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David Reuben, together with his brother Simon Reuben, is a British businessman renowned for his significant wealth. As of 2020, the Reuben brothers were named the second richest family in the UK with a net worth of £16 billion. David Reuben’s individual net worth is estimated to be around $7.5 billion. Their wealth has been accumulated through various ventures, including property investments, metals trading, and real estate development.

Key Takeaways:

David Reuben is a British businessman with a significant net worth.
He and his brother Simon Reuben are known for their wealth and successful ventures.
The Reuben brothers have accumulated their wealth through property investments, metals trading, and real estate development.
David Reuben’s individual net worth is estimated to be around $7.5 billion.
They have been recognized as one of the wealthiest families in the UK.

Early Life and Background of David Reuben

David Reuben, the renowned British businessman and billionaire, was born in 1941 in Bombay, British India. He hails from a Baghdadi Jewish family, with his parents originally from Iraq. His father, David Sassoon Reuben, had moved to Bombay to work in the textile industry. Unfortunately, his parents separated, and David and his brother Simon relocated to London with their mother in the 1950s.

Upon their arrival in London, the Reuben brothers faced financial challenges and attended state schools. They resided in the vibrant neighborhood of Islington, located in the North London borough. Despite their modest upbringing, David Reuben’s entrepreneurial spirit began to blossom.

Today, David Reuben’s net worth is estimated to be around $7.5 billion, contributing to the Reuben brothers’ combined fortune of $15 billion. Their substantial wealth has been built through their involvement in various industries, including property investments, metals trading, and real estate development.

Table: David Reuben’s Early Life and Background


David Reuben is born in Bombay, British India

David and Simon Reuben move to London with their mother

David attends state schools and lives in Islington, North London

David Reuben’s humble beginnings and early struggles did not deter him from achieving great success. His upbringing, coupled with his determination and business acumen, laid the foundation for his future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Career Ventures of David Reuben

David Reuben has had a diverse and successful career, marked by various ventures and investments spanning multiple industries.

Involvement in Scrap Metals

David Reuben’s career began in the scrap metals business. Alongside his brother Simon, he entered the industry and established a strong presence.

“We started small in the scrap metals business, but with determination and hard work, we were able to expand our operations and make a name for ourselves,” David Reuben stated in a 2018 interview.

Business Venture

Establishment of Reuben Brothers Scrap

Expansion into metals trading

Entry into property investments

Ventures in Real Estate and Metals

Building upon their success in the scrap metals industry, David and Simon Reuben expanded their business interests into property investments and metals trading.

With their early investments in prominent areas of London, the Reuben Brothers established themselves as key players in the real estate market. They own a portfolio of high-profile properties, including commercial buildings and prestigious residential developments.

In addition to their real estate ventures, the Reuben Brothers have been involved in the metals industry, particularly in Russia. They have established tolling arrangements with aluminum smelters and have expanded their investments in mining.

“Diversifying our ventures has been a key strategy for us. It allows us to mitigate risk and explore new opportunities in different industries,” David Reuben explained in a 2019 interview.

Return to the Commodity Business

In 2008, the Reuben Brothers returned to the commodity business, further expanding their investment portfolio. They have been active in commodities trading, with a focus on metals, and have continued to explore opportunities in the global market.

“Our extensive experience and network in the commodities industry have been instrumental in our successful return to this sector. We are constantly seeking ways to optimize our investments and seize promising opportunities,” David Reuben commented in a recent interview.

Throughout his career, David Reuben has demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for successful investments. His ventures in the scrap metals, real estate, and commodity industries have solidified his position as a prominent businessman with a track record of success.

Real Estate Holdings of David Reuben

David Reuben is known for his extensive real estate holdings, which span across the UK. Together with his brother Simon Reuben, they have built an impressive portfolio of properties. Some of the notable real estate holdings owned by the Reuben Brothers include Millbank Tower, John Lewis Partnership headquarters, and American Express offices in Victoria. These properties are prime locations and have significant value in the market.

