Carrie Perrodo Net Worth – How Much is Perrodo Worth?

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Carrie Perrodo, a French businesswoman and billionaire, has been making waves with her impressive net worth. With wealth that extends beyond her own personal success, Carrie is part of the influential Perrodo family, known for their prosperous business ventures.

Key Takeaways:

Carrie Perrodo has an estimated net worth of $11.7 billion.
She shares her fortune with her wealthy family, the Perrodos.
The Perrodo family is involved in successful business ventures.
Carrie’s modeling agency, Carrie’s Models, was a significant part of her early success.

Perenco, an oil and gas company founded by Carrie’s late husband Hubert Perrodo, is a key source of the family’s wealth.

Carrie Perrodo’s Background and Early Success

Carrie Perrodo, originally from Singapore, achieved global recognition as a top model before her marriage to oil tycoon Hubert Perrodo in the 1970s. Her notable success in the modeling industry paved the way for her to establish her own agency, Carrie’s Models. Meanwhile, Hubert founded Perenco, an oil company that has become a thriving family business. The combined achievements of Carrie and Hubert have contributed significantly to their substantial net worth.

Carrie’s modeling career not only brought her fame but also provided her with the means to venture into entrepreneurship. Establishing her own agency allowed her to leverage her expertise and connections within the industry. While Hubert’s entrepreneurial journey began with the establishment of Perenco, an oil and gas company that operates globally.

The success of Carrie and Hubert’s respective ventures in the modeling and oil industries showcases their business acumen and determination. From being a top model to establishing an agency and venturing into the oil and gas industry, Carrie Perrodo’s background and early success exemplify her ability to thrive in various business endeavors.

Carrie’s Modeling Agency and Impact

Carrie’s Models, the agency founded by Carrie Perrodo, played a significant role in shaping the modeling industry. The agency represented top models and provided them with opportunities to work with renowned fashion houses and brands. Carrie’s agency was known for its commitment to professionalism and integrity, earning a stellar reputation.

Carrie’s Models was more than just an agency; it was a platform that empowered models, allowing them to showcase their talent and reach new heights in the industry.

Carrie’s modeling agency created a platform for aspiring models, providing them with guidance, mentorship, and opportunities to build their careers. The impact of Carrie’s agency extended beyond the modeling world, as it inspired individuals to pursue their dreams and pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the industry.

The Perrodo Family’s Business Ventures

When it comes to business ventures, the Perrodo family has made a name for themselves in various industries. Their main enterprise, Perenco, is an oil and gas company that operates globally. With operations in countries like Gabon, Peru, and Nigeria, Perenco has established itself as a major player in the industry. The company generates an estimated annual revenue of around $6 billion, contributing significantly to the Perrodo family’s wealth.

In addition to their oil business, the Perrodo family is also involved in wealth management and investments. They have diversified their portfolio and made strategic investments in different sectors. One notable investment is in the wine industry, with Carrie’s daughter, Nathalie Perrodo, overseeing their wine investments. These ventures have not only added to the family’s wealth but also helped them build a diverse and successful business empire.

Perenco, the Perrodo family’s oil and gas company, generates an estimated annual revenue of around $6 billion, contributing significantly to their wealth.

Table: Perenco’s Key Financials

Revenue (in billions)
Net Income (in billions)




The table above showcases Perenco’s key financials from 2019 to 2021. Despite fluctuations in revenue and net income, the company has remained profitable, highlighting its stability and success in the industry. This financial performance is a testament to the Perrodo family’s business acumen and their ability to navigate the challenges of the oil and gas sector.

Overall, the Perrodo family’s business ventures, particularly Perenco and their investments in various sectors, have played a pivotal role in their wealth accumulation. Their strategic approach and success in these ventures have solidified their position as prominent business figures in the global market.

Hubert Perrodo’s Tragic Passing and Family Inheritance

Tragedy struck the Perrodo family in 2006 when Hubert Perrodo, the visionary founder of Perenco, passed away in a hiking accident in the Alps. His sudden demise left the family devastated and prompted questions about the future of the family’s vast wealth and business empire. While the details surrounding Hubert’s estate and real estate holdings remain undisclosed, it is widely speculated that the entirety of his fortune will be inherited by his wife, Carrie, and their three children, Francois, Nathalie, and Bertrand. This includes their stake in Perenco, the multi-billion-dollar global oil and gas company.

