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LaTocha Scott is an American singer-songwriter and former member of the R&B girl group Xscape. Known for her powerful vocals and successful solo career, Scott has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry. But just how much is LaTocha Scott worth? Let’s delve into her financial success.

LaTocha Scott’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 2, 1973, Scott rose to fame in the 1990s as part of Xscape. Her net worth is a result of her music sales, performances, and various business ventures. In addition to her successful music career, Scott has made notable appearances on television and is actively involved in philanthropy.

Key Takeaways:

LaTocha Scott’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.
She gained fame as part of the R&B girl group Xscape.
Scott’s net worth is a result of her music sales, performances, and business ventures.
She has also made appearances on television and is involved in philanthropy.
LaTocha Scott’s financial success is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft.

Early Life and Rise to Fame of LaTocha Scott

LaTocha Scott, born on October 2, 1973, in Atlanta, Georgia, embarked on her journey to stardom from a young age. With a passion for singing, she formed the R&B group Xscape in the early 1990s alongside her sister Tamika Scott. Together, they would go on to make waves in the music industry.

The rise to fame came swiftly for LaTocha and Xscape with the release of their debut album, “Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha.” The album achieved platinum status and spawned hit singles that dominated the airwaves. LaTocha’s powerful vocals and captivating stage presence quickly garnered attention, solidifying Xscape as one of the leading R&B girl groups of the time.

“We were just a group of girls from Atlanta with a dream,” LaTocha reflects. “But we worked hard, believed in ourselves, and it paid off. The support from our fans was incredible, and it’s something I’ll always be grateful for.”

As Xscape continued to release successful albums and hit songs, LaTocha’s talent shone through, contributing to the group’s overall success. Her soulful voice and dynamic performances captivated audiences and left a lasting impact on the R&B music scene.

Legacy of Xscape and Impact on R&B

Xscape’s success extended beyond their catchy tunes and impressive album sales. The group’s influence on R&B music left a lasting legacy, inspiring a new generation of artists. Their harmonious vocals, relatable lyrics, and powerful performances continue to resonate with fans and have solidified their place in music history.

Although Xscape disbanded in 1998, the group’s impact lives on. LaTocha Scott’s early life experiences and rise to fame with Xscape laid the foundation for her successful solo career and various business ventures. As we delve deeper into LaTocha’s journey, we’ll explore her solo endeavors, collaborations, television appearances, philanthropic efforts, and the ongoing drama within her family.

LaTocha Scott’s Solo Career and Collaborations

After the disbandment of Xscape in 1998, LaTocha Scott embarked on a successful solo career, showcasing her exceptional vocal abilities and artistic versatility. In 2013, she released her highly anticipated debut solo album, “Solo Flight 404,” which received critical acclaim and solidified her status as a respected solo artist. The album featured a fusion of R&B, soul, and contemporary sounds, highlighting LaTocha’s unique style and musical prowess.

Throughout her solo career, LaTocha Scott has collaborated with some of the industry’s most renowned artists, further expanding her musical repertoire. Her collaborations with influential musicians such as Keith Sweat, Snoop Dogg, and Missy Elliott have not only showcased her ability to adapt to various genres but have also garnered widespread recognition and acclaim.

LaTocha Scott’s music releases have been met with overwhelming positivity and have resonated with audiences around the world. Her passion for creating soulful and authentic music is evident in every project she undertakes. With her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence, LaTocha continues to captivate listeners with her mesmerizing performances, both as a solo artist and as a member of Xscape.

LaTocha Scott’s Notable Collaborations


Keith Sweat
Just Like Her

Snoop Dogg
Feels So Good

Missy Elliott
Temporarily Blind

“Collaborating with these incredible artists has been a dream come true for me. It’s an opportunity to explore new musical territories and learn from their expertise. I truly believe that collaboration is the key to growth as an artist.” – LaTocha Scott

LaTocha Scott’s solo career and collaborations have solidified her position as a talented and influential artist in the music industry. Her ability to seamlessly blend various genres and work with acclaimed musicians is a testament to her musical versatility and artistry. As she continues to embark on new projects and release captivating music, LaTocha Scott’s impact on the music industry will undoubtedly endure for years to come.

