Mike Cannon-Brookes Net Worth: Exploring the Impressive Wealth of Atlassian’s Co-CEO

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Meet Mike Cannon-Brookes, the Australian billionaire business magnate who co-founded and currently serves as the co-CEO of software company Atlassian. With an estimated net worth of A$20.18 billion according to the Financial Review Rich List 2021, Cannon-Brookes’ wealth is nothing short of impressive. His success in the tech industry and his leadership at Atlassian have propelled him to the top of Australia’s wealthiest individuals.

But how did Cannon-Brookes build his fortune? Let’s dive deeper into his journey, from his early life and education to his notable investments and philanthropic endeavors.

Key Takeaways:

Mike Cannon-Brookes has an estimated net worth of A$20.18 billion.
He co-founded Atlassian, a leading software company.
Cannon-Brookes is known for his investments in sustainable ventures.
He is committed to philanthropy and has pledged to donate $1.5 billion by 2030.
Cannon-Brookes’ journey showcases the potential for immense wealth creation in the tech sector.

Early Life and Education of Mike Cannon-Brookes

Mike Cannon-Brookes, the co-CEO of Atlassian and a prominent Australian entrepreneur, was born in November 1979 to a family with a strong background in banking. He attended Cranbrook School in Sydney, where he received a comprehensive education that laid the foundation for his future success in the tech industry.

After completing his high school education, Cannon-Brookes enrolled at the University of New South Wales, where he pursued a degree in information systems. During his time at university, Cannon-Brookes was awarded a prestigious UNSW Co-op Scholarship, which provided him with valuable industry experience and further honed his skills.

Cannon-Brookes’ early life and education played a significant role in shaping his entrepreneurial mindset and technological expertise. The combination of a supportive family environment, quality education, and the opportunity to network with industry professionals set him on a path towards success.

Co-Founding Atlassian and Building the Company’s Success

Mike Cannon-Brookes, along with his co-founder Scott Farquhar, embarked on a remarkable journey when they co-founded Atlassian in 2002. Their vision and determination to create a successful software company propelled them forward, even in the face of initial challenges. The duo’s story is a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering belief in their capabilities.

Starting a company right after graduating from university, Cannon-Brookes and Farquhar had limited resources at their disposal. They funded Atlassian using credit cards, a move that exemplified their risk-taking attitude and ambition. Their goal was clear – to build a company that would rival the big corporations and offer innovative software solutions.

“We wanted to create a company where we could work on interesting, impactful projects without having to answer to anyone else. We wanted the freedom to build something great, and that’s what we set out to do with Atlassian,” says Cannon-Brookes.

Their dedication and hard work paid off, as Atlassian has emerged as a leading collaboration software company globally. The success of Atlassian can be attributed to the company’s suite of products that empower teams to work efficiently and effectively. From Jira, a project management tool, to Confluence, a team collaboration platform, Atlassian’s offerings have garnered a loyal customer base and transformed the way businesses operate.

Atlassian Revenue (in millions)
Employee Count







Atlassian’s Growth Trajectory

Atlassian’s growth trajectory has been impressive, with consistent increases in both revenue and employee count over the years. As the table above shows, the company’s revenue has more than quadrupled from 2015 to 2020, reaching $1.575 billion. This growth is a testament to the company’s ability to deliver value to its customers and adapt to evolving market demands.

Atlassian’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal user base, including major corporations and small businesses alike. The company’s success story is a result of its ability to stay ahead of the curve by constantly refining its products to meet the changing needs of teams and organizations.

Atlassian’s success can also be attributed to the exceptional leadership and strategic decision-making of its co-founders, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar. Their ability to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success.

Investments and Projects Beyond Atlassian

Mike Cannon-Brookes, in addition to his role at Atlassian, has been actively involved in various investments and projects that extend beyond the scope of the software company. His ventures showcase a diverse range of interests and a commitment to sustainable solutions. One notable project that Cannon-Brookes has invested in is the Sun Cable project.

The Sun Cable project is a large-scale electricity infrastructure project located in the Northern Territory. It aims to harness solar energy and transmit it to locations with high demand. The project emphasizes renewable energy sources and has the potential to greatly impact Australia’s energy landscape. Cannon-Brookes’ involvement in this project demonstrates his dedication to investing in initiatives that promote a more sustainable future.

In addition to the Sun Cable project, Cannon-Brookes is actively engaged in other investments through his company, Grok Ventures. Grok Ventures focuses on supporting ventures that offer sustainable solutions, including renewable energy and climate change mitigation. Cannon-Brookes’ investment activities align with his personal commitment to addressing environmental challenges and driving positive change.

Cannon-Brookes Ventures

Beyond his involvement in specific projects, Cannon-Brookes has also made strategic investments through Grok Ventures. While specific details of his investments may not be publicly disclosed, his portfolio is likely comprised of companies that align with his interests and values. Cannon-Brookes’ ventures extend his influence beyond Atlassian and allow him to actively contribute to the growth and development of other innovative businesses.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian, is not only known for his impressive wealth but also for his commitment to making a positive impact on the world. In his personal life, Cannon-Brookes is married to Annie Todd, and together they have four children. The couple has been actively involved in philanthropy and has pledged to donate $1.5 billion of their wealth by 2030, with a specific focus on climate change charity and investments.

