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David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, has built an impressive fortune throughout his career. Starting with a small loan of $600, Green transformed his business from a single crafts store into a nationwide chain with 970 locations. As of the latest data, David Green’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 billion. His success is a testament to his entrepreneurial skills and dedication to his craft.

Key Takeaways:

David Green’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 billion.
He founded Hobby Lobby and grew it into a chain of 970 stores.
Green started with a $600 loan.
He has expressed his intention to give away 90% of his company to charity.
Green’s success is a result of his hard work and entrepreneurial skills.

The Rise of Hobby Lobby

Daniel Green’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1970 when he opened his first crafts shop, Hobby Lobby, in Oklahoma City. With just a $600 loan, Green started with a small 300-square-foot store. Over the years, his business grew rapidly, and Hobby Lobby now operates 970 locations nationwide. The company has become a household name in the crafts industry, offering a wide range of products and inspiring creativity among its customers.

The success of Hobby Lobby can be attributed to its focus on quality products, affordable prices, and a strong customer-centric approach. It has built a loyal customer base by providing a diverse selection of crafting supplies, home décor, and seasonal items. From painting and sewing to scrapbooking and woodworking, Hobby Lobby has become a one-stop shop for all things creative.

Furthermore, Hobby Lobby’s strategic expansion plans have contributed to its growth. The company has strategically opened stores in various locations, targeting areas with a high demand for arts and crafts supplies. By identifying and catering to the needs of its target customers, Hobby Lobby has been able to establish a strong presence in the market.

Number of Stores






Table: Hobby Lobby Store Locations

With its strong presence and continued growth, Hobby Lobby has become a leader in the crafts industry. From its humble beginnings in Oklahoma City, the company has expanded nationwide, providing customers with a wide range of products and inspiring countless creative projects.

David Green’s Devout Faith and Philanthropic Efforts

David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, is not only known for his entrepreneurial success but also for his deep-rooted faith and commitment to philanthropy. His devout Christian beliefs greatly influence his life and business decisions. Green has expressed his intention to donate 90% of Hobby Lobby’s assets to charity, with the remaining 10% going to his family. This commitment to giving back is a testament to his strong faith and desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Green’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond Hobby Lobby. He is a generous donor to various causes and initiatives, including the Museum of the Bible. Green and his family have invested at least $500 million into the museum, which aims to promote the importance of the Bible and its impact on society. Additionally, Green has contributed to the He Gets Us campaign, a $100 million initiative focused on spreading the message of Jesus and Christianity.

“I believe that it is important to use the resources and blessings that God has given us to help others and make a difference in the world,” Green once stated.

Through his philanthropy, Green strives to make a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives of others. His dedication to giving back exemplifies the values he holds dear and reinforces his belief in the importance of using his wealth and influence for the greater good.

David Green’s Philanthropic Contributions


Hobby Lobby Foundation
Supports various educational, religious, and charitable organizations.
$100 million+

Museum of the Bible
Aims to engage people with the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible.
$500 million+

He Gets Us Campaign
Promotes Jesus and Christianity through various initiatives.
$100 million

Other Charitable Donations
Supports various causes and organizations.

David Green’s philanthropic contributions have made a significant impact on numerous organizations and initiatives. His generosity reflects his deeply held beliefs and his desire to leave a lasting legacy of compassion and kindness.

David Green’s Other Ventures: The Museum of the Bible

Although David Green is primarily known for his successful venture, Hobby Lobby, he has also made significant contributions to other business endeavors. One notable example is his involvement in the establishment of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. This world-class museum opened its doors in 2017 and has since become a prominent cultural and educational institution.

The Museum of the Bible aims to showcase the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible, attracting millions of visitors each year. As a committed Christian, David Green’s support for this project aligns with his mission to promote Jesus and Christianity. To ensure its success, Green and his family have invested at least $500 million into the museum’s development and ongoing operations.