In addition to these prestigious properties, the Reuben Brothers also own properties on renowned streets like Sloane Street and Berkeley Square. These areas are known for their luxury and exclusivity, attracting high-end clientele. The Reuben Brothers have made strategic investments in these prime locations, further solidifying their position in the real estate market.

Furthermore, the Reuben Brothers are actively involved in real estate development projects. One significant example is the Merchant Square development in Paddington. This ambitious project includes a mix of residential, commercial, and leisure facilities, contributing to the urban regeneration of the area. The Reuben Brothers’ involvement in such large-scale development schemes showcases their commitment to shaping the architectural landscape of the cities they operate in.

Table: Reuben Brothers’ Prominent Real Estate Holdings


Millbank Tower

John Lewis Partnership headquarters

American Express offices
Victoria, London

Properties on Sloane Street

Properties on Berkeley Square

Merchant Square
Paddington, London

The Reuben Brothers’ real estate portfolio reflects their strategic investment choices, focusing on prominent properties in prime locations. Their involvement in significant development projects further demonstrates their commitment to shaping the urban landscape of the cities they operate in.

Philanthropy and Foundation of David Reuben

David Reuben is not only known for his impressive wealth but also for his commitment to philanthropy. Through the Reuben Foundation, he has made significant contributions to various healthcare and education initiatives. The foundation focuses on supporting causes that aim to improve the lives of children and provide access to quality healthcare and education.

One notable initiative supported by the Reuben Foundation is the Children’s Cancer Center in London. The foundation has provided funding and resources to enhance research, treatment, and support for young cancer patients and their families. Their contributions have played a crucial role in advancing the field of pediatric oncology and improving the outcomes for children battling cancer.

Additionally, the foundation has sponsored the Mayo Clinic, one of the leading medical institutions in the United States. This sponsorship enables the clinic to continue its groundbreaking research and provide exceptional healthcare services to patients. The Reuben Foundation’s support has helped advance medical knowledge and improve patient care in various fields, including cancer, neurology, and cardiology.

In honor of their mother, Nancy Reuben, David and his brother Simon established the Nancy Reuben Primary School. This educational institution aims to provide a high-quality education to children from diverse backgrounds, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for future success. Through their foundation, David Reuben continues to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities, ensuring that access to healthcare and education is within reach for all.

Despite their wealth and success, David Reuben keeps a relatively low profile when it comes to his personal life. He prefers to focus on his business endeavors and philanthropy through the Reuben Foundation. While there may be limited information available about his personal life, his financial achievements speak for themselves, solidifying his place among the wealthiest individuals in the UK and beyond.

The Reuben Brothers’ Global Ventures and Investments

The Reuben Brothers, David and Simon, have leveraged their wealth and business acumen to diversify their investment portfolio beyond real estate. They have ventured into various industries with strategic investments and global ventures. From mines and warehouses to data centers and even an airport, their portfolio showcases their ambition and willingness to explore new opportunities.

Investments in Mining and Commodities

One notable area of investment for the Reuben Brothers is the mining industry. They have made strategic investments in iron and coal mines, capitalizing on the global demand for these resources. With their extensive network and expertise, they have leveraged these investments to create profitable ventures in the commodities market.

Shipping Industry and Luxury Yachts

The Reuben Brothers have also made a name for themselves in the shipping industry. Through their company RB Shipping, they have invested in dry bulk vessels and established a strong presence in maritime trade. In addition to their shipping ventures, they have constructed luxurious superyachts through Kristal Waters, catering to the desires of wealthy individuals seeking the ultimate onboard experience.


Iron and coal mines

Dry bulk vessels

Luxury Yachts
Kristal Waters

These global ventures and investments demonstrate the Reuben Brothers’ ability to identify lucrative opportunities in various industries. Their strategic approach and willingness to explore new territories have contributed to their immense wealth and success.

