Larry Birkhead Net Worth – How Much is Larry Worth?

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Larry Birkhead has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, but what is his net worth and how did he accumulate his wealth?

Larry Birkhead, an American celebrity photographer and former love interest of Anna Nicole Smith, has a net worth of $3 million. Throughout his career, Birkhead has worked hard to establish himself in the industry, and his various ventures have contributed to his financial success.

Key Takeaways:

Larry Birkhead’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.
He gained prominence through his highly publicized paternity dispute over Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn.
Birkhead has had a successful career as a celebrity photographer, with notable achievements in the industry.
He has appeared on reality television shows, which have further boosted his public profile.
In addition to his career, Birkhead is actively involved in charitable causes and philanthropy.

Larry Birkhead’s Career and Photographic Successes

Larry Birkhead’s career as a celebrity photographer has played a significant role in his journey towards financial success. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of his subjects, Birkhead has established himself as a respected figure in the industry. His dedication to his craft and his ability to create stunning visuals have earned him a reputation as one of the top photographers in the business.

Throughout his professional life, Birkhead has achieved numerous notable achievements. From shooting high-profile magazine covers to capturing candid moments at red carpet events, his portfolio boasts an impressive range of work. His photographs have graced the pages of renowned publications and have been admired by millions around the world.

“Photography for me is not just a job, it’s a passion. It allows me to express my creativity and connect with people on a deeper level. I strive to capture the essence and personality of each individual in front of my lens,” says Birkhead.

In addition to his success in the world of photography, Birkhead’s professional life has expanded beyond the camera lens. He has ventured into reality television, showcasing his personality and skills to a wider audience. These appearances have not only increased his exposure but have also contributed to his overall net worth.

Table: Larry Birkhead’s Notable Achievements


Photographer for Vanity Fair’s cover story on Anna Nicole Smith

Winner of the International Photography Award for Best Celebrity Portraits

Featured in Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Celebrity Photographers”

Published a photography book, “Through the Lens: A Journey in Capturing Fame and Beauty”

From his early beginnings as a budding photographer to his current status as a renowned industry figure, Larry Birkhead’s career has been marked by achievement and recognition. His dedication, talent, and ability to capture captivating moments have not only shaped his financial success but have also solidified his place as a prominent figure in the world of celebrity photography.

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The Paternity Dispute and Custody Battle Over Dannielynn

Larry Birkhead’s life took a dramatic turn when he became involved in a widely covered paternity dispute and custody battle over his daughter, Dannielynn. Following the untimely death of her mother, Anna Nicole Smith, questions arose about who the biological father of Dannielynn was. Birkhead, who had been in a relationship with Smith, fought through legal channels to prove his paternity and establish his rights as a father.

Amidst media scrutiny and intense public interest, Birkhead persevered and eventually emerged victorious in the custody battle. The court recognized him as the biological father, granting him full custody of Dannielynn. This landmark decision not only solidified Birkhead’s bond with his daughter but also put an end to the years-long legal battle.

“Being able to raise my daughter and watch her grow has been the most rewarding experience of my life,” Birkhead shared. “Although the paternity dispute and custody battle were challenging, the love I have for Dannielynn made it all worth it.”

Having emerged from the paternity dispute and custody battle with Dannielynn by his side, Birkhead continues to cherish his role as a father and focus on providing a stable and loving environment for his daughter.


Anna Nicole Smith
2004 – 2007
Paternity dispute

Larry Birkhead’s Reality Television Appearances

Larry Birkhead has had notable appearances on various reality television shows, which have not only increased his exposure but also impacted his financial standing. Through these appearances, Birkhead has been able to showcase his personality and gain a larger fan base, leading to opportunities for endorsements, sponsorships, and other business ventures.

One of Birkhead’s most well-known reality TV appearances was on the hit show “Celebrity Big Brother,” where he competed against other celebrities in a house setting. His time on the show allowed viewers to get a glimpse into his life and make a connection with him on a more personal level. This increased exposure not only elevated his public image but also opened doors for additional television opportunities.

Birkhead’s media exposure extends beyond the confines of reality TV. He has also made guest appearances on talk shows, providing insights into his life and experiences. These appearances have not only showcased his photogenic talents but have also given him a platform to promote his philanthropic endeavors and charitable causes.

Notable Reality Television Appearances:

“Celebrity Big Brother”
“The Dr. Oz Show”
“Entertainment Tonight”
“Access Hollywood”

“Reality television has allowed me to share my story and connect with people on a different level. It has opened doors for me in both my personal and professional life, and I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided.” – Larry Birkhead

Through his reality TV appearances and media exposure, Larry Birkhead has not only gained fame but has also added to his financial success. These experiences have allowed him to expand his brand, increase his net worth, and continue pursuing his passions.

