SWV Net Worth – How Much is SWV Worth?

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SWV, short for Sisters with Voices, is a legendary R&B group formed in 1992. The group consists of members Tamara “Taj” Johnson-George, Leanne “Leelee” Lyons, and Cheryl Elizabeth “Coko” Clemons-Gamble. Over the years, each member has earned a significant net worth through their successful music careers and other ventures.

Key Takeaways:

SWV is a renowned R&B group formed in 1992.
The group members, Taj, Leelee, and Coko, have accumulated substantial net worths.
Their success extends beyond their music careers.
SWV’s collective net worth continues to grow as they reunite and create more music.
They gained renewed attention with their Verzuz Battle against Xscape in 2021.

Coko Clemons-Gamble’s Net Worth

Coko Clemons-Gamble, one of the members of SWV, has accumulated a net worth of $10 million through her successful career in the music industry. After SWV disbanded in 1998, Coko pursued a solo career and released her debut album “Hot Coko,” which showcased her incredible vocal talent and garnered attention from fans and critics alike. She also collaborated with renowned artists like Will Smith and Missy Elliott, further solidifying her position in the music industry.

Aside from her solo endeavors, Coko has also ventured into gospel music, releasing albums such as “Grateful” and “The Winner in Me.” These projects allowed her to showcase her versatility as an artist and connect with a different audience. Her contributions to both R&B and gospel genres have been widely recognized, further contributing to her impressive net worth.

Coko Clemons-Gamble’s success in the music industry has not only boosted her financial standing but also provided her with opportunities to explore various creative ventures. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her craft have helped her build a solid foundation for long-term success. With her net worth continuing to grow, Coko remains a prominent figure in the music industry and an inspiration to aspiring artists.

Taj Johnson-George’s Net Worth

Taj Johnson-George, also known as Taj, has an estimated net worth of $600,000. While not as high as some of her fellow SWV members, Taj has built a successful career and accumulated wealth through various endeavors.

Before entering the music industry, Taj obtained a degree in Business Administration. She also had a two-year contract with Ford Models, showcasing her versatility and talent. Taj’s experience in both the business and modeling worlds has likely contributed to her net worth.

In addition to her work with SWV, Taj has explored other avenues. She is an author, having written a book titled “Player hateHER: How to Avoid the Beat Down and Live in a Drama-Free World.” This venture further showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and adds to her overall wealth.

It’s worth mentioning that Taj’s net worth may also be influenced by her husband, former NFL player Eddie George, who reportedly has a net worth of $23 million. Their combined fortunes contribute to a comfortable lifestyle and financial stability for Taj Johnson-George.

SWV Net Worth Comparison

Net Worth

Coko Clemons-Gamble
$10 million

Taj Johnson-George

Leanne “Leelee” Lyons

As you can see from the comparison table, Coko Clemons-Gamble holds the highest net worth among the SWV members. However, each member’s net worth reflects their individual successes and ventures outside of the group.

Taj Johnson-George’s net worth, while not the highest, still showcases her achievements and ability to diversify her income streams. Whether it’s through modeling, writing books, or other business ventures, Taj has built a solid financial foundation for herself.

In the next section, we will explore the net worth of Leanne “Leelee” Lyons, the third member of SWV, and delve into her journey to success.

Leanne “Leelee” Lyons’ Net Worth

Leanne “Leelee” Lyons, also known as Leelee, has a net worth of $500,000. As one of the members of the legendary R&B group SWV, Leelee has had a successful career in the music industry. However, her journey to financial stability hasn’t always been smooth.

After SWV disbanded in 1998, Leelee faced financial and emotional challenges, struggling to make ends meet. She worked regular jobs to support herself and her family. Despite these difficulties, Leelee remained determined and never gave up on her dreams.

In 2005, Leelee reunited with SWV and began rebuilding her career. Alongside her music endeavors, she ventured into podcast hosting with The Powder Room podcast. Additionally, Leelee released a book titled “I Regret The Day I Lost My Virginity: You Are Not Your Past,” where she shares her experiences as a teen mother and her rise to fame.

SWV’s Discography

Release Year

It’s About Time
2x Platinum

New Beginning

Release Some Tension

As SWV continues to create music and perform, Leelee’s net worth is expected to grow. Her resilience and dedication serve as an inspiration to many, proving that with determination and perseverance, one can overcome adversity and achieve success.

SWV’s Combined Net Worth

As a group, SWV has achieved immense success and their net worth reflects their accomplishments. The group’s collective net worth is estimated to be in the millions, thanks to their successful music career and other ventures.

SWV’s contributions to the R&B genre have been widely recognized, and their music has resonated with fans around the world. With over 25 million records sold worldwide, their popularity and influence continue to grow.

Individually, each member of SWV has also earned a significant net worth through their respective careers. While their individual net worths vary, collectively as a group, SWV’s net worth continues to increase as they reunite and create more music.

In addition to their music career, SWV has also ventured into other avenues, such as television and fashion, which have contributed to their overall net worth. Their success and longevity in the industry have allowed them to build a strong financial foundation.

