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Tim Dillon, the American stand-up comic, actor, and podcaster, has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He is the host of the popular podcast “The Tim Dillon Show” and has appeared on the Netflix series “The Comedy Lineup.” Dillon has also acted in several films and television series. He was included in Rolling Stone’s “10 Comedians You Need to Know” list in 2017.

Key Takeaways:

Tim Dillon’s estimated net worth is $10 million.
He is the host of the podcast “The Tim Dillon Show” and has appeared on the Netflix series “The Comedy Lineup.”
Dillon has acted in films and television series and was included in Rolling Stone’s “10 Comedians You Need to Know” list in 2017.

Early Life

Tim Dillon was born on January 22, 1985, in Island Park, New York. His childhood was marked by significant challenges, including his parents’ divorce and his mother’s diagnosis with schizophrenia. Despite these difficulties, Dillon showed an early interest in acting and even made an appearance on the iconic children’s television show, “Sesame Street.” However, as he grew older, his passion shifted towards comedy.

Growing up in a tumultuous environment, Dillon found solace and humor in using comedy as an outlet. He developed a unique perspective on life from an early age, which would later shape his comedic style. Dillon’s ability to find humor in difficult situations and his candid, no-holds-barred approach to comedy stem from his upbringing.

While his early life may have been challenging, it ultimately shaped Dillon’s resilience, wit, and ability to connect with audiences on a deep level. These experiences laid the foundation for his success in the comedy industry.

Tim Dillon’s Comedy Career, Stand-Up, Acting, and Podcast

Tim Dillon’s career in comedy has been marked by his unique comedic style, stand-up performances, acting endeavors, and the success of his podcast, “The Tim Dillon Show.” As a stand-up comedian, Dillon has earned recognition for his sharp wit, dark humor, and ability to tackle sensitive topics with a comedic twist.

Throughout his career, Dillon has performed at renowned comedy festivals such as Just for Laughs and has appeared on various comedy shows, including “Comedy Knockout” and “The Chris Gethard Show.” His performances have captivated audiences with his thought-provoking insights and fearless approach to comedy.

In addition to his stand-up comedy, Dillon has ventured into acting, with roles in films and television series. His acting skills allow him to bring his unique comedic sensibilities to different mediums, showcasing his versatility as a performer.

However, it is Dillon’s podcast, “The Tim Dillon Show,” that has truly solidified his presence in the comedy world. With his unfiltered commentary on current events, pop culture, and societal issues, Dillon has gathered a large and dedicated following. The podcast, along with his Patreon subscribers, has become a significant source of income and a platform for Dillon to express his comedic genius.

Table: Tim Dillon’s Stand-Up and Acting Highlights


Started stand-up comedy

Just for Laughs comedy festival

Appeared on “Comedy Knockout”

Acted in “The Comedy Lineup” on Netflix

Hosted “The Tim Dillon Show” podcast

Tim Dillon’s Patreon Earnings and Podcast Income

Tim Dillon’s financial success extends beyond his stand-up comedy career and acting ventures. One of the main sources of his income is his highly lucrative Patreon page. As of now, Dillon earns an impressive monthly income of approximately $200,000 to $250,000 from his Patreon subscribers alone. This staggering amount underlines the dedicated support he receives from his fans and their willingness to financially contribute to his content.

Additionally, Dillon’s podcast, “The Tim Dillon Show,” plays a significant role in his overall earnings. While specific figures for his podcast income have not been disclosed, it is estimated to be a substantial source of revenue for him. The popularity of his podcast, coupled with his engaging and thought-provoking content, has attracted a large and loyal audience, contributing to his financial success.

It is worth noting that Dillon’s Patreon earnings and podcast income are just a portion of his overall net worth. His multiple real estate investments, acting roles, and other endeavors further bolster his financial standing. Altogether, these income streams have contributed to his impressive net worth of $10 million.

Table: Tim Dillon’s Income Sources

Income Source
Estimated Revenue

$200,000 – $250,000 per month

Estimated substantial revenue

Varies depending on roles

Real Estate Investments
Contributes to overall net worth

Tim Dillon’s financial success can be attributed to the combination of his Patreon earnings, podcast income, acting roles, and shrewd investments in real estate. With his rising popularity and dedicated fan base, it is likely that Dillon will continue to thrive financially in the future.