One of the key initiatives that Cannon-Brookes and his wife support is the funding of sustainable solutions. They believe in the power of technology and innovation to address pressing global issues, particularly in the realm of renewable energy. Their philanthropic efforts aim to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future and create lasting positive change.

“We have a responsibility to contribute to the solutions that will protect the planet for future generations. Through our philanthropy, we hope to inspire others to take action and invest in sustainable initiatives,”

says Cannon-Brookes.

In addition to their financial contributions, Cannon-Brookes and his wife are actively engaged in advocating for environmental causes. They use their platform and influence to raise awareness about climate change and encourage others to join the fight against it. Cannon-Brookes’ personal life and dedication to philanthropy reflect his deep commitment to creating a better world.

Table: Overview of Mike Cannon-Brookes’ Philanthropic Initiatives

Amount Pledged

Climate Change Charity
Funding solutions for climate change mitigation
$1 billion

Renewable Energy Investments
Supporting sustainable energy projects
$500 million

Environmental Advocacy
Raising awareness and driving change
Active engagement

The table provides an overview of the key philanthropic initiatives spearheaded by Mike Cannon-Brookes and his wife. Their commitments to climate change charity, renewable energy investments, and environmental advocacy demonstrate their dedication to addressing the pressing challenges facing our planet. Through their philanthropy, Cannon-Brookes and his wife are leveraging their resources and influence to create a positive impact and inspire others to join the cause.

Mike Cannon-Brookes Awards and Recognition

Throughout his career, Mike Cannon-Brookes has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the tech industry. His innovative approach and leadership have earned him recognition from industry peers and experts in the field. Here are some of the notable awards and achievements that highlight Cannon-Brookes’ success:

Australian IT Professional of the Year (2004): Mike Cannon-Brookes and his co-founder Scott Farquhar were honored with this prestigious award for their outstanding achievements in the tech industry. Their groundbreaking work with Atlassian showcased their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation.

Australian Entrepreneur of the Year (2006): Cannon-Brookes’ visionary leadership and ability to transform ideas into successful ventures led to his recognition as the Australian Entrepreneur of the Year. This award acknowledged his exceptional entrepreneurial skills and his role in building Atlassian into a global software powerhouse.

Time 100 List (2022): In 2022, Mike Cannon-Brookes was honored with a place on the Time 100 list, which recognizes the most influential individuals across various industries. This recognition highlighted his impact on the tech industry and his efforts to champion sustainable solutions and philanthropy.

“Mike Cannon-Brookes’ awards and recognition underscore his significant contributions to the tech industry and his commitment to innovation. His visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have propelled him to the forefront of the industry, earning him the respect and admiration of his peers.”

These awards and recognition serve as a testament to Mike Cannon-Brookes’ dedication, drive, and impact on the tech industry. His accomplishments in co-founding and leading Atlassian, as well as his investments in sustainable projects, have solidified his position as one of Australia’s most successful and influential entrepreneurs.

Table: Overview of Mike Cannon-Brookes’ Awards and Recognition


Australian IT Professional of the Year

Australian Entrepreneur of the Year

Time 100 List

Real Estate Investments

Mike Cannon-Brookes, the co-CEO of Atlassian, has diversified his investment portfolio beyond the tech industry and made notable real estate investments in Australia. With his extensive wealth accumulated from his success in the tech sector, Cannon-Brookes has acquired several high-profile properties, showcasing his financial stability and astute investment decisions.

One of Cannon-Brookes’ most notable real estate purchases is Fairwater, which stands as Australia’s most expensive house. He acquired this iconic property for approximately A$100 million, demonstrating his penchant for luxury and exclusivity. Fairwater, located in Point Piper, Sydney, is a sprawling waterfront mansion that offers breathtaking views and unparalleled opulence.

Beyond Fairwater, Cannon-Brookes also owns Verona, a heritage residence located in the affluent suburb of Double Bay. This property holds historical significance and showcases the co-CEO’s appreciation for architectural beauty and preservation. Cannon-Brookes’ real estate holdings not only serve as symbols of his wealth but also reflect his discerning taste and investment acumen.


Point Piper, Sydney
A$100 million

Double Bay, Sydney


“Investing in real estate has always been a passion of mine. It allows me to diversify my investment portfolio and indulge in my appreciation for architectural excellence. These properties not only serve as valuable assets but also represent my commitment to creating lasting legacies.” – Mike Cannon-Brookes

Mike Cannon-Brookes’ real estate acquisitions demonstrate his ability to strategically invest his wealth and diversify his holdings. These properties not only contribute to his impressive net worth but also serve as symbols of his success and influence in the Australian real estate market.

Net Worth History and Forbes Rankings

Mike Cannon-Brookes’ net worth has seen remarkable growth over the years, solidifying his status as one of Australia’s wealthiest individuals. His financial success is reflected in his rankings on the Forbes list of Australia’s 50 richest people. Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of Cannon-Brookes’ net worth and his consistent presence on this prestigious ranking.

