7 Best Apps That Pays You To Play Call Of Duty Mobile

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Playing games for money is not new but a popular industry now. If you are a gamer and playing games that don’t pay you, then you are wasting your time. Call Of Duty is a popular game that everyone knows. But do you know how to make money playing call of duty? Or which app pays you to play call of duty?

There are different methods, websites, and apps through which you can make money by playing Call of Duty game. In this article, you are going to know how to make money by playing call of duty and which app pays you to play call of duty.

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How To Make Money By Playing Call of Duty

Before knowing the best apps that pay you for playing COD let’s check out different methods through which you can make money in short how you can earn money by playing COD.

Become A Streamer

Whether it is Youtube, Facebook, or Twitch you can utilize these platforms to show your game skills and earn money from it.

You may know that there are many gamers who are making the most of their income from streamings even when many of them are not playing tournaments or participating anywhere.

Some think that streaming is hard and it is not what they can do but in my opinion, giving try is not a bad idea. You have to spend 1 to 2 hours on games daily if you have good gaming skills then it will probably be seen by people.

It usually takes time but once you make your followers they will be your income source for a long time.

Make Videos Of Your Game

Streaming is not what you can do. Or you don’t have pro skills but sometimes play a good game or have some funny scenes? This is what you can use to make money by uploading it on Youtube and Facebook.

Play a game while recording it, cut the best parts from it upload it on Youtube Shorts and Facebook Reel while using proper hashtags. Check results in a few days.

Play In Official & Unofficial Tournaments

If you are playing games and don’t know about tournaments then you really need to explore things. There are multiple platforms hosting different gaming tournaments.

Some are official tournaments that are hosted by COD itself or supported by COD. There are some unofficial tournaments as well which are hosted by different companies and groups.

COD Mobile announced their official World Championship reward which is a total of $2 million for 2022.

Click here to check Tournament Announcement.

7 Best Apps That Pay You To Play Call Of Duty (COD)

Above are the methods to make money by playing COD mobile online. Here you are going to find out the list of best apps that pay you to play call of duty mobile game.


PlayerZone is India based platform where you can earn rewards for playing games like BGMI, COD, etc. It was founded in early 2018 by two young developers.

It is an online portal that allows participants to join different tournaments and contests to play their loved games & earn money from them.

Currently, they have three games Free Fire, BGMI, and Call Of Duty Mobile. You have to choose the game and check if there is an open tournament or not (they have active tournaments daily) join a custom room and get rewarded for your win & performance.


PlayerAuctions is in the market since 1999 since then it is one of the best places to auction your gaming stuff. Later it also becomes one of the leading & growing gaming marketplaces.

They have more than 2 million registered traders who are placing on average 550K monthly offers supported in 135 countries and can make transactions for their 215 games.

You can sell your COD account or PowerLeveling. The price depends on each account like you have high-level weapons or other perks then the price of your account will be high.

Check out users’ reviews on TrustPilot, they have ratings of 4.3 out of 5 from more than 10,000 users.

Click here to visit their official website.


EpicNPC is another place where you can buy and sell COD accounts. The more stable & pro account you have the high amount you will get.

This is a forum hence you will not find any escrow service instead you are going to deal with a real person. Make sure you check out the forum rules.


GameChampions is an online esports platform where players can participate in different game tournaments and earn money for winning.

They have lots of high-class games available including COD Warzone, Football, Fifa22, Fifa23, Halo Infinite, Madden23, 2K33, and much more. They have some free tournaments and paid tournaments as well.

Following are the entry fees charged by the platform and the reward that can be won by you.

Entry Fee









You can deposit money using the following payment methods.

Discover & AMEX

Play Live Game On YouTube or Twitch

Youtube and Twitch platform is best for gamers you can also use Facebook live to play games. It doesn’t make you money instantly but once you grow your pages or channel your videos will start showing ads through which you can earn money.


With GameTV you can host tournaments, create live streams, upload short videos, chat with fans, trade NFTs, and monetize with fan passes.

They have an app and browser-based game as well. Some games or tournaments may ask you to download their app and some may ask you to connect your discord.

In rewards, you can get cash, steam codes, gift cards like Google & amazon, Subscription codes like Netflix & Spotify, and much more to claim.


Gamerji is an Indian gaming platform where different gaming tournaments are organized. More than 3.1 million gamers are using platforms where 65K+ games are played.

It works on both mobiles using their app and browser using their website. Available games are BGMI, COD Mobile, Free Fire, Asphalt, Brawl Stars, CS:GO, Mario, Fifa 21PC, Fifa Mobile, etc.

Visit their website here: https://www.gamerji.com.

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