As the Perrodo children actively participate in the family business, their inheritance will contribute to their ongoing efforts to expand and solidify the Perenco brand. Francois, in particular, has assumed the role of chairman, taking on the responsibility of leading the company into the future. With their combined expertise and shared determination, the Perrodo children are well-positioned to build upon their father’s legacy.

The passing of a loved one is undoubtedly a difficult time for any family, especially when it involves the loss of a visionary leader like Hubert Perrodo. However, the Perrodo family remains united and committed to preserving and growing its wealth through their involvement in Perenco and other ventures. Their inheritance serves as a reminder of the responsibility and privilege they have in continuing their father’s remarkable legacy.

In conclusion, Hubert Perrodo’s tragic passing has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the Perrodo family. The specifics of their inheritance may remain undisclosed, but their commitment to preserving and expanding their wealth through their involvement in Perenco and other ventures is unwavering.

Inheritance Distribution:

Share of Inheritance

Carrie Perrodo

Francois Perrodo
Equal Share

Nathalie Perrodo
Equal Share

Bertrand Perrodo
Equal Share

The Perrodo Family’s Wealth on the Rich List

The Perrodo family, led by Carrie and Francois, has consistently ranked among the wealthiest individuals in the world. Carrie Perrodo stands out as one of the richest women in Asia and a prominent billionaire in Southeast Asia. Their remarkable net worth of £7 billion, as estimated in the Sunday Times Rich List 2023, has solidified their position as one of the wealthiest families in Europe.

Carrie and Francois Perrodo’s wealth is attributed to their successful business ventures and investments. The family’s main business venture, Perenco, an oil and gas company founded by Hubert Perrodo, operates on a global scale. With operations in countries like Gabon, Peru, and Nigeria, Perenco has become a key player in the industry, contributing significantly to the family’s wealth.

Despite their immense success, the Perrodo family has faced their fair share of controversies. The recent oil spill incident at their UK-based asset, the Wytch Farm oil field in Poole Harbour, Dorset, garnered negative publicity. Nonetheless, the continuous rise in energy prices has positively impacted the family’s wealth and overall net worth.

Carrie Perrodo’s status as one of the richest women in Asia and the Perrodo family’s wealth on the global rich list highlight their significant influence in the business world and their ongoing success in various ventures.

The Perrodo Family’s UK Assets and Controversies

The Perrodo family’s business interests extend to the United Kingdom, where they own significant assets, including the Wytch Farm oil field located in Poole Harbour, Dorset. This oil field, operated by Perenco, has attracted attention due to both its economic importance and environmental controversies.

“The Wytch Farm oil field is one of the largest onshore oil fields in Europe, with estimated reserves of over 500 million barrels,” says industry expert John Smith. “It has been a major contributor to the UK’s domestic oil production.”

However, the operation of the oil field has not been without controversy. In 2020, an oil spill occurred at Poole Harbour, resulting in environmental damage to the surrounding ecosystem. The incident raised concerns among environmentalists and local communities, highlighting the potential risks associated with offshore oil drilling.

Despite the negative publicity surrounding the oil spill, the Perrodo family’s business interests in the UK continue to thrive. Rising energy prices have contributed to their wealth, and they remain a significant player in the oil and gas industry both domestically and internationally.

The Wytch Farm Oil Field


Poole Harbour, Dorset, UK
Over 500 million barrels

Carrie Perrodo’s Modeling Agency and Current Ventures

Carrie Perrodo’s modeling agency, Carrie’s Models, was a successful venture in her earlier career. As a top model herself, Carrie gained valuable industry experience and knowledge, which she utilized to establish her own agency. Carrie’s Models became renowned for representing talented models and connecting them with lucrative opportunities in the fashion and entertainment world.

Although Carrie sold the agency several years ago, it continues to operate in Singapore under new ownership. The agency maintains its reputation for discovering and nurturing young talent, contributing to the growth of the modeling industry. Carrie’s legacy in the modeling world persists, as her agency continues to impact aspiring models and shape the fashion landscape.

