7 Best Places To Sell Clothes Online: Sell Used Clothes & Make Money

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Do you have clothes at home that you are not wearing or are not in use? Why throw that in the garbage when you can make money from it or can help someone? Let’s get in deep with Sell Clothes Online.

Not everyone is wearing all clothes that they purchases. Some purchase clothes for some occasion but it comes once or twice a year. After that these clothes are kept in the corner.

But now times are getting changed and there are many platforms where you can sell clothes online and make money from it.

Before knowing about platforms where you can sell clothes online to make money let’s understand how you can help humanity.

Help Others Instead Of Making Money

If you have some extra clothes then instead of selling them you can help others which will put a smile on their face.

There are many needy peoples who are not able to purchase new clothes it doesn’t matter what is the reason behind that but the thing is that their whole family is suffering.

If you have 5 clothes that you don’t use then give 3 to some needy people and sell 2 to make money.

7 Apps & Sites To Sell Clothes Online

Do you know? You can also make money by selling your shoes online.


Depop is in the market since 2011, it was launched by Simon Beckerman as a Social Network where users can buy Magazines. Later Simon reformed the platform into a marketplace and mobile app where anyone can buy and sell stuff online.

Depop is active in more than 150 countries with over 26 million registered users. As per their stats most of their users, up to 90%, are age 26 or below. Currently, there are more than 32 million items available on the marketplace and daily more than 120K items are getting listed.

You can sell any used or unused items at Depop within a few minutes. As it is one of the active platforms of this kind.


ThredUp was founded in 2009 by James Reinhart. Its stocks are trading & listed on Nasdaq. It is one of the well-funded platforms where you can find the best user experience while selling your used or secondhand clothes.

The selling feature is not enabled for every country hence visit their website and go to Checkout or Sell page to know whether you can sell items or not.

But there are huge cons to using ThredUp. First, to sell your item you need to send your ThredUp once ThredUp receives your items they will examine them and put them on sale. If your item gets sold then you will receive % of the amount.

But in case no one buys your item you will get nothing instead if you want to get your clothes back you have to pay around $10.

You can also donate your item to earn $5 from ThredUp.


Poshmark is a leading social marketplace for new and secondhand styles for women, men, kids, pets, homes, and more.

It has more than 200 million items listed to sell across the US, Canada, and Australia by more than 80 million registered users from these countries.

Every second 1 item is getting sold here in the USA alone. Hence you can expect that you will get a buyer for your product.

They have a mobile app as well which you can download from Play Store & App Store.

There is also a platform fee which is $2.95 on sales under $15 and 20% on salve over $15.

For sales under $15, it’s $2.95; for sales $15 and over, they take 20% of the final sale price.


Asos Marketplace was launched in 2010 with only 20 sellers and currently, they are one of the biggest marketplaces for vintage items.

There are more than 800 boutiques from all over the world. If you have any vintage items from like the 90s then this is the best place to get the proper price for your item.

There is a fee for using a platform which is 10% of the sale price.


The platform name ReBag itself shows what it is built for. ReBag was founded in the year 2014 as a marketplace where users can buy, sell, & trade luxury items including Handbags, Jewelry, Watchers, etc.

To sell your item on Rebag you have to submit your item details on their website or app. In the next two days, you will get a reply through email, accepting or rejecting your item. Once you send out your item and they receive it you will get paid in the next 3 days.

The best thing about ReBag is that it allows you to trade items as well. If you liked something on their platform and are willing to purchase then join using our link to get up to a $200 discount.


Tradesy is another marketplace website where you can buy and sell items like clothes, handbags, accessories, etc. There are many big brands listed there like Zara, Louis Vuitton, etc. you can also find clothes for different occasions.

You will receive your payment after 21 days in your Paypal account till that your amount will be there in your Tradesy account.

There is also a small fee on fee transfer which is 2.9%.


Refashioner is one of the premium websites in this list, as here they do accept only high-quality items. You will find items listed from pre-1940 as well.

You can sell your clothes online like Garments, Accessories, Shoes, Bags, Boots, Vintage items, etc. They also held events in New York.

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