Rakim Net Worth – How Much is Rakim Worth?

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Rakim, an American rapper, has established himself as one of the most influential figures in hip hop history. With a successful career spanning decades, Rakim has not only left a lasting impact on the music industry but has also accumulated significant wealth. In this article, we will delve into Rakim’s net worth and explore the sources of his financial success.

Key Takeaways:

Rakim has a net worth of $2 million, according to the first source.
He gained fame as one half of the hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim.
Rakim’s solo career, with albums like “The 18th Letter,” has contributed to his financial success.
Collaborations with various artists showcase Rakim’s versatility and influence.
His innovative rap style and lyrical prowess have solidified his legacy in hip hop.

Early Life and Education

Rakim, born as William Griffin Jr. on January 28, 1968, in Wyandanch, New York, had a passion for music from a young age. He attended Wyandanch High School, where he played football as a quarterback. However, his focus shifted to music after meeting local DJ Eric B. and starting to write lyrics. Rakim later adopted the name Rakim after joining the Nation of Islam.

During his early life, Rakim’s musical talents began to shine as he honed his skills in lyricism and delivery. His passion for music led him to experiment with various styles and techniques, ultimately shaping his unique rap style. Rakim’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to mastering his artistry laid the foundation for his future success in the music industry.

Table: Rakim’s Early Life Highlights

Birth Name
William Griffin Jr.

Date of Birth
January 28, 1968

Place of Birth
Wyandanch, New York

Passion for Music
Developed from a young age

Attended Wyandanch High School

Meeting with DJ Eric B.
Shifted focus to music and began writing lyrics

Adopted Name
Rakim (after joining the Nation of Islam)

Rakim’s early life and education provided the foundation for his future success in the music industry. From his humble beginnings in Wyandanch to his collaboration with DJ Eric B., Rakim’s journey in music began to take shape. The next section will explore his legendary partnership with Eric B. and their contribution to the hip hop genre.

Eric B. & Rakim

Rakim’s career took off when he teamed up with DJ Eric B. in the mid-1980s. The duo released their first tracks, “Eric B. is President” and “My Melody,” which caught the attention of Def Jam Recordings founder Russell Simmons and led to a record deal with Island Records. Their debut studio album, “Paid in Full,” released in 1987, became a landmark album in hip hop history and helped pioneer the use of internal rhymes. Eric B. & Rakim went on to release several successful albums, including “Follow the Leader.”

Eric B. & Rakim’s collaborations were marked by their unique chemistry and innovative approach to hip hop. Rakim’s intricate and introspective lyrics combined with Eric B.’s expert DJ skills and production, creating a sound that resonated with fans and critics alike. Their albums showcased their creative partnership and solidified their status as one of the most influential hip hop duos of all time.

“Paid in Full” was a game-changer in hip hop. It showcased Rakim’s lyrical prowess and laid the groundwork for a new era of rhyming techniques. The album’s title track became an anthem and remains a classic in the genre. Eric B.’s production, combined with Rakim’s smooth and confident delivery, created a sonic landscape that was ahead of its time.

Eric B. & Rakim’s discography includes four studio albums: “Paid in Full” (1987), “Follow the Leader” (1988), “Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em” (1990), and “Don’t Sweat the Technique” (1992). Each album contributed to the duo’s growing legacy and solidified their influence on subsequent generations of hip hop artists.


Paid in Full

Follow the Leader

Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em

Don’t Sweat the Technique

Table: Eric B. & Rakim’s discography

Despite their eventual breakup, Eric B. & Rakim’s impact on hip hop remains undeniable. Their music continues to be celebrated and studied, and their influence can be heard in the work of countless artists today. Eric B. & Rakim’s legacy serves as a testament to their artistic vision and their ability to push the boundaries of hip hop.

Solo Career

After the dissolution of Eric B. & Rakim, Rakim embarked on a successful solo career. He signed with Universal Records and released his debut solo album, “The 18th Letter,” in 1997. The album achieved commercial success and solidified Rakim’s reputation as a solo artist. It featured the hit single “Guess Who’s Back,” which showcased Rakim’s lyrical skills and established him as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.

Following the success of “The 18th Letter,” Rakim released several more solo albums, including “The Master” in 1999 and “The Seventh Seal” in 2009. These albums further demonstrated Rakim’s ability to craft intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics, ensuring his status as one of the greatest MCs of all time.

Rakim Discography


Don’t Call Me

Guilty All the Same
Linkin Park

Beat of My Drum
Art of Noise

Truth Hurts

These collaborations and guest appearances have further solidified Rakim’s status as a respected and influential figure in the music industry. His ability to effortlessly blend his unique style with other artists’ work showcases his versatility and artistry.

Rakim’s Unique Rap Style and Delivery

Rakim, one of the most influential figures in hip hop history, is known for his distinct rap style and impeccable delivery. His lyrical prowess and innovative approach to rhyming have set him apart from other artists in the genre.

When it comes to Rakim’s rap style, he deviates from the simplistic rhyme patterns of early hip hop. He introduced complex internal and multisyllabic rhymes, elevating the art form to new heights. His lyrics are meticulously crafted, showcasing his mastery of wordplay and storytelling.

Rakim’s delivery is equally notable. Influenced by jazz, his flow is relaxed and free-flowing. He exhibits a smoothness and ease in his delivery that captivates listeners. This unique approach, combined with his impeccable timing, makes Rakim’s verses stand out among his peers.