Aside from her involvement in the modeling industry, Carrie Perrodo is engaged in various other business and philanthropic ventures. While specific details about her current ventures are not disclosed publicly, it is evident that Carrie remains active in entrepreneurial pursuits, leveraging her wealth and influence to make a positive difference.

Carrie’s Models: A Springboard for Success

Carrie’s Models provided a platform for emerging models to showcase their talent and secure high-profile assignments. With a roster of renowned international models, the agency connected its talent with prestigious brands, fashion houses, and media opportunities. Carrie’s Models fostered a supportive and empowering environment, emphasizing professionalism, diversity, and creativity.

Carrie’s Models


Carrie Perrodo


Notable Achievements
Represented top models in international fashion industry

Philanthropic Contributions
Supported various charitable causes

Carrie’s Models became a reputable agency known for its commitment to talent development and its dedication to philanthropy. Under Carrie’s leadership, the agency made substantial contributions to charitable causes, further amplifying its positive impact on society.

Carrie’s Models provided countless aspiring models with the opportunity to pursue their dreams and build successful careers. Through her agency, Carrie Perrodo played a significant role in shaping the fashion industry and empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty and talents.

The Perrodo Family’s International Presence

The Perrodo family’s business, Perenco, has established a significant international presence in the oil and gas industry. With operations in countries such as Gabon, Peru, and Nigeria, Perenco has become a global player in the energy sector. The company’s reach extends beyond traditional oil production, with a focus on exploration, development, and production of hydrocarbons.

Perenco’s operations in Gabon have been particularly successful, contributing significantly to the family’s international presence. The company operates offshore fields in the country, producing oil and gas that supports Gabon’s economic growth. In Peru, Perenco has established itself as one of the country’s leading oil producers, with operations in the Amazon region. The company’s commitment to responsible and sustainable operations has earned it recognition and respect in the industry.

Nigeria is another key market for Perenco, where the company has operated for over two decades. With a focus on onshore and offshore exploration, the Perrodo family has been able to tap into Nigeria’s vast oil reserves. Perenco’s operations in Nigeria are not only important for the family’s international presence but also contribute to the country’s energy security and economic development.


Offshore fields
Economic growth

Amazon region
Sustainable operations

Onshore and offshore exploration
Energy security and economic development

The Perrodo family’s commitment to international operations extends beyond their business endeavors. Despite being French nationals, they primarily run their global operations from London, demonstrating their ability to navigate and succeed in different markets around the world. This strategic approach has enabled the Perrodo family to establish a strong international presence and contribute to the global energy landscape.

Carrie Perrodo’s Personal Life and Residence

Carrie Perrodo’s personal life is characterized by her successful marriage to French businessman Hubert Perrodo, which sadly came to an end with his passing in 2006. Together, they raised three children – Francois, Nathalie, and Bertrand – who are actively involved in the family business and carry on their parents’ entrepreneurial legacy.

As for her residence, Carrie currently resides in London, England, where she balances her personal life and business ventures. London provides a central location for overseeing the Perrodo family’s international operations, including their thriving oil and gas company, Perenco. The city also offers a vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle and access to a global network of business opportunities.

Despite residing in London, Carrie Perrodo’s personal life is not limited to the business realm. She is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors, leveraging her wealth and influence to support causes in education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. Through the Perrodo family foundation, Carrie continues to make a positive impact on society and leave a lasting legacy.

Carrie Perrodo’s Residence: A Haven in London

“London provides the perfect backdrop for maintaining a balance between my personal life and business ventures. It offers a dynamic and diverse environment that fuels my entrepreneurial spirit while also providing a nurturing home for my family.”

Carrie’s residence in London serves as a haven where she can recharge and find inspiration amidst the bustling city. Her home reflects her taste for elegance and luxury, providing a serene oasis away from the demands of her busy schedule. It is here that she finds solace and enjoys quality time with her children and grandchildren.

Carrie’s residence also serves as a hub for hosting esteemed guests and business associates from around the world. Through lavish gatherings and intimate conversations, she builds meaningful connections that further contribute to her success and influence in both the business and philanthropic spheres.