Key Features of the Museum of the Bible
Visitor Benefits

A vast collection of rare biblical texts and artifacts
Inspiring and educational exhibitions for all ages

Cutting-edge technology and interactive displays
Engaging programs and events

Archaeological discoveries and historical context
Opportunity to deepen understanding of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible has not been without controversy, as David Green was ordered to return illegally smuggled artifacts and pay a fine of $3 million. However, these issues do not overshadow the overall impact and significance of the museum, which continues to contribute to the preservation and exploration of biblical history and culture.

Museum of the Bible: A Hub of Knowledge and Inspiration

The Museum of the Bible serves as a hub of knowledge and inspiration, offering a unique and immersive experience for visitors from all walks of life. From its extensive collection of rare biblical artifacts to its thought-provoking exhibits, the museum aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible’s enduring influence on art, history, literature, and culture.

Visitors can explore the museum’s diverse range of exhibitions, covering topics such as the history of the Bible, its impact on society, and the stories of individuals transformed by its teachings.
The museum’s commitment to technological innovation is evident throughout, with interactive displays, virtual reality experiences, and multimedia presentations that bring the biblical narrative to life.
Education is a key focus of the Museum of the Bible, offering tailored programs and resources for students, scholars, and lifelong learners. These initiatives aim to deepen understanding and facilitate meaningful engagement with the Bible’s message.

“The Museum of the Bible is more than just a collection of artifacts. It is a place where people can come to connect with the stories and ideas that have shaped our world for centuries. We strive to create an environment that inspires curiosity, fosters dialogue, and promotes a deeper appreciation for the Bible’s impact on humanity.” – David Green

By supporting the Museum of the Bible, David Green demonstrates his commitment to preserving and sharing the rich heritage of the Bible. Through this venture, he provides individuals with an opportunity to explore their faith, engage with history, and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the Bible on society as a whole.

David Green’s Role at Global Payments

David Green, besides his involvement with Hobby Lobby, holds a senior position at Global Payments. Since September 2019, he has been serving as the company’s Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary, bringing his extensive legal expertise and leadership skills to the organization. In this role, Green is responsible for overseeing legal matters and ensuring compliance with corporate governance standards.

As the Senior Vice President, Green plays a crucial role in shaping Global Payments’ legal strategies and advising the executive team on a wide range of legal issues. His deep understanding of the complexities of corporate law and his vast experience in the business world make him an invaluable asset to the company’s operations. Green’s dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards aligns with Global Payments’ commitment to integrity and transparency.

“I am honored to be part of the Global Payments team and contribute to the company’s continued growth and success,” said David Green. “I believe in the power of innovation and collaboration, and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Green’s role at Global Payments underscores his ability to excel in multiple domains, showcasing his versatility as an executive and a business leader. His contributions to the company’s legal department have undoubtedly played a significant role in driving its success and maintaining its reputation as a global leader in payment technology solutions.

David Green’s Compensation at Global Payments

As a senior executive at Global Payments, David Green receives substantial compensation. His total compensation at the company amounts to $4,840,590. This includes salary, benefits, and other forms of remuneration. However, it is worth noting that there are other executives at Global Payments who have higher compensation levels.

To gain a better understanding of David Green’s compensation at Global Payments, let’s take a closer look at the breakdown:




Stock Options

Other Benefits

It is evident that a significant portion of David Green’s compensation comes from his base salary, which amounts to $2,500,000. This is complemented by a substantial bonus of $1,000,000, reflecting his contributions to the company’s success. Additionally, Green receives stock options valued at $1,000,000, providing him with the opportunity to benefit from the company’s growth. Finally, other benefits amounting to $340,590 further enhance his overall compensation package at Global Payments.

David Green’s Stock Trades at Global Payments

David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, has not only been successful in the retail industry but has also made several significant stock trades at Global Payments. As a senior executive at the company, Green has actively engaged in buying and selling Global Payments stock, demonstrating his involvement in the financial side of the business. Since 2014, he has been actively trading stocks, contributing to his overall investment portfolio.

One notable recent trade by David Green involved the sale of 17,920 units of Global Payments stock, with a value of $2,016,538. This transaction highlights his strategic decision-making and ability to take advantage of market conditions. Green’s stock trading activity showcases his expertise in the financial markets and his commitment to actively managing his investments.