Personal Life

When it comes to Tim Dillon’s personal life, there are a few key aspects worth highlighting. Firstly, Dillon is openly gay and came out in his mid-twenties. His sexuality is an important part of his identity, and he has been vocal about his experiences as a gay man in the entertainment industry.

In addition to his sexuality, Dillon has also been open about his struggles with substance abuse. He has been sober for over a decade and has used his platform to discuss the challenges he faced during his journey to recovery. Dillon’s honesty and vulnerability on this topic have resonated with many of his fans.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Dillon has built a successful career in the comedy industry. He has gained recognition for his unique comedic style and his ability to tackle sensitive topics with humor. While he may address personal and controversial subjects on stage and in his podcast, Dillon has emphasized the importance of separating his on-stage persona from his personal life.


“I think it’s important to be open and honest about who you are and the challenges you’ve faced. By sharing my experiences, I hope to connect with others who may be going through similar struggles and let them know they are not alone.” – Tim Dillon

Table: Tim Dillon’s Personal Life Summary


Openly gay, came out in his mid-twenties

Substance Abuse
Over a decade of sobriety, shares his experiences

Comedic Style
Addresses personal and controversial topics with humor

Real Estate

Tim Dillon has made strategic investments in real estate, owning multiple properties across different locations. His real estate portfolio reflects his financial success and growing wealth. With a keen eye for valuable properties, Dillon has demonstrated his ability to make smart and profitable real estate ventures.

One of Dillon’s notable real estate acquisitions includes a stunning home in Austin, Texas, which he purchased for $900,000 in mid-2021. This property not only serves as a luxurious residence but also as an investment with the potential for appreciation. Furthermore, Dillon expanded his real estate holdings with the purchase of a breathtaking $2.6 million estate in Southampton, NY, in late 2021.

In September 2022, Dillon acquired another prestigious property in the exclusive Hollywood Hills neighborhood. This acquisition, worth $4.6 million, demonstrates his continued commitment to expanding his real estate portfolio in desirable locations.

Dillon’s real estate investments provide him with additional sources of income and contribute to his overall net worth. With a strategic approach to property acquisition, Dillon has established himself as not just a successful comedian and podcaster but also a savvy investor in the real estate market.

Purchase Price

Austin, Texas

Southampton, NY
$2.6 million

Hollywood Hills
$4.6 million

Tim Dillon’s Net Worth Breakdown

Tim Dillon has built a substantial net worth through various sources of income. His primary revenue stream comes from his highly successful podcast, “The Tim Dillon Show.” With over 550,000 YouTube subscribers and a significant number of Patreon supporters, Dillon’s podcast generates a substantial income. In fact, his Patreon earnings alone are estimated to be around $1.5 million per year. This consistent revenue has contributed greatly to his overall net worth.

In addition to his podcast, Tim Dillon has diversified his income by exploring other avenues in the entertainment industry. He has had a successful career as a stand-up comedian, performing at renowned comedy festivals such as Just for Laughs. Dillon’s appearances on shows like “Comedy Knockout” and “The Chris Gethard Show” have also contributed to his financial success. Furthermore, his acting roles in films and television series have added to his overall wealth.

Tim Dillon’s investments in real estate have also played a significant role in increasing his net worth. He owns multiple properties, including a home in Austin, Texas, purchased for $900,000 in 2021, a $2.6 million estate in Southampton, NY, acquired in late 2021, and a $4.6 million home in the Hollywood Hills, purchased in September 2022.

Source of Income
Estimated Contribution

Podcast (Patreon Earnings)
$1.5 million per year

Stand-up Comedy
Significant contribution

Additional income

Real Estate
Substantial investment

It is evident that Tim Dillon’s net worth is a culmination of his successful podcast, earnings from stand-up comedy and acting, and his investments in real estate. Through his various ventures and hard work, Dillon has established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and continues to build on his financial success.

Tim Dillon’s Rise to Fame

Tim Dillon’s rise to fame can be attributed to his exceptional talent, recognition from industry insiders, and national exposure through various media platforms. His journey to becoming one of the most prominent names in comedy has been a testament to his hard work and unique comedic style.

One of the key milestones in Dillon’s career was his breakthrough performance at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in 2016. This highly regarded event showcased Dillon’s comedic prowess to a wider audience and served as a springboard for his subsequent success.

