Liu Yongxing Net Worth – How Much is Yongxing Worth?

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Liu Yongxing, a Chinese businessman, has a net worth of $9 billion. He is the chairman of Hope Oriental Corporation and the founder, chairman, and CEO of East Hope Group. Born in Shanghai in 1948, Liu Yongxing has led East Hope Group to become one of the largest privately held companies in China, with interests in agribusiness, chemicals, real estate, and finance. His impressive net worth is a testament to his exceptional leadership and remarkable achievements in the business world.

Key Takeaways:

Liu Yongxing’s net worth is $9 billion.
He is the chairman of Hope Oriental Corporation and the founder, chairman, and CEO of East Hope Group.

Liu Yongxing has led East Hope Group to become one of the largest privately held companies in China.
His interests span across agribusiness, chemicals, real estate, and finance.
Liu Yongxing’s net worth reflects his exceptional leadership and remarkable achievements in the business world.

The Rise of Liu Yongxing and the Hope Group

Liu Yongxing’s journey to success began in the early 1980s when he and his three brothers embarked on a humble venture, selling quail and later feed in rural Sichuan Province. This initial foray into entrepreneurship laid the foundation for the establishment of the Hope Group, which would go on to become one of China’s most remarkable private-sector success stories.

While each of the four brothers eventually pursued separate paths in the mid-1990s, Liu Yongxing’s leadership propelled the growth of the East Hope Group, transforming it into one of the country’s largest privately held industrial materials manufacturers. Today, the East Hope Group holds diverse interests in the energy, aluminum production, and property sectors.

This rise to prominence showcases Liu Yongxing’s entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability, and strategic acumen. From humble beginnings, he successfully navigated the business landscape, expanding his ventures into new industries and securing his place as a prominent Chinese businessman.

“Success in business requires resilience, perseverance, and the ability to seize opportunities when they arise. Liu Yongxing’s journey exemplifies these qualities, as he transformed a small-scale quail-selling enterprise into a diversified conglomerate with international influence.”

– Industry expert

Liu Yongxing’s Wealth and Assets

Liu Yongxing’s incredible success in the business world has resulted in substantial wealth and a diverse portfolio of assets. As the chairman and CEO of East Hope Group, his primary source of wealth comes from his ownership of the company. The group, which consists of animal feed and industrial materials businesses, has annual sales of $11.4 billion. Liu Yongxing is credited with all the family’s shares, solidifying his position as one of the richest individuals in China with a net worth of $9 billion.

In addition to East Hope Group, Liu Yongxing has also invested in other sectors, including energy, aluminum production, and property. These investments have further expanded his wealth and diversified his asset portfolio. With his extensive business ventures and strategic investments, Liu Yongxing has achieved remarkable financial success.

One of the factors contributing to Liu Yongxing’s wealth is his exceptional leadership and management skills. His ability to identify profitable opportunities, navigate complex markets, and make strategic decisions has propelled his businesses to great heights. Furthermore, his commitment to innovation and adaptability has enabled him to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business landscape.


East Hope Group
A conglomerate consisting of animal feed and industrial materials businesses

Investments in the energy sector, including renewables and traditional sources

Aluminum Production
Ownership of aluminum production facilities and related businesses

Investments in real estate ventures, including commercial and residential properties

With his vast wealth and diverse assets, Liu Yongxing continues to solidify his position as a prominent figure in the business world and a driving force behind China’s economic growth.

Liu Yongxing’s Business Ventures

Liu Yongxing’s entrepreneurial journey showcases his resilience and adaptability in the business world. He has been involved in various ventures throughout his career, demonstrating his keen eye for profitable opportunities.

In the late 1970s, Liu Yongxing and his brothers founded an electronics company, which unfortunately had to close its doors due to societal restrictions against such ventures at the time. However, this setback did not deter Liu Yongxing from pursuing his entrepreneurial ambitions.

In 1982, Liu Yongxing and his brothers started the “Hope Group,” initially focused on raising quail and hatching chickens. Over time, Liu Yongxing expanded the business into the heavy chemical and aluminum industry, leading to the founding of East Hope Group in 1995. This diversification has contributed significantly to Liu Yongxing’s success and impressive net worth.

“Entrepreneurship is about taking risks, learning from failures, and constantly adapting to changing market dynamics. Liu Yongxing exemplifies these qualities, boldly venturing into different industries and transforming his business into a conglomerate.”

Liu Yongxing’s business ventures highlight his ability to identify profitable opportunities and effectively navigate challenges. His relentless pursuit of success has led to the establishment of a diversified empire, cementing his position as one of China’s most successful business leaders.

Business Venture

Electronics Company

Hope Group (Quail and Chicken Farming)

East Hope Group (Heavy Chemical and Aluminum Industry)

Liu Yongxing’s Contributions to the Environment

Despite being in the heavy chemical industry, which often faces environmental challenges, Liu Yongxing has demonstrated a commitment to environmental protection. He firmly believes in operating his businesses in accordance with the most stringent environmental standards, striving to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

East Hope Group, under Liu Yongxing’s leadership, has implemented various initiatives to promote sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint. The company has upgraded its environmental protection facilities and invested in cutting-edge technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. These efforts are aimed at creating a more sustainable future and ensuring the long-term viability of the business.