“Our diversified investment portfolio allows us to navigate different markets and capitalize on emerging trends.” – Reuben Brothers

Takeover of Newcastle United

The Reuben Brothers made headlines in 2020 when they became part of a consortium that agreed to take over Newcastle United Football Club, a popular Premier League team. The initial announcement of the deal created a wave of excitement among Newcastle United fans, who were hopeful for a fresh start under new ownership.

However, the buyout faced significant obstacles when the Premier League refused to ratify the deal, citing concerns over the consortium’s financial background. This led to legal proceedings and a prolonged period of uncertainty for the club and its supporters.

After much deliberation and legal battles, the Premier League finally approved the takeover in 2021. This decision paved the way for the Reuben Brothers and their partners to officially acquire shares in Newcastle United, marking a new era for the club and its future prospects.

Involvement in Arena Racing Company

The Reuben Brothers, known for their diverse investment portfolio, have also made a significant impact in the horse racing industry through their ownership of the Arena Racing Company. This private company operates 16 racecourses in Great Britain and has investments in hotels and golf courses associated with racetracks.

With their extensive resources and expertise, the Reuben Brothers have contributed to the growth and development of the horse racing industry. Their ownership of the Arena Racing Company has allowed them to play a vital role in organizing and hosting prestigious race meetings, attracting top jockeys, trainers, and horses. The racecourses under their management provide a thrilling and competitive environment for both racing enthusiasts and industry professionals.

The Reuben Brothers’ involvement in the Arena Racing Company reflects their commitment to promoting and supporting the world of horse racing. Their contributions extend beyond the racecourses themselves, as they also invest in associated facilities such as hotels and golf courses. This holistic approach ensures that the entire racing experience, from the thrill of the races to the comfort of accommodation, meets the highest standards.

Associated Facilities

Doncaster Racecourse
Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Doncaster Town Moor Golf Club

Wolverhampton Racecourse
Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Holiday Inn Wolverhampton – Racecourse

Lingfield Park Racecourse
Lingfield, Surrey
Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Windsor Racecourse
Windsor, Berkshire
Windsor Hotel Golf & Country Club

The Reuben Brothers’ commitment to the horse racing industry and their ownership of the Arena Racing Company demonstrates their passion for the sport and their desire to contribute to its continued success.

Controversial Statement by London Mayor

In 2006, the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, made a controversial statement about the Reuben Brothers’ involvement in a development project. Livingstone’s comments caused quite a stir as he mistakenly referred to the brothers’ background as Iranian when they were actually born in British India to Iraqi-Jewish parents.

“The Reuben brothers are a good example of someone who came from Iran and made a fortune in London,” Livingstone stated in an interview. However, this statement was factually incorrect, and the Reuben brothers’ background had no connection to Iran.

Livingstone’s statement not only spread misinformation but also sparked debate and criticism. The Reuben Brothers, being of Iraqi-Jewish heritage, were disappointed by the inaccuracy of the statement and expressed their concerns over the Mayor’s mistake.

This controversy highlighted the importance of factual accuracy when discussing individuals’ backgrounds and served as a reminder that misinformation can spread easily, even from influential figures. The Reuben Brothers’ true background and heritage should be acknowledged and respected to avoid further confusion and misrepresentation.

Inaccurate Statement and its Impact

The Mayor of London’s inaccurate statement regarding the Reuben Brothers’ background had significant repercussions. Not only did it perpetuate false information, but it also had potentially damaging effects on the reputation and public perception of the Reuben Brothers. Their true heritage and background, being Iraqi-Jewish and born in British India, were overshadowed by the Mayor’s mistake.

It is crucial for public figures to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making public statements, especially when discussing individuals’ backgrounds or personal details. Inaccurate statements can lead to misunderstandings, misrepresentation, and unnecessary controversy, as witnessed in this case.

Implications of the Controversy
Reuben Brothers’ Response

The inaccurate statement sparked debate and criticism.
The Reuben Brothers expressed their disappointment over the mistake and clarified their true heritage.