Further boosting his recognition, Dillon’s appearances on shows such as “The Chris Gethard Show” allowed him to showcase his comedic skills and connect with viewers on a national level. In 2017, Rolling Stone named Dillon as one of the “10 Comedians You Need to Know,” solidifying his status as a rising star in the comedy world.

“Tim Dillon’s rise to fame can be attributed to his exceptional talent, recognition from industry insiders, and national exposure through various media platforms.”

In addition to his live performances and television appearances, Dillon’s podcast, “The Tim Dillon Show,” plays a significant role in expanding his fan base and increasing his national exposure. The podcast’s popularity has soared, attracting a large following and earning Dillon a devoted fan base.

With a combination of his relentless work ethic, unique comedic approach, and a captivating online presence, Tim Dillon continues to rise to new heights in the comedy industry, solidifying his place among the comedy greats.

Tim Dillon’s Podcast Success

Tim Dillon’s podcast, “The Tim Dillon Show,” has seen tremendous success, attracting a dedicated fan base and generating significant income. With over 550,000 subscribers on YouTube and a sizable number of Patreon supporters, Dillon has built a thriving podcasting empire that has cemented his position in the comedy industry.

The success of “The Tim Dillon Show” can be attributed to Dillon’s unique comedic approach and ability to engage with his audience. He fearlessly tackles controversial topics, providing a candid perspective that resonates with listeners. Dillon’s irreverent style, combined with his sharp wit and societal observations, has made his podcast a must-listen for comedy enthusiasts around the world.

The support of his Patreon subscribers has been instrumental in the financial success of “The Tim Dillon Show.” With an estimated annual revenue of $1.5 million from Patreon alone, Dillon has been able to invest in his podcast, deliver high-quality content, and expand his reach.

Key Factors in Tim Dillon’s Podcast Success

Unique comedic approach
Dillon’s ability to address taboo topics and provide a fresh perspective has attracted a dedicated fan base.

Engaging with the audience
Dillon’s interactive style and willingness to interact with fans have fostered a strong sense of community around his podcast.

Patreon support
The financial backing of Patreon subscribers has allowed Dillon to invest in his podcast and deliver high-quality content.

Wide range of topics
Dillon covers a diverse range of subjects, providing something for everyone and ensuring a broad appeal.

The continued success of “The Tim Dillon Show” is a testament to Tim Dillon’s talent and entrepreneurial spirit. As he continues to captivate audiences with his unique brand of comedy, it is clear that Dillon’s podcast will remain a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Tim Dillon’s Impact on Comedy

Tim Dillon’s unique style and comedic approach have made a significant impact on the comedy scene. With his sharp wit and fearless delivery, Dillon tackles sensitive and taboo topics, pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in comedy. His ability to bring humor to thought-provoking subjects has garnered him a dedicated following and critical acclaim.

One of the key aspects of Dillon’s comedic style is his skill in making societal observations. He has a knack for highlighting the absurdities of everyday life and shedding light on the underlying issues that often go unnoticed. Whether it’s discussing politics, culture, or societal norms, Dillon’s keen observations and clever commentary provide a fresh and unique perspective.

Tim Dillon’s comedic style often incorporates societal observations, irreverence, and absurdist elements. His ability to tackle sensitive and taboo topics with humor has resonated with audiences and earned him praise from fans and critics alike.

What sets Dillon apart is his fearlessness in addressing uncomfortable topics. He fearlessly confronts the controversial and challenges the status quo, inviting audiences to question their own beliefs and assumptions. By approaching these subjects with humor, he creates an environment where difficult conversations can take place while still providing entertainment.

Tim Dillon’s impact on comedy extends beyond his own performances. He has inspired a new generation of comedians to embrace their unique voices and take risks on stage. Through his podcast, social media presence, and live performances, Dillon continues to shape the comedy landscape and push the boundaries of what is considered funny and acceptable.

Tim Dillon’s Unique Style

Dillon’s comedic style is characterized by his no-holds-barred approach and an unapologetic delivery. He fearlessly tackles controversial and sensitive subjects, often delving into the darker aspects of life with a satirical lens. His unique ability to blend sharp social commentary with absurdism sets him apart and has garnered him a devoted fan base.

Tim Dillon’s Comedic Approach

Dillon’s comedic approach is anchored in his willingness to confront uncomfortable topics head-on. He uses humor as a tool to address societal issues, exposing the contradictions and hypocrisies that exist in our everyday lives. By shining a light on these topics, Dillon sparks conversations and encourages critical thinking, all while making audiences laugh.