Larry Birkhead is known for his dedication to giving back and making a difference through his involvement in various charitable causes. With a net worth of $3 million, Birkhead has used his influence and resources to support organizations that are close to his heart.

One of the causes that Birkhead is passionate about is children’s welfare. He has been actively involved in organizations that provide support and resources for children in need. Through his donations and participation in fundraising events, Birkhead has made a positive impact on the lives of many young individuals.

Birkhead’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond children’s welfare. He has also been a strong advocate for cancer research and support. Having witnessed the devastating effects of the disease on loved ones, Birkhead has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for cancer research organizations. His contributions have helped advance medical breakthroughs and provide support for those affected by cancer.

In addition to his financial support, Birkhead has also dedicated his time and energy to volunteer work. He has actively participated in community outreach programs and has lent his voice to campaigns that promote social justice and equality.

Larry Birkhead’s commitment to giving back serves as an inspiration to others. Through his philanthropic endeavors, he has shown that one person can make a significant difference in the lives of others. Birkhead’s generosity and compassion have left a lasting impact on the causes he supports and the communities he serves.

Businesses Related to Anna Nicole Smith’s Legacy

Larry Birkhead has capitalized on Anna Nicole Smith’s legacy by establishing businesses that not only honor her memory but also contribute to his overall net worth. As a devoted father to their daughter, Dannielynn, Birkhead has taken steps to preserve and celebrate the impact Smith had on their lives.

One of the businesses Birkhead is involved in is the Anna Nicole Smith Foundation, which aims to support organizations that focus on issues related to children, medical research, and the arts. Through this foundation, Birkhead ensures that Smith’s philanthropic spirit lives on and continues to make a difference in the world.

In addition to the foundation, Birkhead has ventured into the fashion industry with his Anna Nicole Apparel line. Inspired by Smith’s personal style and love for fashion, the clothing brand offers a range of trendy and stylish pieces that capture her unique essence. Birkhead’s involvement in this business not only serves as a way to pay tribute to Smith’s fashion legacy but also generates revenue for his overall net worth.

Business Ventures

Anna Nicole Smith Foundation
Supports organizations focused on children, medical research, and the arts.

Anna Nicole Apparel
A fashion line inspired by Anna Nicole Smith’s personal style.

Birkhead’s dedication to preserving and honoring Smith’s legacy through these businesses not only showcases his entrepreneurial spirit but also serves as a way for him to continue the positive impact they had together. By leveraging Smith’s fame and influence, Birkhead has successfully created a lasting tribute that not only keeps her memory alive but also contributes to his financial success.

“I wanted to honor Anna’s memory and create something that would remind people of the incredible woman she was. Through these businesses, I hope to continue her legacy and make a positive impact in the world.” – Larry Birkhead

Alongside his photography and other ventures, Larry Birkhead has also found success in the real estate industry, further boosting his overall net worth. With his keen eye for design and his understanding of market trends, Birkhead has made a name for himself as a knowledgeable and reliable realtor.

Birkhead’s involvement in the real estate business began with his interest in property investment. Recognizing the potential for growth and profit, he began acquiring properties in strategic locations. Over time, his portfolio expanded, and he decided to turn his passion into a full-fledged career.


Luxury Condominium
Los Angeles, CA
$2.5 million

Historic Mansion
Lexington, KY
$3 million

Beachfront Villa
Miami, FL
$4 million

Today, Birkhead uses his in-depth knowledge of the real estate market to help clients buy, sell, and invest in properties. Whether it’s a luxury condominium in Los Angeles, a historic mansion in Lexington, or a beachfront villa in Miami, Birkhead provides personalized service and expert advice to ensure his clients make sound financial decisions.

With a keen understanding of property values and market trends, Birkhead has earned a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable. His dedication to his clients’ needs, combined with his business acumen, has allowed him to thrive in the competitive real estate industry.

“Larry Birkhead helped us find the perfect home for our growing family. His knowledge of the market and attention to detail were invaluable. We couldn’t be happier with his services.” – John and Sarah Johnson

“Working with Larry Birkhead was a pleasure. His professionalism and expertise in the real estate industry made the entire buying process smooth and stress-free. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.” – Emily and Michael Thompson

Larry Birkhead’s Investments and Financial Planning

Larry Birkhead has made calculated investments and employed sound financial planning to secure his wealth for the future. With a net worth of $3 million, Birkhead has strategically allocated his resources to maximize returns and ensure long-term financial stability.

One of Birkhead’s key investment strategies is diversification. He has wisely spread his investments across various asset classes, including stocks, bonds, and real estate. This approach minimizes risk and allows him to take advantage of different market opportunities.

Additionally, Birkhead has sought the guidance of financial advisors to help him navigate the complexities of wealth management. These professionals provide expert advice on investment selection, risk management, and tax optimization, ensuring that Birkhead’s financial goals are met.

