Why Do Hiring Managers Need Headhunters In Edmonton?

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Energy is the most important contributor to the economy of Alberta, particularly that of Edmonton.

Number of Employees Employed by the Leading Industries in Minneapolis

The province is Canada’s top producer of conventional crude oil, synthetic crude oil, gas products, and natural gas. It is estimated that around 2.3 million people in the province are employed only in the extractive sectors of mining, oil, and gas.

Because of the growing natural gas and oil business in Edmonton, the city’s technological sectors have also seen significant growth. As a result, Edmonton has established a reputation as the most important research and education hub in the whole nation. The National Institute of Nanotechnology is located at the University of Alberta.

A significant number of regional branches of the nation’s most well-known banks as well as the headquarters of a number of regionally focused financial institutions may be found in Edmonton, which is also known as a key hub for the financial industry.

Because of Edmonton’s strategic position, the city’s distribution and logistics industry has seen significant growth in recent years. A significant multi-mode freight facility as well as the North American operating facility of CN Rail are both located in the city. CN Rail has made public its plans to concentrate its business activities on Edmonton and shut down other sites in the near future.

The oil industry (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil) and the sectors that have developed as a direct result of it are not the only contributors to Edmonton’s economy. For instance, the city is recognized all over the globe as a pioneer in the field of retail.

Edmonton’s Most Prominent Economic Sectors

Superior Technical Capabilities
Financial Services

The Most Prominent Employers in Edmonton

There are at least 35 major businesses, organizations, and other establishments in Edmonton that together employ 1,000 people or more. This speaks to the very reason an employer would seek out headhunters in Edmonton-based offices.

AHS, with 123,000 people, is Edmonton’s largest employer. AHS is the first and biggest completely integrated health system in the nation, and it serves the whole of the province, which has close to 4.4 million residents. The group also receives assistance from an estimated 10,800 doctors who are in private practice throughout the province of Alberta. More than 850 locations in Alberta are serviced by AHS, including medical, mental health, drug misuse, terminal, and long-term care services and programs. The operational budget is $15.365 billion.

The provincial government of Alberta is Edmonton’s second-largest employer, with more than 27,000 people on the payroll. The city houses the provincial government of Alberta, including its capital, the Alberta Legislative Building.

Stantec is the third largest employer in Edmonton, with a workforce of almost 22,000 architects, constructors, project managers, and scientists. Stantec is a global provider of engineering, architectural, and other associated services. These services include power engineering and services for the oil and gas industry. The headquarters of the multinational corporation are located in Edmonton, but further offices may be found around North America and the world. It has contributed to the development of the Edmonton airport’s new terminal, the city’s light rail transportation system, the Kennedale Wetlands, and many other local endeavors.

With a total workforce of over 16,000 people, PCL Constructors Inc. holds the position of the fourth-leading employer in Edmonton. With its headquarters in Edmonton, the construction firm serves clients all over the globe and operates in a variety of markets, including residential, commercial, educational, and institutional buildings.

One of Edmonton’s top employers, U of A Edmonton employs 15,000 people. The university has established a strong reputation around the globe in the fields of engineering, the sciences, the humanities, creative arts, as well as business and the health sciences, making it one of the most prestigious teaching and research institutions in the United States. There are five campuses in all, with four of them being located in Edmonton.

Additional Very Large Businesses in the City of Edmonton

Automobile Association of Alberta
Office of Workers’ Compensation
The University of MacEwan
Institute of Technology located in Northern Alberta
Credit Union Serving Servus
The District of Public Schools in Edmonton

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