail Prokhorov Net Worth – How Much is Prokhorov Worth?

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Mikhail Prokhorov is a billionaire businessman and successful entrepreneur, widely recognized as a Russian tycoon and the owner of the Brooklyn Nets. With a net worth estimated at $13.5 billion, Prokhorov has established himself as an economic magnate, making significant contributions to various industries.

Prokhorov’s journey to immense wealth began with strategic business ventures and wise investments. His success story is marked by his leadership in transforming Norilsk Nickel into a global energy conglomerate and his role as the former chairman of Polyus Gold, Russia’s largest gold producer.

In addition to his impressive business accomplishments, Prokhorov has ventured into politics, running as an independent candidate in the Russian presidential election and establishing his own political party, Civic Platform. He has exemplified his ability to excel in both the business and political spheres, solidifying his influence and prominence.

Key Takeaways:

Mikhail Prokhorov has a net worth of $13.5 billion, making him a billionaire businessman.
He is known for his successful entrepreneurial endeavors and is regarded as a Russian tycoon.
Prokhorov is the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, a prominent NBA team.
His achievements highlight his status as an economic magnate, with significant contributions to various industries.
Prokhorov’s career encompasses both business and political achievements, showcasing his versatility and influence.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Mikhail Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire businessman and former owner of the Brooklyn Nets, was born in Moscow in 1965. He grew up in a family of intellectuals and comes from a Jewish background. Prokhorov attended the Moscow Finance Institute, where he obtained his degree in 1989. It was during this time that he began laying the foundation for his successful career in the business world.

After completing his education, Prokhorov started working in the financial sector, holding management positions in various banks. However, it was in 1995 that he made a significant leap forward in his career. Alongside his business partner Vladimir Potanin, Prokhorov acquired Norilsk Nickel during the privatization of industries that were previously state-owned. This moment marked the beginning of his remarkable ascent as an entrepreneur.

“I believe that education is the key to success. The skills I acquired at the Moscow Finance Institute provided me with a solid foundation for my future endeavors.” – Mikhail Prokhorov

Prokhorov’s acquisition of Norilsk Nickel propelled him into the international spotlight. Under his leadership, the company transformed into a global energy conglomerate, contributing significantly to his growing wealth and influence. This early success laid the groundwork for future ventures and established Prokhorov as one of the most prominent industrialists in Russia.

Table: Summary of Prokhorov’s Early Life and Career Beginnings


Mikhail Prokhorov is born in Moscow.

Prokhorov graduates from the Moscow Finance Institute.

Prokhorov and his business partner acquire Norilsk Nickel.

Prokhorov becomes the chairman of Norilsk Nickel.

Mikhail Prokhorov’s Business Successes

Mikhail Prokhorov has achieved remarkable success throughout his career as a businessman. His ventures in various industries have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the business world. Prokhorov’s involvement in banking, energy, and shipping sectors have contributed to his growing net worth and influence. Let’s take a closer look at some of his notable business successes.

Table: Mikhail Prokhorov’s Business Successes



MFK bank, Onexim bank

Polyus Gold


Sidanko, Novorossiisk marine shipping company, Northwest marine shipping company

In the banking sector, Prokhorov served as the chairman of MFK bank and later Onexim bank. Through Onexim, he acquired several companies and played a significant role in the establishment of Polyus Gold, Russia’s largest gold producer. His strategic investments in the energy and shipping sectors also contributed to his business empire, with companies like Sidanko, Novorossiisk marine shipping company, and Northwest marine shipping company falling under his control.

“Prokhorov’s business ventures have showcased his astute financial prowess and ability to identify lucrative opportunities.” – Business Insider

Prokhorov’s business successes reflect his entrepreneurial acumen and willingness to take calculated risks. His ability to navigate various industries and build successful companies has propelled him to the ranks of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

With a track record of achievements, Prokhorov continues to leave a lasting impact in the business world, shaping industries and influencing economic landscapes. His business successes are a testament to his ingenuity, strategic thinking, and commitment to growth.

New Jersey Nets

Mikhail Prokhorov made a significant impact in the world of basketball when he purchased the New Jersey Nets, an NBA team, in 2010. Under his ownership, the team underwent a transformation and was renamed the Brooklyn Nets.

