Is Hopper Legit? – Feedback and Reviews

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When it comes to finding cheap flights and hotels, Hopper has become a popular choice among travelers. But is Hopper legit? Let’s take a closer look at the feedback and reviews from users to determine its credibility.

Hopper has received both positive and negative feedback from users. Many users praise the app for its ability to find great deals and save money on travel. They appreciate the convenience of booking flights and accommodations directly through the app. However, some users have expressed concerns about customer service and hidden fees. It’s important to consider both sides of the story before making a decision.

So, how can you determine if Hopper is trustworthy? One way is to look at user experiences and ratings. Pay attention to the feedback from other travelers who have used the app. You can find valuable insights about the app’s performance and reliability.

Additionally, it’s important to address the rumors of Hopper being a scam. While there have been some scam rumors circulating, it’s crucial to note that Hopper is a legitimate travel app accredited as a travel agency. The app has taken measures to ensure the privacy and security of user data.

Now that we have addressed the authenticity and credibility of Hopper, let’s delve deeper into what the app offers and how it works.

Key Takeaways:

Hopper has received mixed reviews from users
Consider both the positive and negative feedback before using Hopper
Check user experiences and ratings to determine Hopper’s credibility
Hopper is a legitimate travel app accredited as a travel agency
Address the scam rumors circulating around Hopper

What is Hopper?

Hopper is a mobile app that offers a convenient and user-friendly platform for finding and booking flights, hotels, and car rentals. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Hopper is designed to help users save time and money on their travel arrangements.

The Hopper app provides access to a wide range of flight options from major airlines, allowing users to search for the best deals and compare prices. It also offers a comprehensive hotel search feature, enabling users to find accommodations that suit their preferences and budget.

One of the standout features of Hopper is its price freezing functionality. This unique feature allows users to lock in a flight or hotel price for a short period of time, ensuring that they don’t miss out on a great deal while they finalize their plans or secure the necessary funds.

In addition, Hopper offers a loyalty rewards program called Carrot Cash. Users can earn Carrot Cash by making purchases through the app, and then use it towards future bookings to further reduce their travel costs.

Hopper Features:

User-friendly interface
Extensive flight options
Comprehensive hotel search
Price freezing functionality
Carrot Cash loyalty rewards program

Table: Hopper Pricing Tiers

Subscription Fee

Standard flight and hotel search

Advanced features, including price freezing and Carrot Cash rewards

All Pro features, plus priority support and exclusive deals

“Hopper has revolutionized the way I book my travel. The price freezing feature is a game-changer and has saved me hundreds of dollars on flights.”
– Sarah, Hopper user

How Does Hopper Work?

Hopper utilizes advanced data analytics and predictive algorithms to provide users with valuable insights and help them find the best prices on flights and hotels. With its innovative technology, Hopper tracks pricing trends, analyzes historical data, and makes predictions about future prices. Here’s a breakdown of how Hopper works:

Data Analytics and Price Predictions

Hopper collects and analyzes a vast amount of data from various sources, including airlines, hotels, and travel websites. Using this data, Hopper’s algorithms create price projections for flights and hotels, giving users an estimate of whether prices are expected to rise or fall. By leveraging this information, users can make informed decisions about when to book to optimize their savings.

Flight Tracking and Price Alerts

One of the key features of Hopper is its flight tracking capability. Users can search for flights and set up price alerts for specific routes and dates. Hopper continuously monitors prices and sends notifications to users when prices drop or are expected to drop in the future. This allows users to seize the opportunity and book their flights at the most cost-effective time.

Hotel Search and Price Projection Charts

In addition to flights, Hopper also offers a hotel search feature. Users can input their destination and travel dates to browse through a wide selection of hotels. Hopper provides price projection charts that showcase historical pricing trends for hotels in a particular location, enabling users to identify the best times to book and secure the most favorable rates.

Overall, Hopper’s data-driven approach and innovative technology empower users to make smarter decisions when it comes to booking travel. By leveraging its data analytics, price predictions, flight tracking, and hotel search capabilities, Hopper aims to help users save money and find the best deals.

Table: Key Features of Hopper


Data Analytics
Hopper analyzes vast amounts of travel data to provide insights and predict future prices.

Price Predictions
Users receive estimated price projections to determine the optimal time to book their flights and hotels.

Flight Tracking
Hopper tracks flight prices and sends price drop alerts to users, enabling them to book at the right time.

