The Top Places with Scenic Views in Miami: A Full Guide

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A few times before, I stumbled upon people who either lived or visited Miami a couple of times. And when I asked them what they loved about it so much, it took them hours to mention everything.

Okay, not literally, but they really couldn’t stop talking about it. What they loved about it the most is its beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise water that will make you feel like you’ve just died and gone to heaven.

Aside from that, Miami boasts spectacular culture, and it is very diverse when it comes to art, food, and entertainment. That’s why today I decided to dedicate this article to it, to show you which places are worth visiting.

Miami Beach

Well, you’ve guessed it right! I simply had to start off this list with this suggestion. Namely, Miami beach is situated on a barrier island and can be defined as a secluded beach, however, you can easily reach the mainland by using numerous bridges.

What generally people love about it, is the fact that it represents a perfect blend of serene beaches and tranquilizing neighborhoods, which is perfect for those who love to isolate themselves from the crowd. 

There’s no denying that this is by far one of the most favorite places for tourists and anyone who lives there, however, if you’re planning on living or visiting this area, then I would advise you to set aside a substantial amount of cash for it.

Why is that? Well, that’s because you’ll be constantly tempted by a variety of spectacular stores, restaurants, and different forms of entertainment. Therefore, if you are a typical niggard, then maybe you should steer clear of it.

On the flip side, if you’re ready to splurge, then this should definitely be your next stop. Oh, and did I forget to mention that out there, you will get the opportunity to see the famous Ocean Drive street which is known for its breathtaking buildings?

Speaking of this area, lots of people have asked me if now is the right time to buy property in this city. Well, from what I’ve heard, it most definitely is. Just be sure to find a reputable website, where you’ll be able to hunt down Miami condos for sale at relatively solid prices. When I say reputable, I mean someone like eXp Realty or a similar real-estate brokerage that won’t misuse your data in any way.

Spectacular Miami Tower, Downtown

If you’re searching for a view that’s going to blow your mind, then search no more. I mean, you can’t get better than this, since I’m talking about the 16th tallest building in the entire state. The Downtown Miami skyscraper is 625 feet tall and has been around for over thirty years.

In case you didn’t know, Sky Lobby is open to everyone. Therefore, I would advise you to take the lift up to the lounge and soak up the sensational view of this place. 

In the meantime, if you get tired (which I highly doubt) of this wonderful view and would like to grab a bite, then feel free to go directly to the beautiful indoor café that serves the most delicious food.

Rickenbacker Causeway

Its tall bridges, along with the waterfront stretch is one of the favorite spots for all the runners, cyclists, and motorists who live in this city and who are looking for an unobstructed bay view.

This bridge connects mainland Miami to Virginia Key, Key Biscayne, Crandon Park, and the Cape Florida Lighthouse. All of these places should be visited if you’re in that area. If you want to have a better look at Downtown Miami and Brickell Avenue, then you’ll get the chance to do that out there.

Not To Miss, Everglades National Park

This huge national park is the third-biggest National Park in the Continental part of the USA. Additionally, it is also the biggest subtropical wilderness in the United States. Designated as an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site, and a Wetland of International Importance, this safeguarded region is also home to a variety of different species, both endangered and rare, habitats, fishing areas, and many others.

Its wondrous ecosystem leaves everyone breathless. If you’re a romantic soul that is just longing for a beautiful sunset, then you should definitely pay this place a visit since this national park “offers” one of the most spectacular sunsets in Miami.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be experiencing from land, an airboat ride, canoe, or helicopter tour, I know that there’s no way you’re not going to love it.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

I know for sure that my list would never be complete without it. This whole establishment is set on almost thirty acres and back in the day was home to James Deering, one of the pioneer industrialists.

If you are familiar with design and art, you will probably quickly conclude that this building was heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance style and is filled with different furniture that arrived from Europe that was widely popular from the 15th to 19th century. 

What’s interesting is the fact that even the gardens that surround the villa resemble typical European style. Out there, you’ll come across a breakwater that leads directly to Biscayne Bay which has two mesmerizing female figures.

Coral Castle Museum

Have you ever heard of a museum that was entirely built by one man only? Well, I’ve just recently discovered this fact and I was blown away by it. So you have another reason to visit this spectacular city because it would be a such shame to overlook this museum.

Namely, Edward Leedskalnin was the one who made this astonishing museum and it took him twenty-eight years to build it. His muse for this endeavor was his long-lost love. Uncover intricately carved stone chairs, tables, and other wonderful figures.

But when is the best time to go there? From what I’ve heard from the locals, the best time to go is during Psychic Saturday which is the first of every month and you’ll even get the opportunity to have your future predicted by charming palm readers.

Splendid Juvia, Miami Beach

If you’re tired from walking and you would like to have some rest, then I advise you to go to this amazing restaurant to have something to eat. I am positively sure that your entire experience will be taken up a notch while you’re there.

Namely, this place is perched nine floors above South Beach and you will get the chance to order anything from a diverse menu of brunch classics, along with Peruvian, Asian, and French cuisines. 

If you’re looking for a panoramic view that’s going to sweep you off your feet, then this is the place to be.

The Lighthouse At Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

In case you didn’t know, this lighthouse is the oldest standing building in Miami-Dade County. If you are searching for marvelous panoramic water views, then be too lazy and climb to the top so you can properly experience it.

This fantastic lighthouse is surrounded by beautiful beaches, along with the deep blue hues of Biscayne Bay and it overlooks the buildings at Stiltsville. Additionally, Stiltsville is widely known for its multicolored wooden shacks, which seemingly waft just above the water.

Everglades National Park

If you are planning on visiting Miami, then you simply cannot overlook this national park. Shockingly, the whole area covers more than 1.5 million acres of land and represents a swampland.

If you’re an avid animal lover, then you’ll be glad to hear that out there, you’ll come across snakes, alligators, birds, crocodiles, etc. If you want to explore it thoroughly, then you must go on an airboat tour to see every single inch of this national park.

If you decide to take this tour, you will get picked up from your accommodation and you’ll spend half the day investigating this spectacular park. Do not miss this opportunity, please!

Sugar, Brickell

If you do not have fear of heights, then this should definitely be included in your trip to Miami. Namely, this one is placed on the 40th floor of east Miami and represents a rooftop lounge that provides an unforgettable eye view of this city.

Apart from that, at this place, you can also treat yourself to some refreshing Asian-inspired cocktails. Generally speaking, Sugar is an ideal place for everyone who loves to have an enjoyable night out.

However, I would just like to remind you that you should book a table upfront, otherwise, it’s going to be hard to find a table to grab a bite.

Venetian Causeway

If you’re in the mood for a string of small islands where each comes with a house that’s bigger and more luxurious than the previous one, then you should definitely visit this place. Along the way, you’ll run into joggers, fishermen, couples on bikes, etc.

It’s safe to say that this vibrant city boasts so many attractions (and to think I didn’t mention them all) that it may look like you would need an eternity to properly explore it. But it doesn’t matter because it’s worth every second.

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