Suicideboys Net Worth – How Much is Suicideboys Worth?

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American hip-hop duo Suicideboys, also known as $uicideboy$, has made a significant impact on the music scene since their formation in 2014. Comprising cousins Scrim (also known as $crim) and Ruby da Cherry, the duo hails from New Orleans and gained initial recognition through their music on SoundCloud. With their unique style, thought-provoking lyrics, and self-produced beats, Suicideboys quickly built a dedicated fanbase and established their own label, G*59 Records.

Key Takeaways:

Suicideboys, also known as $uicideboy$, is an American hip-hop duo founded by cousins Scrim and Ruby da Cherry in 2014.
They gained popularity through their music on SoundCloud and have their own label, G*59 Records.
As of 2021, Suicideboys has an estimated net worth of $2 million, with annual earnings of $1 million in recent years.
Scrim and Ruby da Cherry’s contributions have been pivotal to the duo’s success, with Scrim known for his dark rap style and Ruby da Cherry as the richest member with a strong social media following.
Suicideboys primarily generates income through music sales and merchandise, with their annual income averaging around $600,000.

The Formation and Rise of Suicideboys

Suicideboys, also known as $uicideboy$, is an American hip-hop duo that was formed by cousins Scrim and Ruby da Cherry in New Orleans in 2014. The duo gained significant attention and popularity through their music on SoundCloud, where their unique style and honest lyrics resonated with audiences.

Their dark and introspective rap style, coupled with their self-produced beats, captivated listeners and quickly garnered a dedicated following. As the duo’s popularity grew, they decided to establish their own record label, G*59 Records, which allowed them to have creative control over their music and its distribution.

The Rise of Suicideboys on SoundCloud

SoundCloud played a vital role in Suicideboys’ rise to fame. The platform provided the duo with a space to share their music directly with fans, bypassing the traditional music industry gatekeepers. This allowed them to build a dedicated fanbase and gain recognition for their unique sound.

Their early releases on SoundCloud, such as their debut project “Kill Yourself Part I: The $uicide $aga,” received positive feedback and helped establish their distinctive style. The duo embraced the internet age of music distribution and utilized social media platforms to connect with their fans, further fueling their growing popularity.

As Suicideboys’ reputation on SoundCloud grew, they began collaborating with other artists in the underground rap scene, including Black Smurf and Pouya. These collaborations and features not only expanded their fanbase but also showcased their versatility as artists.

Suicideboys Net Worth Timeline

Over the past few years, Suicideboys’ net worth has seen steady growth, reflecting their increasing success in the music industry. Let’s take a closer look at the timeline of their earnings and career milestones.

2014-2017: Early Years and SoundCloud Success

After forming in 2014, Suicideboys quickly gained traction through their music on SoundCloud. Their unique style and thought-provoking lyrics resonated with listeners, propelling them to the forefront of the underground hip-hop scene. During this period, their earnings were modest but steadily increasing as their fan base grew.

Net Worth





2018-Present: Mainstream Breakthrough and Continued Success

In 2018, Suicideboys released their first studio album, “I Want to Die in New Orleans,” which marked a significant milestone in their career. The album received critical acclaim and further expanded their fan base. With their growing popularity, the duo’s net worth continued to rise, reaching new heights.

Net Worth

$1.5 million

$2 million

$2.5 million

$2 million

Future Prospects

With their unique style, dedicated fan base, and entrepreneurial ventures such as G*59 Records, Suicideboys’ future prospects look promising. As they continue to release music, collaborate with other artists, and expand their brand, it is likely that their net worth will continue to grow, solidifying their position as one of the most successful hip-hop duos of their generation.

Ruby da Cherry’s Net Worth

Ruby da Cherry, one half of Suicideboys, is a key contributor to the duo’s success and has amassed a significant net worth. As of 2021, his estimated net worth is $1.5 million, making him the richest member of Suicideboys. Ruby da Cherry’s strong social media following, with over 1.3 million subscribers on Instagram, has further contributed to his wealth and influence in the music industry.

The success of Suicideboys, both musically and financially, can be attributed in part to Ruby da Cherry’s creative prowess. His unique style and lyrical talent have resonated with audiences, fostering a dedicated fan base and driving album sales. Through his contributions to Suicideboys’ music and performances, Ruby da Cherry has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the hip-hop scene.

“Ruby da Cherry’s net worth of $1.5 million reflects not only his financial success but also his impact on the music industry. With his distinct artistic vision and strong social media presence, Ruby da Cherry continues to shape the trajectory of Suicideboys’ career.”

