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Trish Stratus, also known as Patricia Anne Stratigeas, is a Greek Canadian wrestler, entertainer, and model. She is a seven-time WWE women’s champion and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. As of 2023, Trish Stratus has a net worth of $14 million and earns a salary of approximately $310,000 per year. Her net worth comes from her successful wrestling career, media appearances, social media influence, modeling, and acting.

Key Takeaways:

Trish Stratus has a net worth of $14 million.
She earns a salary of approximately $310,000 per year.
Her net worth comes from her wrestling career, media appearances, modeling, and acting.
Trish Stratus is a seven-time WWE women’s champion.
She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

Trish Stratus’s Assets and Property

Trish Stratus, with her successful career and various ventures, has accumulated significant wealth that extends beyond her wrestling earnings. She owns multiple properties and possesses a collection of luxury vehicles, reflecting her financial success and personal taste.

Trish Stratus’s Properties

Trish Stratus resides in Toronto, Canada, where she owns several properties. Her primary residence, located in Toronto, is estimated to be worth nearly three million dollars. This spacious and luxurious property showcases her sophisticated lifestyle and serves as a testament to her financial accomplishments.

Trish Stratus’s Car Collection

As a self-proclaimed car enthusiast, Trish Stratus has curated a remarkable collection of luxury vehicles. Her cars reflect her refined taste and passion for high-performance automobiles. Some notable vehicles in her collection include a 2015 Range Rover Sport SUV, a Porsche Cayenne, a Ford Mustang, a Chevrolet Camaro, and a 2016 Mercedes-Benz C 450 AMG. Each vehicle in her collection is a symbol of her success and serves as a testament to her hard work and dedication throughout her career.

Estimated Value

Toronto Residence


2015 Range Rover Sport SUV
Range Rover Sport

Porsche Cayenne
Porsche Cayenne

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang

Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Camaro

2016 Mercedes-Benz C 450 AMG
Mercedes-Benz C 450 AMG

Trish Stratus’s Financial Success and Net Worth Growth

Trish Stratus has achieved remarkable financial success throughout her career, leading to significant net worth growth. Her diverse income streams, strategic investments, and entrepreneurial ventures have contributed to her wealth accumulation over time. As of 2023, Trish Stratus has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Trish’s financial success can be attributed to her long and prosperous career in wrestling, where she earned substantial earnings through various contracts and endorsements. Her popularity and marketability as a WWE superstar enabled her to secure lucrative endorsement deals and sponsorships, further boosting her financial standing. Additionally, Trish’s modeling career and media appearances have provided additional sources of income, adding to her overall net worth.

Furthermore, Trish’s shrewdness in business ventures has played a significant role in her financial success. Her successful yoga studio in Toronto has not only been a passion project but also a profitable business endeavor. Trish’s entrepreneurial acumen and ability to diversify her income have allowed her to generate substantial revenue beyond her wrestling career.

Trish Stratus’s Net Worth Growth

Trish Stratus’s net worth has experienced steady growth over the years, reflecting her financial success and prudent financial management. While her initial wealth primarily came from her wrestling career, she has strategically expanded her income sources, resulting in an impressive net worth of $14 million.

Net Worth

$6 million

$8 million

$12 million

$14 million

Note: The growth percentages are approximate calculations based on available information and should be interpreted as estimates.

Trish’s net worth growth showcases her ability to not only maintain her financial standing but also make strategic investments that have yielded significant returns. Her success in both her professional wrestling career and various business ventures has solidified her position as not only a wrestling icon but also a financially savvy entrepreneur.

Trish Stratus’s Contributions to Charity and Philanthropy


“Bail Enforcers”


“Christmas in Rockwell”

Trish Stratus’s Personal Life and Family

Trish Stratus, known for her incredible wrestling career and entrepreneurial ventures, also leads a fulfilling personal life. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Ron Fisico, since 2006. Their enduring love and support have been a source of strength for both Trish and Ron throughout their journey together.

The couple has been blessed with two wonderful children. Their son, Maximus, brings joy and laughter to their lives with his playful nature, while their daughter, Madison-Patricia, adds sweetness and happiness to their family. Trish cherishes every moment spent with her husband and children, emphasizing the importance of quality family time in their busy lives.

Trish’s commitment to her family extends beyond her immediate loved ones. She uses her platform and influence to inspire others to prioritize their relationships and create lasting memories with their families.

Trish Stratus and Ron Fisico’s Wedding

“Our wedding day was a dream come true, surrounded by our loved ones. It was a celebration of unity, love, and lifelong commitment. Ron has been my rock, supporting me through every phase of my career and personal life. I am grateful to have him by my side as we navigate this beautiful journey together.”

Trish Stratus’s personal life is a testament to the power of love, family, and strong relationships. Despite her demanding career, she always makes time for the people who matter most to her. Trish’s ability to balance her professional success and personal happiness serves as an inspiration to her fans and shows that with determination and dedication, one can achieve fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Trish Stratus’s Impact and Legacy

Trish Stratus has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of wrestling and entertainment. Her groundbreaking success as a female wrestler has paved the way for future generations of women in the industry. With her remarkable athleticism and captivating charisma, Trish became one of the most beloved and influential figures in the wrestling world.

Trish’s contributions to the sport cannot be overstated. Her seven-time WWE women’s championship reign exemplifies her unparalleled skill and dedication to her craft. She participated in unforgettable storylines and rivalries that captivated fans worldwide. Trish’s legacy as a trailblazer for women in wrestling continues to inspire and empower aspiring athletes.

Beyond the wrestling ring, Trish Stratus’s influence extends to various realms. Her commitment to philanthropy and charitable causes showcases her generous spirit. Through active involvement with charities like Lymphoma Canada and Ronald McDonald House, she has made a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. Trish’s entrepreneurial ventures and financial success also serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring businesswomen, demonstrating that determination and savvy can lead to remarkable achievements.


How much is Trish Stratus worth?

Trish Stratus has a net worth of $14 million.

What is Trish Stratus’s salary?

Trish Stratus earns a salary of approximately $310,000 per year.

What are Trish Stratus’s wrestling achievements?

Trish Stratus is a seven-time WWE women’s champion and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

What other ventures and endorsements is Trish Stratus involved in?

Trish Stratus has appeared in commercials for brands like Stacker 2 and has a significant following on social media. She has also started her own yoga studio in Toronto.

What properties does Trish Stratus own?

Trish Stratus owns multiple properties, including a property in Toronto estimated to be worth nearly three million dollars.

How has Trish Stratus achieved financial success?

Trish Stratus has accumulated wealth through her wrestling career, endorsements, modeling contracts, and her successful yoga studio.

What charities is Trish Stratus involved with?

Trish Stratus is involved with charities like Lymphoma Canada, Children’s Aid Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation, among others.

What movies and TV shows has Trish Stratus appeared in?

Trish Stratus has appeared in movies such as “Bail Enforcers,” “Gridlocked,” and “Christmas in Rockwell.” She has also appeared on TV shows like “Armed & Famous” and “Canada’s Got Talent.”

Who is Trish Stratus married to?

Trish Stratus is married to Ron Fisico, her high school sweetheart.

What is Trish Stratus’s legacy?

Trish Stratus is celebrated for her contributions to wrestling, philanthropy, and her success as a businesswoman. She is an inspiration and role model in the world of sports and entertainment.

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