With their timeless hits, legendary performances, and ongoing projects, SWV remains a powerhouse in the music industry, continuing to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

SWV’s Verzuz Battle and Recent Success

SWV, the iconic R&B group, made headlines with their highly anticipated Verzuz Battle against fellow girl group Xscape in 2021. This virtual event showcased SWV’s timeless hits and reminded fans of their incredible talent and contribution to the music industry. The battle not only reignited interest in SWV’s music but also had a positive impact on their overall net worth.

SWV’s Verzuz Battle served as a platform for the group to reconnect with their loyal fan base and attract new listeners. The event generated significant excitement on social media platforms, with fans eagerly anticipating their favorite songs and sharing their memories of SWV’s music. As a result, their streaming numbers soared, leading to increased revenue and a boost in their net worth.

In addition to their Verzuz Battle, SWV has experienced recent success with various performances, appearances, and collaborations. They have been actively involved in the music scene, releasing new music, and participating in virtual concerts and TV shows. Their continued relevance and dedication to their craft contribute to their enduring popularity and financial success.

“The Verzuz Battle was an incredible opportunity for us to connect with our fans and showcase our catalog of hits. We’re grateful for the love and support we received, and it’s humbling to see how our music continues to resonate with people.” – SWV

The Impact on SWV’s Net Worth

SWV’s Verzuz Battle and recent successes have undoubtedly had a positive impact on their net worth. The increased streaming numbers, album sales, and overall visibility in the music industry have contributed to their financial growth. While specific figures regarding their net worth post-Verzuz Battle are not publicly available, it is safe to say that their combined net worth continues to rise.

As a result of their Verzuz Battle and recent successes, SWV has solidified their status as influential figures in the R&B genre. Their music continues to inspire and resonate with audiences, ensuring their place as legendary artists in the industry.

Beyond her musical talents, Coko Swv has also made a significant impact through her philanthropic endeavors. She actively supports various charitable organizations, with a particular focus on initiatives that empower women and children. Coko’s dedication to giving back demonstrates her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Throughout her inspirational journey, Coko has overcome personal and professional challenges with determination and resilience. Her rise to fame and fortune has been marked by hard work and a relentless pursuit of her dreams. Coko’s success as a member of SWV and as a solo artist is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft.

Coko’s net worth, estimated to be around $10 million, reflects the fruits of her illustrious career. However, her achievements extend far beyond financial success. Coko Swv’s philanthropic efforts and inspirational journey serve as a reminder that true fulfillment is found not only in personal achievements but also in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Common Questions About Coko Swv

Fans and curious individuals often have questions about Coko Swv. One of the most common inquiries centers around her net worth. With a successful music career spanning decades, Coko Swv has accumulated an estimated net worth of $10 million. Her hard work, talent, and dedication to her craft have contributed to her financial success.

There are also rumors circulating about Coko Swv. However, it is important to approach these rumors with caution as they may not always be reliable or accurate. Coko Swv remains focused on her music, philanthropic efforts, and personal life. She continues to delight her fans with her soulful voice and captivating performances, while also using her platform to empower and inspire others.

Many fans wonder if Coko Swv still performs with SWV. Although the group has faced periods of disbandment and reunions over the years, Coko Swv continues to collaborate with her fellow SWV members. Their collective talent and chemistry shine through during their performances, and they continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

As for new music plans, Coko Swv keeps her fans updated through her active presence on social media. Whether she is sharing snippets of new projects or engaging with her followers, Coko Swv remains connected to her fan base. Her unique musical style, which blends elements of R&B, gospel, and hip-hop, continues to evolve, inspiring aspiring artists to follow their passion and remain true to themselves.


How much is SWV’s net worth?

While the individual net worths of each member vary, SWV as a group has achieved immense success, with a combined net worth that continues to grow as they reunite and create more music.

What is Coko Clemons-Gamble’s net worth?

Coko Clemons-Gamble, one of the members of SWV, has a net worth of $10 million.

What is Taj Johnson-George’s net worth?

Taj Johnson-George, also known as Taj, has an estimated net worth of $600,000.

What is Leanne “Leelee” Lyons’ net worth?

Leanne “Leelee” Lyons, also known as Leelee, has a net worth of $500,000.

What is SWV’s combined net worth?

SWV as a group has achieved immense success, with a combined net worth that continues to grow as they reunite and create more music.

What was SWV’s recent success with the Verzuz Battle?

SWV gained renewed attention with their Verzuz Battle against Xscape in 2021, showcasing their timeless hits and reminding fans of their incredible talent.

What is the rise to fame and fortune of Coko Swv?

Coko Swv, with her soulful voice and captivating stage presence, has become a prominent figure in the R&B industry. She has achieved multi-platinum success as a member of SWV and continued her success with a solo career.

How has Coko Swv contributed to philanthropic efforts?

Coko Swv actively supports charitable organizations, particularly those focused on empowering women and children.

What are some common questions about Coko Swv?

Common questions about Coko Swv include inquiries about her wealth accumulation, her current involvement with SWV, and any plans for new music.

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