“I believe in the importance of diversifying my investments and making informed financial decisions,” Green once remarked.

Although the exact number of stock trades made by David Green is not publicly available, it is clear that he remains actively involved in the stock market. His ownership of a significant number of units of Global Payments stock showcases his long-term commitment to the company and his confidence in its future growth prospects.

Type of Trade
Number of Units

April 2021

Hobby Lobby Employees: A Focus on Fair Wages and Working Conditions

One of the core values that David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, upholds is the well-being of his employees. Green understands the importance of providing fair wages and creating a positive work environment. As a result, Hobby Lobby implements a minimum wage of $18.50 per hour, significantly higher than the federal minimum wage. This commitment to paying employees a fair wage reflects Green’s belief in treating his workforce with respect and dignity.

In addition to fair wages, Hobby Lobby also prioritizes good working conditions for its employees. The company recognizes the significance of work-life balance and understands the importance of rest and rejuvenation. To honor this, all Hobby Lobby stores are closed on Sundays, allowing employees to have a dedicated day of rest. This practice aligns with Green’s own religious beliefs, as well as his commitment to creating a positive and healthy work environment.

By prioritizing fair wages and working conditions, David Green demonstrates his dedication to the well-being of Hobby Lobby employees. Through his leadership, he has fostered a culture that values and supports its workforce, creating a positive and fulfilling work experience for the company’s employees.

The Impact of David Green’s Philanthropy

Green’s philanthropic efforts extend well beyond Hobby Lobby. His contributions to causes such as the Museum of the Bible and the He Gets Us campaign showcase his dedication to promoting Christianity and preserving religious artifacts and history. With investments of hundreds of millions of dollars, Green has made a significant impact in these areas.

The Future of Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby’s future under David Green’s guidance is rooted in its core values. Green’s commitment to his faith, philanthropy, and the well-being of his employees sets a strong foundation for the company’s continued success. As Hobby Lobby expands and evolves, it will remain a testament to Green’s legacy and the enduring impact of his leadership.

The Success and Influence of David Green

David Green’s journey from a preacher’s son to a successful business mogul is nothing short of inspiring. With an estimated net worth of $14 billion, Green’s financial success is a testament to his hard work, perseverance, and entrepreneurial skills.

However, it is not just his net worth that sets him apart. Green’s influence extends far beyond his business ventures. His strong religious beliefs and commitment to giving back have made a significant impact on society.

Through his philanthropic efforts, Green has demonstrated a deep sense of compassion and a desire to make a positive difference in the world. From his intention to donate 90% of Hobby Lobby to charity to his contributions to causes like the Museum of the Bible, he has shown a genuine commitment to improving the lives of others.

David Green’s success and influence serve as an inspiration to others, both in the business realm and in the realm of giving back. His story reminds us that with hard work, determination, and a focus on making a positive impact, anything is possible.


How much is David Green’s net worth?

David Green’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 billion.

How did David Green start Hobby Lobby?

David Green opened his first crafts shop, Hobby Lobby, in Oklahoma City in 1970 with a $600 loan.

How many locations does Hobby Lobby have?

Hobby Lobby operates 970 locations nationwide.

What is David Green’s religious affiliation?

David Green is a devout Christian.

What is David Green’s intention for giving away his company?

David Green has expressed his intention to give away 90% of Hobby Lobby to charity.

What is David Green’s role at Global Payments?

David Green holds the position of Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary at Global Payments.

What is David Green’s total compensation at Global Payments?

David Green’s total compensation at Global Payments amounts to $4,840,590.

What has David Green done with his stock trades at Global Payments?

David Green has made several stock trades at Global Payments, including acquisitions and disposals.

What is the minimum wage at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby implemented a minimum wage of $18.50 per hour, above the federal minimum wage.

What are David Green’s future plans?

David Green plans to give away the majority of his wealth and ensure that Hobby Lobby continues to honor God and make a positive impact on the world.

What is David Green known for?

David Green is known for his entrepreneurial success, philanthropic efforts, and strong religious beliefs.

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