Prokhorov’s investment in the team extended beyond just acquiring it. He also spearheaded the construction of a state-of-the-art stadium for the Nets, providing a modern and engaging venue for fans to enjoy the games. This commitment to creating a top-notch facility showcased Prokhorov’s dedication to enhancing the overall experience for both players and spectators.

Prokhorov’s ownership stake in the team was a significant one, as he acquired an 80% stake in the Nets and 45% ownership in the arena. He shared ownership of the team with real estate developer Bruce Ratner and rapper Jay-Z, who had previously owned a smaller percentage of the team. This collaboration of influential figures brought together a diverse range of expertise and resources to support the team’s success.


Mikhail Prokhorov

Bruce Ratner


In 2019, Prokhorov sold his majority stake in the Nets and the arena for a staggering $3.5 billion, marking another successful venture in his career. This lucrative deal showcased the value and potential that Prokhorov had brought to the team during his ownership.

Impact on the NBA

Prokhorov’s ownership of the Brooklyn Nets brought international attention to the team and the NBA as a whole. His involvement and investment not only elevated the profile of the Nets but also contributed to the growth and popularity of the league.

“Prokhorov’s ownership stake in the Brooklyn Nets brought a new level of excitement and energy to the team. Under his leadership, the Nets became a force to be reckoned with in the NBA.”

Prokhorov’s commitment to building a successful basketball franchise in Brooklyn helped solidify the city as a major player in the sports world. With his ownership, the Nets gained a dedicated and passionate fan base, further establishing the team as an integral part of the local community.

Legacy and Beyond

Although Prokhorov’s ownership of the Brooklyn Nets has come to an end, his impact on the team and the sport of basketball will not be forgotten. His dedication to creating a winning team and providing a world-class stadium set a standard for future owners and franchises to aspire to.

As Mikhail Prokhorov embarks on new business ventures and endeavors, his ownership of the Nets will always stand as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to achieve success in various industries.

Political Career

Mikhail Prokhorov’s foray into politics began in 2011 when he joined the leadership of Right Cause, a pro-business political party in Russia. However, he soon decided to go a step further and ran as an independent candidate in the 2012 Russian presidential election. Prokhorov’s campaign aimed to bring fresh perspectives and modernization to Russian politics.

As an independent candidate, Prokhorov garnered 7.94% of the total vote, finishing in third place. Although he did not win the election, his campaign resonated with a significant portion of the population, highlighting his appeal as a political figure. Prokhorov’s strong showing also solidified his position as a respected and influential voice in Russian politics.

In the aftermath of the election, Prokhorov established his own political party called Civic Platform. The party aimed to promote reform and a more progressive agenda in Russian politics. Prokhorov’s commitment to political change and his willingness to use his influence and wealth to make a difference highlight his dedication to shaping the future of his country.

Throughout his political career, Prokhorov has remained steadfast in his pursuit of political reform and modernization. His independent candidacy and the establishment of Civic Platform showcase his commitment to bringing change to Russian politics and solidify his role as a prominent political figure in the country.

The Impact of Prokhorov’s Political Career

“I believe that political reform and modernization are crucial for the development of our country. By engaging in the political arena, I hope to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table, and ultimately contribute to the progress of Russia.”

– Mikhail Prokhorov

Prokhorov’s political career has not only raised awareness about the need for political reform in Russia but has also inspired others to become actively involved in shaping the country’s future. His candidacy as an independent and the creation of Civic Platform have paved the way for new and innovative approaches to politics in Russia.

As a successful businessman with considerable wealth and influence, Prokhorov brings a unique perspective to the political landscape. He has shown that individuals with entrepreneurial backgrounds can play a significant role in driving change and progress in their countries.

In conclusion, Prokhorov’s political career has been marked by his determination to create a more modern and progressive political environment in Russia. Through his independent candidacy and the establishment of Civic Platform, he has made significant strides in bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the forefront of Russian politics.

Prostitute Party: Allegations and the Impact on Mikhail Prokhorov’s Business Ventures

In 2007, Mikhail Prokhorov found himself at the center of a highly publicized scandal when he was accused of hosting a “prostitute party” in the French Alpine town of Courcheval. The allegations surrounding this event caused a significant disruption in Prokhorov’s professional life and resulted in a series of consequences that had a lasting impact on his business ventures.

“Prokhorov’s involvement in the alleged prostitute party led to an intense media scrutiny and tarnished his reputation. While no charges were filed against him, the incident prompted Prokhorov to make some significant changes to his business portfolio,” said an industry expert.