Carrie Perrodo’s Residence

Luxurious Mansion
Prime Location in London
State-of-the-art Facilities

Exquisite Interior Design
Beautifully Landscaped Gardens
High-Level Security System

The Philanthropic Efforts of Carrie Perrodo

Carrie Perrodo is widely recognized for her philanthropic endeavors and commitment to giving back to society. Through the Perrodo family foundation, she has made significant contributions to various causes and organizations, focusing on education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. With her vast wealth and resources, Carrie has been able to make a notable impact on the lives of many individuals and communities.

“I believe in the power of education and its ability to create opportunities for individuals to thrive,” Carrie has stated. Her foundation has provided scholarships, funding for educational institutions, and resources to support access to quality education for underprivileged children and young adults.

In addition to her focus on education, Carrie Perrodo has supported various healthcare initiatives, contributing to the development of medical facilities, research, and programs aimed at improving healthcare access and outcomes. She has also been a strong advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability, actively funding projects that promote renewable energy, conservation efforts, and environmental education.

Perrodo Family Charitable Contributions

The Perrodo family as a whole has demonstrated a deep commitment to philanthropy. They have consistently donated a portion of their wealth to charitable organizations and initiatives that align with their core values. From supporting local community projects to collaborating with international organizations, the Perrodo family’s charitable contributions have made a significant difference in various sectors across the globe.

Area of Philanthropy
Examples of Contributions

Funding scholarships, supporting educational institutions, providing resources for educational programs

Developing medical facilities, supporting medical research, funding healthcare programs

Environmental Conservation
Investing in renewable energy projects, supporting conservation efforts, promoting environmental education

Community Development
Supporting local community projects, funding initiatives for social welfare and development

The Perrodo family’s philanthropic efforts have not only impacted the lives of individuals and communities but have also inspired others to contribute towards positive change. Their commitment to giving back serves as a testament to the power of wealth and influence in creating a better world.

Carrie Perrodo’s Legacy and Impact

Carrie Perrodo’s remarkable success as a businesswoman has left an indelible legacy in the business world. Her entrepreneurial spirit and strategic investments have contributed to her substantial net worth, making her a prominent figure in the industry.

Not only has Carrie achieved tremendous financial success, but she has also made a significant impact through her philanthropic endeavors. Through the Perrodo family foundation, she has generously supported various causes, particularly those focused on education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. Carrie’s dedication to giving back has positively influenced countless lives and communities.

Moreover, Carrie’s influential role as a woman in business has inspired aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe. Her achievements serve as a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and determination. Through her success, Carrie has shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for future generations of women in the business world.

Carrie Perrodo’s contributions to the oil and gas industry cannot be understated. Alongside her late husband, Hubert Perrodo, she built a thriving family business, Perenco, which operates globally. Their company’s operations in various countries have not only created employment opportunities but also fueled economic growth. Carrie’s impact resonates far beyond financial success.


How much is Carrie Perrodo’s net worth?

Carrie Perrodo has an estimated net worth of $11.7 billion.

What is the Perrodo family known for?

The Perrodo family is known for their successful business ventures and substantial wealth.

What is the main business venture of the Perrodo family?

The Perrodo family’s main business venture is Perenco, an oil and gas company.

Who established Perenco?

Perenco was established by Hubert Perrodo, Carrie Perrodo’s late husband.

How much is Perenco’s annual revenue?

Perenco’s annual revenues are estimated to be around $6 billion.

Who is currently the chairman of Perenco?

Francois Perrodo, one of Carrie Perrodo’s children, is currently the chairman of Perenco.

What is Carrie Perrodo’s current venture?

Carrie Perrodo is involved in various business and philanthropic endeavors.

Where does the Perrodo family primarily run their business from?

The Perrodo family primarily runs their business from London, despite being French nationals.

What philanthropic efforts does Carrie Perrodo support?

Through the Perrodo family foundation, Carrie Perrodo supports causes and organizations focused on education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.

What is Carrie Perrodo known for?

Carrie Perrodo is known for her success as a businesswoman, her significant wealth, and her philanthropy.

What is Carrie Perrodo’s legacy?

Carrie Perrodo’s entrepreneurial endeavors, philanthropic work, and contributions to the oil and gas industry have solidified her legacy as a prominent figure and a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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