His subject matter often revolves around showcasing his lyrical prowess and his Islamic faith. Through his intricate rhymes and thought-provoking lyrics, Rakim has made a lasting impact on the hip hop community, inspiring generations of artists to push the boundaries of the genre.

The Evolution of Rakim’s Rap Style

Over the years, Rakim’s rap style has evolved, reflecting his growth as an artist. While he initially gained recognition for his complex rhymes and smooth delivery, he has continued to innovate and experiment with his artistry.

From his early days as part of Eric B. & Rakim to his solo career, Rakim has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in hip hop. His ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to his unique style has cemented his status as a legend in the industry.

As Rakim continues to inspire and influence the current generation of hip hop artists, his rap style and delivery remain timeless. His contributions to the genre will forever be remembered and celebrated, solidifying his place in hip hop history.

Personal Life

Rakim, in addition to his successful music career, leads a fulfilling personal life. He has been married to his high school sweetheart Felicia since their teenage years. They have built a strong and enduring bond, weathering the challenges that life has thrown their way. Together, they have three children – two sons named Tahmell and Jabar, and a daughter named Destiny. Rakim also has a son from a previous relationship, further expanding his loving family.

While Rakim’s personal life has been filled with joy and love, he has also faced legal issues concerning child support payments for his son from the previous relationship. These challenges serve as a reminder that even successful artists like Rakim navigate personal struggles alongside their professional achievements. Despite these difficulties, Rakim remains dedicated to his family and continues to provide for them.

Family is the Foundation

Rakim’s family plays a central role in his life. They provide him with love, support, and inspiration. His wife Felicia has been his rock throughout his career, offering unwavering encouragement and understanding. Together, they have created a nurturing environment for their children, instilling in them the values of love, respect, and perseverance.

Rakim’s children have grown up in an atmosphere of music and creativity. They have been exposed to their father’s exceptional talent and have witnessed firsthand the impact he has had on the hip hop industry. As they navigate their own paths, Rakim’s children carry with them the legacy of their father’s passion and dedication.

Family Members

Husband and Father

Wife and Mother




Comparative Net Worth Estimates for Rakim

Net Worth Estimate

$2 million

$1.4 million

$2 million

$1.8 million

$3 million

$2.5 million

Note: The net worth estimates provided are based on available information and may vary.

Influence and Legacy

Rakim’s impact on the hip hop genre is immeasurable. His groundbreaking lyrical style and innovative rhyming techniques have influenced countless artists and shaped the direction of rap music. Rakim is widely regarded as one of the greatest MCs of all time, and his legacy continues to resonate with both old-school hip hop fans and new generations of artists.

One of Rakim’s most significant contributions to hip hop was his use of internal rhymes and complex rhyme patterns. He introduced a level of lyrical sophistication that had never been seen before, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in rap music. His intricate wordplay and seamless flow set a new standard for other artists to aspire to.

“Rakim’s lyrics were like poetry set to music,” says fellow rapper Eminem. “He elevated the art form and showed us all what rap could be.”

Furthermore, Rakim’s influence extends beyond rap music. His impact can be felt in various genres, including R&B, rock, and even spoken word poetry. Artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar have frequently cited Rakim as a major inspiration and have acknowledged his immense influence on their own careers.

Rakim’s legacy as a trailblazer in hip hop is solidified. He not only transformed the way rap lyrics are crafted but also paved the way for future artists to explore new artistic boundaries. His contributions to the genre will continue to be celebrated and revered for years to come.

Future Projects

As of now, Rakim has not released any new music projects. However, fans can rest assured that this influential rapper has more to offer in the future. Known for his unique style and unparalleled lyrical abilities, Rakim is sure to continue making waves in the hip hop world.

While there have been rumors of a reunion with DJ Eric B., no official announcements have been made. Nevertheless, the anticipation for any forthcoming collaborations between these two legendary artists remains high.

Furthermore, fans eagerly await the news of a new solo album from Rakim. With his exceptional talent and artistic vision, any future project he releases is bound to captivate audiences and solidify his already stellar reputation in the music industry.


What is Rakim’s net worth?

According to various sources, Rakim’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million to $3 million.

What is Rakim’s real name?

Rakim’s real name is William Griffin Jr.

When was Rakim born?

Rakim was born on January 28, 1968.

What is Rakim’s most famous album?

Rakim is best known for his work with Eric B. as part of the hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim. Their album “Paid in Full” is considered a landmark in hip hop history.

Does Rakim have a solo career?

Yes, Rakim has a successful solo career. His debut solo album “The 18th Letter” received critical acclaim.

Who has Rakim collaborated with?

Rakim has collaborated with various artists, including DMX, Linkin Park, Art of Noise, and Truth Hurts.

How would you describe Rakim’s style of rap?

Rakim introduced complex internal and multisyllabic rhymes, influenced by jazz. His delivery is relaxed and free-flowing, setting him apart from other hip hop artists.

What is Rakim’s family situation?

Rakim has been married to his wife Felicia since their high school days. They have two sons named Tahmell and Jabar, and a daughter named Destiny. Rakim also has a son from a previous relationship.

What is Rakim’s influence in hip hop?

Rakim is considered one of the greatest MCs of all time and is credited with pioneering the use of internal rhymes and complex rhyming techniques. Many artists cite him as a major influence.

Are there any upcoming projects from Rakim?

As of now, there are no new music projects announced from Rakim. However, fans can expect that he will continue to contribute to the hip hop world with his unique style and lyrical abilities in the future.

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