One of the immediate consequences of the scandal was Prokhorov’s decision to sell off his share of Norilsk Nickel, a mining and metallurgical company. The sale not only allowed him to distance himself from the controversy but also proved to be a shrewd business move. Prokhorov reportedly made a profit of $7 billion from the sale, which subsequently led to his acquisition of a stake in an aluminum conglomerate. This strategic decision turned out to be fortuitous as the global commodities market experienced a sharp decline shortly after, causing Norilsk Nickel’s share price to plummet.

The allegations surrounding the prostitute party had a significant impact on Prokhorov’s public image and forced him to reevaluate his business ventures. However, his ability to adapt and make strategic decisions ultimately allowed him to overcome the challenges posed by the scandal and continue his successful career as a prominent businessman and entrepreneur.

The Impact on Norilsk Nickel

The scandal surrounding the prostitute party had far-reaching effects on Norilsk Nickel, the company in which Prokhorov held a significant stake. The negative publicity surrounding Prokhorov’s alleged involvement led to a loss of investor confidence and a decline in the company’s stock price. The subsequent sale of Prokhorov’s share of Norilsk Nickel further exacerbated the situation, leaving the company in a vulnerable position.

Stock Price

Scandal breaks out, stock price starts to decline

Prokhorov sells his share, investor confidence continues to decline

Global commodities market collapse further impacts stock price

The table above highlights the decline in Norilsk Nickel’s stock price following the scandal and Prokhorov’s subsequent sale of his share. The company faced significant challenges in the years that followed, but it ultimately managed to recover and regain stability under new leadership.

The scandal surrounding the prostitute party undoubtedly had a lasting impact on both Mikhail Prokhorov and Norilsk Nickel. However, Prokhorov’s ability to adapt and make strategic business decisions enabled him to navigate through the challenges and continue his successful career in the business world.


Mikhail Prokhorov’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen led him to establish ONEXIM Group, a private investment fund with diverse interests in various industries. Through ONEXIM Group, Prokhorov has ventured into cutting-edge technology projects, including nanotechnology, which holds immense potential for revolutionizing various sectors.

Key Points:

Mikhail Prokhorov has been engaged but never married.
He prefers to keep his personal relationships private.
Prokhorov is involved in philanthropy and has supported various charitable causes, including sports clubs in Moscow.


In conclusion, Mikhail Prokhorov is a successful entrepreneur and Russian tycoon with a net worth of $13.5 billion. His journey to wealth and prominence began with his early career in the financial sector and the acquisition of Norilsk Nickel, which he transformed into a global energy conglomerate. Prokhorov’s business successes extended beyond Norilsk Nickel, as he ventured into banking, shipping, and gold production, further contributing to his wealth.

Prokhorov’s ownership of the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA showcased his ability to make strategic investments, including the construction of a new stadium. Additionally, his foray into politics demonstrated his desire to make a difference in Russia’s political landscape, running as an independent candidate in the presidential election and establishing his own political party, Civic Platform.

Overall, Mikhail Prokhorov’s net worth and achievements solidify his status as one of Russia’s most influential economic magnates. His success as an entrepreneur, coupled with his ownership of the Brooklyn Nets and his involvement in politics, highlights the impact that one individual can have on both the business and political worlds. Prokhorov’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and showcases the power of determination and vision.


How much is Mikhail Prokhorov’s net worth?

Mikhail Prokhorov’s net worth is estimated to be $13.5 billion.

What is Mikhail Prokhorov best known for?

Mikhail Prokhorov is best known for being the former owner of the Brooklyn Nets.

How did Mikhail Prokhorov make his money?

Mikhail Prokhorov made his money through various business ventures, including the acquisition of Norilsk Nickel and the establishment of Polyus Gold.

What is Mikhail Prokhorov’s political career?

Mikhail Prokhorov ran as an independent candidate in the 2012 Russian presidential election and established his own political party, Civic Platform.

What was the infamous scandal involving Mikhail Prokhorov?

Mikhail Prokhorov was accused of importing Russian prostitutes at a Christmas party in the French Alpine town of Courcheval in 2007.

What is ONEXIM Group?

ONEXIM Group is a private investment fund established by Mikhail Prokhorov with assets valued at $17 billion.

What is known about Mikhail Prokhorov’s personal life?

Mikhail Prokhorov has been engaged but has never married. He is known for his privacy and dedication to philanthropy.

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