Comparing Net Worth: Ruby da Cherry vs. Scrim

When comparing the net worth of Suicideboys’ members, Ruby da Cherry stands out as the wealthiest. While Ruby da Cherry’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, Scrim, the other half of Suicideboys, has a net worth of $1 million. This disparity can be attributed to various factors, including individual investments, endorsement deals, and income from solo projects.

Ruby da Cherry

$1.5 million
$1 million

Despite the difference in net worth, both Ruby da Cherry and Scrim play integral roles in Suicideboys’ success. Their combined talents, along with their entrepreneurial spirit in founding G*59 Records, have propelled the duo to new heights within the music industry.

Scrim’s Net Worth

Scrim, also known as $crim, is an integral part of the American hip-hop duo Suicideboys. Known for their dark rap music, Scrim’s creative talents and contributions have played a significant role in the duo’s success. As of now, Scrim has an estimated net worth of $1 million, reflecting his financial achievements in the music industry.

Scrim’s dark rap style addresses profound and often taboo subjects such as suicide and death. This unique approach has resonated with audiences, contributing to the growing popularity of Suicideboys. Through his lyrics and music production skills, Scrim has helped establish their distinct sound and image.

Scrim’s creativity and musical talent have certainly paid off, with his net worth reaching the $1 million mark. His contributions to Suicideboys, both as an artist and as a co-founder of their own label G*59 Records, have positioned him as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Despite facing personal struggles in the past, including a history of drug addiction, Scrim has managed to stay drug-free and focus on his music career. His dedication and resilience have been commendable, and they continue to fuel his success as an artist and entrepreneur.

Scrim’s Contributions to Suicideboys

Scrim’s role within Suicideboys extends beyond his dark rap lyrics and musical talent. As one of the co-founders of G*59 Records, Scrim has actively contributed to the duo’s music distribution and label management. This involvement has not only diversified their income streams but also solidified their control over their creative direction.

Contributions to Suicideboys

Dark Rap Lyrics

Music Production

Co-Founder of G*59 Records

Label Management

Scrim’s net worth signifies both his personal success and the financial prosperity of Suicideboys. Together with his cousin Ruby da Cherry, they continue to push boundaries and captivate fans with their unique and thought-provoking music.

Income Streams of Suicideboys

Suicideboys Income Sources

Suicideboys primarily generates income through various sources related to their music career. These income streams include:

Merchandise Sales: Suicideboys sells a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and collectibles. Fans can purchase these items to support the duo and show their appreciation for their music.
Music Distribution: As the founders of G*59 Records, Suicideboys distributes their music through their own label. This allows them to retain a larger portion of the revenue generated from music streams, album sales, and licensing deals.

Suicideboys Merchandise Sales

Merchandise sales play a significant role in Suicideboys’ income. The duo offers a variety of merchandise options, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and limited edition items. Fans are eager to purchase these items as a way to support Suicideboys and showcase their loyalty to the duo. The popularity of their merchandise has contributed to their overall financial success.

Suicideboys Music Distribution

Suicideboys’ music is distributed primarily through their own label, G*59 Records. This allows them to have more control over their music and the revenue it generates. Through platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, Suicideboys’ music reaches a wide audience, resulting in streams, album sales, and licensing opportunities. By managing their own music distribution, Suicideboys can maximize their income and build a sustainable career in the music industry.

The Success of Suicideboys on YouTube

Suicideboys has experienced remarkable success on YouTube, solidifying their position as one of the most influential hip-hop duos in the industry. With their unique style and thought-provoking lyrics, their music videos have garnered millions of views and captivated a dedicated fan base.

As of today, Suicideboys has amassed over 1 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, a testament to their growing popularity and influence. Their channel serves as a platform for fans to access their music videos, interviews, and other exclusive content. The duo’s captivating visuals and raw energy have resonated with viewers, resulting in a significant number of views on their videos.

One of Suicideboys’ most viewed music videos on YouTube is “Paris,” which has accumulated over 87 million views. This milestone is a testament to the duo’s ability to create captivating visuals that complement their music perfectly. The video’s dark aesthetic and gritty imagery are in line with the duo’s overall style, further enhancing their unique brand and image.

“Our success on YouTube has been instrumental in connecting with our fans and expanding our reach. We are grateful for the support we have received and will continue to create meaningful content that resonates with our audience.”

Through their success on YouTube, Suicideboys has solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Their videos serve as a visual representation of their music, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the duo’s unique world. With their growing subscriber base and soaring views, Suicideboys’ influence and impact on the hip-hop scene are undeniable.