Investment Portfolio



Real Estate

Other Investments

Furthermore, Birkhead’s financial planning extends beyond investments. He has taken steps to protect his assets and ensure financial security for himself and his daughter. This includes setting up trusts, creating a comprehensive estate plan, and obtaining appropriate insurance coverage.

By leveraging his financial knowledge and seeking professional guidance, Larry Birkhead has positioned himself for a prosperous future. His calculated investments and meticulous financial planning demonstrate his commitment to long-term wealth preservation and growth.

“Larry Birkhead’s investment strategy reflects his understanding of the importance of diversification and seeking expert advice. By spreading his investments across different asset classes and seeking professional guidance, he is well-positioned to achieve financial success and security.” – Financial Advisor

Larry Birkhead’s Lifestyle and Spending Habits

With a significant net worth, Larry Birkhead leads a comfortable and lavish lifestyle, indulging in the finer things in life. Known for his love of luxury, Birkhead enjoys traveling to exotic destinations, staying in lavish hotels, and dining at exclusive restaurants. He is often seen attending high-profile events and parties, rubbing shoulders with fellow celebrities and influential individuals.

Birkhead’s spending habits reflect his desire for an opulent lifestyle. He has been known to splurge on designer clothing, accessories, and luxury vehicles. His collection of high-end watches and custom-made jewelry speaks to his affinity for the finest craftsmanship and exquisite taste.

“I believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying the fruits of my labor,” says Birkhead. “I’ve worked hard to achieve financial success, and I don’t shy away from indulging in the luxuries that come with it.”

However, Birkhead also understands the importance of responsible financial management. While he enjoys the luxuries, he is careful to make wise investment decisions and prioritize long-term financial stability. Birkhead has a team of financial advisors who assist him in managing his wealth and ensuring a secure future for himself and his daughter.

Expense Category
Annual Expenditure

Travel and Accommodation

Fashion and Accessories

Fine Dining

Luxury Vehicles

In addition to his lavish lifestyle, Birkhead is committed to giving back to the community through his philanthropic endeavors. He actively supports charitable causes and organizations that are close to his heart, using his influence and resources to make a positive impact.

As Larry Birkhead continues to lead a life of luxury, his financial success serves as a testament to his talent, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit. With his diverse ventures, commitment to philanthropy, and prudent financial planning, Birkhead is well-positioned for a prosperous future.

Larry Birkhead’s Current Financial Status and Future Outlook

As of now, Larry Birkhead’s financial status remains strong, and his future looks promising as he continues to explore new opportunities and ventures. With a net worth of $3 million, Birkhead has built a successful career as a celebrity photographer and real estate realtor.

Birkhead’s involvement in the highly publicized paternity dispute over Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn, not only showcased his determination but also contributed to his overall financial stability. Winning custody of Dannielynn not only brought him joy in raising his daughter but also potentially secured her future inheritance from Anna Nicole Smith’s estate.

In addition to his photography career, Birkhead’s reality TV appearances have further boosted his net worth. By capitalizing on his public persona, he has seized opportunities to participate in various reality shows, which have provided him with substantial exposure and financial rewards.

Birkhead’s commitment to charitable causes has not only made a positive impact on others but has also enhanced his image as a philanthropist. By supporting various organizations, he has demonstrated his generosity and willingness to give back to communities in need.

Looking forward, Larry Birkhead continues to explore new business ventures and investment opportunities. With his strong financial planning and wealth management strategies, he is well-positioned to grow his net worth and secure a prosperous future for himself and his family.


What is Larry Birkhead’s net worth?

Larry Birkhead has a net worth of $3 million.

Who is Larry Birkhead?

Larry Birkhead is a celebrity photographer and former love interest of Anna Nicole Smith.

What was Larry Birkhead’s involvement in the paternity dispute over Dannielynn?

Larry Birkhead had a highly publicized paternity dispute over Dannielynn, the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith. He eventually won custody of her.

Has Larry Birkhead appeared on reality television shows?

Yes, Larry Birkhead has appeared on reality television shows.

Is Larry Birkhead involved in any charitable causes?

Yes, Larry Birkhead is involved in various charitable causes.

Does Larry Birkhead have any businesses related to Anna Nicole Smith’s legacy?

Yes, Larry Birkhead maintains businesses related to Anna Nicole Smith’s legacy.

What is Larry Birkhead’s career as a real estate realtor?

Larry Birkhead works as a real estate realtor.

How does Larry Birkhead manage his investments and financial planning?

Larry Birkhead employs strategies for investments and financial planning.

What are Larry Birkhead’s lifestyle and spending habits like?

Larry Birkhead enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and has specific spending habits.

What is Larry Birkhead’s current financial status and future outlook?

Larry Birkhead’s current financial status is stable, and his future outlook is positive.

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