Success of Xscape, the R&B Girl Group

Xscape, an R&B girl group formed in the early 1990s, achieved remarkable success with their unique sound and captivating performances. Comprised of members LaTocha Scott, Kandi Burruss, Tamika Scott, and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Xscape released three studio albums that solidified their position as one of the leading acts in the genre.

Table: Xscape Albums and Hit Songs

Release Year
Hit Songs

Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha
“Just Kickin’ It”, “Understanding”

Off the Hook
“Who Can I Run To”, “Feels So Good”

Traces of My Lipstick
“The Arms of the One Who Loves You”, “My Little Secret”

“Just Kickin’ It,” the group’s debut single from their album “Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha,” quickly became a chart-topping hit and gained widespread popularity. Xscape’s second studio album, “Off the Hook,” continued their success with soulful tracks like “Who Can I Run To” and “Feels So Good.” Their final album, “Traces of My Lipstick,” featured captivating ballads like “The Arms of the One Who Loves You” and the provocative “My Little Secret.”

Throughout their career, Xscape’s albums achieved critical acclaim and received numerous awards, including Soul Train Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards. Their music resonated with audiences worldwide, establishing their place within the R&B music scene of the 1990s.

As a trailblazing girl group, Xscape’s success not only paved the way for future R&B acts but also left an indelible mark on the industry. Their infectious melodies, powerful vocals, and authentic lyrics continue to be celebrated by fans and inspire a new generation of artists.

LaTocha Scott’s Television Appearances

In addition to her successful music career, LaTocha Scott has also made a name for herself in the world of television. She has been featured in various television shows and reality programs, showcasing her talent and captivating audiences with her charismatic presence.

Reality TV: R&B Divas: Atlanta

One of LaTocha Scott’s notable television appearances was on the reality TV series “R&B Divas: Atlanta.” This show followed the lives and careers of several prominent R&B singers, including LaTocha, as they navigated the challenges and triumphs of the music industry.

“R&B Divas: Atlanta” provided viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at LaTocha’s personal life, career aspirations, and the dynamics within the group Xscape. The show allowed fans to gain a deeper understanding of LaTocha as an individual and showcased her dedication to her craft.”

LaTocha’s presence on “R&B Divas: Atlanta” not only enhanced her visibility but also added to her overall net worth. Her appearances on reality television opened up new opportunities and increased her earning potential through endorsements and brand partnerships.

Other Television Appearances

Aside from “R&B Divas: Atlanta,” LaTocha Scott has also made guest appearances on various talk shows, music competitions, and award ceremonies. These appearances further solidified her reputation as a respected artist and helped her reach a wider audience.

LaTocha’s television appearances have played a significant role in her career and financial success. They have allowed her fans to connect with her on a more personal level and have contributed to her overall net worth.

LaTocha Scott’s Philanthropic Efforts

LaTocha Scott, in addition to her successful music career, is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors. She is passionate about supporting charitable causes that focus on empowering women and helping disadvantaged communities. Through her philanthropy, LaTocha aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need and inspire others to create change.

One of the charitable causes that LaTocha Scott supports is women’s empowerment. She believes in providing opportunities for women to thrive and succeed in all aspects of their lives. LaTocha has contributed her time and resources to organizations that offer mentorship programs, job training, and educational scholarships for women. By investing in women’s empowerment, LaTocha hopes to break barriers and create a more equitable society.

In addition to her work in women’s empowerment, LaTocha Scott also supports initiatives that focus on helping disadvantaged communities. She believes in giving back to communities that have faced systemic challenges and providing resources to uplift them. LaTocha has been involved with organizations that provide access to healthcare, education, and basic necessities for those in need. By addressing the social and economic inequalities that exist, LaTocha aims to create a better future for all.

Table: Charitable Causes Supported by LaTocha Scott

Charitable Cause

Women’s Empowerment
Supporting programs and initiatives that empower women through mentorship, education, and job training.

Disadvantaged Communities
Providing resources and support to communities facing systemic challenges, including access to healthcare, education, and basic necessities.

Children’s Education
Supporting programs and organizations that provide educational opportunities and resources for children in underserved communities.

Arts and Culture
Contributing to initiatives that promote and preserve arts and culture, ensuring access for all and fostering creativity.

LaTocha Scott’s philanthropic efforts serve as an inspiration to her fans and supporters. By using her platform and resources, she is able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. LaTocha’s commitment to giving back reflects her values and her desire to create positive change in the world.