Table: Mike Cannon-Brookes Net Worth History and Forbes Rankings

Forbes Estimated Net Worth (US$)
Forbes Ranking

250 million

500 million

1 billion

1.6 billion

2.6 billion

3.4 billion

5.6 billion

7.8 billion

13.7 billion

18.6 billion

19.01 billion

According to the Australian Financial Review Rich List, Cannon-Brookes’ net worth was estimated at A$20.18 billion in 2021. His consistent presence on the Forbes list is a testament to his continued success and wealth accumulation over the years. It is worth noting that his ranking has fluctuated, peaking at 3rd place in 2021 and reaching 12th place in 2018. These rankings showcase the significant growth of Cannon-Brookes’ net worth and his prominent position among Australia’s wealthiest individuals.

With each passing year, Mike Cannon-Brookes’ net worth has seen substantial growth, reflecting his accomplishments in the tech industry and his leadership role at Atlassian. His remarkable journey from a co-founder of a software company to one of Australia’s richest individuals serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and highlights the potential for immense wealth creation in the technology sector.

Insider Trading and Ownership

As a prominent figure in the tech industry, Michael Cannon-Brookes has been involved in insider trading and holds significant ownership in Atlassian Corp. His insider trading activities provide valuable insight into his investment decisions and financial involvement.

“I believe in transparency and ethical business practices, which is why I have always been diligent in following all legal requirements when it comes to trading Atlassian stock,” Cannon-Brookes stated in a recent interview.

To gain a better understanding of Cannon-Brookes’ ownership in Atlassian Corp, let’s take a look at the latest figures. As of November 24, 2023, he holds 197,784 shares of Atlassian Corp, with a total value of $37 million. This substantial ownership demonstrates his confidence in the company and its potential for growth.

Atlassian Corp Ownership Breakdown

Number of Shares
Percentage Ownership

Michael Cannon-Brookes

Scott Farquhar

Institutional Investors

It is important to note that Cannon-Brookes’ ownership in Atlassian Corp not only reflects his financial stake but also his dedication to the company’s long-term success. His continued involvement in the company’s strategic decisions and his commitment to ethical trading practices contribute to Atlassian’s positive reputation in the industry.


In conclusion, Mike Cannon-Brookes’ remarkable net worth of A$20.18 billion is a testament to his extraordinary achievements in the tech industry. As the co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian, Cannon-Brookes has played a pivotal role in building the company’s success, which has significantly contributed to his wealth accumulation. His leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have propelled Atlassian to become a leading collaboration software company.

Furthermore, Cannon-Brookes’ investment ventures beyond Atlassian, such as the Sun Cable project and his focus on sustainable solutions through Grok Ventures, demonstrate his commitment to driving positive change in the world. He has also been actively involved in philanthropy, pledging to donate $1.5 billion of his wealth by 2030 for climate change charity and investments.

As one of Australia’s wealthiest individuals, Mike Cannon-Brookes’ journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. His success story showcases the immense potential for wealth creation in the tech sector and highlights the importance of combining business acumen with a strong commitment to making a positive impact on society.


What is Mike Cannon-Brookes’ net worth?

Mike Cannon-Brookes’ net worth is estimated at A$20.18 billion according to the Financial Review Rich List 2021 and US$13.7 billion according to Forbes in 2021.

When was Mike Cannon-Brookes born?

Mike Cannon-Brookes was born in November 1979.

What is Mike Cannon-Brookes’ educational background?

Mike Cannon-Brookes graduated from the University of New South Wales with a degree in information systems.

What company did Mike Cannon-Brookes co-found?

Mike Cannon-Brookes co-founded Atlassian, a leading collaboration software company, in 2002.

What other investments and projects is Mike Cannon-Brookes involved in?

Mike Cannon-Brookes has invested in the Sun Cable project and actively advocates for renewable energy. He is also involved in various ventures through his company, Grok Ventures.

Is Mike Cannon-Brookes involved in philanthropy?

Yes, Mike Cannon-Brookes and his wife have pledged to donate $1.5 billion of their wealth by 2030 for climate change charity and investments.

Has Mike Cannon-Brookes received any awards or recognition?

Yes, Mike Cannon-Brookes and his co-founder Scott Farquhar have been recognized as the Australian IT Professional of the Year in 2004 and the Australian Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006. Cannon-Brookes has also been included in the Time 100 list in 2022.

What notable real estate investments does Mike Cannon-Brookes have?

Mike Cannon-Brookes owns Fairwater, Australia’s most expensive house, and other properties including Verona, a heritage residence located in Double Bay.

How has Mike Cannon-Brookes’ net worth changed over the years?

Mike Cannon-Brookes’ net worth has significantly grown from US$0.25 billion in 2013 to A$20.18 billion in 2021, according to Forbes and the Australian Financial Review.

Is Mike Cannon-Brookes involved in insider trading?

Mike Cannon-Brookes has significant ownership in Atlassian Corp and as of November 24, 2023, holds 197,784 shares of the company.

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