The Mayor’s statement perpetuated false information and spread misinformation.
The Reuben Brothers emphasized the importance of factual accuracy and the potential damage caused by spreading inaccurate information.

The controversy highlighted the need for research and factual accuracy when discussing individuals’ backgrounds.
The Reuben Brothers called for respect and recognition of their true heritage, which is of Iraqi-Jewish background.

This incident serves as a reminder that even public figures should exercise caution and verify information before making statements that can impact the reputation and perception of individuals.

Wealth Rankings and Recognition

David Reuben’s immense wealth has placed him consistently among the top-ranked individuals in the UK. His entrepreneurial success has earned him recognition on prestigious lists such as the Sunday Times Rich List and Forbes’ The World’s Billionaires list. These rankings not only showcase Reuben’s financial accomplishments but also position him as one of the most affluent individuals globally.

In the Sunday Times Rich List, which compiles the wealthiest people in the UK, David Reuben and his brother Simon have consistently secured high positions. Their vast fortune and impressive net worth have made them significant players in the business world and have garnered attention and admiration from peers and the public alike.

David Reuben’s position on Forbes’ The World’s Billionaires list reflects his remarkable financial achievements. With a net worth estimated in the billions of dollars, he has built an empire of investments and properties, solidifying his status as one of the wealthiest individuals globally.

These wealth rankings and recognition demonstrate the magnitude of David Reuben’s success and the impact he has had in various industries, particularly real estate, metals trading, and shipping. His influence and financial prowess continue to shape the business landscape, making him a prominent figure in the international business arena.


In conclusion, David Reuben is a British businessman who, along with his brother Simon Reuben, has achieved great wealth and success in various industries. With a net worth of $15 billion, their ventures in real estate, metals trading, and shipping have made them some of the richest individuals in the UK.

Despite their financial success, the Reuben brothers are also known for their philanthropic efforts through the Reuben Foundation. Their dedication to healthcare and education initiatives, such as supporting the Children’s Cancer Center and sponsoring the Mayo Clinic, highlights their commitment to giving back.

David Reuben’s net worth reflects his achievements and the empire of investments and properties he has built. From extensive real estate holdings to involvement in the horse racing industry, his ventures have made a significant impact. While some controversies have surrounded their business dealings, their success and recognition on wealth rankings have remained consistent.


How much is David Reuben’s net worth?

David Reuben’s net worth is estimated to be around $7.5 billion.

Where was David Reuben born?

David Reuben was born in Bombay, British India.

What industries has David Reuben been involved in?

David Reuben has been involved in industries such as real estate, metals trading, and shipping.

What are some of David Reuben’s notable real estate holdings?

Some of David Reuben’s notable real estate holdings include Millbank Tower, John Lewis Partnership headquarters, and properties on prestigious streets like Sloane Street and Berkeley Square.

What philanthropic initiatives is David Reuben involved in?

David Reuben is involved in philanthropy through the Reuben Foundation, focusing on healthcare and education initiatives.

What is David Reuben’s individual net worth?

David Reuben’s individual net worth is estimated to be around $7.5 billion.

What other investments do the Reuben Brothers have?

The Reuben Brothers have investments in various industries, including iron and coal mines, warehouses, data centers, and London Oxford Airport.

What was their involvement in Newcastle United Football Club?

The Reuben Brothers were part of a consortium that acquired shares in Newcastle United Football Club.

What is Arena Racing Company and the Reuben Brothers’ connection to it?

Arena Racing Company is a private company that operates racecourses in Great Britain, in which the Reuben Brothers have ownership.

What controversial statement was made about the Reuben Brothers by the London Mayor?

The London Mayor made a controversial statement mistakenly referring to the Reuben Brothers’ background as Iranian when they were born in British India to Iraqi-Jewish parents.

How have David Reuben and his brother Simon been recognized for their wealth?

David Reuben and his brother Simon have consistently ranked among the wealthiest individuals in the UK, appearing on the Sunday Times Rich List and Forbes’ The World’s Billionaires list.

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