LaTocha Scott’s Musical Collaborations and Performances

Throughout her career, LaTocha Scott has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, showcasing her versatility as a vocalist and performer. Her collaborations have spanned various genres and have allowed her to work with renowned musicians in the industry.

One notable collaboration was with the well-known R&B artist Keith Sweat. LaTocha and Keith Sweat teamed up for the song “What About Me,” which became a hit and showcased their powerful vocal chemistry. This collaboration further solidified LaTocha’s reputation as a talented artist in the industry.

In addition to her collaborations, LaTocha Scott has also mesmerized audiences with her live performances. Whether as a solo artist or as part of Xscape, LaTocha’s stage presence and powerful vocals have captivated audiences worldwide. Her live performances are known for their energy and soulful delivery, leaving fans wanting more.

LaTocha Scott’s musical collaborations and live performances have contributed to her enduring success in the music industry. Her ability to work with diverse artists and captivate audiences with her performances showcases her versatility and talent.

Table: LaTocha Scott’s Notable Collaborations


Keith Sweat
What About Me

Snoop Dogg

Missy Elliott

LaTocha Scott’s Personal Life: Marriage and Family

LaTocha Scott has been happily married to her husband, Rocky Bivens, since 1995. Rocky Bivens is a respected music industry executive, and the couple has built a strong and enduring relationship over the years. They have been through thick and thin together, supporting each other through the ups and downs of life in the spotlight. Their marriage is a testament to their love and commitment to one another.

In 1997, LaTocha and Rocky welcomed their son, Jamon, who has been a source of joy and pride for the couple. LaTocha has often shared heartwarming moments of her family life on her social media platforms, expressing her love and admiration for her husband and son.

While LaTocha and her family value their privacy, they have occasionally opened up about their journey as a family in interviews. Through these glimpses into their personal life, it is clear that LaTocha’s marriage and family are an essential part of her life and provide her with love, support, and inspiration.

Supportive and Loving Relationships

LaTocha Scott’s marriage to Rocky Bivens and her role as a mother to Jamon highlight the importance of supportive and loving relationships in her life. These relationships have provided her with a solid foundation as she navigates the challenges and successes of her music career and other endeavors.

LaTocha Scott’s Wealth and Business Ventures

LaTocha Scott’s net worth of $3 million is not solely attributed to her successful music career. She has also ventured into various business endeavors, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and contributing to her overall financial success. While specific details about her business ventures may not be widely known, it is evident that LaTocha understands the importance of diversifying her income streams and expanding her brand.

In addition to her music sales and performances, LaTocha Scott has likely explored opportunities such as endorsement deals, merchandise sales, and investments in order to generate additional revenue. These business ventures not only contribute to her net worth but also allow her to leave a lasting impact on the industry outside of her musical accomplishments.

LaTocha’s ability to navigate the business world highlights her business acumen and showcases her determination to build a sustainable and prosperous financial future. Her wealth and success in both the music industry and business ventures serve as inspiration to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs, proving that with talent, hard work, and strategic decision-making, one can achieve financial prosperity and leave a lasting legacy.

Net Worth of Tamika Scott, LaTocha Scott’s Sister

While LaTocha Scott has achieved success in her music career, her sister Tamika Scott has also made significant contributions. Tamika Scott, like LaTocha, is a member of the R&B group Xscape and has pursued various business ventures and television appearances throughout her career.

As of now, Tamika Scott has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Her wealth comes from her music career, including album sales and performances with Xscape. Additionally, Tamika has explored other avenues such as television appearances, which have further contributed to her financial status.

Although Tamika’s net worth is similar to LaTocha’s, it’s important to note that each sister has their own individual accomplishments and ventures. Together, they have played an integral role in the success of Xscape and have made a lasting impact on the music industry.

Net Worth of Tamika Scott

Xscape Contributions

Business Ventures

Television Appearances

“Our music and our journey as Xscape will always be a part of who we are. We’ve each had our own individual paths, but together, we’ve created something special.”

Rise to Fame with Xscape

Tamika Scott, along with LaTocha Scott, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and Kandi Burruss, formed Xscape in the early 1990s. The group gained recognition and fame with their debut album “Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha” and subsequent releases. Their soulful harmonies and relatable lyrics resonated with audiences, propelling them to become one of the most successful girl groups of the era.