Hotel Search
Users can search for hotels and access price projection charts to find the best rates.

Hopper User Experiences

When it comes to using Hopper for your travel needs, it’s important to consider the experiences of other users. Reading user reviews can provide valuable insights into the app’s performance and reliability. Here’s a summary of some of the positive and negative feedback that users have shared:

Positive Feedback

Many users have praised Hopper for its ability to find great deals on flights and hotels, helping them save money on their travel expenses.
Several users have found the app’s interface to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it a convenient tool for booking travel.
Hopper’s price freezing feature has been appreciated by users who have been able to lock in low prices and avoid potential price hikes.

Negative Feedback

Some users have reported hidden fees and unexpected charges when booking through Hopper, leading to frustrations and additional costs.
Difficulties contacting customer service and delays in response times have been a common complaint among users who have encountered issues during their booking process.
A few users have expressed concerns about the accuracy of Hopper’s price predictions, stating that they didn’t always align with the actual prices they encountered when booking.

Keep in mind that user experiences can vary, and it’s important to consider both the positive and negative feedback before making a decision. While Hopper has its advantages, it’s essential to be aware of potential hidden fees and to weigh the convenience of the app against any potential drawbacks.

Positive Feedback
Negative Feedback

Great deals on flights and hotels
Hidden fees and unexpected charges

User-friendly interface
Difficulties contacting customer service

Price freezing feature
Inaccurate price predictions

Is Hopper Legit? Insights into Its Credibility and Security Measures

When considering a travel app like Hopper, it’s natural to have questions about its legitimacy and trustworthiness. Rest assured, Hopper is a reputable travel app that has gained accreditation as a travel agency. The app employs privacy and security measures to protect user data and personal information, giving users peace of mind when making bookings.

While some users have reported negative experiences, it’s important to note that Hopper has a large user base and is widely used for finding cheap flights and hotels. Negative feedback is not uncommon for any travel service, but it’s essential to consider both positive and negative feedback to make an informed decision. User reviews can provide valuable insights into the overall user experience, customer service, and any potential hidden fees.


Is Hopper Legit?

Travel agency

Privacy and Security Measures
Protected user data and personal information

User Base
Large and widely used


“I’ve been using Hopper for years and have never had any issues. It’s my go-to app for finding the best flight deals!” – Sarah W.

In conclusion, Hopper can be considered a legitimate and trustworthy travel app. While it’s always important to exercise caution and read user reviews, Hopper’s accreditation, privacy measures, and large user base are indicators of its credibility. By taking advantage of the app’s features and comparing prices, users can make informed decisions and find great travel deals.

Pros and Cons of Using Hopper

When considering whether to use Hopper for your travel bookings, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using the app:

Advantages of Hopper:

Find Cheap Flights and Hotels: Hopper uses data analytics and predictive algorithms to help you find the best prices on flights and accommodations. It can save you money by recommending the most cost-effective options.

Price Freezing: One unique feature of Hopper is the ability to freeze prices. This allows you to lock in a deal when you find a flight or hotel at a good price, even if you’re not ready to book immediately.

Loyalty Rewards: Hopper offers a loyalty program called Carrot Cash, where you can earn rewards for making bookings through the app. These rewards can be used towards future travel expenses.

User-Friendly Interface: The app is known for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it convenient for users to search for and book their travel options.

Disadvantages of Hopper:

Hidden Fees: Some users have reported encountering hidden fees when using Hopper. It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions and be aware of any additional charges before making a booking.

Difficulties with Customer Service: There have been complaints about difficulties reaching customer service for assistance or resolving issues. This can be frustrating if you encounter any problems with your bookings.

Limited Customer Support: Hopper’s customer support may not be as comprehensive as some other travel booking platforms. This could be a drawback if you prefer more personalized assistance or have complex travel needs.

Ultimately, whether Hopper is the right choice for you will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. It’s important to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. Now, let’s take a closer look at some alternatives to Hopper.

Hopper Alternatives for Your Travel Needs

If you’re looking for alternatives to Hopper for your travel planning, there are several other travel apps, flight search engines, and hotel booking sites that you can explore. These alternatives offer similar services and may provide different features and pricing options to suit your specific needs. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a popular flight search engine that allows you to compare prices from various airlines and travel agencies. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive search results, Skyscanner makes it easy to find the best flight deals. You can also set price alerts to stay updated on price changes.