G*59 Records: Suicideboys’ Independent Music Label

One of the key factors contributing to the success and financial prosperity of Suicideboys is their independent music label, G*59 Records. Founded by cousins Scrim and Ruby da Cherry themselves, G*59 Records serves as the primary platform for Suicideboys’ music distribution and ownership. The duo’s decision to establish their own label has allowed them to have control over their music and its monetization, ultimately contributing to their net worth.

With G*59 Records, Suicideboys can release their music on their own terms, without relying on major record labels. This provides them with artistic freedom and allows them to stay true to their unique style and vision. By directly owning their music, Suicideboys can maximize their earnings and maintain a sustainable income stream.

G*59 Records not only benefits Suicideboys but also serves as a platform for other artists. The label has signed several talented artists and has helped them gain recognition in the music industry. By providing a space for artists to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience, G*59 Records has established itself as a prominent independent label within the hip-hop genre.

Artists under G*59 Records:

Night Lovell
and more…

G*59 Records continues to contribute to the overall success and financial growth of Suicideboys. With their independent label, the duo has been able to secure their creative autonomy, connect with their audience on their own terms, and provide a platform for other talented artists to thrive within the music industry.

The Wealth of Suicideboys and Future Ventures

With an estimated net worth of $2 million, Suicideboys has achieved financial success in the music industry. The duo’s unique style and gritty lyrics have resonated with audiences, propelling them to prominence and contributing to their wealth. As they continue to release music and collaborate with other artists, Suicideboys’ financial prospects look promising, opening up new opportunities and ventures for the duo.

One of the key factors behind Suicideboys’ future success lies in their ability to diversify their sources of income. While their primary earnings come from music sales and performances, the duo has also ventured into merchandise sales, with their branded products becoming popular among fans. This expansion into the world of merchandising has not only boosted their revenues but also helped establish a strong brand presence.

Additionally, Suicideboys’ growing popularity on social media platforms presents further avenues for financial growth. With a dedicated fan base and a strong online following, the duo can leverage their digital presence to attract sponsorships, brand collaborations, and endorsement deals. By strategically aligning themselves with relevant brands, Suicideboys can tap into new revenue streams and cement their position in the music industry.

In summary, Suicideboys’ current net worth of $2 million is a testament to their success as a hip-hop duo. The combination of their unique style, relentless work ethic, and entrepreneurial mindset has propelled them to financial prosperity. As they continue to explore new ventures, collaborate with other artists, and engage with their devoted fan base, Suicideboys can look forward to further increasing their wealth and securing their position as one of the influential forces in the music industry.

The Personal Lives of Suicideboys Members

Besides their successful music career, Ruby da Cherry and Scrim have their own unique personal lives that have shaped their journey. Ruby da Cherry, known for his distinctive style and lyrical prowess, has garnered a significant following on social media. With over 1.3 million subscribers on Instagram, he shares glimpses of his life and interacts with fans, giving them a deeper connection to the artist behind the music.

Scrim, on the other hand, has faced personal struggles throughout his life. He has been open about his history of drug addiction, which he battled and triumphed over. Scrim’s journey to sobriety has been an integral part of his growth as an artist and has influenced his music, adding raw authenticity to the duo’s dark rap style. His story serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the power of resilience and self-transformation.

Understanding the personal backgrounds of Suicideboys members adds depth to their artistic expression. It provides insight into the experiences and challenges they have overcome, shaping their unique perspectives and musical contributions. Ruby da Cherry’s social media presence allows fans to connect with him on a more personal level, while Scrim’s recovery journey highlights the duo’s resilience and authenticity.


How much is Suicideboys worth?

Suicideboys has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

How much does Suicideboys earn annually?

Suicideboys earns approximately $1 million annually.

When was Suicideboys formed?

Suicideboys was formed in 2014.

What is Suicideboys’ record label?

Suicideboys has their own record label called G*59 Records.

Who are the members of Suicideboys?

Suicideboys is a duo consisting of Scrim (also known as $crim) and Ruby da Cherry.

What is Ruby da Cherry’s net worth?

Ruby da Cherry has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

What is Scrim’s net worth?

Scrim has a net worth of $1 million.

How does Suicideboys generate income?

Suicideboys earns money from selling merchandise and through their music, which is distributed through their own label, G*59 Records.

What is Suicideboys’ most viewed music video?

Suicideboys’ most viewed music video is “Paris,” which has over 87 million views.

What is G*59 Records?

G*59 Records is Suicideboys’ own record label through which they distribute their music and serve as label owners for other artists.

What are the personal lives of Suicideboys members like?

Ruby da Cherry has a strong social media presence, while Scrim has overcome personal struggles, including drug addiction.

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