Their album “Off the Hook” achieved platinum status and featured hit songs like “Just Kickin’ It” and “Understanding.”
Xscape’s third album, “Traces of My Lipstick,” also achieved commercial success and solidified their reputation in the music industry.

Tamika Scott’s contributions as a vocalist and songwriter played a vital role in Xscape’s success, contributing to her net worth and establishing her as a respected artist.

LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott’s Family Drama: Allegations and Tensions

The personal and professional lives of LaTocha Scott and her sister Tamika Scott have been marred by family drama and tensions. In recent years, allegations have surfaced, with Tamika accusing LaTocha and their mother of stealing money from her. These allegations have created a rift between the sisters, causing strained relationships and impacting their careers.

The allegations made by Tamika Scott have added fuel to an already tense family dynamic. While the details of the allegations remain unclear, the public nature of the accusations has undoubtedly caused distress and public scrutiny for both LaTocha and Tamika. This family drama has not only affected their personal lives but has also raised questions about the future of their professional collaborations and the unity of the once-popular R&B girl group, Xscape.

It is unfortunate to see such talented individuals embroiled in family disputes, especially when their artistic abilities have brought joy to millions of fans. The drama surrounding LaTocha and Tamika Scott’s relationship serves as a reminder that even in the spotlight, family conflicts can arise and have far-reaching consequences. It remains to be seen how these tensions will be resolved and whether the sisters will be able to reconcile and move forward together.

In conclusion, while LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott continue to contribute to the music industry individually, their family drama and allegations have cast a shadow over their lives and careers. The impact of these tensions extends beyond personal relationships, affecting fans and followers who have enjoyed their music throughout the years. Only time will tell if the sisters can find a resolution and mend their broken bond, or if the family drama will continue to impact their futures in the industry.

LaTocha Scott’s Legacy and Future Projects

LaTocha Scott has established herself as a talented singer-songwriter and has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Her contributions to the success of Xscape and her solo career are a testament to her exceptional talent and perseverance.

Despite facing family drama and challenges throughout her career, LaTocha Scott continues to pursue her passion for music. With her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence, she has built a loyal fan base that eagerly anticipates her future projects.

Looking ahead, LaTocha Scott may explore new music releases, collaborations, and even venture into other creative endeavors, such as acting or writing. Her dedication to her craft and her desire to push boundaries will undoubtedly lead to exciting projects and surprises for her fans.

LaTocha Scott’s legacy as an influential artist and her considerable net worth are a testament to her success and longevity in the music industry. As she continues to evolve and grow, LaTocha Scott’s impact on the music scene will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy for years to come.


What is LaTocha Scott’s net worth?

LaTocha Scott has a net worth of $3 million.

When was LaTocha Scott born?

LaTocha Scott was born on October 2, 1973, in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is LaTocha Scott’s musical background?

LaTocha Scott rose to fame as a member of the R&B girl group Xscape in the 1990s.

Has LaTocha Scott pursued a solo career?

Yes, LaTocha Scott has pursued a successful solo career after Xscape disbanded in 1998.

Who has LaTocha Scott collaborated with?

LaTocha Scott has collaborated with artists such as Keith Sweat, Snoop Dogg, and Missy Elliott.

What television shows has LaTocha Scott appeared on?

LaTocha Scott appeared on the reality TV series “R&B Divas: Atlanta” from 2012 to 2014.

What philanthropic causes does LaTocha Scott support?

LaTocha Scott supports causes focused on empowering women and helping disadvantaged communities.

Does LaTocha Scott perform live?

Yes, LaTocha Scott frequently performs both as a solo artist and as part of Xscape.

Who is LaTocha Scott married to?

LaTocha Scott is married to Rocky Bivens, a music industry executive.

What business ventures has LaTocha Scott been involved in?

LaTocha Scott has ventured into various business endeavors, contributing to her overall wealth.

What is Tamika Scott’s net worth?

Tamika Scott, LaTocha Scott’s sister and fellow member of Xscape, also has a net worth of $3 million.

Has LaTocha Scott experienced family drama?

Yes, recent allegations include family drama between LaTocha Scott, Tamika Scott, and their mother.

What does the future hold for LaTocha Scott?

LaTocha Scott may continue releasing new music, collaborating with other artists, and exploring other avenues such as acting or writing.

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