7 Websites To Sell Makeup Online: Sell Used or New Makups Online

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The cosmetic industry is one of the growing & profitable markets. If you have makeup or kits and don’t want to use it or not using it then it is good to sell makeup online and make money online.

You can make money by selling new or old makeup kits online. Sometimes you buy makeup online but after using while or seeing that it is not what you need. There are many people not knowing that they can sell their makeup kits online.

In this article, we are going to check how to sell makeup online, what are platforms where you can sell makeup on, and make money from it.

7 Best Websites To Sell Makeup Online

Following are the 7 top websites or methods where you can sell Makeup online. Some accept new products only while some allow you to sell old or used makeup kits.


GlamBot is a website where you can sell products of listed brands only. On their homepage, you will find the guide on which brands are listed there.

Glambot is specially made for users who are interested in selling makeup products like brushes, palettes, etc. There is a condition on sale that your product should be original and must be not much used. Light-used products are accepted.

You must need to send them at least 15 items and once they evaluate your items they will send you to offer through email which you can accept or reject. Once you accept payment will be sent within 24 to 48 business hours.


Scentsy is run by a family of loving people. It is one of the places where you can sell products like scent warmers and beauty products.

This is a bit professional platform where you can join only when you have a sponsor for that. You can contact them about that.

It also offers a starter kit at a very low cost.

Website Link: https://scentsy.com/join


Poshmark is a leading social marketplace for new and secondhand styles for women, men, kids, pets, homes, makups, and more.

It has more than 200 million items listed to sell across the US, Canada, and Australia by more than 80 million registered users from these countries.

Every second 1 item is getting sold here in the USA alone. Hence you can expect that you will get a buyer for your product.

Website Link: https://poshmark.com

Note: Apart from Makeup products you can also sell clothes online & earn money.


If you have used Poshmark to sell makeup online but didn’t get a lead then try Mercari. It is similar to Poshmark, the app is quite attractive that allows users to list their items easily.

There is a small amount of fee 10% of the listing price.

Website Link: https://www.mercari.com


If you are on the internet and don’t know about eBay then you are really missing lots of things already. eBay is one of the oldest and first in its kind of marketplace.

You can buy and sell anything on eBay. It is a popular marketplace to get second-hand items at a very cheap rate.

Meesho (For Indian)

Selling items or Makeup products on Meesho is quite easy, you just need to create an account, then upload a makeup catalog, select a category, add product images, and add a description.

Meesho allows sellers to choose the payment method that they want. Some people buy wholesale makeup to sell on Meesho.

Meesho Website Link: https://supplier.meesho.com/sell-online/makeup


Amazon is not only a place to buy products but it is also one of the best and most widely used selling platforms as well.

Anyone can become a seller on Amazon with their products. Simply follow four steps to get paid for your makeup items.

Register, List, Deliver and Get Paid. To know how their whole process works kindly visit their Sell Beauty & Cosmetic Products page from here.

Do you need a license to sell cosmetics online? No there is no need for any license.

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