2. is a well-known hotel booking site that offers a wide range of accommodation options worldwide. With its extensive selection and competitive prices, you can find the perfect hotel for your trip. also provides customer reviews and ratings to help you make informed decisions.

3. Kayak

Kayak is another popular travel app that allows you to search for flights, hotels, and rental cars. It offers a comprehensive search engine that compares prices from various travel sites, helping you find the best deals. Kayak also provides features such as price alerts and a “Explore” option for discovering new destinations.

4. Expedia

Expedia is a well-established online travel agency that offers a range of travel services, including flights, hotels, vacation packages, and car rentals. With its extensive inventory and competitive prices, Expedia is a reliable option for booking your travel needs. The platform also provides customer reviews and ratings to guide your decision-making process.

Consider exploring these alternatives to Hopper to find the travel booking platform that best suits your preferences. Each option offers its own unique features and benefits, so take the time to compare prices, read user reviews, and assess the overall user experience before making your final decision.

Hopper’s Legitimacy: Final Thoughts and Conclusion

After examining the feedback, reviews, and user experiences, it can be concluded that Hopper is generally considered a legitimate app for finding cheap flights and hotels. While there have been mixed reviews and some negative feedback regarding customer service and hidden fees, Hopper has a large user base and is widely used for its ability to help users save money on travel.

It is important to take into account both the positive and negative feedback when making a decision about using Hopper. Some users have praised the app for its ability to find great deals and its user-friendly interface. On the other hand, some users have reported issues with hidden fees and difficulties contacting customer service.

However, it is worth noting that Hopper is accredited as a travel agency and has privacy, trust, and security measures in place to protect user data. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions carefully, double-check prices and fees, and research customer reviews before making a booking through the app.

“Hopper has helped me find incredible deals on flights and hotels. It’s easy to use and has saved me a lot of money. However, there have been a few instances where I encountered hidden fees, so it’s important to be cautious and read everything carefully before confirming a booking.” – Sarah T., Hopper user


Ability to find cheap flights and hotels
Price freezing feature to lock in deals
Loyalty rewards through Carrot Cash
User-friendly interface

Reports of hidden fees
Difficulties contacting customer service
Limitations in customer support

Overall, while Hopper has its pros and cons, it remains a popular choice for travelers looking to find affordable travel options. It is always recommended to consider user reviews, compare alternatives, and make an informed decision based on personal preferences and individual travel needs.

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Is Hopper a legitimate travel app?

Yes, Hopper is a legitimate travel app and is accredited as a travel agency.

What can I do with the Hopper app?

The Hopper app allows you to find the best prices on flights, hotels, and car rentals. You can book flights and accommodations directly through the app and take advantage of features such as price freezing and loyalty rewards through Carrot Cash.

How does Hopper work?

Hopper analyzes data and uses predictive algorithms to track flight and hotel prices. The app provides users with price predictions and alerts when prices are expected to drop. You can track flights, view price projection charts, and search for hotels based on your preferences.

What feedback have users given about Hopper?

Users have provided both positive and negative feedback about Hopper. Some users praise the app for finding great deals and saving money on travel, while others have complained about hidden fees, confusing charges, and difficulties contacting customer service.

Is Hopper a trustworthy app?

While some users have had negative experiences, Hopper is considered a trustworthy app with a large user base and is widely used for finding cheap flights and hotels.

What are the pros and cons of using Hopper?

Some advantages of using Hopper include finding cheap flights and hotels, price freezing to lock in deals, loyalty rewards through Carrot Cash, and a user-friendly interface. However, some users have experienced hidden fees, difficulties with customer service, and limitations in customer support.

Are there alternatives to using Hopper?

Yes, there are other travel apps, flight search engines, and hotel booking sites that offer similar services. It may be beneficial to explore these alternatives to find the best fit for your travel needs.

How can I use Hopper effectively?

To make the most of your experience with Hopper, you can carefully read the terms and conditions before booking, double-check prices and fees, research customer reviews and ratings, utilize the price projection charts, and consider booking directly with airlines or hotels in certain cases.

What is the final verdict on Hopper’s legitimacy?

Hopper is generally considered a legitimate app for finding cheap flights and hotels. However, it is important to be aware of user feedback and consider your own travel preferences before using Hopper.

What other travel resources are available?

There are many other travel resources available to help you plan and book your trips. You can explore travel tips, find cheap flights, discover hotel deals, and learn about other useful travel apps to enhance your travel experience.

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