“We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions that balance economic growth with environmental responsibility,” says Liu Yongxing. “By investing in state-of-the-art technologies and continuously improving our environmental practices, we strive to contribute to a cleaner and greener world.”

Despite their commitment to environmental protection, East Hope Group has faced challenges in the past. The company has been penalized for violating environmental regulations, resulting in fines and forced production cuts. However, these incidents have served as a catalyst for change, prompting the company to enhance its environmental management systems and adopt more sustainable practices.

By prioritizing environmental stewardship, Liu Yongxing and East Hope Group are setting an example for other companies in the industry to follow. Through their dedication to sustainable operations, they strive to create a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to do the same.

Environmental Initiatives at East Hope Group

East Hope Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in its various initiatives and practices. The table below highlights some of the key environmental initiatives undertaken by the company:


Upgraded Environmental Protection Facilities
Invested in advanced pollution control equipment and systems to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Energy Efficiency Improvements
Implemented measures to optimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across operations.

Waste Reduction and Recycling
Implemented comprehensive waste management programs to minimize waste generation and promote recycling.

Water Conservation
Implemented water-saving technologies and practices to minimize water consumption and protect water resources.

Biodiversity Conservation
Implemented measures to protect and restore natural habitats, promoting biodiversity conservation.

These initiatives not only contribute to environmental protection but also drive operational efficiency and cost savings for the company. By adopting a holistic approach to sustainability, East Hope Group demonstrates its commitment to creating a better future for both the business and the environment.

Liu Yongxing’s Recognition and Awards

Liu Yongxing has received significant recognition for his contributions to the business world and his status as one of China’s economic leaders. His outstanding achievements have earned him various prestigious awards and acknowledgments throughout his career.

In 2002, Liu Yongxing was honored with the “2001 CCTV Top 10 China’s Economic Leaders” award, solidifying his position as a key figure in the Chinese business landscape. This recognition highlights his exceptional leadership and remarkable contributions to the country’s economy.

Furthermore, he was also the recipient of the “Sohu 2001 Top 10 Financial Leaders” award, further cementing his reputation as an influential and respected financial figure in China.

Liu Yongxing’s involvement in these roles demonstrates his commitment to giving back to society and nurturing the next generation of business leaders. By leveraging his position in the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and his academic roles, he actively contributes to the growth and development of the business community in China. Through his contributions, Liu Yongxing continues to positively impact the business landscape and inspire others to achieve their full potential.

Liu Yongxing’s Net Worth Over the Years

Let’s take a closer look at Liu Yongxing’s net worth journey and how it has evolved over the years. His financial status has experienced fluctuations, influenced by various factors such as the performance of his businesses and changes in the global economy.

In 2009, Liu Yongxing’s net worth was valued at $3 billion. Over time, his wealth increased significantly, reaching $6.6 billion in 2015. However, there was a slight dip in 2016 when his net worth decreased to $5.1 billion. Nonetheless, Liu Yongxing managed to bounce back, seeing his net worth rise again to $6.6 billion in 2017.

These fluctuations in net worth demonstrate that the financial landscape can be dynamic, and even successful individuals like Liu Yongxing are not immune to market changes. Despite these variations, Liu Yongxing has consistently maintained his status as one of the wealthiest individuals in China, reflecting his exceptional business acumen and success.


How much is Liu Yongxing’s net worth?

Liu Yongxing has a net worth of $9 billion.

What is Liu Yongxing’s role in East Hope Group?

Liu Yongxing is the founder, chairman, and CEO of East Hope Group.

What industries does East Hope Group have interests in?

East Hope Group has interests in agribusiness, chemicals, real estate, and finance.

How did Liu Yongxing start his business career?

Liu Yongxing and his three brothers started selling quail and later feed in rural Sichuan Province, leading to the establishment of the Hope Group.

What is Liu Yongxing’s approach to environmental protection?

Liu Yongxing operates his businesses in accordance with stringent environmental standards and has made efforts to upgrade facilities and invest in environmental protection initiatives.

Has Liu Yongxing received any awards or recognition?

Yes, Liu Yongxing has received the “2001 CCTV Top 10 China’s Economic Leaders” award and the “Sohu 2001 Top 10 Financial Leaders” award.

Where was Liu Yongxing born?

Liu Yongxing was born in Shanghai, China.

What contributions has Liu Yongxing made to society?

Liu Yongxing is the honorary president of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan and is involved in teaching roles at China Agricultural University.

How has Liu Yongxing’s net worth fluctuated over the years?

Liu Yongxing’s net worth has experienced fluctuations, rising from $3 billion in 2009 to $6.6 billion in 2017, with variations in between.

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