Tim Dillon’s Social Media Presence

Tim Dillon has established a strong presence on various social media platforms, utilizing them to connect with his fans and expand his reach. With his engaging content and unique comedic voice, he has garnered a significant following and continues to attract new fans.

One platform where Tim Dillon has seen considerable success is YouTube. His channel boasts over 550,000 subscribers, who eagerly await his comedic sketches, podcast highlights, and commentary on current events. The visual nature of YouTube allows Dillon to showcase his comedic talents and captivate his audience with his witty and thought-provoking content.

In addition to YouTube, Tim Dillon maintains an active presence on Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, he shares his opinions on various topics, engages with fans, and promotes his podcast and upcoming shows. His Twitter following appreciates his comedic insights and unfiltered commentary. On Instagram, Dillon provides glimpses into his personal life, sharing behind-the-scenes moments, photos, and updates. His Instagram account has amassed a significant following, with fans enjoying his humorous and relatable posts.

The Table

Social Media Platform
Number of Subscribers/Followers




Tim Dillon’s active presence on social media platforms has allowed him to connect with a diverse audience and expand his influence in the comedy industry. Through his engaging content and unique comedic style, he continues to build a dedicated fan base while attracting new followers who appreciate his candid and humorous perspective.

Tim Dillon’s Future Endeavors

As Tim Dillon’s popularity and influence continue to grow, he is poised to embark on exciting new projects and ventures. With his unique comedic voice and ability to captivate audiences, Dillon’s future endeavors are highly anticipated.

One area where Dillon is expected to thrive is his continued podcasting. “The Tim Dillon Show” has become a major success, attracting a large and dedicated following. As he continues to produce engaging and thought-provoking content, his podcast is likely to attract even more listeners and further solidify his position in the comedy world.

In addition to podcasting, Dillon’s stand-up comedy performances are a cornerstone of his career. Known for his irreverent and fearless approach to comedy, he is sure to captivate audiences with his live shows. Whether it’s headlining in comedy clubs or performing at major festivals, Dillon’s future stand-up gigs are bound to be highly anticipated events.

Furthermore, given Dillon’s success in acting, there is a strong likelihood that he will pursue more roles in both film and television. His unique comedic style and ability to bring characters to life on screen have garnered praise, and audiences can expect to see more of Dillon’s talent showcased in future projects.


How much is Tim Dillon’s net worth?

Tim Dillon has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

What is Tim Dillon’s main source of income?

Tim Dillon’s main source of income is his successful podcast, “The Tim Dillon Show,” along with his Patreon earnings.

How much does Tim Dillon earn from Patreon?

As of this writing, Tim Dillon earns approximately $200-250,000 per month from his Patreon subscribers.

What is Tim Dillon’s comedic style?

Tim Dillon’s comedic style incorporates societal observations, irreverence, and absurdist elements.

Has Tim Dillon been recognized for his work?

Yes, Tim Dillon was included in Rolling Stone’s “10 Comedians You Need to Know” list in 2017.

What is Tim Dillon’s stance on politics?

Tim Dillon is known for his politically apathetic stance and has expressed opinions on various political issues.

How has Tim Dillon addressed his personal struggles?

Tim Dillon has been sober for over a decade and has spoken openly about his struggles with substance abuse in the past.

What investments does Tim Dillon have?

Tim Dillon has invested in real estate and owns multiple properties, including homes in Austin, Texas, Southampton, NY, and the Hollywood Hills.

How did Tim Dillon gain national recognition?

Tim Dillon gained national recognition after performing at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in 2016.

How successful is Tim Dillon’s podcast?

Tim Dillon’s podcast, “The Tim Dillon Show,” has over 550,000 subscribers on YouTube and generates approximately $1.5 million per year from Patreon alone.

What is Tim Dillon’s impact on the comedy world?

Tim Dillon’s ability to tackle sensitive and taboo topics with humor, along with his candid perspective on current events, has earned him praise from fans and critics alike.

What is Tim Dillon’s social media presence like?

Tim Dillon has a strong presence on social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, with hundreds of thousands of followers across these platforms.

What can we expect from Tim Dillon in the future?

With his growing popularity and success, Tim Dillon is likely to pursue various future endeavors, including podcasting, stand-up comedy performances, acting roles, and potential collaborations.

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